Think Fast Food Prices are Insane NOW? THIS Will Make Inflation MUCH WORSE

Think Fast Food Prices are Insane NOW? THIS Will Make Inflation MUCH WORSE

California’s new $20 minimum wage law for fast food restaurants is wrecking small towns. Glenn reviews the plight of the town of Lemoore, California, where business are laying people off, raising prices, or even closing due to the strain these government edicts have put on them. But how long until these progressive policies spread to other states?


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GLENN: Not a lot of people know of the little town of Lemoore, California. But if you live there, it's probably one of the greatest places on earth. Buildings are from the early 1900s. They decorate the street corners. And residents gather around the town gazebo in the downtown area.

And murals are painted on the sides of businesses that tell their history. Sounds like a place, I would love to live in, except it's in California.

But it's not the typical California town.

It sits inland. Way, way away from the Pacific Ocean. And it's about directly in the middle of the state.

Lemoore is around 200 miles north of the glitz and glam of Los Angeles, 200 miles south of San Francisco.

And about 200 miles south of Sacramento. So if you've ever driven the 400 or so miles along Highway 5 from LA to San Francisco.

You might have an idea of the type of community the people of Lemoore live in.

The city of Los Angeles just kind of fades away. The bright lights of Hollywood. The hopes and dreams of making it in show business. Slowly gives way to more practical, hard-working lifestyle.

And little by little. One by one. You pass farming communities and dairy communities. At times, you might think you're in rural Texas.

Hard work. Kind of hard work that is evidenced by the blisters, on one's hands.

The sweat on their brow. The dirt on their clothes.

It breeds hard and determined people. You can find these people everywhere in the state. Everywhere in the union, really.

They're the people in Abilene, Texas. Or Preston, Idaho or Sheraton, Wyoming. Lemoore, California.

But these are also the people that all too often, have to accept their fates, as their fates are being decided by people in big cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Sacramento.

California recently passed a statewide legislation. Mandates a 20-dollar minimum wage for restaurants.

It went into effect on Monday.

And on Monday, the reality of big city politics landed in the small town of Lemoore.

When workers at the local Fosters Freeze showed up on Monday morning, they were told, we're closing the doors. For good. Why?

The assistant manager said the owner blamed the state's new minimum wage increase. According to her, Fosters Freeze isn't the only business in Lemoore, where the wage hike is affecting people.

Quote, this is not the first business that's closing.

There already have been a few local businesses for me, that are closing.

So I feel like, this is just the beginning.

How many businesses will be destroyed by big city policies?

Destroying the small towns, all across America?

Lee more has around 30,000 people. There are only 11,000 jobs.

How many jobs will remain in a month?

How many jobs in two months?

What does that do to the town, and the population?

How many people, that do have jobs, will be able to afford, the inevitable price increases?

So far, restaurants like Chipotle, McDonald's, Jack in the Box, Starbucks. They already announced they have to raise prices.

The prices are already out of control. Other restaurants like Pizza Hut have announced layoffs.

1200 employees.

This is the beginning. Who knows how bad this is going to get. For your small town.
Which will empty your small towns.

Make your small towns, that were just maybe beginning to thrive again. Back into ghost towns.

If you live in places like Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Sacramento. You might be able to find another job. Or eat at a cheaper restaurant.

But what about all the people that live in towns like Lemoore?

What if I live in a small town outside of California? Do you feel safe?

You shouldn't. Because California is the proving ground, for radical left-wing politics.

And when I say proving ground, not that they work. Just that they can get them passed.

It's like a giant crash test dummy for bad ideas.

And our country is being destroyed, because of it.

The history tells the tragic story.

Obamacare likely would have never gotten done without a radical California socialist. Who advised both Bill Clinton and Obama, and a high profile, named Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger's insane climate agenda was all, but copied by President Obama.

Now under bind, it's destroying all of the reliable energy, at breakneck speed. I don't live in California for a reason!

Because there is no reason, in California!

We've all watched over the past few years, how the left's radical criminal justice reform is incentivizing. Incentivizing crime, all over the country.

