Glenn talks with studio audience about raising a child with special needs

Why do people say "I'm sorry" when they find out you have a baby with special needs? Glenn talked with a studio audience on Wednesday and shared his personal experience of what it's been like to raise his daughter, watch this clip to get a glimpse into the life of a parent facing these challenges.


Why did Team Biden ‘discover’ the classified documents NOW?

More classified documents were discovered over the weekend at another home of President Joe Biden (…how many homes does he HAVE?!). Attorneys for the president discovered the files when sent to the house to pack things up. But why were lawyers sent to pack up items? Why does it seem like the Biden Administration was aware of these documents the entire time? And if that is true, why did they decide to ‘discover’ them NOW? Is there more to this mysterious timeline? In this clip, Glenn answers all of these questions plus more. And, he’ll dive even more into this topic during his upcoming Glenn TV special this Wednesday at 9pm ET on


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GLENN: So Kevin McCarthy, he's come out and said, the discovery of more classified documents in President Joe Biden's possession, oh, that highlights the hypocrisy inside the federal government. Yeah, okay. Yeah, it does do that. It does. But is this new?

Haven't we always said this is this

Think of Donald Trump.

I mean, I could go back in time. Think of Ronald Reagan would have done that. Think of Eisenhower. If he would have done that.

I mean, you could go all the way -- think of Lincoln, if he would have done that. This is the same story. It's the same story.

We got it.

Now, why is this story happening? Well, let me give you -- they found more documents over the weekend. Now, remember, the White House said, we're absolutely done with documents.

They found every -- they found more over the weekend. At another house.

How many houses -- this guy is like Ronald McDonald. Ronald McDonald is constantly building another Ronald McDonald House.

How many houses does that clown need? How many houses does the president need?

He's got to have more houses. So they went to another house. And they went, oops. Okay. It's not exactly over, but these documents really don't matter.

Okay. All right. Well, they're classified documents. So I'm pretty sure that would matter.

Now, they went to Wilmington, and -- and when I say they, they went to Wilmington and Rohobeth HEP Beach. That's where his other house is.

And when I say they, I mean the same people that went to, you know, his foundation with the university.

So who are they? His attorneys. Now, this started back in -- what was it? November, or October?

Where the president's attorneys went to his office to pack up stuff and -- and close that office.

His attorneys. Now, that is the world's most expensive moving company. Okay?

Why would you have your attorneys do that?

Well, I could provide a thesis. Let's say, you know, you have something you shouldn't have. And maybe eudone something you shouldn't have done.

You go to your attorneys, first. Because to them, you don't have to say, I know this guy. What you say to them is, you guys can't talk, right?

I mean, legally, everything I say to you, you can't repeat it, right?

Right. Good.

I've got all these top secret documents, okay? There's a bunch of them over there. There might be a bunch of them -- I mean, I think I might have some of them in Sandy Berger's socks. I don't know. So if you guys go in there, and you find them, just do what you have to do, I don't want to know about it.

Okay. The president has said last week, the attorneys told me, you know, do not even ask about. Oh.

Hmm. Did you guys talk about it before they said that to you?

So the attorneys go in. They find it. And they immediately call and cooperate.

You know, that is big of Joe Biden.

Well, that's why he had the attorneys there. Now, go to his house. But I have it with my Corvette. Ah, yeah. We'll come back to them.

See, that is like the safest place on earth. You have an old Corvette?

I'm telling you, you can't break into -- the garage door opener. Nobody has one of those. Nobody has one of those.

You can't just -- and get in. Because the garage door opens.

It's locked.

You need some sort of like, I don't -- this is even beyond quantum computing, to be able to get past one of those Sears garage door openers.

So we're going to come back to that one. So then his other house, this weekend. After it's all out in the open, his attorneys are there at the other house.

Now, I don't know why they haven't done all of the places they could look. You know, at once. Maybe in November.

Hey, we found him in the basement. You have any, you know, next to your Corvette.

Well, there is that big box that says classified and has big red tape all over it. You know, we should probably go there. Do you have any other houses that -- I don't know why. I don't know why. But they're fully cooperating.

Okay. Now, let's ask two questions. Let's ask two questions.

When something says top secret, to get a top secret classification, what do they do, before you get that little card?


STU: They usually do a background check.

GLENN: Background check. Okay. Good. Good. What are they looking for?

STU: Criminal activity. Some way you could be compromised.

GLENN: Compromised, sure.

Or, you know, I just toured the Soviet Union.

You know, they're looking for anything that you've done, that shows that you are on, let's say not America's side.

Or you have any friends that might be let's say, not on American side.

