EXPOSED: ATF rule could make 40 MILLION gun-owners FELONS

The ATF is in the process of passing a new rule that could soon turn 40 million Americans into FELONS. In this clip, Glenn explains exactly what the ATF would like to achieve, and how this new rule is just a ‘gateway drug’ in order to ‘disarm’ Americans. Why? Because the far-left FEARS YOU, Glenn says. ‘They’re trying to do anything they can to take away everything that gives you at least a CHANCE to give them pause.


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GLENN: There's something that is -- the ATF is doing. That is absolutely beyond the realm. While you feel less safe because more criminals are on the streets, because the DA's office usually when the office is controlled by George Soros. They are just letting criminals go.

The DA used to be the guy that would stand up for the victim. But now we've switched that. Without -- with disregard to, you know, thousands of years of precedent. Of showing that when the prosecuting attorney. When the DA, if you will, when that person that is declared by law, to clean up crime, when they are clean. And they are looking to defend the victim, things are great.

When they're dirty, or they just have just a sweet, sweet spirit for, you know, the criminals and disregard the victim, society falls apart.

Well, that's what's happening. Because, again, we're not applying any common sense. We're -- we're listening to, quote, men of science.

When we now know, men of science have been totally corrupted. The ATF has just put a new rule out. It puts 40 million people at risk of being felons.

Joe Biden, he instructed the ATF, a bunch of unelected bureaucrats that don't -- you don't know their name. You didn't see this process.

Nobody voted on this process. But thanks to Woodrow Wilson, we have an out-of-control administrative arm, and now the ATF is just making up new laws.

They have finalized a rule, that will turn 40 million Americans, into somebody that can be hauled off into prison.

They have reclassified firearms. With pistol braces, as short-barreled rifles.

Okay? Short-barreled rifles are illegal. You can get a special stamp for them. The ATF. If you have any kind of special weapon. You know, you have an old Gatling gun.

You have an automatic rifle. You have to have an ATF stamp. You get it from the government. They do all -- they do months of investigation on you, to make sure that you're going to be safe with that.

And then it has all kinds of rules. That if you don't keep it safe, if you're traveling without it, you hand it somebody else, who is not on your stamp.

That you and they can go to prison. I mean, it's crazy.

Now, they have just decided, that these guns that were legal to buy, are not going to be grandfathered in.

They were absolutely legal to buy.

They now have to be surrendered to the ATF. So you have to give them to the ATF.

Or you have to ask for the stamp. And you'll have 120 days, to come into compliance.

Either give them the gun. Or get the stamp. As someone who has one of those stamps, but would have to apply for a new stamp for a gun like this, I can guarantee you, that there's no way in hell, that you will get that stamp in 120 days.

There's no way. First of all, they have to issue 40 million.

Now, as somebody who has done this, under the Obama administration, it took me eight months closer probably to a year, to get that stamp.

Never thought it would ever come honestly. Now, they have rules. You have to -- they have to do it, within I don't know, 200 days or whatever it is.

They have to issue that stamp. Otherwise, you know, it's their fault. And what are you going to -- I'm going to call the police?

What am I going to do?

They issue it, when they want to issue it. So you have to now either say, I want to get a stamp. Here are my fingerprints. Here's the picture of the gun. Here's where I'm keeping it. Here's all of my information.

You send it in, and I want to get that stamp. But if you don't have the stamp, in 120 days, you're a felon. You're committing a felony.

Now, you could say, this is just -- they just overlooked that. They just didn't think that one through.

But that's the way it's written. There's no out. It's not like, oh, well, you're in the process. Forgetting a stamp.

No. In 120 days, you're just a felon.

Now, they're not going to arrest 100 -- or sorry. They're not going to arrest 40 million people.

But I can guarantee you, they'll arrest some. So what do you do?

Do you apply for the stamp that you're not going to get? At least in 120 days, and roll the dice?

Are you going to turn that gun into the ATF? I don't even know how to call the ATF. Are they in the phone book?

Where are they? How do I turn that in?

This seems a little German, if you remember my history right. You know, hey, turn your guns in. Then if you were in the street with the gun, that was illegal. Then they could legally shoot you. I kind of remember something like that. I would like to make sure that doesn't happen again. How do you do that?

And are they going to have 40 million people?

By the way, this is just the gateway drug. This is just the gateway.

Okay. This isn't a machine gun or anything else.

This is a gun, that is about the size of a -- of a very large, larger than a very large pistol. Okay?

And the stock goes into the gun. It collapses into itself.

So you could use it, you know, as like a pistol. But like, you -- it's built to put up against your shoulder.

And anybody who knows anything about guns, if you're using one of these, you better just be spraying everything with bullets. Because you're not going to be very accurate.

And they're not machine guns. So you're not spraying them.

Anyway, these were perfectly legal. Now it's ten years in jail. And a 10,000-dollar fine.

So you just have to reclassify now. I don't remember anything where we've ever done this before. Maybe we have. If anybody can remember, I would love to hear from you. But I don't think they've ever dub this before. It's always been grandfathered.

STU: And this also seems like the type of thing, we have a big debate about.

We have a bill that's proposed. It goes through a process. People need to vote on it.

Like, what is this process?

All of a sudden, this stuff -- there's 40 million illegal people, they've created out of thin air?

That seems like -- that doesn't seem like how our government runs. Is there a court challenge, that we can?

GLENN: No. And I think that's what people are waiting for. Say court challenge.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: But what -- I mean, luckily, all my guns -- I mean, unfortunately, all my guns.

STU: You said luckily. What you meant was unfortunately?

GLENN: Unfortunately.

STU: All your guns were...