Back in 2014, California passed proposition 47.

It reclassified multiple crimes from felonies to misdemeanors.

Rendering things like shoplifting, theft of property.

Forgery, drug possession.

And others, to mere slaps on the wrists.

It gave criminals, early release from prisons.

We're seeing the ramifications on the streets, everywhere.

You know what the base of the Statue of Liberty there, there is a poem, that was written just to raise the funds to erect the statute of liberty.

In it, it says, give me your tired. Your poor. Your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.

The wretched refuse of your teeming shores.
Send these, the homeless, the tempest tossed to me.

We always read that in the wrong way. We always read that as, oh, send me your homeless.

No! Send me the people that you have made homeless. Send me the people you have made homeless! Send me the people that you say, cannot make it. Send me the people that you have broken through all of your policies, and your rules.

And your experts.

Send those people to me!

Send them to Texas. And let us show you what those people can do.

But what a new meaning this has, in this new progressive day and age. For the tired, poor, homeless. And huddled masses, yearning for freedom.

They're now the American cities, that are being left in the wake, of California progress.

The TERRIFYING New ESG Rule that Glenn WARNED About is NOW HERE

The TERRIFYING New ESG Rule that Glenn WARNED About is NOW HERE

The European Union just gave its final approval for a new ESG requirements that will affect companies around the world. Glenn has been warning about this law for years and now, he says there’s only one way to stop it. But why should Americans be worried about EU regulations? Well, Glenn explains how ALL companies will either have to comply or abandon doing business with not just the EU, but any big company that does business in the EU. Plus, he breaks down how it could “destroy the petroleum industry” and even lead to YOU getting a social credit score.


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GLENN: We have -- I have some good news and I have some bad news. Which do you want first?

STU: I'm a glutton for punishment. We'll take the bad news first.

GLENN: Okay. Hmm. You sure?

Okay. Here we go.

This is -- this is extraordinarily bad news from the European Union.

This is something that I have been warning listeners and readers with for over three years now.

It was included in both The Great Reset, and the Dark Future books.

We really went into it, at Dark Future, talking about, this -- this can't happen.

If this happens. Don't, no. Really.

Well, it's just happened. We've talked about it on the air several times. But I don't -- now it's official. And it's in writing. And so I'm going to explain it. And tell you what it is, and what it's going to do.

It looked like this bill was going to tie several times over the past few months. In fact, Justin Haskins and I had a big argument. Should have made a 3,000-dollar bet with him.

And then I could have paid you off for the Michelle Obama thing. But he said it would fail. And it did not. Now it's one of the biggest threats to freedom in America, both in the short and in the long-term, because this law, because of this law in Europe, our society, through corporate decision making and business partnerships, are going to be forced to conform with the European rules, values, and environmental standards. European social justice metrics are now officially, they have to be imposed on America, through this law.

The only thing that will change this, is if Congress acts, and the president acts.

This president and this at least Senate, will never stop this.

Here's what's going to happen: The EU has established an extraordinarily complex, very large ESG system, that covers all companies, and when I say all companies. All companies, will need to comply with.

This includes both covered companies. Based in the US. As well as non-EU companies, such as those in America and in Canada, that operate in the EU.

So, in other words, you sell, I think it's half a billion dollars' worth of stuff. And you have to comply. You sell a half a billion dollars in Europe. Just under that. Then you have to comply.

But so do all of the companies that you do business with.

So if you're a small company and you're making winkling it's, and you sell them to a company that is making big money. And I wonder if this applies to Amazon.

You sell something on Amazon, that's a company that's making at least half a billion dollars in Europe. You're going to have to comply.

The -- the covered companies, will be required to submit reports to the European government authorities, if they are EU-based customers. Or companies with more than a thousand employees. And a world wild turnover of more than $489 million.

Turnover is another word for revenue. Or income.

But why wouldn't you say that? This word bothers me. I just think it's one of those words like stakeholders. And nobody knows what it means. And then you hear stakeholders, and you know what it means. You're like, oh, crap, that's everybody.