Or you have any business dealings, with some people, that let's just say, are not America's side. And then you also look -- final thing is, is he compromised with money? With drugs?

Is there a sex scandal? Is he -- is he prone to a honey pot thing? Okay. All right. That's what they're looking for.

Because you can so easily need money. And then somebody can come out and go, listen, I'm Boris, but I'm absolutely love America. And I just want to see the -- I want to see top secret document, pause I want to show you how American I am.

I'll never say anything to Soviet Union.

Okay. All right. That guy could approach you and go, so you need a little money, maybe. A little heroin. Okay. I can help.

But I want to see top secret document.

That's what they're worried about. Okay.

Now, wait a minute. This isn't the president or vice president's house at the time, he was the vice president. And he had them there, while he was vice president. And then he kept them there, while he was president. Okay. So they've been in there for a while. Who else has been in his house?

Oh, my gosh! A guy who is constantly asking for money for drugs and hookers. A guy who is doing shady business deals with China and with Russia. And Ukraine. Wait a minute. That's exactly the kind of guy we don't want to have access to top secret documents! Yeah. But he was almost never there.

Well, let's go back to that ultra secure garage. That's the house that Hunter Biden was renting from his dad. Not now with his art money. He was renting it from his dad, when he had no money. Remember?

I've got no money. That's why she's pregnant. I couldn't afford a condom. Oh, poor guy.

So his dad said, just stay at my house. I'm not living there. You just stay at my house.

Oh, my gosh. What a great dad. And he wanted to make sure, that his son grew up a little bit. And you'll have to work for it, a little bit. You know, this house. The most expensive rent in this area, is $6,000 a month.

So I'm going to cut you a deal, because you're my son. You just pay $50,000 a month.

But, Dad, remember, I couldn't afford the condom.

Right. Well, this is a condominium. With more letters. Going to be a little more expensive.

$50,000 to his desperate son.

Now, where does his desperate, I don't have any money son get that money?

Oh, don't worry. He's got a job with like Burisma. He's doing deals over in China. Completely his deal. No big deal.

No big deal.

Joe Biden does not know a thing about it. Nothing. He's not getting any money from it. He's just trying to help out his poor wayward son. Giving him access to his house. So he has a place to rest his angelic head. While dad charges him $50,000 a month.

And what's in that house?

The boxes of top secret documents, right there, next to the garage.

So you don't need MacGyver. You don't need some genius to go, how do we break in, past that Sears robotic arm?

How do we do it?

Because you already have a drug addict inside. Who is writing his family going, yeah. At least dad doesn't take half your money. Remember? He's really bitter and angry with his dad, at that time. He wants his dad to suffer.

Hmm. So what Boris has to do? Hey. I hear you're unhappy about Dad, huh? Hey. Are those little top secret documents. You know, what would be fun, I give you more money. We say, you work in gas industry.

So why is this all coming out now?

Why did -- why did the attorneys go in to look for all of these documents? Why are they turning them in?

And it's good news, right? That we have a special counsel. Of course, it is. It's a very good thing. I'll tell you right now, you say the Justice Department is corrupt. I've employed a special counsel on it.

Oh, good. Let me tie this all up in a nice little bow for you, in 60 seconds.

Unfortunately, some of the best tech innovations out there, also represent the most danger from cyber criminals. Take Bluetooth, for instance. It's a great choice for sharing information between devices, but it's also easy to hack.

So anything -- you got personal information out there, yeah, don't worry about it.

No. Joe Biden. You know what, you have personal information, just keep it in a garage next to an old Corvette, and you'll be fine. Or maybe LifeLock.

They are top of the line in cyber security. They have both preventive measures to keep you safe. And because nobody can stop everything.

Because it's kind of a fast moving crime syndicate.

Wow. Kind of like our government. They also have a restoration team, that will clean up the mess, if your information is hacked into. Don't you wish we had a restoration team, I don't know, in the Congress?

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Promo code Beck. Ten seconds. Station ID.

GLENN: Okay. So let's tie this up in a bow. You have the lawyers, special counsel, the House, Hunter Biden. And innocent. Looking like a little puppy dog with big sad eyes, Joe Biden. Okay. Here's what's going on: Back in November, I remember reading a lil story. Lil, as Tom Broadkaw used to say. A lil story about how Joe Biden's White House was now preparing for the onslaught of the Republicans who were going to possibly win Congress, and they needed to have all these attorneys ready to go.

So they were already working up things. Okay.

Sidebar, put that off to the side for a second.

Why would you have your attorneys do this, when you know you're going to look like a hypocrite?

