Bill O’Reilly is ‘ANGRY’ about how the far-left USES LGBTQ people

Joe Biden, his administration, Disney executives, and many more on the far-left don’t ACTUALLY care about the lives and feelings of LGBTQ Americans, Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn. Instead, many politicians and business leaders are USING them to put themselves in a virtuous position. It’s a strategy that makes O’Reilly ‘angry,’ he says, because of the several unintended consequences that arise from it. In this clip, he explains those consequences...


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GLENN: Mr. Bill O'Reilly. The -- the author of Killing the Mob. The fight against organized crime in America. And also, his new book, which I still do not have. It's about something. Killing -- I don't know.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: Somebody.

STU: He's always got some new book. It sounds like he's threatening people honestly, at this point.

GLENN: Is he really not on the --

STU: He's here. We're having a technical --

GLENN: No, no, no, no. There's a problem on his episode.

STU: Wait. You're blaming Bill O'Reilly. He can hear us, but he can't come on. So we can blame him.

GLENN: Yeah. Damn, Bill. Call in at the right time.

STU: It will be interesting to hear what Bill has to say -- I feel like each week is crazier and crazier.


STU: The Disney part of this, which seems to get wilder by the -- the day. Did you see what happened yesterday? Yesterday, the Biden administration endorsed child sex changes on transgender visibility day.

STU: Was there a visibility problem? Because I was aware -- in fact, I can definitely -- I am looking at your Lia Thomas weenies box right now. It's visible. No. It's Wheaties. Wheaties. No. It is weenies. Oh, this is the breakfast of female champions. You can get the T-shirt for Weenies Breakfast Cereal. At

STU: Yeah. But you're right. The Biden administration came out and did that on International Visibility Day, or whatever it was.

GLENN: Right. TSA announced that they're going to have gender neutral screening at airports yesterday. Passports are going to be gender neutral with X as a gender. So that's great. Nickelodeon had transitioning children. You know. Yesterday. They had that on the network.

STU: It's going well.

GLENN: Which is great, and California. There's a city in California, that wants to give transgender and non-binary residents up to $900 a month. Don't know why.

STU: Now, while we wait for Bill O'Reilly to call in, because he apparently forgot today.

GLENN: What a --

STU: Can you explain this DeSantis thing to me? Because DeSantis has come out and said, they're going to take away the right of Disney World to self-govern.

GLENN: Oh, yeah. This is a big one. Okay so -- in the 1950s.

STU: How did this happen?

GLENN: 1950s, 1955. He's on the phone. I'll tell you, it's a great story. Remind me to tell you that.

BILL: I'm not reminding you anything. This is an outrage. Number one, you have no conscience, Beck. When you were on the No Spin News this week, you actually held up the copy of Killing the Killers with your grubby, little hands. You have it -- you can't -- I want Stu to read it to you. Because you can't concentrate long enough to read something like this.

GLENN: When you send me an advanced soft cover. You send that to me.

BILL: Yeah. That's called a valley. You know what it is.

GLENN: I don't know what it is. You send it to me. Killing the babies.

BILL: Killing the killers. The secret war that's terrorist.

GLENN: All right. Whatever.

BILL: You and Stu. You guys should be ashamed. That's all I'm telling you. You should be ashamed. All right.


BILL: Because you mislead your audience. I didn't call in. Your guy believing even plug the thing in.

GLENN: I don't know what you're talking about.

BILL: Oh, it's our fault. I know it's your fault!

GLENN: This is -- I'm insulted. I am insulted.

BILL: We're talking about the trans people? Is that what we're talking about today?

GLENN: Whatever. Whatever, Bill. You just --

BILL: Okay. No. You and Stu were ripping on the trans people. I'm coming at this at a totally different way. Okay?

GLENN: Okay. All right.

BILL: But I think your audience is either going to appreciate or be outraged by.

GLENN: Okay. They'll either love it or stone you to death. And I'm collecting rocks.

BILL: Point number one. In my opinion, Joe Biden and all his acolytes, could not care less about trans people.


BILL: I don't think the Disney executives care about them.


BILL: I don't think that anybody that are taking these people -- these Americans who have a right to pursue happiness, no matter how they want to pursue it. That is their right.

GLENN: Agree.

BILL: They're using them, to try to put themselves in a virtuous position.

GLENN: Oh. Bill, that's outrageous. That's outrageous. They've never done that, with blacks or Hispanics. Or anybody else.

BILL: Right. They used these people. All right. But the unintended consequences, of their using trans people. And as you said, other Americans. Who are their own selfish, self-aggrandizement. Oh, I mean, I'm Will Smithing here. I am Will Smithing here. If they're up on stage, I would go up and slap them. Okay.

Now, are you with me?

GLENN: Yeah. I'm with you. I'm with you.

BILL: Okay. So the unintended consequences are that they want to present this kind of material to 5-year-olds. What does that do? It confuses the urchins. All right? It makes them insecure. Because if a child doesn't understand the lesson, no matter what the lesson is, the child is then stressed. I'm a teacher. I taught. I know.

