Biden’s ‘closest ally’ just said THIS about Ukraine & Russia

Democrat Senator Chris Coons is such a close ally to Joe Biden that Politico named him not only the president's 'closest ally,' but a ‘shadow Secretary of State' as well...which isn’t great considering what Sen. Coons just said about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. During a speech at the University of Michigan last week, the Senator from Delaware predicted Putin will go ‘too far’ in his quest to overtake Ukraine, resulting in an important decision from the U.S. about 'next steps' (like sending our troops to help). So, now the question becomes: Will President Biden actually follow the advice of his ‘closest’ ally?! Glenn and Stu break it down…


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GLENN: Hey. Welcome. So Senator Chris Coons, from, you know, President Joe Biden's home state of Delaware, has been called the president's closest Senate ally. Even a shadow Secretary of State. When he travels abroad. He and President Biden are very, very close. And he speaks to him, all the time.

Now Coons is using his clout, to nudge Biden towards sending, you ready? U.S. troops, to fight the war in Ukraine. Last Thursday, he gave a lecture, the Vandenberg lecture, at the university of Michigan's Gerald R. Ford school of public policy. Boy, that just sounds like a disaster.

He said, the United States is coming right up against the Cuban Missile Crisis, and there's going to be a direct confrontation between NATO, the United States, the West, and Russia.

He said, this is a 1939 moment. There's almost -- I'm quoting. Almost certainly, there will be an incident in which Russian's leader Vladimir Putin goes too far. Either within Ukraine, by using chemical weapons. Or just over the border, by claiming an accident, in which cruise missiles strikes an arms depo, where Americans are unloading Stinger missiles from a C17 about to go across the border.

Hmm. It's important that we look at this, and -- and consider troops.

In the -- in the defense of Ukraine. Because if the answer is never. Then we are inviting other level of escalation and brutality, by Putin. That's good. That's good.

Now, another adviser to another president. This time, the guy who is known as Putin's brain, says Russia needs to escalate the Ukrainian war.

His name, don't know if you've ever heard of him. Stu, have you ever heard of Aleksandr Dugin?

STU: No. Who is this character?

GLENN: Well, he's a Russian philosopher. Ultra nationalist. And a guy who is referred to as Putin's brain. Because he has such influence with Putin. He said, the Russian army is currently fighting the sovereign armies, that impose a unipolar world. He said, we can't lose this war. Otherwise the whole world will turn into a large fire. He has a way with words, doesn't he?

He's the guy who really shaped the policy in Ukraine, et cetera, et cetera. In a Turkish newspaper, he said, there's a new country wide offensive, that's about to start. He said, the retreat was purely a tactical move, that would allow the army to execute revisions, and seeming reference to organizational changes. Like the appointment of the -- the veteran of Russia's brutal campaign in Syria. He is going to do the offensive now. And he said, this is -- this is going to be not just a victory for Russia. But our soldiers are not going to return home, until targets all across the country have been destroyed. And security has been established. Or until Zelinsky surrenders. That is, I think, really good. We've got a couple of advisers to each president, that's saying, hey. We have to go to full-out war. And then there's Trump, who said this crazy thing: He said, this war should never have happened. But it did.

If they don't reach a peace agreement soon, there will be nothing left, but death, destruction, and carnage. It doesn't make sense that no one is sitting down and working out some kind of an agreement.

The solution can never be as good as it would have been, before the shooting started. But there is a solution. And should be figured out now, not later. When everyone is dead, end quote.

Boy, what a crazy guy, that guy is, huh? One more thing. And see if this seems like, to me this is kind of like, we shouldn't be developing biological weapons in places like Ukraine. Or China.

But on a different level. Let me explain. You know, the -- the -- the Russian flagship. The Moskva?

STU: Yeah. They say it's the worst naval loss of anybody since World War II?

GLENN: Yeah. It's a big one.

This is the one that helps sees Snake Island. When they said that the Ukrainians were like, screw you.

It sank last Thursday. After being seriously damaged, following, an explosion.

Now, Ukrainians are like, it was a missile strike. And the Russians were like, it was just an explosion.

STU: An on-board fire.

GLENN: Yeah. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Well, now it's down at the bottom of the Black Sea. And that's kind of a problem. Now, let me just read this to you. In 2020, it was decided that a Christian relic, the true cross, that Jesus Christ was crucified on. That was supposedly found by Roman Emperor Constantine's mother Helena, and the alleged fragments of the cross that have over the centuries been dispersed among different sects and churches, was on board the Moskva.