Well, you might want to do that with your attorneys, so you could tell the attorneys everything that, you know, what's going on, and they can't say anything.

And they could clean up this mess, and make it old news, by the time it's used in a case against Hunter Biden. We know this.

They already brought those out. And they were cooperating every step of the way.

We already know that Hunter Biden was paying his father $50,000 a month. And he rented a house where all those documents were. But it was crazy. His dad was, you know, vice president. He has a wayward son.

He was just trying to help him out. That's why we appointed a special counsel. Oh, no. Wait a minute. What was it that I heard from the worst spokesman at the White House ever, on this question?

Play it again, Sam. Play it again, Sam. Play it -- play it again, Sam. Okay.

VOICE: Does this episode undercut that argument? That he would restore confidence? Because here we have in the headlines that he is now under investigation.

VOICE: He's restored independence in the Department of Justice. That's what we're doing here. When we're saying we're going to refer you to the Department of Justice, that is restoring independence as it relates to --

GLENN: Oh, stop for a second.

So the only reason why a special counsel was appointed, was to restore America's confidence in the system.

And it has nothing to do with now Joe Biden, his attorneys, his spokespeople, saying, I cannot comment on this anymore.

I refer you to the Department of Justice. Well, normally, when they would say that, imagine if it was Abraham Lincoln and they did this. There would be leaks. Abraham Lincoln.

He's under investigation. But here's the stuff our inside sources tell us.

This time, there won't be those leaks.

So you've effectively now shut down the story. Well, they they got somebody super special on the case. Yeah. Inspector gadget.

We needed inspector gadget, because he's the only guy to figure out whether you could have a Corvette and a serious car opener and get into the place. Uh-huh. That's what's going on. This is all just pretrial maneuvering. Preinvestigative maneuvering. By the White House. To make this, we've heard this before.

That's just old news.

Yet all of these things cleared up, so they can say, I'm not talking about old news.

I'm talking about what's happening today. This president needs to concentrate on what's going on for the American people.

That's exactly what's happening. And if you would like more evidence of it, join me on Wednesday.

Because Wednesday, on my Wednesday night special on Blaze TV, I line all of this out.

It's pretty clear, when you look at it. Hmm.

Too bad nobody in the media is looking at it. It's weird. Neither is Kevin McCarthy. I can't believe the double standard of the media. You go get them, Kevin.


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Bill O’Reilly: THIS story is WORSE for Biden than his documents

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Former LGBT activist now helps parents DE-PROGRAM their kids

K. Yang, also known as ‘The Deprogrammer,’ tells Glenn that those best equipped to help others escape cults are the ones who lived inside them themselves. While in her early 20’s, K. Yang worked for an LGBT nonprofit center funded by the New York State Department of Health. ‘We were indoctrinating public school children with gender identity and transgender ideology,’ she says. So now, with immense inside knowledge, Yang knows exactly how to help parents ‘de-program’ their children who may have become ‘brainwashed’ by online, educational, or social media sources that are teaching them lies. And with family members who escaped China and Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Yang knows just how vital it is to equip children with the ability to think for THEMSELVES. *To watch Glenn’s full, 45-minute interview with K. Yang, check out today’s full radio episode on or the full radio podcast wherever you get your podcasts.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I am thrilled to have Kay Yang on with us. She is a deprogrammer, which I too did not know even exists. She is the creator of She is truly amazing.

She exposes the intersections of corporate government nonprofit collusion, driving the transgender rights movement. She says, a smokes screen for massive social engineering and propaganda war, being used to facilitate female erasure in language, in law, and on a worldwide scale. Her work connects the dots between normalized practices of child sexualization, and proliferation of Biopharmaceutical Transhumanist Technologies. I am going to love this woman. And frames these agendas as foundational to the colonization of the female body and the female reproductive control.

Kay, welcome to the program.

KAY: Wow. Thank you so much, Glenn, for having me here. And for this opportunity. Good morning.

GLENN: Good morning.

I'm so glad to have you on. Let me make sure I have your background right. Ten years ago, when none of us were talking about this stuff. You were working at an LGBTQ center?

KAY: That's right. I was. In my early 20s, is when I was working at an LGBT center. It was a small, local nonprofit. And the funding was coming from the New York State Department of health. So that's a really important part of this as well.

That the state was funding me to do the work that I was doing. We were indoctrinating public schoolchildren with gender identity and transgender ideology.

So we were actually being armed with rainbow-colored propaganda, that was sent to us, from these large nonprofits like Listen and GLAAD, and we would go into the schools. Disarm the teachers, really with these themes around acceptance. Anti-bullying. Suicide prevention. Then we would introduce children to the concept of gender identity, and transgender.

