TAKE THE POLL: Are YOU prepared for nuclear war?

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World War III seems more imminent than ever since the end of the Cold War, and as Russia continues to threaten the use of nuclear weapons, we have to ask ourselves: are we prepared for nuclear war?

Tonight on the Glenn TV Wednesday Night Special, Glenn will discuss in detail the possibility of nuclear war and practical ways that you can do NOW to prepare. Take the poll below to see how prepared you are now, and be sure to tune in TONIGHT on BlazeTV for this vitally important episode.

Do you think nuclear war is possible?

Do you think Russia would be the first to use nuclear weapons?

Do you think the U.S. would be the first to use nuclear weapons?

Do you feel prepared for the event of nuclear war?

Do you have food supplies stored?

Do you have water supplies?

Do you have medical supplies?

Do you know how to use a map?

How confident do you feel in your ability to live without your phone?

Want to be more prepared? Watch TONIGHT on BlazeTV at 9 pm Eastern.for practical ways to prepare you and your family for our uncertain future.

John Dollard (1900-1980) was a psychologist and social scientist best known for his studies on race relations in America. From 1942 to 1945 he served as a consultant in the Morale Services Division the United States Department of War, during which time he and fellow psychologists at Yale University’s Institute of Human Relations produced a study titled “Fear and Courage under Battle Conditions.”

The study investigated fear and morale of soldiers in modern combat conditions. With the active assistance of the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade interviews with Lincoln Brigade veterans were carried out and a questionnaire distributed. Three hundred veterans who had served as volunteers with the Abraham Lincoln Brigade during the Spanish Civil War replied and became the research subjects for the study.

This book presents the findings from this intensive study for the purposes of military value.

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POLL: Should we give Zelensky what he wants?

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We are well into the holiday season, and many of us are preparing to receive friends and family into our homes. While this is usually an exciting time to catch up with loved ones, sometimes you have to deal with those relatives. You know, those relatives who bring nothing to dinner, get a little too cozy in your house, and spend the holidays begging all the relatives for money that they “will totally pay back, man!” (Spoiler: You won’t ever see that money again). Well, if you have been keeping up with Glenn, you will know that D.C. recently hosted one such guest: Volodymyr Zelensky has returned.

Zelensky arrived for talks in D.C. on Tuesday, December 12th, with intentions to garner favor for the $60 billionaid package Biden proposed for Ukraine as part of a larger emergency aid deal that includes the border and Israel.

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But as Glenn and Stu discussed on today’s radio program, we have much a more pressing use of American Taxpayer dollars: security on the southern border. And so far, the Republicans in Congress have managed to fend off the aid package on these grounds. But, how long can the Republicans hold out? Glenn is not optimistic. He doubts the Republicans' ability to negotiate meaningful border reform into the aid package before it gets pushed through. Stu countered by asking Glenn if he would accept a deal where Ukraine gets another large sum of money in exchange for comprehensive border security, but Glenn doubts that Congress would even build "three inches" of the border wall with their track record.

Zelensky also held a joint press conference with Biden, where Biden doubled down on his promises to bring Ukraine into NATO "when all allies agree and conditions are met." As Glenn also points out, this goes against the spoken-word treaties NATO made at the end of the Cold War — that Ukraine would never join NATO.

So what do you think? If you were offered Stu's deal — more money to Ukraine for REAL border security — would you take it? And should Ukraine be allowed to join NATO? Let us know in the poll below:

Would you take Stu's deal?

Should Ukraine be allowed into NATO?

Do you think Congress will ever deliver on border security?

This year, Glenn did a deep dive into the decades in Germany leading up to the rise of the Third Reich. How did the most modern, educated, and diverse society degrade into the one that orchestrated the Holocaust? One insight that surprised Glenn was how Weimar Germany became one of the most sexually fluid societies that would give the modern West a run for its money.

For example, did you know that the first transgender surgery was performed in Germany in 1907? Additionally, the Berlin cabarets in the 1920s were so unhinged that it would make many today blush.

Glenn learned about these pivotal years leading up to the rise of the Third Reich in Mel Gordan's acclaimed book, Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin. Read on to learn more about this fascinating sourcebook that drew Glenn's interest in 2023.

"This sourcebook of the pre-Nazi, Cabaret-period “Babylon on the Spree” has the distinction of being praised both by scholars and avatars of contemporary culture, inspiring performers, filmmakers, historians straight and gay, designers, and musicians like the Dresden Dolls and Marilyn Manson. It is the visual scrapbook and inspired design source of hit television series, "Berlin Babylon."

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Christmas is the season of hope: hope that darkness will be conquered by light, hope that pain and suffering will become a part of a beautiful redemptive story. On Christmas, we remember this hope that Christ gave us 2,000 years ago and our responsibility to embody this hope in our present day.

This Christmas, Glenn wants your help to bring hope to those who need it most. On Monday, December 11, Glenn will be auctioning off three signed giclees of three of his paintings. Each auctioned piece will benefit a different nonprofit, and all proceeds will go to the respective charity. The winner will receive a "Certificate of Authenticity" to authenticate that the giclee has Glenn's signature.

"Morning of Hope, Dusk of Despair"

The first giclee of "Morning of Hope, Dusk of Despair" will be auctioned for Ezra International, a Christian humanitarian aid foundation that rescues Jewish people out of high-risk areas. The painting depicts the M.S. St. Lewis carrying many Jewish Europeans, seeking refuge in the United States, turning around after being banned from docking at Ellis Island in 1939. As Glenn said about the painting:

The statue of liberty is an emblem of hope for people all of the world. The USS Missouri is a tragic story of immigrants so close to this hope that they could almost touch it. But then they were turned around. Many died in the Holocaust upon return.
"Morning of Hope, Dusk of Despair" captures a moment in history when the U.S. turned away the Jewish people when they needed our help the most. Now, there's Ezra International, who is doing the work that we failed to do with the M.S. St. Lewis back in 1939. All proceeds from the winner of this painting will go to Ezra International.


Glenn will be also auctioning a signed giclee of his painting, "Redeemed" to One Heart, a non-profit that provides mentorship and skills training for at-risk youth. "Redeemed" depicts Johnny Cash’s mug shot when he was arrested on charges of cocaine possession. Here's how Glenn described the painting:

Many say this was Johnny Cash’s lowest point, but in reality, it was the beginning of the rest of his life, his new life in Christ. By God’s grace, Cash found Christ and continued to follow Him faithfully the rest of his life. He even took his band to Israel to have them walk the grounds that Jesus walked. Cash’s faith demonstrates that God can redeem even our lowest moments in life, transforming what we thought was utter failure into the beginning of our great story of faith.

Our lowest moments in life can become the start of our redemption story. All proceeds from "Redeemed" will go towards One Heart's mission to help at-risk youth turn their struggles into the beginning of their redemption story.

"Save The Republic"

Glenn believes that if we want a smaller government, we have to step up and fill in the gap. That's why he founded Mercury One, a 501c3 nonprofit that partners with ministries and other nonprofits around the globe to restore communities after natural disasters, rescue individuals from human trafficking and abuse, support our veterans, and so much more.

Through Mercury One, Glenn's audience rescued over 15,000 Americans and Afghan allies in the aftermath of the Biden administration's disastrous exit from Afghanistan, raised over $300,000 in Maui wildfire relief, more than the Biden administration sent with FEMA, and more. Through helping those in need both in our backyard and abroad, Mercury One is working towards "Saving The Republic." All proceeds from the "Save The Republic" giclee will go towards Mercury One's efforts.