GLENN: All my guns are at the bottom of a lake. I was going to -- I was going to take them and throw them off the top of Mount Crumpet. Just take those guns and dump it.

And on the way, they just slid down, and they all went to the bottom of this lake.

STU: Do you remember which lake? We could look for.

GLENN: I can't.

It was somewhere around Mount Crumpet. So look at that up. That's at least where I remember the name.

But it might not be the name of the mountain. I don't know. I've got to call and report those, all at the bottom of the lake.

STU: I just don't understand. Again, there are these protections. But the Second Amendment quite clearly protects these things.

You can't do this. I think we've already done far too much. The process you had to go through, should not have existed in the first place.

And I think, you know, there is -- there has been attempts to overturn things like the automatic weapons ban, for example. Which, again, you can say, you don't want automatic weapons in this country. That's -- it's very -- maybe even sensible of you, however, you can't just overwhelm -- constitutional amendments with what you want.

GLENN: So, but this is the problem here.

No matter what Joe Biden says, and no matter what common sense would tell you, and only the people without common sense would tell you that common sense says this. You know, Joe Biden. You're going need to F-16s. And you're going need to tanks to fight the United States. Really?

Because the Taliban did a pretty good job. I mean, they're back in the power. Huh.

Who would have thunk it? They didn't have F-16s.

STU: Well, they do now.

GLENN: Of course. But then if you just have some old weapons that barely function, you can beat the United States, and then you would get the good stuff at the end.

STU: Really difficult to go door-to-door to take out a population that is at war with you. By the way, of course, this is a ridiculous scenario. That's what they want you to do.

They want you to believe, like think of yourself. Look down your driveway. Here comes a bunch of tanks. And all you have is this gun, you can't do anything.

Well, then that situation would be very difficult. But, of course, going door to door, and trying to clear a city of people fighting back against you. This is all stuff you hoped, never, ever occurs.

And would only occur, if they went down this road, even farther. Right?

We're not on the verge of -- as much as, it feels like atmosphere at times. We're not about to have a Civil War. Let's calm down a little bit here. Let's not have a Civil War. That's really, really bad. You really, really don't want to be at war with your government. It's really, really bad.

GLENN: It doesn't usually work out for anybody.

STU: Anybody, ever. It's really terrible.

But like, this idea that you can't stop a more powerful force, with small arms, is just not -- it's not true.

GLENN: It's ridiculous.

STU: And, yes, in theory.

GLENN: How about David and Goliath?

STU: Yes. Kind of a fundamental story to the human experience. But what are you going to do?

Yes, you could, I guess, nuke every single city. You could nuke everyone. And kill all your allies and every opponent. Right?

And then what are you ruling over?

A nuclear wasteland? I don't understand -- this is not -- this is just a ridiculous argument to make you not think.

Having the ability to protect yourself against a government, that could go into tyranny, is exactly why you don't have tyranny.

That's why it happens. Because you have that ability.

It's why we are still on the same Constitution, from hundreds of years ago. And every other country on earth, has switched numerous times.

This is an important part of our culture. And our foundation. And we need to keep it.

GLENN: Yeah. I just don't -- I just don't understand other than, they are trying to disarm you.

The only reason why we haven't fallen into real tyranny, is because the government still kind of fears you. Okay?

Used to fear you at the election. You know, at the ballot. I'm not sure that really is -- is there anymore.

They used to fear you. Giant corporations used to fear you, because you could stop buying stuff.

I'm not sure. Because now the government will just partner with them. And they will buy the stuff.

They are trying to take away everything that gives you at least a chance to give them pause.

That's all it is.

And that's why the Second Amendment is there.

And that should never be infringed.

My question is: If you have one of these guns, what are you going to do?

Back in a minute.

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GLENN: We have an expert on what's happening with these firearms. The -- what do they call? They're called now, short-barreled rifles. Because the -- the government has changed that.

But they're -- you know, they're these -- these little like, they are AR-15s. But they have a collapsible stock.

So it comes out, pulls out. And it just makes it smaller, easier to carry. Everything else.

But I -- I don't even understand this. I don't even understand this. The ATF, have they passed this, or not?

I mean, decided. I have read this two ways. That they have already decided. And 120 days is starting soon, if not now. And then the other is, well, they haven't officially decided. But they -- but they're -- they're saying at the same time, if you want to avoid 10 years in jail, and have a potential 10,000-dollar fine, you must reclassify your legally obtained weapon as short-barreled rifles. And you have to do that through the tax stamp system, which is the worst.

It will take you months. With this administration --

STU: It sounds like something out of the revolutionary times. The tax stamp system? It seems like something with powdered wigs discussed.

GLENN: Oh, it's horrible. It's horrible. Right. You will only have 120 days to bring your firearms into compliance. ATF warns Americans with pistol braces are likely already violating the national firearms act, by possessing an unregistered rifle with a barrel less than 16 inches. So they're saying, you have to register it. But even if you're doing that, you are most likely already violation -- in violation of the firearms act.

Which is a felony.

STU: Oh. Just that.

GLENN: Yeah.

STU: This does -- now, Glenn. This feels like the type of thing the courts will get a hold of and say, no. Of course, you can't do that. Obviously, you can't do that. Now, I hate depending on that, because it seems like it's the bast barrier between us and insanity over and over again. And eventually, it will not work.

GLENN: All right. So here's the thing: If this stands. If this stands. What's to stop them from saying. Because Joe Biden has already said it. There's no reason for semi automatically handguns.

Almost every handgun in America is a semiautomatic. All that means is that it's not a revolver.


STU: Yeah.

GLENN: We used to have like the cowboys. 6 barrels and a revolver. Just, back in the 1900. 1800s period, they redesigned the revolver.

