America's deadly animals just don't stack up compared to Australia's

Glenn's heady off to Australia with the Nazarene Fund but it's not all sunshine and lollipops. The native bugs and creatures have Glenn a little worried. Watch this clip to hear the Glenn and Stu talk it through.


Rand Paul on the TRUE DANGERS of Fauci’s gain-of-function research

Rand Paul is on a mission to expose Dr. Fauci's numerous lies, coverups, and dangerous decisions. And the he'll get another chance to do that during a Thursday morning Senate hearing. Because, Senator Paul says, it's imperative we 'control what's going on in these labs.' Gain-of-function research coupled with mistakes from the Wuhan Lab resulted in a pandemic that's altered the world. But COVID had a one percent mortality rate. What could happen next time, if a virus leaks with a 15 percent mortality rate, Rand asks. THIS is why Americans must understand how dangerous Fauci's research truly is and why some experts have described it as 'civilization-ending.'


Former Trump assistant details why Fauci is a FRAUD

Peter Navarro, former Assistant to President Trump and author of 'In Trump Time,' has a LOT to say about Dr. Anthony Fauci. Because if Fauci was honest from the get-go, Navarro says, 'millions of people would be alive today.' Not only does Navarro detail to Glenn Dr. Fauci's numerous lies and cover-ups, but he also explains why he urged President Trump to fire Fauci in the pandemic's early days...and why he thinks it didn't happen.


Why Is a Grammy-Nominated Artist BLACKBALLED by Music Industry? | John Ondrasik | Ep 123

John Ondrasik started playing piano when he was three. Thirty years later, as Five for Fighting, he found himself playing beside his musical heroes at Madison Square Garden after his song "Superman (It's Not Easy)" became an anthem for the fallen heroes of 9/11. On this episode of the Glenn Beck Podcast, Ondrasik and Glenn chat about music, fame, songwriting, freedom, and the strange power of "Let's Go Brandon." He plays "Freedom Never Cries," "100 Years," and his latest single, "Blood on My Hands," which is a protest song, a good one, about Joe Biden's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. "Afghanistan is not a political cause," Ondrasik tells Glenn. "It's a moral cause." Hollywood used to celebrate subversive protest music, so why is one of America's most celebrated ballad artists being ignored by the mainstream?