Quote, this relic used to belong to the Catholic Church. But it was acquired by an anonymous patron of the arts. And it was their will to send the relic to the Black Sea fleet.

Okay. But the operative word there is fleet. Not send it to the Black Sea. Can you imagine?

You went and you negotiated a price for the true relic of the cross, from the Catholic Church. Which I don't think have bargain basement sales.

STU: No. They don't have a Bogo situation going on?

GLENN: No. I don't think so. I haven't seen it.

STU: Right.

GLENN: So you went and you bought this. And then they put it on a ship. And now it's lost at the bottom of the sea.

STU: You put it on a ship, you were bringing it to war, to take over. Like, this story makes absolutely no sense.

GLENN: I mean, unless it's like Dugin. Unless they think like Himmler was the one that really thought, if we get the spear of destiny. Look what's going to happen with us. We're going to win.

STU: Yeah. What was that book? The cults of -- remember it was a book. The cult of --

GLENN: Hitler's Monsters.

STU: Hitler's Monsters.

GLENN: Really a good book.

STU: Yeah. Great memory. Because they talked about the cultish stuff they went into. And al of it had to do with them with symbolism and things of this nature.

GLENN: Oh, they collected everything. They were weirdos.

STU: Different crew. Those Nazis, weird crew. Yeah.

GLENN: So I wonder if it's kind of like Indiana Jones, and The Last Crusade, where they're trying to get the ark of the covenant, because it will lead you. If you had the true cross on board, you know, you would never sink to the bottom. I'm not sure. But why would you put that, on a naval ship, going to war? That seems pretty stupid.

STU: No. I cannot answer that one. And I don't think that they have a good answer to it, either. It can't be true, can't it?

GLENN: Yes, it says. Yes.

The Moskva's true cross fragment, embedded into a 19th century metal cross, which was stored in a -- I don't know. Some place on the ship. Russian news agencies say the Moskva commissioned in 1982 is the Slava, is armed with the blah, blah, blah.

The Atlanta class guided missile cruiser was one of the two ships that sees the snake. Blah, blah, blah.

Russia claimed that a fire had started on board under investigation. Russia reported that the fire was contained, but damaged. The ship's crew was evacuated, but there's been no word if the Moskva's holy relic was saved as well, or sank to the bottom of the Black Sea with the vessel, now a lost relic. I mean, it makes me want to put a scuba diving suit on. I've never done it before. Well, I've done it once. And I thought I was approaching a rock. And it was an octopus. And when the rock had legs shoot out from it, that was the last time, I went scuba diving. So I may not be the best person -- but it does make me want to go down. I mean, how far -- how deep is the Black Sea?

STU: I don't know the answer to that. This will be a future Discovery Channel episode.

GLENN: Oh, yeah.

STU: Actually the Russians are probably going to go down there and try to get it themselves. But in the middle of a war zone, it's a little difficult at this time.

GLENN: Well, is it? Is it? You can just swim out to it.

STU: They seem to have no belief that this would happen. Maybe this is the reason why. Everyone is like, why are they getting so close to the shore? Why are they getting within range of Ukrainian missiles? What are they doing with this ship? And maybe this is what they believe. Maybe they believed they were going to be protected no matter what. Maybe Aleksandr Dugin was like, you guys are fine.

GLENN: You have that cross.

STU: You have that piece of the cross there. Embedded into another. It's not the actual cross. It's a piece of the cross.

GLENN: Embedded in a cross.

STU: Supposedly.

GLENN: Well, it was from Constantine's mom. Well, she went on, drunk on her own power. Saying, that's the cross. Oh, my gosh. You know what, this is what it all happened. She had no idea.

She had no idea.

STU: So it's not a real --

GLENN: No. I think it's somebody came up. Hey.

You're Constantine's mom?

Yeah. I got a piece of the cross, right here. You've got to see it. And I'll let it go for a deep, deep discount. Why, it looks like a piece of an old chair.

Definitely not. Not a chair that I broke up just today, and am claiming it's a piece of the cross. It's definitely not that. Okay. It's the cross. Let's sink it at the bottom of the Black Sea. I think that's probably -- I mean, celebrity voice impersonated.


STU: Oh. I thought you were just playing audio.

GLENN: No. It was not an actual tape. No. It's crazy.