And you got the 9/11 handgun. Which just loads, instead of a circle, in a line underneath. He's now saying --

STU: It's every gun. For people who don't know guns. It's basically every gun you buy. What is it? Eighty-five percent, 95 percent of guns?

GLENN: Every gun. At least. I think you have to buy old-timey guns.

STU: Shotguns, I guess. I mean, there's a couple of them.

GLENN: My shotgun is semiautomatic.

STU: That's true.

But a typical shotgun you wouldn't describe that way, but there's a few. But it's very rare.

What's to stop them from saying, well, by the way, you have to register all your semiautomatics. And if you don't -- if you don't get the tax stamp, then you're -- you're committing a felony. This is -- this cannot happen. This cannot happen.

STU: Nixon looked at this closely. To try to make all handguns illegal. Back when he was president. Again, this is not all of Democrats.

This is a progressivism problem. And it goes back to even the Nixon administration, where he -- on the Nixon tapes, used about highway he wanted to get rid of all handguns. How did he get rid of all of them?

You think these guys aren't doing the same thing?

If Nixon was doing it. You don't think these guys have updated this approach. This is obviously a first step in this direction. Clearly, if they get away with this, they'll do it with other models.

GLENN: So here's the ATF director. He said last week, the rule prevents people from circumventing the laws Congress passed almost a century ago.

Now, people are saying, he's redefining rifle. You can't redefine, you know, what a rifle is.

He says, almost a century ago, Congress determined that short-barreled rifles must be subject to heightened requirements.

Today's rule makes clear firearm manufacturers, dealers, and individuals cannot evade these important public safety protections, simply by adding accessories to pistols that transform them into short-barreled rifles. But the same FDA -- ATF, determines determined in 2012, that pistol braces do not alter the classification of a pistol or other firearm.

So what -- do we listen to the ATF then, or listen to the ATF now?

That was 2012. That wasn't under Trump. That was under Obama. So which one was right?

Do we follow the science? Is the new science the right science? Don't eat butter. Eat butter. Don't eat butter. Eat butter. This is -- this is insanity. This is insanity.


It’s ‘IMPERATIVE’ you understand THIS about ESG & the WEF

It’s ‘imperative’ you not only understand certain aspects about the World Economic Forum and its push for ESG, Glenn says, but that you share the information with your friends and family as well. And the best place to find all the information about the WEF’s push for ESG is straight from the source: The World Economic Forum’s own website doesn’t shy away from sharing its plans to control YOUR future. In this clip, Glenn lays out the parts you MUST understand. He explains the ONLY way we can stop ESG…and it all begins with YOU.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Okay. I want to talk to you a little bit. And give you an update on a couple of things.

ESG is one. But first, let me start with the three problems that we have.

And these all are front burner now.

There's very little time for you to get up to speed, and you have to be very, very careful on whom you are in bed with.


Trust no one. And as I'll show you later on in the show. That will get much worse within a couple of years.

First, biggest most pressing problem.

ESG and the World Economic Forum.

It is imperative, that you teach your friends and your families, about ESG, and the World Economic Forum.

It is important that you do not go to any other source, honestly, than the World Economic Forum. You can watch them say and plan all these things out in the open. Now, they've taken a lot of this stuff out of their line. But there's something called the way back machine, where you can show, this originated from them. We have a second book coming out, probably in June, or God forbid, July. And it is going to outline how deep the problem is, beyond ESG, now into tech.

The second biggest problem that we have, standing in the way of freedom, is our federal government. And the governments of the West. They are in bed with ESG. Look at Canada. It is terrifying what Canada is turning into. So our federal government is now a problem.

And the third one is tech and AI. These are the three biggest problems that we have right now, that are standing in our way.

And you are going to feel very, very small when it comes to all three of them.

Do you feel like you can battle big tech?

Big tech, by the way, is hiring all of the people. It is a revolving door, from the FBI Justice Department and our nation's intelligence agencies.

It's a revolving door. They're basically running high-tech now, at the highest levels. It is terrifying, this public/private partnership and merger between our law enforcement and our spy agencies, with big tech.

But they also introduced something now that is just starting to become real. And you might skip these stories, but please do not.

Anything on ChatGPT is very important. Because it's an entry-level understanding of how the world is going to change.

Once AI kicks in, and is over -- over everything, we're in deep trouble.

Deep, deep trouble.

Federal government, you understand. ESG, and the World Economic Forum, you understand.

But let me -- let me start this program with just a look at the WEF, and ESG.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with the head of the Heritage Foundation, Kevin Roberts. Who I have a great deal of respect for.

And just in full disclosure.

And not to sell them down the river. Because I believe in the Heritage Foundation. But they are part of -- they are part of a coalition.

And they don't have control of all the partners, et cetera, et cetera.

And I'm not sure who is part of this coalition, and what their real intent is.

Because they're doing some things that I don't understand.

And they're blocking legislation that empowers you. At times.

The coalition is. The coalition is.

Yesterday, Kevin Roberts came out with a great statement.

ESG poses a clear and present danger to the American way of life, the soul of our nation and every sector of our economy.

Many organizations in the conservative movement have undertaken efforts to address this threat, through policy research, litigation, commentary, model legislation and more.

The conservative movement is best when it moves in unison. And Heritage is honored to help lead and work alongside multiple coalitions focused on these activities.

We support any leader and organization, who is charging the Hill, to limit the power of woke financial institutions and eliminate politics in the boardrooms of America's companies. On this issue, we're proud to work with, blah, blah, blah.

Our movement is stronger together. I completely agree, with Kevin and the Heritage Foundation on this.

We cannot separate ourselves from one another. I will support when I can. They should support when they can.

