Meet Imran Ahmed, the man who's CENSORING you

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You probably have never heard of Imran Ahmed, but you have likely been impacted by him. A figure whose identity is nearly as obscure and shrouded as George Soros, his influence has reached the deepest caverns of our government, from the heart of the White House to state-level officials. People like Ahmed and Soros tend to dwell in the shadows so that the rest of us can only see their effects rather than the person behind the curtain.

It’s high time we brought Imran Ahmed into the light.

Ahmed is the founder of the London-based Center for Countering Digital Hate. Prior to founding the CCDH in 2017, Ahmed was an adviser to Labour Party members of British Parliament. According to an in-depth report by Paul Thacker for Tablet magazine, Ahmed is persistently suspected of working for British intelligence. It is public information, however, that the CCDH has multiple connections to the British government. Past and present board members include the strategy director in the office of former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the former British ambassador to Israel, the chief of staff for former U.K. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and the campaign director for the Labour Party.

The CCDH came on my radar recently after the group released a report detailing how Google is profiting from “climate misinformation” videos on YouTube. The report also mentions me — an apparent “conservative firebrand” — and BlazeTV as purveyors of climate change denial. What crime exactly have we committed?

The CCDH report sounds the alarm regarding a “new denial” about climate change. In the old days, “climate denial” meant that you straight-up didn’t believe that climate change is real. But the CCDH says old-timey denial is being replaced by a new wave of nefarious denial. What exactly constitutes this new “nefarious” denial? According to the CCDH, you fall into this category if you have ever said any of the following:

The impacts of global warming are beneficial or harmless.

[That] climate solutions won’t work.

[And that] climate science and the climate movement are unreliable.

How convenient that they can broaden the definition of “climate change denial” to encompass any opinion contrary to the climate overlords’ solutions. In America, we used to call that basic policy debate.

Now you can’t even question the climate science or whether the climate movement at large can be trusted. I thought asking questions was the whole basis of science, but then again, I was in school a very long time ago, so maybe science changed.

From Westminster to the White House

This is the most recent example of the CCDH’s absurd attempt to manipulate public perception of terms to benefit the leftist agenda. Yet the underlying mission of this group is insidious. It is equating perspectives other than the approved globalist narrative with “hate,” and it is using its network of political and Big Tech elites to censor those of us who don’t conform to their Orwellian Newspeak.

In 2020, the CCDH convinced Google to ban the website Zero Hedge from its ad platform. Ahmed’s group alleged that some of the comment sections on Zero Hedge contained racist statements related to the Black Lives Matter protests. The CCDH convinced Google to issue a warning to the Federalist for alleged racism in its comment sections related to George Floyd.

In 2021, Ahmed expanded the CCDH’s influence in American politics by opening a branch in Washington, D.C., as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. The CCDH has apparently received funding through the Schwab Charitable Fund, which allows donors to remain anonymous.

If that doesn’t strike you as suspicious, according to the CCDH’s 2021 tax return, Ahmed is listed as the only full-time employee, and he’s listed as clocking 80 hours a week. Either it must require a lot of hours to track down digital hate, or something else is going on behind the curtain that they don’t want you to see.

Also listed on the tax return as the CCDH’s board chairman is Simon Clark, a former senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. The Center for American Progress was started by John Podesta, who went on to run Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016. The Biden administration hired more than 60 people who were either working or had worked for the CAP to fill various White House and executive agency posts. Podesta himself is now Joe Biden’s senior adviser for clean energy. Perhaps it was through those Center for American Progress connections that Ahmed and the CCDH got plugged directly into the heart of the Biden White House.

Disinformation and defamation

The same year Ahmed opened the D.C. office of his anti-hate campaign, the CCDH released a report on what it termed the “Disinformation Dozen,” a group of 12 individuals who the organization claimed were most responsible for spreading what the org — and later, the White House — deemed “disinformation” about COVID and vaccines. Jen Psaki used the exact same numbers from the CCDH report when she was still White House press secretary in July 2021. Someone was able to get that report directly into White House hands.

In late August, U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) subpoenaed the CCDH for records related to its alleged interaction with the Biden White House. When the CCDH finally complied with the subpoena, the group admitted to having direct communication with the White House about the “Disinformation Dozen” report.