GLENN: Oh, and those kids are in therapy. Many of them are in homes. State homes. State homes, they've had socialism -- they were --

STU: They're all calling --

GLENN: Rocking back and back and forth. Bill O'Reilly was my teacher. Bill O'Reilly was my teacher.

BILL: They were the luckiest urchins on earth.

GLENN: I bet they were, actually.

BILL: But these people, including the president are actually hurting children. Not only are they demeaning parental authority, which is just outrageous, off the chart. But they're hurting of these kids. Because they can't process it. My good line is, five to 8-year-olds cannot even process spaghetti. All right? Have you ever eaten with one?

BILL: So I am angry about this. I don't blame trans people. Or the alphabet people. LBG -- whatever. They have a right to pursue happiness, without being bullied or being demeaned or any of that. And anyone who does it, is wrong. Okay?

GLENN: So I was talking --

BILL: Let me them be.

GLENN: I was talking to Peter Boghossian yesterday. I did a podcast with him. He's a brilliant, brilliant philosopher. And we were talking about that. That he asked me. He said, why is it that it seems like the people who are the most vocal against all of this stuff, is the gay community? And he said, you know, they don't want the T in there. And I said, I don't know about that. But it would make sense to me, that you can see the -- the push bank on this. The -- the government and these people, that, again, like you said, not the average LGBTQ2 plus. Well, the two plus people, I think. That are -- they just want to live their life. They're not talking about politics. They are being pushed into everyone's face, by the political class. And there is going to come -- pendulum always swings both ways, until somebody always grabs it. If this pendulum swings, I'm afraid of the swing. And I think people know this, who are being used. They know this. You are causing so many problems, and so much angst, and so much resentment for what's being -- what's being done. In their name.

BILL: Yeah. The unintended consequences of this is staggering.

GLENN: Horrible. Staggering.

BILL: All right. But you have to understand the mentality of a Joe Biden, who is the worst president in his first year -- he's worse than James Buchanan. I've been reading up on old Jimmy.

GLENN: Don't say it. Don't say James Buchanan.

BILL: All right. So yeah. It kind of got worse, as it went on. But the first year, Biden has got it. He's got it. Herbert Hoover was terrible, but it took Herbert maybe two years to be terrible. He was bad to begin with.

GLENN: But, you know, Bill. We were just talking about this off the air, the strategic oil reserve. He's releasing 32 percent of that. As we are sitting, looking and considering maybe, possibly, of a global war. And this -- I mean, I could not put our country in a worst position, than he has in the last year. I think I could get a team of experts that said, let's dismantle this thing, piece by piece. And I couldn't have done a better job. He is -- and I get letters, and I'm sure you do too. He's doing it on purpose. He wants to ruin the country. This is all being planned. You know, the conspiracy people. That's not true. He's just stupid.

GLENN: No. I don't think so. I honestly don't think so.

BILL: He's diminished. And he's not smart enough to understand why things are going South.

GLENN: But I do believe that he understands, at some level, that, you know, he's going to be the new FDR. And the people around him, they --

BILL: Come on. Look at the polls.

GLENN: He's changing the world. FDR.

BILL: No, no, no. Honey, we're not really doing very well. Okay. So he wants to use these poor -- not poor. He wants to use the trans people and other people, you know, to mask his inefficiency in running the country. This is virtue signaling, that's what it's all about. Now, I have just one comment to those people who are celebrating all of this stuff. If you get a passport with an X on it or whatever they're going to give you, good luck getting into Pakistan, okay? Show up in Karachi after paying a lot of money for your airline ticket, you're going to present your passport, and they're going to look at you going, would you go in that room over there, please. Okay?

GLENN: By the way, good luck going to Ukraine. Nobody is reporting on this. Do you know the Ukrainians are turning trans women back around and going, you're a dude. You need to go back and fight.

BILL: What is the Ukrainian word for dude? Do you know it?

GLENN: Dude.

BILL: Got it. Yeah. I don't know if there's a flood of people trying to fly to Ukraine at the moment.

GLENN: No. But what I'm saying. We're looking at countries and saying, oh, they're so enlightened. They're so great. Look at the Ukrainians. Yada, yada, yada, yada. Why won't the press report that they are turning trans people around? Because they don't buy into it. They don't buy into it. There's a lot of countries that won't buy into it. And you're right. If you're going any place, deeply religious, especially the Middle East. No. Uh-uh.

BILL: Yeah. Look, Ukraine and eastern Europe are deeply orthodox. All right? They're deeply involved in all the social stuff. We in America are now a secular country, just like France. So we don't have that anymore. But what we do have is this colossal, I was in Chicago last night. Giving a speech. And I just laid it out to the folks. I said, you don't know how bad this Biden administration is. Even though he's down in the 30s on job approval. This is a catastrophe. And the things that they are doing, across-the-board. The border is just unbelievable.

GLENN: The border is --

BILL: The things that they are doing.

GLENN: We're going to have 2 million people cross that border this year. We're already a million in, and they're about to loosen up the restrictions even more. Bill, this is a death knell.

BILL: Yeah. But the news is breaking. If you're an undocumented migrant and you're trans, you get in faster. Okay. So they're going to do that.