And we should support each other when we are moving in the same direction. However, I want to make something real clear. The fight on this is happening right now, at your state level.

If you want to change things, the next two weeks are very important.

And there are three different types of legislation. I'm sorry to get so into the weeds.

But you are the only solution to this. Three types of legislation being pushed. And I want you to understand the different bills, so you can be aware of what is being introduced into your state. And so you are empowered with the pertinent information to fight for the protections you need for your life. For your family. For your business.

This is happening now in the next couple of weeks. You cannot trust the system. Understand that. The system is corrupt.

The system of lobbying is corrupt. The system -- the global system of banking is corrupt.

The closer you get to you, the less corrupt -- the less the possibility is, that it is corrupt.

But it's still a real threat, at the local level.

Do not trust the system. And I mean that means even me.

I am saying, do your own homework.

Anything that, for instance, wall builders is doing on this. Partnered with me.

You need to understand. I want you to look under every rock. I want you to see exactly what we're doing.

I want you -- and if you have a better idea, great. Maybe we'll support you on that better idea.

But we're looking to -- let me explain it this way.

The World Economic Forum, and ESG is a nasty super virus. Or super bug. Okay?

We need our strongest antibiotics, to kill this thing. Now, why do they always say, take all your antibiotics?

Because if you leave any of that bug alive in your system, you stop taking those antibiotics, towards the end. Because you feel better.

What you've left behind, is the strongest part of that bug. And they mutate, and get stronger. And then they don't -- they're immune to antibiotics. Almost everything in our system, is immune to antibiotics.

You can expose it, and nothing happens. You can -- you can document, and expose, and you can even bring it all the way up to the top. To the justice system. And nothing happens.

It's immune to almost all of our antibiotics.

So we need the strongest antibiotics, we have left in the republic, to go after this bug.

And make sure it is wiped out, entirely.
take all of the antibiotics.

So do not dismiss any approach. Kill it with everything that you have. Does that make sense?

The most important thing, I think, is we must return the power to the hands of the people.

And right now, heritage is working on. And so are many others.

But because I brought up Heritage. They're working on some really great bills. Number one bill, prohibit state contracts with companies that boycott based on ESG causes.

So your state won't award any contract to anybody.

Now, remember, we'll probably have only about 20 states, and they'll be the red states. Where the blue states are the ones, generally speaking, New York and California. That carry all of the weight. And any purple state is not going to do it. Okay?

So prohibit state contracts.

A good move. Number two, prohibit state pension funds for being used for ESG.

A spectacular move. Has to be done.

However, I want you to understand, that doesn't affect you.


Prohibiting state pension funds from being used under ESG.

State pension funds. That's not your pension.

That's just the state workers. So it doesn't include everything.

Again, it's the state doing what the state can do. With the money that they have.

What about your pension fund?

And that's what is happening now in Congress. Okay?

Now, the -- the last one is in my -- in my estimation, equally as important. And it is called fair access.

The third type of bill. And this is the one the banks and everybody else is standing up against.

Fear fighting the others. But they are winning the fight on fair access.

And that's concerning to me.

This is the one, that provides protection for you.

And our critical industries. It is protection for you.

The little guy, the individual. Because let's not forget. E, S, and G are truly against you.

Cut your energy off.

Cut your -- your voice out, by regulating what you can and cannot say.

And destroy your business by making sure that you have the right kind of people according to the banks and the to the government. In your organization.

That will destroy everything in America. In fact, Larry Fink is, every company and every industry will be transformed by the transition to net zero world.

The question is: Will you lead or will you be led?

So the third bill that I think is really important, is fair access to financial services act.

Fair access, would require -- this is -- the argument is -- the state can't tell businesses what they can and cannot do.

Well, really?

Because they seem to be doing that a lot lately.

The local banks, and the state banks, and the credit unions. And insurance.

Under the -- the fair access to financial services act. Will require them to disclose to you, if anything is denied, based on anything other than quantitative financial standards and traditional criteria.

So if you're -- if you're applying for a loan, and your ESG score is bad, they have to tell you that.

Now, people will say, why is that so important?

Okay. So we know. Information is power. When they have to tell you that, you then, as an individual or a corporation or a company can come in, and sue them. Without this part, you're waiting around for the attorney general.

And you have no problem to what they're doing. It's all hearsay.

Look, I know I've walked in to that bank, I've always been good, and they turned me down. Why did they turn me down?

Well, they don't have to tell you. So you can never take action against them.

And you do not want to wait or hope and pray, that your attorney general, is -- is walking the same line, as you are.

And is also -- well, is also not so overwhelmed, that he can take this on.

The power must reside with you.

That doesn't mean that the other things can't be passed. They should be passed.

But Fair Act -- I want you to call your legislatures today. And tell them, you want a fair access bill.

It is so critically important. Now, I will tell you, let me take a quick break. And then I will tell you something I know, that I -- I -- that no one will go on record with. But I have had conversations.

About it.

And I -- I think you need to know about it. Coming up in just a second.

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Or call 833-Glenn-33. 833-Glenn-33.


Ten-second station ID.
Okay. I want to tell you that I've been in meetings. At -- at the state level. And the national level.

And I hear from people at the state level, how the local banks and credit unions, have come and quietly spoken to their legislatures. And begged. Begged their legislatures. To please help them and stop this.

This is going to put them out of business.

And then the big banks step to the table and say, no. No. No.

And the little banks are afraid to say anything. Because it's all connected. They will be punished and run out of business. And they are trying to keep their powder dry as long as they can.

Please, I want you to call your legislator today. This is happening right now.

I want you to call and ask your legislators to pass the Fair Access Bill. Make sure that you're calling your House speaker, and your Senate.

