5 tips to help you explain to family WHAT’S COMING NEXT

Have you ever tried to explain to your family what may be coming to America, only to be met with blank stares? Or accusations that you’re going crazy?! It’s okay…not all your loved ones may be aware of the signs that economic hardship seems to be right around the corner. But we MUST prepare them so that they can prepare themselves. Glenn gives 5 tips for how to explain to YOUR family that the Great Reset is upon us and that the time to prepare is now.

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GLENN: So let me tell you a completely made-up story. Okay?

Completely hypothetical. A cautionary tale about a man named Tom. Who now his family thinks, he's a complete lunatic.

Tom, let's say, is a loyalist of this program.

He's read The Great Reset. He studied the WEF website. He even tried a Built Bar. That's Tom.

At first, he thought, ah. This guy, he's overreacting. Collapse of the West. Whatever.

Then he started to do his own research. Now Tom is wide awake.

And he wants to make sure his family is ready.

Because he feels responsible for their protection.

Boy, can anyone relate?

Well, his wife Lacey might love Tom. But is not really like Tom. Might have been one day, before they started pumping out kids.

Now, they've got three kids under five. And Lacey, Tom's wife. She's at home with the kids, all day.

She just wants to have an adult conversation from time to time. She also an elderly mother. So she's got a lot of responsibility too. Force

She rarely has a moment to breathe. Nonetheless study ESG scores.

Not high on Lacey's list.

The kids were screaming over the radio, when Tom years ago, said, you should listen to Glenn Beck. She would just like quiet in the house, from time to time. Her mother always forgets to put on her hearing aids. Then turns the TV up, to, what was it?

About 6 million. One day, after listening to my show, recently, Tom decided, it was for the family to start preparing.

But he knew, he and his wife needed to make the instigation together.

Way to go, Tom.

So last week, Tom decided to approach his wife in the kitchen.

She was making lunch. She had her 3-year-old that was bumbling and babbling relentlessly under her feet. And she hadn't slept much the night before. Because the baby kept waking up.

They had guests arriving for a weekend stay, in less than an hour.

But Lacey had spent the morning, helping her mother trying to find her heart medicine, so the house was still a mess. And Tom thought, you know what, now is the right time.

I have no time to waste.

Tom decided now is the time to talk to Lacey. The collapse of the West is right around the corner.

Tom bellowed to his wife. To which she replied. You have been listening too much to Glenn Beck. Everything is fine.

Tom, stunned, eked out a series of breathless words, punctuated by rapid and indiscernible arm movements. World Economic Forum. Digital currency. Dugin. The oil. And then he went to the Glenn Beck stand by. It's a trap!

Thoroughly exhausted Tom collapsed to the floor, staring blankly into space.

Lacey looked on in horror.

Not now, honey. We have guests arriving.

Tom collected himself, and scuttled out of the kitchen, cloaked in abject failure and sweat. Okay.

This is an example of what not to do. Now, how do I know? Because while I'm not Tom. I was -- I, of course, said more than just World Economic Forum, digital currency, Dugin, oil, it's a trap.

I said more than that. A lot more.

And I'm surprised that some of the family members, who don't listen to me, all the time, but know that uncle Glenn kind of knows what's about to go. So they looked to me, from time to time, for an update.

I decided to tell them everything.

Not a good decision. So let me break it down, on the things that Tom and I have both learned, some rules, that maybe you should take, when talking to your family about. It's a trap!

Pick the right time. Now I'm not sure when that time is, because in a busy household, it never seems to be the right time.

But pick the right time, half asleep. No.

Uh-uh. Uh-uh. In-laws arriving in five minutes. Five days. Five years.

No. Uh-uh. Not the right time. Baby's birthday party. Sure. A classic tale to laugh about years to come.

But have you lost your mind?

You need to pick a low stress time, where you can really talk.

Now, immediately, I think, maybe a romantic weekend.

No. No. No.

Not a good time.