How the WHO's 'pandemic treaty' could CONTROL governments

On May 22nd, the World Health Assembly — which is the governing body of The World Health Organization — will meet in Switzerland to discuss next steps for its ‘pandemic treaty [and its] quest to use public health to expand The WHO’s power over sovereign states,’ Daniel Horowitz reports for TheBlaze. He explains how certain amendments to be added to this treaty could ‘allow the director-general of the WHO to declare a public health emergency in a country and unilaterally coerce its citizens to take certain actions.’ The far-left and global elite continue to destroy our sovereignty, Glenn says, and this is just one more step toward their desired global government.

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Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: I read some stuff this morning. I've been doing some research on what's happening with the WHO. And I read their stuff today, that will make your head explode. And is really evil and important.

But let me give you this today, from -- from Daniel Horowitz at TheBlaze. States must preemptively nullify any WHO international pandemic regulation.

I'm going to read it verbatim because it's just so well-written. And now is the time, that things are shifting. We're going to. There's going to be a New World Order out there. And we've got to lead it. And we have to unite the rest of the free world in doing it. That's Joe Biden. March 21st, 2022.

Any Republican that is running without mentioning your intent to fight the global pandemic treaty or regulations, might as well run as a Democrat. This is really super important, and it is beginning to happen next week. On May 22nd, the world health assembly, the governing body of the World Health Organization, is going to meet in Geneva Switzerland to discuss the next step in its pandemic treaty. And the quest to use public health to expand the WHO's power over sovereign states. Representatives from 193 nations, including the US, will be attending the only country, not invited is Taiwan.

Gee, I wonder why. So what is this treaty? On January 24th, 2022, the director general of the WHO explained the treaty was a priority, to urgently strength the WHO, as leading and the director authority on global health, at the center of the global health architecture. He laid out the guiding principle of this plot. We, quote, all want a world in which science triumphs over misinformation. Solidarity triumphs over division. And equity is a reality, not an aspiration. He said, we are one world, we have one health. We are one WHO.

Now, this has not been announced. Biden has not even spoken about it. They are deathly quiet about this. But they're going to be approving amendments. The proposed amendments are essentially going to allow the director general of the WHO to declare public health emergencies in any country. And unilaterally coerce its citizens to take certain actions. Here's one of the amendments, a critical section from article nine. The WHO shall consult with and attempt to obtain verification from the state party, whose territory the event is allegedly occurring. But this is the way it's going to read. Now, WHO may take into account, reports from sources of other than notifications or consultations -- consultations shall assess these reports, according to established principles. And then communicate information on the event, to the state party, in whose territory the event is allegedly occurring.

Now, they have scratched out, before taking any action based on reports, the WHO shall consult with and attempt to obtain verification from the state party. That's all gone. They're taking that out.

So WHO gets information, has reports, and they can act without verifying with the president or anybody else.

Why would you be erasing the requirement, for the WHO to consult with the government?

Number four. If the state party does not accept the offer of collaboration within 48 hours, WHO, it used to say, May. It now says, WHO shall -- when justified by the magnitude of public health risk, immediately share with other state parties, the information available, whilst encouraging the state party to accept the offer of collaboration, by the WHO. It used to say there, while taking into accounts the views of the state party concerned.

So they're erasing all of our sovereignty. This is going to be another thing. They're going to say, is a conspiracy theory. It is not. You can look it all up. It is the world health agenda. From the World Health Organization. They are meeting in Geneva, on May 22nd. So that's next week. They are intentionally quiet on this.

Because they know the power. Now, we also know what the WHO is. You remember, when everybody was saying, we have to get out of the WHO.

They're just a tool of China. Why would you say that?

Forget that I mentioned that Taiwan is the only country that is not invited to this in Geneva.

PAT: Yeah. That's completely -- completely irrelevant.

GLENN: Completely. Amen, brother.

PAT: I don't even know why you brought it up in the first place.

GLENN: Thank you. Thank you.

PAT: It's a good thing they weren't actually -- I wish we weren't invited to it.

GLENN: Well, I will tell you this. Another reason why Donald Trump. They fought so hard to keep him out: Because he wouldn't have --

PAT: He sure wouldn't have. That's exactly right.

GLENN: He wouldn't have empowered the WHO.

PAT: Well, he took us out of the WHO.

GLENN: That's exactly right. And this president is not only putting us back, they're taking away our sovereignty.

And so it's one more piece to the global governance of the left. Warning.


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We're the people, that despite all odds, we took it on. We didn't settle for less. And that's what they're telling you to do now, settle for less.

No. That's not who we are. Why would we be willing to sit around and wait for the government to fix it?

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