And overwhelm the phones with pass the ESG bills, including the Fair Access Bill.

We have more than a dozen states working on the legislation right now. Not all have filed yet.

Please, do not assume that your state has the support it needs, from conservative organizations.

Don't assume anything, on that. Ask them to introduce, and vote for fair access legislation.

It is critically important. And if you have evidence, that things have already happened to you and they have already denied you, or you've run into problems because of ESG, I want you to go to the website.

They are collecting stories. And here's the problem: This is why we need the Fair Access Bill.

We had fair, I wouldn't have to ask you this. Because you would already be raising up a storm. Because you would know, they just did this to me.

You really -- you have been lied to from the get-go, that ESG was even a thing.

It would never be introduced. It's a conspiracy theory.

You know this is true now. And we are quickly, rapidly approaching a no return time.

Please, call them today.

You want the fair access legislation passed, in your state.


Bill O’Reilly: Action against Hunter Biden is COMING SOON

Hunter Biden is going on the offense. Joe Biden’s son reportedly wants to sue certain media outlets for defamation based on their reporting of his laptop scandal. Bill O’Reilly tells Glenn that this shows Hunter Biden is GOING ROGUE, because there’s no way the White House would sign off on such a plan. Plus, O’Reilly explains why this latest development in the Hunter Biden story signals that action against the president’s son likely is COMING SOON….


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Mr. Bill O'Reilly is joining us today at an earlier time. We appreciate his flexibility, a lot happening on today's show. And I really felt it was important to get Bill's take on a couple of things.

First of all, your take on what's happened politically with Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump, they've started to kind of fight against each other.

Is this the way it's going to be? And do you think that works out well for either DeSantis or Trump?

BILL: Well, first of all, Beck, you put me on early because you just want to get it out of the way. I know that. All right. Here he is.

Let's just get him out of the way. And we'll do the rest of the show. You know, we know.

Yeah. I mean, look, it's becoming fairly clear now, that DeSantis is going to launch probably in April or May. A form campaign.

GLENN: Yes. Right.

BILL: Trump knows that. Trump's campaign style is attack, attack, attack. DeSantis has to reply. But I don't think he's going to reply on the same level.

GLENN: I agree.

BILL: Yeah. He'll just counterpunch. And hope that the attacks are so over the top, that, it drives Republican voters to him.

So, yes. It's going to be a little bit nasty, depending on, you know, Donald Trump's mood that day. I mean, there's no filter there.

GLENN: I know. I know.

You know, Donald Trump has -- has problems with the COVID narrative. But I will tell you, that he's the only one that has any credibility of really almost any president, maybe except for Ronald Reagan, in a way.

That has credibility on stopping wars.

I mean, it's clear he does not want America tangled into a war. He doesn't want any of these things. Do you think if he won again, he could actually change the course of what's happening now?

BILL: You know, it's impossible to answer that question, but I can give you an educated analysis. Because I have Mike Pompeo on the No Spin News, which I know watch every day, right over on the Blaze. And then prints over the No Spin News. And I said to Pompeo.

I said, look, you were secretary of state. And did Putin saber rattle? Saber rattling means threatening to do military action. That's what it means.

He said, no. I said, well, do you believe that if Trump had been reelected, that Putin would have invaded Ukraine. And he goes no.

GLENN: No way.

BILL: And I go, well, how do you back that up? Because we didn't do anything like that, when he was over there and he was fairly reasonable in our discussions.

And then interesting enough, he pivoted to Xi in China and said, where Xi was not reasonable.

All right? He was not.

So to answer your question about.

GLENN: But Trump -- I tell you, Trump knows how to play these guys.

BILL: But they're afraid of him.

GLENN: Yeah, they're afraid of him. He knows how to portray power to these crazy dictators.

BILL: Oh, there's no doubt about it. There's no doubt about it. They were afraid of him. Particularly Iran. Because Trump -- and I know this to be true.

Told the mullahs through Pompeo. You go out and continue.

You haven't heard anything about the Civil War from the Houthis, in Yemen.

You remember that? Okay. Well, he basically said, look, you continue this, destabilizing the Gulf region. And we're going to bomb all your ports, and all -- take out all your ships and all your planes.

That's what we're going to do. You will have nothing. And then he told the Taliban: You kill one more American. All right? One more.

And we're going to come in, and just carpet bomb where you are. And they believed him.

GLENN: So he told me that he talked to President Xi.

He said, you do something like that, and missiles will fly to Beijing.

BILL: Yeah. But that's different, though.

Because Xi didn't believe that. Nobody would believe that. Trump wouldn't have done that.

But what Trump did do to Xi was make his life very difficult economically. And that was the cudgel there.

GLENN: Okay. Let me switch to what you think is the biggest story of the week is.

BILL: Oh, Beck, thank you. Thank you. I've been preparing this --

GLENN: All week. Yeah.

BILL: What is this Hunter Biden lawsuit threat?

GLENN: Thank you.

BILL: But I'm not looking it from an ideological -- the conservatives on television. They're actually taking it seriously.


I don't take this seriously. This is -- I know this -- but here's the main point on this. Hunter has gone rogue.

Because the White House could never have sanctioned this. Ever. In a million years.

Could they have -- yeah. Go ahead. Threaten everybody in the world with lawsuits. Okay.

The White House would have never done that. Because this brings terrible attention back to Joe Biden.

All right?

So Lowell is the new lawyer. And number one, your listeners are astute, or they wouldn't be listening to you, Beck. They would be somewhere else. But they're astute. You have to know, that if a guy like Abbe Lowell, who is shrewd, and he's been around forever, does this -- that means, that action against Hunter Biden is coming.