In couple's counseling, they teach couples to employ the acronym HALT. H-A-L-T. Halt. Before you have any serious conversation, halt, and ask yourself a few questions.

Is she hunger? Don't do it. Is she angry? Uh-uh. Honey, I got nothing to say.

Is she lonely? I just want some adult time?

Or is she tired?

Yeah. If one or more or all of them apply, wrong time. Wrong time to talk.

Now, here's my question to the --

STU: What on earth happened to you this weekend?

GLENN: It was -- it was not good. It was not good.

STU: This is an amazing montage. So you tried to explain to your family the too many we all face in some level of detail. And you picked the wrong time?

GLENN: No. So they're my family. So I said -- they said, what are you doing to prepare?

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: And I told them what I'm doing to prepare.

And they all went, really?

And I said, yeah. But, I mean, it may not happen. And it may not happen right now. But I think we should all be prepared.

And start thinking along these lines.

Well, they didn't hear the, it may not happen right now. And then they also went home, and they saw, you know, the new red phone being put on the desk of the Oval Office, and with Putin.

And, you know, the fact that -- we're at DEFCON two in Europe. And the other, my favorite was, by the way, we're the State Department. If you're an American citizen in Russia, run for your lives. Get out right now. Right now. Run for your lives. That's probably -- that probably notched them up a little bit in the panic scenario, you know what I'm saying?

STU: Yeah. No. There's a lot to be worried about right now.

GLENN: Yeah. So I went to them. And said, look, look, look. I am very sorry.

Because I feel very alone in the family. Because I don't tell the family. I don't go home and do all this. If they want to listen, they can listen.

And there's many things that I believe that I shall never say. But I shall never say the things that I do not believe. So there's lots of things that I don't say, because I don't want -- you don't want to live in my head.

You don't want to live in my head.

It's a very dark and scary place.

So -- and it causes a problem with me.

And I bet, as a dad, if you feel the way I do, you might feel this way.

You might feel very, very alone.

Because you're like, everyone is depending on me.

I'm trying to. Yes. Let's go out, and -- and just watch the kids, play soccer. This week.

Let's do that. Because it's going to -- I'm not stressed out, or thinking about anything at all.

I'm just thinking about, let's have a good time. Okay?

Who wants to go to Shaky's Pizza Afterwards? I know I do. All right. That's the way I feel. Like I'm just faking all the time.

Oh, yeah. Me thinking. What are you thinking, honey?

Oh, nothing. I definitely wasn't thinking about 18 minutes before missiles would hit here. And how we would possibly survive and get out of ground zero.

I'm not thinking about that.


So when somebody says, no. Really, uncle, Glenn. Tell me. Oh, I was glad to share the burden.

Not a good idea.

So what I said to them, is, you know, be prepared.

Just be prepared.

Just here's what you need to do. And I didn't tell them this at the time.

I told them this yesterday. When there was a big conference call, with the whole family. And many of them were like, we can never let our -- you know, our wives down. To your house ever again.

You're not allowed to call here, stop. So I talked to everybody, and I said, you know, here's the thing.

All of these things are true. All of thinker things are true. But you cannot -- there's only so many things you can do. And the first thing that will happen. And I explained this to them.

That Tania and I. For the last week, we have been trying to make some really big decisions on things.

You can't make them all at once.

You can't -- you can't have that big conversation, even all at once.

You have to break them down into bit sizes.

And you'll think like, I'm not making any progress. Because I haven't made any decisions.

All last week, Tania and I tried to have one conversation, about one item on our list.

And it is so -- it's so -- it's hard to think about thinker things.

It's hard to think.

There's no, oh -- you know what, go to the bookstore.

There's got to be a self-help book, on what to do, if your country is about to collapse.

There's no self-help on that. There's nothing.

STU: There are zombie apocalypse books. Maybe you can follow those.

GLENN: And I might get to the point where, a zombie is involved?

Eat me now.

So you have to do the best you can.