Non-EU-based companies, such as U.S. companies now, fall under the requirements if they have a net turnover of more than $489 million with the European Union.

Franchise and licensing agreements as well as subsidiaries of larger companies.

Will also fall under the EU's ESG regime.

I don't know exactly the lawyers have not even really explained this yet.

But we have been covering this for so long.

We think we know what this means. But licensing agreements. I write books. Some of them sell in Europe.

Simon & Schuster sells books like crazy over in Europe.

They're making over 489 million I'm sure, in Europe.

Am I now forced to comply?

Thank God I have Mercury, Inc. now, and I don't have to do Simon & Schuster. But am I required?

Most importantly, all covered companies will need to ensure that the businesses in their supply and value chains. I don't know what that means. Do you know what supply and value chain is?

Stu, you're the head of Ford. Have you checked your value change?

What is exactly the numbers on your value change? What the hell does that mean?

STU: Value chain or value chains?

GLENN: Value chains.

STU: I mean, I'm very in touch with my value chains on a daily basis.

GLENN: Yeah, okay. Also, those companies, anybody who makes a widget for these companies has to adhere to the relevant ESG you rules. Remember, ESG is environmental, social, and governance.

So could you have enough, you know, gay -- gay, black, hermaphrodites, that only have one leg.

Do you have them on your board?

Well, why not?

That's your governance part. Social is all of the social justice crap, that we have been fighting. And E, of course, is environment.

This bill, by the way, will destroy the petroleum industry. And don't worry, petroleum, it's not used at anything. Nothing can make petroleum.

This will indirectly impose Europe's ESG standards on countless American companies, including many small businesses.

All covered companies will need to create climate change transition plans. Prevention action plans. Establish contractural assurances, from a direct business partner. That it will ensure compliance with the business' prevention action plan.

So you make a widget, but you don't sell it to Ford. You sell it to somebody that is making radios for Ford.

You don't have anything to do with Ford. But if you want to sell a widget to another company, that does business with Ford, or sell it to another company that that company sells to another company, to sell to Ford.

You see how this is working?

And if you don't comply in America, you cannot sell anything, in Europe.

You also, established contractural assurances. Business prevention.

Can and make necessary financial or nonfinancial investments or upgrades.

What the hell does that mean? Individual countries will write their own laws in accordance with this new EU. ESG law.

Each country in the EU will be responsible for enforcing its rules and issuing punishments. Civilian and activist groups also are covered in this bill. Activist groups can bring private cause of action against companies for failing to meet guidelines.

Well, open up the floodgates for attorneys, right there. The EU requirements are going to be faced in, beginning in 2027.

Now, let me get into the actual requirements, that we can -- this is a very complex, and very big bill.

Over the weekend. Thank God for Justin Haskins and his team. He went through all of it. So let me tell you what these rules are.
Again, we're talking about something that just passed on Friday in the EU that affects us. And it's -- it's the economy. It's the environment. It's free speech. It's all of it. So there's not a single long list of rules that companies need to comply with. There are some specific rules that are included.

However, this new law includes hundreds of vague statements and references to existing international agreements and EU regulations.

Many of those are also long agreements, featuring many more are rules, such as, the Paris climate agreement.

And the international covenant on economic, social, and cultural rights. You know that. You're complying I'm sure.

Oh, you're not?

I guess we should read up on it. As a result of the complexity and the expansiveness of the rule. The total number of social credit scoring metrics. Let me say that again. The total number of social credit scoring metrics, included in this law, is currently unknown.

But it is likely in the hundreds, if not more than a thousand.

It's hard to tell, currently. You get social credit scores. Now, let me ask you something: Is the EU going to actually stop buying everything that comes from China.

Because there's no way that China will comply with this.

Do you know what that will do for the prices in the European Union.

If they stop buying stuff from China?

If we don't stop this. If we stop buying things from China.

Prices -- you will go broke, quickly, businesses will go out of business, quickly.

Now, here's just one example of the law, where it's not economic.

It's actually on climate change. And free speech.