BILL: Soon, okay?

GLENN: Okay.

So what is happening, Bill, with the FBI going in again this week and searching?

I mean, I'm concerned. I can't believe I'm saying this in defense of -- well, no, I'm saying it in defense of the presidency. You do not want a Justice Department that can just go in to a presidential -- a presidential house.

It was bad enough, when it was a former president.

Now it is the sitting president.

BILL: Yeah. They gave permission though, Beck. So this is a show. It wasn't anything illegal.

If it were illegal, they would have searched the Rehoboth beach house, two months ago. Okay?

GLENN: Right.

BILL: You don't let somebody -- if you look at the documents, you don't give somebody two months to clear them out. Okay?

It's insane.

So all this is a show for the consumer. Now we're going to go over, and we're going to look at the Rehoboth -- well, wait a minute. Hold it. That should have been done in November.

And then they go, and we're going to Pence's house too.

Those of us who really understand the big picture, know what all of this is. It's cosmetics for the folks. It's just, well, yeah.

We did our due diligence. Yeah. Yeah.

But let's get back to the Hunter Biden thing for just one second. So you assume now that there will be an indictment against Hunter Biden. That's what I think this Abbe Lowell thing is all about. It's going to be a tax beef. Okay?

That he didn't pay his taxes, and he only paid him after all of this came out. And that's a federal crime. And Hunter will have to flee it, and he will. It won't go to trial.

He will plea it out. But in the meantime, to mask that. All right?

To mask that big story. Because it will be big. Lowell goes on the offense and says, oh, this is just a fishing expedition. They had to come up with something, and the bigger picture is that my client, Hunter Biden's rights have been violated. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

But it's less than two years. We're going to have a new president. And less than a year, we'll have a presidential primary in New Hampshire.

So Biden does not want to have to continually be defending or even hearing about his son Hunter. And this extends the story, two, three months now.

So to me, I'm sitting there, going, Biden and Susan Rice, who is running the country, by the way. Now that Klain is gone. She's running the country. I'm sure they had no idea this was coming down, and that's an interesting family dynamic, Beck.

GLENN: Okay.

Let me ask you one more question on -- this one is on Kathy Hochul.

What is her deal?

She just introduced a 227 billion-dollar budget. It includes higher payroll taxes. Plus, a cap and trade program, on CO2.

So it's going to cost a lot more money. And then on top of that, let me see here.

She also wants to cap electric bills at 6 percent of income for households, that replace gas appliances. So the war on gas stoves is real.

However, 45 percent of New York's energy comes from gas. What the hell is she doing?

BILL: Well, you're going to have new neighbors with New York accents pretty soon, Beck.

GLENN: Yeah. I know.

BILL: Look, Kathy Hochul is a machine politician, going all the way back to Tammany Hall. New York has always been a state that's been dominated, from Chester Arthur, who I know you know very well. Chester Arthur, on and on and on by the Democratic Party.

And now the Democratic Party is now more radical left than ever before.

And Governor Hochul is not an intellectual genius. She does not intend unintended consequences of her action. You can put things in front of her. And say, look, you raised access again. You will lose another 2 million people to Florida and Texas and to Tennessee, and the Carolinas. And she goes, well, we don't really need them anyway.

Okay. So it's a disaster here. Because it's like Illinois and California.

This is what it is. The progressives have hijacked the state. And they're ruining it. And the people who can move, are moving.

GLENN: It's amazing. Bill O'Reilly, thank you so much.

Bill O'Reilly, you can find him every day, at his No Spin News at BillO'

He's also the author of many killing books. Killing the Killers is the latest one that is out.

All of his books, I think are must-reads. There are 17 million books in the Killing series and print now. Bill O'Reilly, thank you so much. We will talk to you again next week.

BILL: All right, Beck. Thanks.

GLENN: You got it. Buh-bye.


How Hunter Biden, gas stoves & a health clinic ALL CONNECT

America is facing dark times, and some recent news stories show we’re even facing EVIL. In this clip, Glenn describes 4 recent news stories that you should be aware of: The weaponization of the DOJ, FBI, and CIA (and how it relates to Joe Biden’s documents scandal), a recent confession by Hunter Biden, an outright lie from Democrats about the alleged gas stove ban, and a SHOCKING, upcoming health clinic. So, how do these stories all relate? Glenn explains it all…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: let me show you a couple of things, that should very well concern you.

The first story comes from the Blaze. Carefully worded statement reveals FBI seized more documents from Biden property. This time, his vacation home.

Okay? This happened yesterday. They searched for about three and a half hours. FBI agents say, they discovered no classified documents. But they did seize material from Biden's tenure as vice president.

So they did this, they took stuff from his house. Why? This is a sitting president. Why?

We know the DOJ is in Biden's pocket.

We know that the administration has weaponized the FBI for the left.

But is that the president, or is that Deep State that has done this?

This is extraordinarily disturbing. That they're going into a sitting president's house, and doing this.

And we don't really know, what's going on. We haven't even had a discussion. We just accept it.

What will that mean, for the next president.

And the president after that.

Hunter Biden also, yesterday, admitted the laptop is his.

And that he left it, and that's his laptop.

This is some sort of twisted strategy, to now go after all those who reported on the laptop. Because they didn't have a right to that information.

But now. After how many years, of all of us knowing, including those in -- in the press. Everyone knowing that that laptop is real.

Now he finally comes out and says it's real. Will anyone in the press, care? Or will they follow the next bouncing ball and go after all those who talked about it?

Remember, the FBI and the CIA, and NSA, they have loaded themselves in, to all of the big tech companies. They are everywhere in big tech.

Why? Why is that happening?