The CCDH’s reach doesn’t end at the White House. As Matt Taibbi reported in the Twitter Files, 12 state attorneys general also cited the CCDH’s “Disinformation Dozen” report in their campaign to convince Twitter to penalize accounts that spread what they deemed as COVID “disinformation.”

The CCDH is also actively courting advertisers to step away from X. Elon Musk is now in a legal battle with the CCDH in a defamation case for falsely claiming that hate speech rose on the platform after Musk bought Twitter in October 2022.

The prodigious rise of the Center for Countering Digital Hate is more than a little suspicious. As Paul Thacker put it in his report:

For a tiny, unknown, nonprofit to gain so much attention in D.C.’s crowded, competitive policy space is akin to a pudgy, amateur athlete catching the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl, while setting a new world record in the marathon, all in one week.

So what’s going on? Why does it appear that the Biden White House is working with shadowy nonprofits — and in the CCDH’s case, essentially one man — to suppress and censor viewpoints that clash with its agenda? What do these foreign nationals have on our government officials to have so much influence over the approved speech of American citizens?

These questions need answers, and it’s high time we bring Imran Ahmed out from the shadows to answer them.

Soros is trying to elect MORE TEXAS RINOs. Here's how YOU can stop him.

David McNew / Staff | Getty Images

Texas is under threat of a George Soros-backed takeover.

Soros-funded RINO judges have been elected in some of the highest courts in Texas. These judges implemented restrictions that have blocked nearly a thousand cases of voter fraud from being investigated or prosecuted from across the state. These new restrictions are similar to ones in place in states like George, Arizona, and Wisconsin, leaving Texas more susceptible to election corruption than ever. If Texas falls to corruption, America will lose its largest bastion of conservative electoral power in the nation. Without Texas, Republicans WILL NOT be able to win national elections and liberal corruption will go unchecked across the country.

Fortunately, there is a way to stop this: YOU.

If you live in Texas you have a chance to stand up against corruption and to fight back! Starting Tuesday, February 20th, early voting for the primaries begins, where three of these judges are up for election. Go out and vote. If the right people are voted in, there's a good chance the restrictions will be lifted and election fraud can once again be prosecuted.

But remember, you can't just go in and vote for anyone who has an "R" next to their name. Sorors knows that a registered Democrat would never stand a chance in Texas, so his lackeys register as Republicans and ride the little "R" right into office. So who do you vote for?

Fortunately, Glenn had Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on his show today and Ken gave us his list of judges that he vouches for. His list is as follows:

  • Gina Parker
  • Lee Finley
  • David Schenck
The Primary Election runs from February 20th to March 5th. This is your chance to get out there and make a difference. It might be the most important election you ever participate in. If you need to know where your nearest polling location is, or any other information regarding the election, you can go to to find out more.
It's time to stand up.

Hypocrisy EXPOSED: The 'Amazon Files' and what WE are doing about it

SOPA Images / Contributor | Getty Images

Who is really banning books?

For years now, Conservatives have been taking flak from the left for supposed "book bans." The left likes to compare these "bans" to Nazi book burnings, accusing the right of sweeping authoritarian decrees designed to suppress information. In reality, this is a movement largely motivated by parents, who want to remove inappropriate books from children's libraries.

But if you want to discuss authoritarian book bans, look no further than the White House. As Glenn recently covered, the Biden administration has been pressuring the world's largest bookseller, Amazon, into suppressing books they disagree with.

On February 5th, 2024, Ohio Representative Jim Jordan released a slew of subpoenaed documents that exposed pressure placed on Amazon by the Biden Administration. The documents, which Jordan dubbed "The Amazon Files" after Elon Musk's "The Twitter Files," revealed an email conversation between Andrew Slavitt, a former White House senior adviser, and Amazon employees. In these emails, Slavitt complained that the top search results for books on "vaccines" were "concerning" and then requested that Amazon intervene. Amazon initially refused, not out of some altruistic concern for the free exchange of information. They thought any action taken would be "too visible" and would further exasperate the “Harry/Sally narrative,” referring to the outrage that followed Amazon's removal of Ryan T. Anderson’s book When Harry Became Sally.

Despite this initial refusal, Amazon agreed to meet with the White House a few days later. The number one item on their agenda was removing books from the website. An Amazon employee even admitted that the reason they even took this meeting was due to the pressure being placed on them by the Biden Administration.

What was the result of this meeting? Amazon caved. They began to implement ways of limiting the outreach of books that challenged the mainstream vaccine narrative and other books the White House might not like.