And we would use propaganda tools like the genderbread person, which you may have seen before. But your audience may not all be familiar with. It's a cartoon cookie contact. And it teaches children to measure themselves and others by so-called woman-ness, or man-ness, or femaleness, or maleness.

So we would take tools like this, into the schools with us. We would visit our local area high schools. And set up LGBTQ clubs. And gain straight alliances.

GLENN: Hang on just a second.

You got into the schools. And the teachers were disarmed, assuming they had a problem. They were disarmed, because you were coming in, under the umbrella of the New York State division of family and children counseling, right? So you were coming in with state approval.

KAY: That's right.

And we were in there kind of under the idea of sexual health and agitation. Even though, we were not experts. I have never been trained in sexual health. But I was considered an expert. The moment that I took the job. I was considered an expert, to the teacher.

And we were talking to these students, without the knowledge -- without their parent's consent. You know. Parents didn't know we were having these after school clubs. They didn't know we were talking about sex. Talking about sexuality, trans identity, and gender identity with these students.

There was no knowledge or consent from parents. And this was all considered okay.

GLENN: Okay. All right. So --

KAY: And this is ten years ago.

GLENN: -- this is you, ten years ago. What brought you from that, to someone helping parents deprogram their children. What changed in you?

What was the moment where you were like, oh, crap, I'm on the wrong side?

KAY: Well, a lot of things. A lot of things. As soon as, I saw this concept of a trans child, this was really concerning to me.

Because at the time, when I was working at the LGBT center, I had no idea that the work we were doing, was really paving the way for the manufacturing of the so-called trans child. And also for people to accept this idea. Right?

Or that there would be medicalization or sterilization of healthy children and their bodies.

GLENN: Right.

KAY: None of this was ever part of the work that we were doing. It never crossed my mind, that this would be a thing. So, yeah. Ten years ago, no one had heard of a trans child. But in 2019, the CDC did a survey. And it was claimed that one out of every 50 high school students in America, was identified as trans. So that's a huge increase.


KAY: Yeah.

And a lot of the reporting news media has attributed that -- the increase to children feeling safe to come out. And to them having better data collection. But it's never attributed to this widespread social engineering, that was going on.

And as soon as I heard this concept of a trans child. This was extremely alarming to me.

Because if you went back in time and told me that what we were doing, at the LGBT center was -- like, in the near future, where three, four, five, 6-year-old children are being paraded in front of international media, openly sexualized and groomed, you know, these kids. Drag queen story time. I would have never believed this.

And really, there's no such thing as a trans child. And this becomes really obvious. When you look back, only one decade to a time when no one had heard of a trans child. It's corporate fiction. It's propaganda. And no child is born in the wrong body. No person. Whether an adult or a child, can change their sex.

It doesn't really matter. You know, anything you can do, you can put on makeup. You can change your clothes. You know, you can do drug yourself with chemicals, and wrong sex hormones.

Or have these really invasive medically unnecessary procedures. But it's never going to change the fact that a boy is a boy, and a girl is a girl.

So we have to stop lying to children. And when I saw that this -- this so-called movement. It's not a real movement.

But when I saw this turn towards the focus of children. And telling children, they could be born in the wrong body. And moving them on a path towards medicalization, this really shocked me. And scared me.

GLENN: So because you're into the trans humanist movement and everything, we will talk about a little bit later.

I just want to make sure we're on the same page. I believe that we are living in a time, where a lot of people are useful idiots. And a lot of -- a lot of the people that -- that believe, you know, in -- you know, the stuff that you were teaching. A lot of them might be really well-intentioned. And believe that, you know, this is really something, you know, whatever.

But there is -- you know, I said last hour, I don't know why liberals won't wake up. Because liberals were right. Conservatives were wrong.

The liberals were the ones saying, the United States government is just colluding with corporations. And eventually, they're -- it's going to be one giant corporation.

I think the collusion between the government, and, you know, in this case, pharmaceutical companies or whatever. That collusion is what's really, truly driving all of this stuff. And they are using these organizations. And these organizations will be chewed up in the end, the minute they stop becoming shill for the -- the system.

Government and business. Do you agree with that?

KAY: Yeah. I mean, in terms of people, of there being a lot of useful idiots. Because I was one of those useful idiots, you know.

I was thinking that what I was doing, was a good thing. It was the right thing. I thought my beliefs were correct. And they were morally superior.

I -- and now I know, that I was wrong. And part of how I know I was wrong. Is because I really started investigating the money behind what was pushing this movement.