What is -- what is the government and big tech doing?

Are they protecting you, or are they protecting people like -- oh, I don't know. Hunter Biden. Or Kathy Hochul.

Kind of a theme that you need to have, always with you now, is I know who has lied to me, over and over again.

I know who has lied to me. Do you know who has told you the truth, or tried to tell you the truth, to the best of their ability?

Who is making corrections in the errors of their way. That is crucial. Bill Maher is doing this.

Bill Maher is making corrections in the errors of his way.

He's like, you know what, I didn't see this. I didn't believe this. This has got to stop. Who is doing that? And who is just doubling down on their lost credibility.

The media told us, two weeks ago, that nobody is coming after your gas stove.

You remember that clearly?

We told you, that this is something that had to do with the E and the ESG. We showed you that it was an environmentalist paper and a research paper from that environmentalist group. That the department of -- what was it? It's not Labor that Trumka is in charge of.

I can't remember. But one of the departments he's the head of. He came out and he said, we're looking into the gas stove things. It can be really, really very dangerous. And then they said, no. That's not true. That's not happening.

Well, in governor Hochul's new budget, she has proposed several things that are nuts. But this is one of them.

Hochul's budget plan would ban the sale of gas stoves, and other fuel-powered heating equipment, by 2030.

And require that all new buildings be zero emission starting in 2028. Smaller buildings would be required to go green in 2025.

So now who is lying to you? Who is lying to you?

Is Katie Hochul just making this up?

Or has this been discussed for a long time, and she's just willing to do it, because she knows, I just got reelected. It's not going to be a problem here?

What you're dealing with, is absolute evil. Evil.

Now, let me give you direct evidence.

Stu, how would you feel, if you wanted to go to a doctor. And you knew the doctor was an atheist, but a really food doctor.

What would you do?

STU: I probably would just go to the doctor, and not care really what religion he was. That's kind of his situation.

GLENN: Kind of his situation, right. Right. Right.

As long as he's a really good doctor. Right.

STU: Right.

GLENN: Now, how would you feel if you found out, your doctor was a practicing Satanist? But he was the best doctor in that field.

STU: It's a -- it's a good question. Like, I don't necessarily -- you know, a huge swath of our audience will be offended by this.

I don't necessarily consider Satanism to actually be a religion.

So I would probably be pretty skeptical of their general judgment in that case.

GLENN: Would you go to them?

STU: I don't think so. No.

GLENN: Yeah. Okay. I wouldn't. There's no thought with me. Oh, you're a Satanist?

Really? They're not coming to you. Okay. No thanks. How would you feel if the hospital was a Satanist hospital?

STU: Yeah. I would pick a different hospital in that case.

GLENN: Pick a different hospital. There is a new health clinic in New Mexico, being opened by The Satanic Temple.

It is -- they're actually going to name the facility this.

The Samuel Alito's mother's Satanic Abortion Clinic. So they are now opening up an abortion clinic.

And they are providing free of charge, as part of The Satanic Temple's abortion ritual. You'll to pay for your medication and pharmacy. Typical cost is about 90 bucks. So you can get your abortion free, as part of a satanic ritual.

Now, they put those in quotation marks. Because they want you to know, well, we're just fooling around here. We're not really The Satanic Temple.

We're just trying to make a point. We're not really doing rituals with it. Really? Really?


STU: I think their goal seems to be to make a point there. And I guess own the conservatives. But man, if it doesn't track with exactly what I believe is true in this case.

You know, it's like, you seem to be making our point. The fact that the Satanists are adopting this process, as central to their being, is pretty telling. And honestly, I think it tracks perfectly.

GLENN: Right. And they are going to be receiving government benefits and privileges. Because it's a -- a religious organization.

But without a deity, they don't really believe in the Satan.

And what they're trying to do is open this up.

Now, they say, this is going to be -- doctors are going to be fine working there. And there will be good, qualified doctors.

I would question any doctor, that worked at the satanic abortion clinic.

You know. You know, everybody is like, oh, this doctor is a Catholic. And he won't perform abortions, at Our Lady of Weeping and open sores.

I can't see -- really? But you'll go to a Satanist.

And a Satanist. A doctor will go, I'm fine with the Satan thing, whatever.

I'm doing a good thing, and a good service. Boy, if this does not make you question absolutely everything, that you think you know, I don't know what does.


Why NOT destroying China’s spy balloon may be a BIG MISTAKE

A Chinese balloon was spotted over the northern United States earlier this week, with sightings most recently in Billings, Montana. China has since confirmed the suspected spy balloon is their’s, though stopped short of admitting it’s being used for surveillance (like many in the U.S. suspect). According to CNN, military officials advised President Joe Biden NOT to destroy the balloon, ‘due to fear the debris could pose a safety threat to people on the ground.’ But in this clip, Glenn explains why NOT destroying this 'spy balloon' could be a very BIG mistake…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Let me talk to you about the spy balloon. Stu, what do you know about the spy balloon?

STU: Well, apparently, the spy balloon, flying from a product of China. Flying from our western United States.

GLENN: Yeah. It's over Wyoming.

STU: Alaska. Wyoming now.

GLENN: Yeah. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

STU: I did have a question of, when we have satellites and TikTok, why would we need a balloon? I don't know.

GLENN: It does seem to be a little old-timey, you know.

And at first when I heard that, I thought, they're down to hot air balloons. That's good. You know, that's good. But it's not good.

And here's why: And I'm not hearing anybody talk about this. First of all, the -- the balloon's current path, it carries -- it carries this balloon over a number of sensitive military sites. And they also say -- the United States says, they don't want to shoot it out of the sky because of falling debris. Really?

