Biden's INSANE ideas for TAXPAYER-FUNDED abortion after Roe

The New York Times recently wrote about discussions within the Biden administration concerning next steps if the Supreme Court ends Roe v. Wade. According to the Times, ‘Top aides are weighing whether he can or should take a series of executive actions to help women in Republican-controlled states obtain abortions…’ Some of their ideas currently ‘under consideration’ are SHOCKING. Glenn details them, like a national public health emergency, and more ‘risky’ ones, like inviting doctors to perform the procedure on federal MILITARY bases…


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GLENN: Okay. Let me tell you something from the New York Times. I think you're going to love this. Biden has already put together a team to come up with options in case Roe vs. Wade is overturned. Including declaring a national public health emergency. Now, Stu, gosh, don't you wish there was someone that could have warned the American people, that this administration is just going to start issuing national emergencies.

STU: It might be a time to remind people to describe to Blaze TV. At With the promo code Glenn to save ten bucks.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. All right. So here's what it is: In case they overturn Roe vs. Wade, the intent of the Biden administration, is to make sure the FDA approves abortion pills, that would override any state bans on abortion, so you can -- you can buy the pills. They'll send them to you. And, you know, that way you'll be able to roll around in pain on the floor of your bathroom, and it will be wonderful. See, they care about women.

The -- the abortion team is overseen by the White House lawyer Dana Remus. She's the director of the White House gender policy council. Now, could I ask you this: The United States has an entire council on gender, in the White House? I mean, that seems like something like -- you know, maybe the White House shouldn't be engaged in. You know, with a whole counsel. Do they have an office? Is there a wing now? A gender wing?

STU: It really is disturbing chain of events here. I really thought this was simple. There really was a time and it wasn't that long ago, that it was pretty easy to figure out. There was a boy, there was a girl. We kind of all understood. There was the men are from Mars. Women are from Venus thing. Like, how many planets would you need now, to put this together?

GLENN: Oh, you only need one, because there's no difference between them. And we can't identify anybody. So it's just kind of like the Grand Central planet. Whatever planet that is. And I think we've actually been transported to that planet, Stu. Because I don't recognize this as the earth I grew up on. So Dana Remus is part of it. She's the gender policy council. Also, Jennifer Klein. She's the director of the domestic policy council. Led by Susan Rice. Which I just love that. Now, one of the plans under consideration is to bring abortion doctors to work on U.S. military bases within states that ban abortion. So not only is your government -- remember, we will never pay for abortion.

That's crazy! Taxpayers going to -- now, our military base, will be an abortion center. I got to tell you, at some point, I stopped paying taxes.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: I don't know what that point is, because I really don't want to go to jail. But at some point, you're morally -- you will be morally convicted, for this. Wouldn't you? I mean, you want your tax dollars going to pay for a military, that is also performing abortions against the law?

STU: Look, I -- I agree with you on being morally offensive.

GLENN: Wow. What won't they do?

STU: I will say, if I adopt that standard, I'm going to have to break into the IRS offices, and reclaim a lot of tax dollars, that I did not feel morally -- that were acceptably paid. You know, it's tough. You go down these roads. And it's like, I don't stand down for a lot of this stuff that my taxes go to. In fact, I don't stand at all, even for the tax itself. I consider it to be essentially theft. And the first thing I would let them do is go and repeal the Sixteenth Amendment to get rid of it forever.

GLENN: Yeah. That's a good point.

STU: But that being said, I don't know that that's not really --

GLENN: Yeah. I think you -- I think there's a federal case to be made. I mean, I really do. I mean, I'm not one to go, I'm not paying my taxes. Out of protest. Because I know what would happen to me. I would be in a very, very dark cell, and never heard from again.

STU: Right.

GLENN: But I also believe that rule of law. But is there not a case to be made, that you said, first of all, my tax dollars won't go to pay for abortion. Now you're using the military to break the law that the Supreme Court just said, the states have the right. You're using the military to do it?

Anyway, they're also looking to provide federal funds to give travel expenses to those who want an abortion. So they don't do it at the military base. They'll just say, you know what, guess who got -- guess who has a free trip to New York free abortion clinics. You do. And you do and you do.

So that's -- that's -- you know, that's really good. By the way, he talked about this with Jimmy Kimmel. He said, I'm looking at different things that can be used as executive orders. This goes back to the show we did this week. FDR is the most executive orders will -- I think he's in the end. No. Because he had four terms. But he's going to be close to FDR on executive orders. He's ruling everything from the executive office. Everything.

STU: Yeah. And that was his big goal. To try to become the next FDR. That was the big goal behind the scenes. His advisers were talking him into it. Be bold. Be the next FDR. And of course, he may get to some of the records that FDR sent over four terms, but it will be things like inflation and debt and utter catastrophe.

GLENN: Yes. Right. So let me give you this one: The vice president, Kamala Harris, has announced the launch of a task to address online harassment and abuse. Harris praised the task in her remarks, as a means for societal progress. We need -- we need the klaxon air horn for this one. Whenever you hear societal for progress -- societal progress, you should look out. No one should have to endure abuse. Just because they're attempting to participate in society. Oh, my gosh! I don't think I can take that. I don't think I can remain silent on that because, boy, wouldn't I love to show you the abuse I've taken just so I can participate in society.

A memo on the task, released by the White House, condemned gendered disinformation. And proclaimed the administration will be developing programs and policies to address online harassment, abuse, and disinformation campaigns, targeting women and LGBTQI plus. These -- they are going to stop the harassment, the abuse, and the disinformation on those who are public and political figures. Government and civic leaders, activists, and journalists, in the United States and globally. I think -- now, I could be wrong, Stu. But I -- man, I -- I think that rings the big warning bell on the First Amendment. This is government now, curtailing speech.

STU: Yeah. I think you're right on that. And I understand, they have to give Kamala something to do, other than just utter nonsensical, you know, gibberish in a speech here and there. Because that's been pretty much her role so far. I know she's supposed to solve the border. She's supposed to solve Ukraine for a while. Now they've got a her on speech. I don't know, to me, when you start doing stuff like this, you really do walk that line of First Amendment violation, and I will not be surprised if there's any teeth to it, at all. That places like Texas, will start suing over it.

GLENN: You know, I have to tell you, I'm so sick of your -- your misinformation and disinformation. On Kamala Harris. Here she is. This was brilliant. This was from the speech, where she was talking about the internet. And I think we can all learn from this. Listen.

VOICE: Well, the internet is an essential part of life in the 21st century. Can't get around it. Can't get around without it.


STU: That's fantastic.

GLENN: Such brilliance. It spills right out of her. She can't keep it inside.


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