The directive is an important legislative tool to ensure corporate transition to a sustainable economy. What they're saying there is: No longer a capitalist system. Including to reduce the existential harms and costs of climate change. To ensure alignment with the global net zero by 2050. And to avoid any misleading claims, regarding such alignment, and stop green washing disinformation, and fossil fuel expansion, worldwide, in order to achieve international and European climate objectives

So notice they throw in misinformation. One law -- one law firm notes, companies are required to effectively engage with stakeholders. Let me say that again.

Companies are required to effectively engage with stakeholders.

Do you remember who the stakeholders are? Because they're not you!

The take holder are the governments. The social activists. And I think that's it. And the companies, themselves.

Those three get together. Because, you know, the Sierra Club, is a stakeholder in making sure that our trees are okay. And our environment is clean.

The government is just a representative of you. Yeah. Yeah. I stopped believing that a long time ago.

So you don't have a voice. Your voice is the Senate, the House, and the president.

That's the stakeholder that they have to deal with. Companies have to sit down, when they're making these rules, with those guys.

This includes carrying out consultations at various stages, of the due diligence process. That's going to be cheap. During which, companies must provide comprehensive information.

Now, according to the European parliament. Member states will be required to provide companies with detailed online information. On their -- of their due diligence obligations. Via practical portals, containing the commission's guidance.

They will also create or design, and designate a supervisor authority, to investigate, and impose penalties, on any noncompliant firms.

These will include naming and shame.

That's a quote.

This will include, in quotes, naming and shaming. And fines of up to 5 percent of the company's net worldwide turnover.

Again, worldwide turnover.

Why not use revenue?

Additionally, a breach of certain CSDDDD obligations. That's the catchy acronym for it.

May result in civil liability for damages. However, a company cannot be held liable for any damage caused by its business partners. In its chain of activities.

That's the bad news. I can guarantee you, we are at least a year, maybe two years ahead of everyone else. They are not paying attention to this.

Do not dismiss this, when you go into vote.

Which candidate is -- and I mean every candidate, is most likely to stand up and say, no! Review if the United States, a huge market, decides to say, we're not playing your game. Europe will not be able to stand on its own.

China, they'll just give a pass to. Because everybody, for some reason, thinks that that authoritarian state that puts their own people with social credit scores, and puts them in camps, is okay.

Let me ask you this: Do you think Europe is actually going to have Apple pay a fine or stop making its products in China because they're made by slaves?


This is a way to -- look, there is a book over in our museum.

Very rare. Because the king had them all burned.

It was during the witch trials over in Europe.

And it was one book, that says, this is hogwash!

This is just the king wanting these rules, so he can get rid of his enemies.

King had them all burned. We can find all kinds of stuff, that say, witches are real.

That book, is extraordinarily rare. Why?

The king needed them to go away, because he could have -- anybody who displeased him, he's a witch.

She's a witch.

Burn them at the stake. That's exactly what's going to happen here. Companies like Apple will be fine. Facebook, fine.

Doing business. Over in Europe. Even though, they're working with the Chinese!

You, but any company that decides to stand and say, no. We don't believe in this.

We're not doing this. You're doomed. You're doomed.

If you play ball with the government, one way or another, you're all right.

Klaus Schwab's WEF "Heir" Wants to ENSLAVE YOU

Klaus Schwab's WEF "Heir" Wants to ENSLAVE YOU

World Economic Forum founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab is stepping back from his role running the WEF. But his “heir” might be even more terrifying. Glenn speaks with Klaus Schwab, Jr. (totally not comedian Eric Hollerbach) about his plans for the WEF in the future, including why he wants to enslave humanity and how you will benefit from it. Plus, he reveals why Klaus Schwab is really stepping back (brains can’t digitize themselves), how the WEF gets its power, and why he’s “beefing” with Glenn.

NOTE: Okay, okay that wasn't actually Klaus's son. He is, in fact, comedian Eric Hollerbach. You can catch his standup at Vulcan Gas Company in Austin, Texas on July 11th & September 11th, 2024 at 8:00pm CT!