The White House was caught red-handed pressuring the world's largest bookseller to restrict the sale of books they consider in opposition to their narrative, and they have the gall to accuse conservatives of information suppression. This is just ONE of many actions committed by the Biden Administration that are more characteristic of a dictator than a president.

What can you do about it? Fortunately, you are not dependent on Amazon and its corrupted algorithm to help you find books. Every week right here on, we highlight books that Glenn is reading or talking about in our "Glenn's Bookshelf" series. Here you can find a wide selection of books free from Amazon's filters. Be sure to sign up for Glenn's newsletter to find out about new additions to "Glenn's Bookshelf" every week.

10 times Biden has acted like a DICTATOR

Bloomberg / Contributor | Getty Images

The left-wing media's most recent tirade is accusing Trump of being a dictator. But, as Glenn said, "Everything they're accusing us of, they're doing."

Since day one, the Biden administration has overstepped the bounds placed on the executive branch set by the Constitution. In Glenn's most recent TV Special, he examined ten times Biden acted like a dictator, NOT a president. Here are 10 of Biden's Dictator Moves, and click HERE to get ALL of the research that went into this week's Glenn TV special:

5 ways to protect your First Amendment rights. Number 4 will surprise you.

Buyenlarge / Contributor | Getty Images

Every day it seems Glenn covers another story revealing how people across the world at all levels of power DESPISE the fact that YOU have rights, and they are actively trying to curtail them. Recently, there has been a string of attacks against the rights outlined in the First Amendment: the freedom of religion, the freedom of speech, the freedom of press, the freedom of assembly, and the freedom to petition.

As a refresher, the First Amendment reads as follows:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

This is powerful stuff, there is a good reason the Founding Fathers made it the FIRST Amendment. It's also the reason why power-hungry elites are attacking it. These attacks are designed to control the way you think, speak, and believe, vote, what you read, and who holds your representatives responsible. The First Amendment is our strongest weapon against tyrants, and they know it.

So what can you do about it? Hope that some wig in Washinton will eventually do something? We know how well that works. The best thing to do is to stay active, engage in the issues you care about, and exercise your rights.

So where to start? Here are a few things YOU can do to protect your First Amendment rights:


The best way to flex your Freedom of Religion is to—you guessed it—practice your faith. Become an active member in your place of worship, go to scripture studies, invite your friends to that late afternoon event, and walk the life. This can impact the way you spend money as well. Shop the businesses and brands that share your values, and don't shop at the ones that scorn them. Keeping the community alive and healthy is the best way to ensure that generations to come will be able to experience the freedom you enjoy.


Much like religion, the best way to protect your freedom of speech is... to speak. Engage your friends and family in polite, civil conversation. Stand up for what you believe in, and make your case to your peers. Just remember to keep it friendly. No one ever won an argument by shouting down their opponent. The civil exchange of ideas is the cornerstone of our republic, and a dialogue where the participants are well-informed, considerate, compassionate, and open-minded can have permanent impacts on all involved.


Freedom of the Press seems a little tricky at first. Unless you work for the media, what are you supposed to do? Quit your job and go work for the local newspaper? The good news is that exercising this right is not nearly that difficult. In fact, you are currently doing it. The best thing you can do is to read from outlets that produce informative content. Want to know what Glenn consumes to stay informed every day? Sign up for Glenn's Morning Brief newsletter to get all the stories Glenn gets sent to his desk every day sent straight to your inbox.


Anna Moneymaker / Staff | Getty Images

Freedom of assembly is one of the more impactful yet underutilized freedoms in the First Amendment. Peaceably assembling and protesting with like-minded individuals can hugely influence politicians and policies while simultaneously creating community and fellowship between attendees. It's understandable why more people don't turn out. We're all busy people with busy schedules, and flying out to D.C. for the weekend seems like a daunting task to many. Thankfully, you don't have to go out all the way to D.C. to make a difference. Gather some like-minded people in your town and bring awareness to issues that impact your community. Big change starts locally, and exercising your freedom to assemble can be the catalyst to lasting impact.


If you've been a long-time listener of Glenn, then you will have heard a few of his calls to action where he asks his audience to contact their representatives about a particular piece of policy. There is a good reason Glenn keeps on doing those: they work. Whether it's your local mayor or your senator, a call and an email go a long way. If you really want to make a change, convince your friends and family to reach out as well.