Okay. So look, we all know what this is. And the only remedy is the midterms, which are absolutely going to go against. It's almost like Trump. Trump lost the election. Because people voted against him. Not for Joe Biden. All right?

The same thing is going to happen in November. People will vote against Biden, and that means the Democratic Party.

GLENN: All right. I need to take a quick break. And then I want to come back and talk to you about the Hunter Biden story that the left is suddenly discovering. But everybody says, this is so bad. This is so bad. I don't think it is. I think they're just making it about hunter. And not that. I would love to get your opinion on this. First, let me tell you, when the chips are down, the very last thing you want to be thinking about to yourself is, oh, crap. What was it I forgot to do. Oh, yeah. Plan ahead. I'm telling you, the chips are down, right now. Your dollar is losing money, every second of every day. So what do you have as a hedge against inflation? I'm telling you the world will reset, on gold. It will. China is already doing it. That's what their digital currency is going to be made up of, gold. Same thing with Russia. Now, what are we doing? Well, our government is not going to do that. Well, we're going to be in real trouble. Put this on your list of things to do today. Put your family on the gold standard. At least, I would never recommend anymore than, you know, five to 10 percent of your -- your portfolio. Whatever you have, 401(k). Whatever you're saving. 10 percent. And if you can't -- if you don't have any savings, try silver. But I want you to call them. Find out. Do your own homework. Find out for yourself, if it's right for you. Call Goldline right now. 866GOLDLINE. 866GOLDLINE. Or Ten seconds and back to Bill. White House is still denying Hunter Biden denied committing any crimes. I mean, this is crazy, at this point. CNN, this week, did a big long thing. It looks like there's something here. You think so?

BILL: CNN. I mean, look, Nickelodeon could cover the news better than CNN, right? Let's be honest about it. And I need a minute at the end, the charity thing, and then I got a plug here.

GLENN: You got it.

BILL: Okay. So Hunter Biden now, the odds are, he will be indicted. Now, this is fact-based. This isn't like the right-wing commentators jumping up and down. I don't want to burn Hunter Biden at the stake. Right? And you know who they are. So is this is -- you have a Delaware grand jury. All right? Wilmington. You have a U.S. attorney down there. That is presenting evidence to the Delaware grand jury. Even as we speak, Beck. And the evidence is about three possible crimes. All right? Number one, tax evasion. Number two, illegal --

GLENN: Wire transfer.

BILL: They call it lobbying foreign -- they call it that. And number three, a myriad of it violations about interstate commerce.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

BILL: So there wouldn't be this kind of an exposure in the Washington Post. And the New York Times. There would not be these stories. That have come out in the last two weeks. Unless those newspapers believed Hunter Biden will be indicted. That's the only reason they're running the story, same with CNN, same with NBC News. They're running them. Because they go, holy, you know what, we didn't cover it for 18 months. And, you know, the social media companies in Silicon Valley. They don't care. They're still not covering it. You still can't talk about it. By the way, the Russian government, still has its YouTube platform.

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: They're okay.

GLENN: Yeah. The ayatollah still has his Twitter feed.

BILL: Yeah. Trump can't do Twitter. But Putin can --

GLENN: Chinese Communist Party still has it too.

BILL: Oh, yeah. So, anyway. The odds are that Hunter Biden will be indicted.

GLENN: So what does that mean for Joe?

BILL: Well, here's what it means. And that's an excellent question, Beck. I'm glad you asked it. Number one, Hunter Biden will have to plead guilty. He will have to, because they can't have a trial. If they have a trial and the witnesses come in and go, hey, the big guy.

GLENN: Yeah.

BILL: Got 10 percent. And I was there. And I saw what went down. Then the big guy is done.

GLENN: Okay.

BILL: So I assume that Hunter Biden, who is not -- I guess he'll get fined some money. But, remember, this is a guy, who took in, it looks like $10 million from three places, Russia, Ukraine, and China.

GLENN: Quickly. Yeah.

BILL: With no skill set at all. No resume at all.

GLENN: All right. Bill, I have to cut you loose. You have one minute. Go ahead.

BILL: Number one, doing a benefit tonight for autism. Geraldo Rivera's 50th Anniversary of Life WORC. Life WORC. Tremendous charity. And if anybody has experienced autism, you know what I'm talking about.

GLENN: Wow. If I give money, do I have to watch anything about Geraldo Rivera?

BILL: No. You can help poor people who have autism, and then you don't have any other obligations.

GLENN: All right. Okay.

BILL: Number two. Number two, okay? May 3rd. Killing the Killers: The Secret War Against Terrorists. If you preorder on BillO', you get a free sticker, which says that.

GLENN: Free stickers.

BILL: Regret your 2020 vote yet? A little humor. A little satire, free of charge. And you love this book. Best reporting I have ever done. So in about a month, you're going to interview me, after you've read the book. And we're going to have a great time.

GLENN: I don't think the book exists, otherwise you would say have sent it to me.

BILL: Go to hell, Beck.

GLENN: Bill O'Reilly. For BillO' His book is Killing the Killers. Order it now at BillO'


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