We don't have anything that would just obliterate that thing in the sky. Really? So, anyway, it was over Canada. And then it flies into the United States. And it's flying over sensitive military nuclear sites.

And the Chinese foreign ministry said, you know, relax, America.

Now, I don't know about you, but I'm -- China should be happy that we don't have a female for president. Because females don't really like it when males say, okay. Sweetheart, relax.

And I think that's kind of what China just said to us, in a very condescending tone. Oh, please, relax. It's just a spy balloon. What are we going to get?

Well, here's the one thing that -- one thing that I -- that I wanted to check, when I saw this.

The -- the balloon, they think, is in an altitude between 80, and 120,000 feet. Now, I'm not saying, that this is what it is.

But I am saying, if we don't shoot it down, and make sure that our own airspace remains sacred, we're out of our minds. Can you imagine Russia. If we had a spy balloon, ask we told Russia or China, ah, relax.

The balloon is at an altitude, they believe between 80 and 120,000 feet. The minimum altitude for an airborne EMP is 94 or 95,000 feet. So that's right in that range. I just want to throw that out there.

I don't think it's an EMP. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's not an EMP. However, if they can fly things over our country. And we do nothing about it.

And they're flying them over our nuclear sites. I think that's a problem.

I don't know about anybody else.

But I'm not really relaxed about it. How about you? Hmm?

STU: Sounds like a big problem. And, you know, certainly, I think, they will learn, that they can do this, if they want to do it. Right?

GLENN: Yeah. Absolutely.

STU: Take a lesson from this.

GLENN: That's the intelligence that they're gathering.

I really believe, they are gathering the intelligence of, will America even respond?

I don't think they will. No. Of course, they will. No. I don't think they will.

Let's fly it over. Fly it into US airspace. And fly it spew their really sensitive military sites. And see if they say a word. No!

That's the intelligence they're gathering.

STU: That's all we do, though. Is we say the word. They're talking about how they're going to make a very uncomfortable meeting, I guess when I guess Blinken meets with them.

GLENN: Oh, very uncomfortable.

We might send them a sternly worded letter. Why not blow it out of the sky? Sincerely. Why not blow it out of the sky.

Just saying.

If it's a balloon, I'm not so worried about shrapnel coming down. Are you?

STU: Well, looking it though, the pictures that are seemingly of this balloon. It doesn't look like a balloon. Like you would think of a balloon.

It looks like there's a decent amount of equipment on it. How would you describe this picture? It looks almost like a satellite.

GLENN: Almost like Sputnik.
Yeah. So it looks kind of like a satellite. I wonder what equipment might be on it. And honestly, there is nothing that a balloon can gather, that I'm aware of. And I talked to some expert about this. There's nothing I'm aware of, that they can't gather very satellite. They can watch us via satellite, they have that technology. So why launch a balloon?

The only answer I and others can come up, that I've talked to. Is they're just testing, whether or not they can invade our airspace. And we do anything. Now, why would they want to know that? This is not good. It's not good.

GLENN: Just saying. Leave it at that.

STU: Your summary of it, do we get a headline out of it? Is that a clickbait-y headline that we can get?

GLENN: Yeah. China flying mysterious balloons with equipment on it, over sensitive US air -- US sites. Suboptimal.

STU: Yeah.

GLENN: Suboptimal. I'm just saying.

STU: Suboptimal.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah.

STU: Emphasis on the sub.

GLENN: Yeah. Which they can launch a lot of things.

Anyway, there is a new poll out, and it's a record-setting poll. And I think this is exciting. Only about a third. 36 percent of Americans, say they are satisfied now, with a set of policy issues spanning all aspects of government.

Among the lowest rated issues was the state of the economy. Which our president said, is fixed right? I mean, it's booming.

STU: It's strong as hell, Glenn.

GLENN: Strong as hell. No joke, people. I'm not joking. I'm telling you the truth. I'm shooting straight.

It's strong as hell. A quarter of Americans say, yeah. I'm satisfied with it.

It had the largest year over year decline, dropping eight percentage points.

Satisfaction with gun laws, also dropped sharply this year, to a record low of 34 percent.

Now, this one, I would like you to look into, Stu. I would like you to know. Is that like, yeah. Our gun laws aren't strong enough.

You know, we have to be more like California. Which, well, don't think about the stats on that one, too much.

Because we already have the toughest gun laws in California. But that's because of other states, that we're having all these problems.

Uh-huh. So the satisfaction of gun laws dropped sharply to a record low. Policies on abortion. Efforts to control crime.

Quality of public education. And efforts to combat poverty and homelessness, also remain at near all-time low points.

So we're not in a good mood. Now, they say, there are things we can build on.

Sure, there's a rise of polarization. And a decline in national harmony.

You know, we've always had a baseline, where, you know, people were generally content with America.

And now, people are not. I wonder what could have changed that.

So the perception of overall quality of life in the US has dropped to a record low this year.

As did perceptions of wealth inequality. Less than a quarter of adults now say that they are satisfied the way income and wealth is distributed in the US.

Less than a quarter of adults. So does that mean only a quarter of us believe in the free market?

STU: Is it that high?

GLENN: Is it that high?

STU: I mean, think about that, you are constantly beaten over the head, with how much this country sucks. How terrible it's been. How everything it does is wrong. How every police officer is out to kill minorities. I mean, it's on and on and on.

How every rich person is trying to kill poor people for profit. Every company is out to get you.

You think about how that has to wash over a population over multiple decades, and what other ending can you come to?

Only if people are hard-core their principles.

GLENN: Yeah, they know that. They hard-core know that. And just when you think that things are horrible, the groundhog dies, on Groundhog Day.

It's suboptimal. I'm going to leave it at that.