Einstein has a VITAL lesson for America as Iran PREPS nukes

America’s concern about nuclear weapons should go far beyond Russia and Vladimir Putin. Because a new report from the Washington Examiner details how IRAN now may be ramping up development of their own nukes as well, with plans to use them against U.S. electrical grids (see the full report linked below). So, why then are our leftist politicians in D.C. turning a blind eye to the Ayatollah and Iran? And how has America already forgotten the VITAL lesson Albert Einstein taught the world about nukes just decades ago?

Iran report from the Washington Examiner:


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GLENN: Some very disturbing news has just come out of Iran. It -- apparently, they are -- we are finding evidence, that they are upping their efforts to explode a small nuclear weapon, delivered in a satellite, over key electrical grids, for the United States.

Now, it would only take three, one -- you can put them on a ship.

They don't have intercontinental ballistic missiles. They don't need one. If you can get one on a ship, on the east coast and the west coast, they could launch. And they launch one on the center of the country. One on each coast. And if you explode it, at the right altitude. So it's not vaporizing everybody. It just fries every chip.

That knocks us back to the Stone Age for a very long time. Good part of the population, dies within the first 30 days. 90 percent of the population dies within the first year. And it looks like there's new evidence, now, that they are hardening their own electrical grid. And the military, we have now seen documents, where the military is endorsing the high altitude electromagnetic pulse strategy.

That's not good. We're not -- we're not ready for anything. We are just not ready for anything. Anything that happens -- the homeland is so exposed right now.

And I know it sounds crazy, that anyone would do that.

But they want to destroy us.

And I'm not saying, go in and destroy them. I'm saying, why wouldn't we harden our infrastructure?

We know people are trying right now, just to hack in to our infrastructure.

Imagine frying it all.

STU: Incredible news for you, Glenn.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: We just passed like a trillion dollar infrastructure bill.

GLENN: Oh, okay. Part of the infrastructure bill.

STU: I'm sure all of this will be solved very soon. Just like it was, when we passed the last infrastructure bill.

GLENN: Maybe if we start hiring members of the teacher's union. To harden the infrastructure.

We could get the government to give them money to do that.

STU: Yeah. Possibly. Possibly.

I mean, this is really --

GLENN: Very bad.

STU: This is the problem. There's so many threats all at the same time.

GLENN: But the threats are becoming more and more real. Or closer. You know what I mean?

We know that there's a threat to our economy. We know that there's a threat to our energy system. We know that there is a threat to our -- our electrical grid.

We know that World War III could happen. You know, quickly. Pretty damn quickly.

We know that China is a threat. Just the supply line with China is a threat.

Are we addressing any of these?

We know that our open border is a threat. Imagine in the next two years, I happen to believe the experts, that say, there will be massive starvation, at least in Africa and many of these poor countries.

Because they just cannot buy the food that they're going need to. Massive starvation. Is anybody preparing for that? We should -- as the United States, as people who are always the ones who step up, if I'm president of the United States, I'm saying, open up everything. Get energy online. You want to solve this?

We don't have to threaten Putin. All we have to do is just make sure that we have gas deals, with all of those states, along the border.

Poland, you need gas? We have it. Plenty of natural gas. You need oil? We've got it. I know. Cry me a river about the planet. I know

I know. But, you know what, we're also on the edge of new technology. And we continue to do new technology. And when it's ready, here's what we're going to do: We're going to run both systems. We're going to keep our nuclear power plants and our coal plants, running. And we're going to keep them running. And we're going to monitor this other system.

And we'll run it for a year, side by side.

And after that year, shows that it's not cracking, we're going to turn down, the other non-clean energy. And we'll turn it down, maybe to 10 percent.

And we'll keep it, as a backup generator. What do you think?

There's so many things that we can do. And we're not doing any of them. Not doing any of them.

You know -- do you know how the nuclear weapons -- how that happened?

Who is really kind of responsible for that, bringing it to the attention? Of the president?

Because it's -- the president -- this is FDR. He didn't think it was possible. He didn't think it was a big deal. And it was Einstein. He found out that three Nazi scientists had already discovered nuclear fission. And when he got it, he realized, holy cow, if they create a bomb with that, everybody is done. He had only been in America for about six years.

He didn't know it at the time, but he would never see Germany, ever again.

So the Nazis had taken Albert Einstein's home and made it into the headquarters for Hitler Youth. Did you know that?

They took all of his books out of his library. And burned them. And then put a bounty on Einstein's head.

All his life, he was a pacifist. But now he was up against the Nazis, and he knew, this is trouble.

So he wrote a letter to President Roosevelt. And he said, you better hurry up and make a nuclear bomb. You're going need to uranium, go with Canadian uranium. So Roosevelt -- he needed i Phone to really shake him awake. And so he did.

And he started the Manhattan Project. Funny thing is that i Phone wasn't given any security clearance.

Because he was a leftist.

So he suggested, but then they wouldn't let him in.

Summer 1945, test New Mexico. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb.

Looked you up at the shadow of the first successful nuclear explosion. And realized, the world will never be the same.

Then we bombed with that boy, Hiroshima, a pilot of the Nologay, Paul Tivets (phonetic). Said we turned back to look at Hiroshima. The city was hidden by that awful cloud, boiling up, mushrooming, terrible, incredibly tall. No one spoke for a moment. Then everybody was talking. I remember co-pilot Robert Louis, pounding on my shoulder saying, look at that. Look at that.

The bombardier wondered whether the radioactivity would make us all sterile. Louis said he could taste atomic fission. He said, it tasted like led. They say you can see through people's bones, even with your eyes closed. People close enough were liquefied, vaporized, just an outline of a shadow.

But the war had gone on too long. And it needed to end. And America would end it. And the new two nuclear bombs actually saved lives.

On both sides. When Einstein had heard the news that we had dropped one, he said, woe is me. Three days later, we dropped one on Nagasaki. Now, the Einstein letter saved the world from Nazi domination. But he still felt responsible for the bomb.

And he said, had I known the Germans would not succeed in developing an atomic bomb, I would have done nothing for the bomb. But he didn't know. Up until 1955, he was devoted to disarmament. And it was a decade after his death, that a non-proliferation treaty set the rules for nuclear weapons. Signed by 62 nations, including Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union. And it's been 77 years, since two bombs ended the terror of World War II.

We kind of forgot about that threat. Until Vladimir Putin. Said, you know, where is that button?

And crazy people like Kim Jong-un, and the ayatollahs. Why is it everybody is so clear that Kim Jong-un cannot have this technology, both left and right? But the left doesn't have a problem at all. With Iran.

Maybe I'm a pessimist. You know, every time I think of Albert Einstein, I think about what he wrote. He wrote a book about ideas and opinions. And it was right before he died. And he said, you know, coming from Europe, I see the spirit of Americans.

And it's infectious. He said, the American lives more for his goals. For the future, much more than the European.

Life for the American, is always about becoming. And never being.

What are we becoming?


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