GLENN: And where --

KAY: And, you know, I have to --

GLENN: Where does that lead?

KAY: Well, you know, there's a lot of collusion about to go. Because when I worked at the LGBT nonprofit, I didn't really think of it at the time. It was later in my life, when I started investigating others, from social movements.

GLENN: Right.

KAY: That I realized that I could take this analysis, and apply it to the work that I was doing at the LGBT nonprofit.

So then I started to realize, like wait a second. I was being paid. Finding our states to go into public schools, to indoctrinate them, with material that was coming from large nonprofit organizations like Listen and GLAAD.

And those organizations are partnering with the government, and with foundations. And the private sector.

And all of this is being done to push this propaganda, and target our children. And the public school system.

GLENN: And you say, this is to erase the female.

KAY: Well, yes. That is really foundational to this entire thing.

First and foremost, they want to disrupt our sense of selves, and erase the division between the sexes.

Because human beings are a sexually dysmorphic species.

There's males, and there's females.

And everybody who does not fall into male or female, well, they actually still do.

They have hormonal differences or chromosomal differences, but they still fall into one of the two. We're dimorphous.

But this is being erased, and our reality right now. And children are being taught that sex is a spectrum.

Even the World Health Organization. And, you know, they're part of the United Nations. The World Health Organization, recently said that they're going to be expanding their definition of sex.

And that they want to extend it to include people with trans and gender diverse identities.

GLENN: Okay. So I want to ask you -- I'm going to take a one-minute break, and then I will come back. And I want to ask you, what is their motivation for this?

And then I want to get into your background of China and the Red Guard and the revolution that happened there, is a lot like it is here.

And then we'll talk about deprogramming our kids coming up in just a second.

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Ten-second station ID.
Okay. So we're talking to Kay Yang. She is a deprogrammer, and you can find her website,

So, Kay, the only thing that really makes sense to me, is that this is a Malthusian/Marxist kind of movement, that is really anti-human at its core. It's evil. They're breaking up the family and everything else.

Why do you think -- what is the motivation for these people to do this to our children?

KAY: Yeah. Thank you. So right before the break, I was talking about this dissecting of our bodies going on. They're breaking down the boundaries, the two sections. And when there is a, quote, unquote, movement that is sterilizing children, and dissecting our reality, in the name of gender identity. This is genocide. This is a usurping of -- what they're really trying to do is usurp female reproductive controls. And we're facing the attempt takeover of the ownership of the human body, of human biology. But really the focus is on the human body, and the woman's womb, and all of these miraculous, unique bits, and moving pieces and parts of the female body, that make pregnancy and birth possible.

So this is really about controlling reproduction. And birth on this planet. And we're moving into -- or we're already in the fourth Industrial Revolution. Klaus Schwab has this whole book about it. And the fourth industrial revolution really demands the erasure of the rights of the realities of females.

And this is under the guise of LGBT inclusion.

Now, at the same time, they are erasing us in language and in law. They're simultaneously exploiting the very nature of female reproductive biology.

And this is happening through the implementation of new technologies. Like external wounds.

You know, for example, they already have -- in Philadelphia, at the children's hospital, of Philadelphia, they already were growing and plastic --

GLENN: In bags. I know.

KAY: Right.

And now they're in the process of getting FDA approval for a bio bag device to grow human babies in.

GLENN: I -- I mean, I don't know how we -- how I didn't know about you, Kay, in advance. You are so spot-on. And the fact that you were ten years ago, were on the opposite side.

What Klaus Schwab and the WEF are doing, the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset is so anti-human. And it is about population control.

Almost everything they're doing is about population control. So you are now in a place where, tell me your experience with China. And what you're seeing, the parallels, from China.

KAY: Yes. Well, I just want to be clear. Because I think there was a little bit of miscommunication. I'm not from China. I was born in New York City. It's my mother's family that's from China. And they were forced to flee China during the cultural revolution.

GLENN: Good. Well, they saw it and left.

KAY: Yeah. And actually, I want to talk about that a little bit, in terms of the intergenerational communication. There's this whole culture of shame and silence for survivors, and it's really led to a complete loss of communication between the generations, like the narrative is just not there.

And this is a really well-known and documented cultural stigma. Where people who have lived through it. The older generations, who are really dying out right now, they don't talk about it.

And it's customary, you're not supposed to ask any questions. I remember, when I was a child, and I wanted to know about my family's history, and I would innocently ask questions. Just out of curiosity. And I was told not to ask or say anything. Because it's bringing up something painful. And that created a blanket of silence and shame. And really confusion over the whole thing.