And all last week, Tania and I haven't made a decision, but we're closer. Because we had five or six nights. Of just having honestly, five-minute conversations before all of -- before both of us were like, I'm exhausted. I can't even think about it.

I just shut down.

It's really hard. Because it involves everything. Everything. So what you need to do is just the next right thing.

And the next right thing would be on the political side.

Call knowinger statehouse. Your Senate. Your House of Representatives. Call your governor's office. And say, no ESG. Pass a bill. No ESG.

You don't even have to do that, if you're just concerned about you.

Go to the store. And every time you buy food, you know this. This is not doomsday. This is just inflation.

Every time you buy something, buy two. If you can.

And then store the second one. And then when you run out of the first one, don't use the second one. Go to the store, and buy two again.

And story the second one there. And just keep doing that. Until you will have -- I mean, I don't know if you saw this.

Was it Colgate, do you think?

I don't know. One of the toothpaste. They're saying, it's going to be $10 a tube, this summer. Ten dollars a tube, for toothpaste.

Okay. All right.

Wow. Maybe we should buy some toothpaste as well.

Just do the next right thing.

And start knocking them off.

You cannot approach this, the way -- I mean, I've spent 25 years, doing this.

I've spent the last 20, almost 18 years. Just -- well, actually since September 11th, really.

About 20 years, just focus on what I think we're entering into now, to bring people up to speed, is tough.

And you don't want to scare them. So don't invite me to any parties. Because I'll make everyone cry. Okay. There it is.

Let me tell you about Patriot Mobile.

Have you learned to speak Russian or Chinese yet?

Yeah. I don't think Russian.

Chinese may be a good bet. If this administration has anything to say about it, you know, might be what all the cool kids are doing in the future. The problem with the world in general, and America in particular, is that it is infested with leftism and globalism.

Leftist thinking leftist action.

There have been many people.

Many people that have noticed it for a long time. And a lot of us are just kind of waking up, going wait a minute.

How come nobody is standing up for all the things that we used to think were right? There are a few companies that were doing this.

And you should do business when you can with those people. Patriot Mobile is the shining example. And you should switch your plan. Your mobile plan to patriot today.

They have a plan that will fit any budget.

Their 100 percent U.S.-based customer support team is awesome.

More importantly, Patriot Mobile shares your values, and supports organizing, fighting for religious freedom. Constitutional rights. Sanctity of life. Veterans. First responders.

They're actually fighting every single day. And running a really sweet phone company. It's 972PATRIOT. Free activation with the offer code Beck.

Veterans and first responders can save even more. Make the switch today. Support a company that feels about America, the way you do. And shares your values.

And is fighting for them. Or call 972PATRIOT. Ten-second station ID.

STU: So are we -- are we being too opaque on what people are supposed to be preparing for?

GLENN: On this show?

STU: Well --

GLENN: I mean, I think we've shook all the stragglers. I think all the people are like, I don't know. I listened for five minutes. He was freaking me out.

STU: Yeah. I mean -- just -- it's hard -- people want to prepare for -- for some terrible consequence. Or some awful thing that happens.

Or some uncertainty. But to know, what and how to prepare, you need to know what these things are.

GLENN: So the first thing is, I'll about it through this. I don't know how to do this in a not Glenn Beck sort of way.

The first thing you have to know. It's going to get economically tough. And then it's going to get economically tougher.

Then Glenn should stop talking. Okay?

At that point, it's just, no. That inflation. You ain't seen nothing yet. How is that?

Show biz and jazz hands.

You ain't seen nothing yet on inflation. So that's the first thing.

Gas, oil. Heating oil. Kind of a problem. Kind of a problem. We're -- we're not opening up anything here.

This is a problem. Should I go into the petrodollar? Or should I save that later?

STU: As enticing as it seems. There's only a few seconds.

GLENN: Yeah. So I'll go into the collapse of the petrodollar because of oil. But let's not worry about that.

And just the coming strife internally. Internally.

We are losing our center. So just prepare. Be around like-minded people. That love God.

And have a happy attitude.

Talk show host, not included.


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