6 reasons why Republicans MUST stand together on PRINCIPLES

Rep. Dan Crenshaw certainly has a "very weird approach" trying to convince his more conservative colleagues to vote for Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker, Glenn says. In fact, his divisive stance likely will only harm America more. Now is a time the Republican Party MUST unite on principles, and demeaning Freedom Caucus members (or worse, potentially choosing a Democrat Speaker of the House instead) will not help. In this clip, Glenn provides 6 reasons why we NEED principled Republicans leading the House of Representatives today. Because if GOP leadership continues to follow the status quo, not only will we NEVER receive vital answers about recent, political events, but some of the far-left's darkest players will continue to escape with their crimes...


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GLENN: I don't know if you know this, but Dan Crenshaw slammed the 20-house Republicans that oppose Kevin McCarthy.

He said, I'm tired of your stupid platitudes, that some consultant told you to say on the campaign trail. Behind closed doors, just tell us what you actually want, or shut the F up.

Huh. So he thinks the people in the --

STU: Weird approach.

GLENN: Very weird approach. He thinks people in the Freedom Caucus are being told, this is what you have to say to win. Really?

STU: Oh, yeah.

GLENN: He said, they need to be men and adults, who say, what they want, instead of playing these little games. That's what we're asking. That's what I've asked them. Some of them are my friends. Stop saying platitudes like Washington is broken. That's not a platitude. That's the truth. We can't do the status quo. That, again, not a platitude. That's the truth. And I love how he says, behind closed doors, tell us what you really want. Is that what you do, Dan?

He said, that they are now showing themselves to be unbelievably serious. They're now just choosing random people. They don't have a plan. They're acting like terrorists.

Oh. Wow. Acting like terrorists.

STU: Well, you remember the 9/11 attacks, were initially chosen because they -- well, it was really about voting. And they didn't have a plan on which candidate they wanted to come around. That's when Matamata had to do that.

GLENN: Really? Is that what that was about?

STU: If I remember correct.

GLENN: And he was just saying, hey, we should operate under the constitutional norms?

STU: That was the big demand from what I remember. They were very concerned about it. Okay. Look, it's a thing. I get it. It's a figure of speech.

Still, it's still silly.

GLENN: Yeah. I'm so tired of -- look, I am -- I am to a place. And maybe I'm wrong on this.

I'm to a place, to where I am not -- I do not want to banish anyone to the outer regions. You believe in God?

You believe in the Constitution?

But we disagree on how to exactly -- exactly how to worship him. Or, you know, what church we go to. Or, you know, we don't agree on all of the policies.

Do you believe in the God of Abram, Isaac, or Jacob? Yep. Okay.

Do you believe in the Bill of Rights. Yep. Do you believe in the Constitution. That we are a constitutional republic.

And that's the problem. We're not operating anymore under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Yep.

Good. I'm fine.

STU: Yeah. You're asking for more than I am. I think I would take half agreement on one of those things. That's about what I would want at this point.

GLENN: Yeah. Do you believe in the God of Isaac?

What about Jacob?

STU: No. I don't worry about Jacob. Jacob was off the reservation. We don't know.

But it is kind of. It's a difficult thing, right?

I understand trying to come up with someone who will please these 218.

To get to 218 is not going to be easy, right?

If you put up someone who is more conservative, likely one of the more annoying moderates is going to say no. And they will bail on it.

GLENN: Sure.

STU: You know, you're at the point now, where you start to wonder, whether Kevin McCarthy is going to start going to Democrats and say, hey. We only need 5 of you.

GLENN: Oh, I think, I believe that they will go to Democrats.

They -- I believe they would even go for Hakeem Jeffries over a Freedom Caucus person.

STU: It's not completely out of the question. First of all, you have a very incompetent group of people, right?

So it's highly possible a bunch of them forget to show up one day, and Jeffries just wins. I mean, because of the way this vote works, it's not out of the question.

GLENN: Well, no. You have to have 218.

STU: You have to have the majority of the people voting.

So if you vote present or you don't show up to vote, that threshold lowers. He's getting 212. Jeffries is getting 212 each time.

I don't think that's out of the question. I don't think it's out of the question, that they try to pull some stunt.

One of the things they're talking about doing, is changing the rules.

GLENN: Oh, that's always good. Always good.

I loved that. It worked out well in 2020. Didn't it? For the Democrats. Worked out well. Just changed the rules.

STU: If you changed the rules. Normally, you would have the majority of people voting. They can change the rules, to say, actually, now it's a plurality. Now in their mind, what would happen, McCarthy would win 216. No. Basically, the idea there would be to put a gun to the head of the Freedom Caucus and say, it's going to be either McCarthy or Jeffries.

GLENN: I would not doubt for one second, for one second, that they do that.

STU: And what happens?

GLENN: They like the Democrats, and would rather deal with the Democrats than anyone who believes in the Constitution.

STU: And there is a bubbling theory in Washington, in these circles. That, you know what, we'll not be able to get anything done anyway. We're not going to get anything passed. Because everything we pass is going to go to the Senate and die.

GLENN: If they do this.

STU: Why not just let Jeffries have it?

GLENN: If they do this, the Republican Party should be over.

STU: This is really being talked about in Washington. Where they're saying, look, let Jeffries win this thing. We still will be able to vote on the bills he brings up. We'll shoot him all down. We'll still block everything. And then they'll get all the blame. Because they'll still have the control, and 2024, we can come in and win.

