CORONAVIRUS GOES PC: Name changed to Covid19 because... racism?

If the Coronavirus wasn't scary enough, now it gets PC so as to not be so racist towards China. The new name – "Covid 19", is apparently less racist against Asians somehow so that's what we're rolling with now. The Media usually blows up "pandemic" stories… however, much less so this time. Should that make us scared? If that doesn't, maybe these facts will:

  • China says normal surgical masks won't work, need heavier ones
  • It spreads through eye contact and pipes (like in apartments)
  • It can live for 9 days on surfaces
  • You can get it more than once
  • Chinese using drones for quarantine now
  • Could spread to 60% of world according to The Guardian
  • Sky News says "greater global threat than terrorism"

DEMOCRACY DOES DIE IN DARKNESS: Glenn Beck presents a Ukraine special on the mainstream media

The Washington Post is absolutely correct...Democracy DOES Die in Darkness. Why then, is the mainstream media completely manipulating the narrative surrounding everything the Democrats have done in Ukraine? Why are they hiding the FACTS? Why aren't they digging for me? Glenn Beck presents a NEW Ukraine special, explaining exactly how the media -- and the Democrats -- are working so hard to hide the truth from YOU.

Watch the whole special here.


Bill O'Reilly: How corrupt media twisted Joe Biden Ukraine scandal onto Trump

Bill O'Reilly gives his take on whether or not President Trump DID promise or threaten the President of Ukraine for dirt on Joe Biden, and whether or not the action is grounds for impeachment. But O'Reilly explains that either way, the media has demonstrated its corruptness yet again by manipulating the story away from a scandal for Joe and Hunter, and towards a potential, rumored wrongdoing by Donald Trump.


The Fed, banks printing money to 'prevent' trouble: Recession WILL come soon

Glenn discusses the current state of the economy with author of "Zero Hour," Harry Dent. He says the federal reserve is still funding big banks daily to increase their excess reserve, signaling that something is wrong with the system. Dent says the banks printed money back in the 1930s to climb out of the Great Depression, which only created an aftershock that was even worse. Banks and the Fed are doing the same thing today, so will the coming economic crisis be worse than the 2008 recession? Economist Dent says it's possible, and that it could come as early as 2020.