I'm telling you, this is actually bubbling around.

GLENN: Wow, so that is -- let me just see if I have this strategy.

At least we're not the Democrats 2.0.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: That's all that is. And it was such a winning strategy last time.

STU: Yeah, they want to run it back, this time.

GLENN: I have to tell you, there is -- this is so important.

First of all, Dan Crenshaw, you want to call people like me a terrorist. That's fine. I'm not going to return the charge to you.

I deeply disagree with you on many things.

But I'm not going to call you names.

Because we all have to come together.

If we are going to stop the evil that we are all fighting against.

We not only need the people we agree with. We need the people we disagree with as well.

The left -- evil has found out a way to cobble together a huge coalition. They've convinced themselves. The Marxists have convinced themselves, yeah, well, the statists. We'll get rid of all the big business people when we get in charge, and the big businesspeople are like, we'll get rid of all the Marxists when we're in charge.

They're going to eat each other. They're going to eat each other. But first, they will feast on us. So what do you say, we come together? And we look for principles.

What the Freedom Caucus is standing for, are principles.

I don't know -- I don't need a consultant. And, in fact, I think any -- any politician that is hiring these consultants.

I -- I think you're an idiot.

I think you're an idiot, the consultants are the ones who got us here.

The consultants -- you know, who is actually feeling what's going on? Because it's really clear what's going on.

Why do we need the Republicans to be strong, have a spine, and not be part of the swamp?

Let me just give you a couple of things.

Let's see. SCOTUS. Remember somebody leaked the -- leaked the abortion bill early?

And the verdict, they were like, yeah.

STU: I do remember that.

GLENN: It's been eight months, nothing.

That's not true. People in the Supreme Court know who leaked it. I can guarantee it. I can guarantee it.

They know who leaked it.

They won't say. Because John Roberts thinks it will damage the court, and the justices.

Well, you're doing more damage there. And, you know what, if you're not willing to find out, who put people's lives in danger, well, then, we need an agency, that will.

We need a group of people who say, this was wrong. And cannot be tolerated. Because it is a terroristic act.

STU: Do you want to give us who -- who -- who leaked it --

GLENN: No. I might. I might.

Not today. But I might.

We have General Milley. We now know he hid the nuclear codes from Donald Trump.

And talked to Nancy Pelosi, and said, don't worry, I've made two phone calls. To the Chinese. I told him, if he tries to do anything. And I got the nuclear codes. He's not going to be able to do it.

What do you -- is that even true? And then he goes on, a couple of months later, and he's responsible for Afghanistan. And the guy hasn't been asked a single question about it.

That doesn't seem right. How about this?

The ex-capital police boss says that he wasn't informed on all of the Intel that was being given to Nancy Pelosi.

He said, we didn't get it. You think I'm the head of the capital police. But the head of the capital police, is actually a bunch of politicians. And for some reason, they didn't tell me. And when I finally heard about some threats, not the amount of threats, that they -- we now know knew, he said, I think we need to have a national guard. And they said, we don't like the optics of that.

I don't know. I think we should probably get down to what really happened on January 6th, with this speaker's office.

By the way, the FBI has raised the reward for that darn pipe bomber. That was just so coincidental

The way that happened. It was amazing. And they have him on tape and everything. But they just can't find him.

So they just said, we're going to raise it up at half a million dollar reward, if you can find this guy.

How about this one? Hunter Biden. Can we just find out?

Can we just find out, who in the FBI was protecting? Who in the FBI was going in, trying to silence people, who was it?

You know, because he's still doing it. Hunter Biden. The child support now. You know, with his hooker mama or whatever. She's like, he's got money. And he's crying poor mouth to the judge. I want to see the records of the art.

They're selling for $500,000 a piece. Well, shouldn't his -- I don't know, son or daughter, you know, have some child support from this guy. Absolutely.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: Absolutely.

STU: Incredible that they're not even going after him for that.

GLENN: Yeah. Well, you know, there's another thing that really is interesting.

The ethics watchdog protect the public's trust, is now calling for an investigation of Biden officials in the connection to Sam Bankman-Fried.

Apparently, there were some slack channels, between him and the White House.

And as this thing started to fall apart, one of the guys, who has now been arrested, pulled all of the slack channels, and they're trying to make sure, that the White House didn't delete and erase all of that. Which they most likely did.

What was going on?

This guy stole millions of dollars to people, and then gave it to the Democratic Party.

I don't know. Maybe we should find out a little bit about that. How about the border?

Do you think maybe we should have a Congress, that is just actually doing something about the border?

Or should they do a study on it. And talk about it.

And say, next time, when we have the power, we're going to do something. But comprehensively.

How about -- how about getting some people who don't agree we should go to war, with Russia?

We are now close to sending armored weaponry to the Ukraine.

Can we get Congress to give us answers?

Is the CIA actually providing targets in Russia, that has been reported?

Is that true? Can we get somebody on that?

People are leaving. They're leaving New York, California. For Texas. And Florida.

In record numbers. Why? I'm going to give you the plan, that the G.O.P. should use, to win.

These are the reasons why the Freedom Caucus is standing up and saying, enough is enough.

And I believe the G.O.P. anybody who votes for a Republican, I'm not a Republican. But I generally vote for Republicans.

I'm done. I'm done.

If they can't do anything, I'm done.

Why would I fight for them a second longer?


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