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: The world economic founder and executive chairman, Klaus Schwab will be stepping back from his role, running the global gathering, since he founded it in 1971. You know, I don't know. He's only had since 1971. Has he really had enough time to accomplish all of his goals?

He will be stepping down, and transitioning to a role as a nonexecutive, chairperson. The change in role is still pending approval. By the Swiss government, who I just love so very, very much.

We are shockingly lucky enough to be able to speak to his son now. And just so you know, he was raised in a -- in a middle -- he was raised really as a middle class oligarch in a modest castle in Bulgaria. Klaus Schwab Jr is with us now, to tell us, you know, for instance, what it was like growing up with Klaus Schwab as a dad.

Klaus Jr. welcome.

ERIC: Hello, Glenn Beck. How are you today.

GLENN: I am good. I am good. It's interesting that you would agree to only this particular program. I'm not sure how your father feels about people like me or -- or -- or Russell Brand.

ERIC: Well, it's okay to talk to our position, and maybe I can make some conversions on to your side, to my side.

GLENN: Sure. Sure. And your side is?

ERIC: Techno fascist dictatorship.

GLENN: Okay.

ERIC: We're making efficiency.

GLENN: Right.

ERIC: And you're asking of my father. Santa Klaus Schwab, transitioning. Just like how the paper -- let's be honest. Paper money. Even Monopoly Times, has the digitalization of the card now.

So when you play Monopoly, so that your dumb kid can't make the math to count the paper. Now this is on card for you.

GLENN: Right.

ERIC: Just -- now you are making digital currency for efficiency making. For equitable access of you will have your taxes. So you don't have to get a cumbersome tax audit. Or anything like that.

Klaus Schwab's brain is analogue at this moment, and it will go to digitalization.

So he's just getting the upgrade. It's not really -- it's more of a Laffer movement.

GLENN: Really? Okay.

So he's really kind of going to continue just in a digital kind of way.

ERIC: Yes. I think that, you know -- and also, he said something about karma. And he does not want to (inaudible) so he will just loophole digitalization.

GLENN: Right. Right.

Wasn't -- was it your father, or was it your grandfather that was a Nancy?

ERIC: Labels. Labels. Okay? Labels. The national Socialist Party, oh, you will factor COVID time. Oh, you're Democrats. You're evil. You know what I mean?

It's like, first of all, my great uncle, great uncle actually died from Auschwitz. People don't actually know this.

GLENN: Really? Died in Auschwitz?

ERIC: Yes. He was scared. And so he was making an installation of electric fence. And his foot was in a muddy puddle, and he was electrocuted.

GLENN: And that's a pretty tragic family story really?

ERIC: Oh, he was a great man.

GLENN: Yeah. Who knew? Who knew? You had so much in common with the Jews.

So how was your childhood with Klaus Schwab being your dad?

ERIC: Well, not always great. You know, he always gave me the carrot on the stick. The silver or the led option. For example, for Christmastime, he would take all the neighborhood kids who would go into the castle. And, you know, some of them were from the lower classes. And then for Christmas Eve, he would like always wear this like scary mask. And he would like not wear the pants. And then he would always insist on bare bottom spanking from my friends.

And my friends are like, oh, spankings on my buttocks. You know, a big cry.

But since the next day, he would be playing near the Tenenbaums, near the Christmas tree for you.

GLENN: Right.

ERIC: And he's like 10,000 years old.

You know, the PlayStation. Oh, you get the motorcycle.

GLENN: Really?

ERIC: Well, I don't like this man. But he's not so bad.

GLENN: Right. Yes. Yes.

ERIC: You don't know if he's coming or going.

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

So what is the role of the world economic -- you know, people say, they just don't have any power at all. Because it's just a collection of people that get together.

ERIC: That's really funny. Good one.

GLENN: Oh, I thought that -- that was actually a question.

I mean, you know, how do you respond to that?

ERIC: No. Well, we do certain rituals. To ensure that we go up the food chain.

Closer and closer and closer to the great architects of the universe. And we are the embodiment to inherit Earth Incorporated.

GLENN: Right. And then people like the average people, how are they going to benefit?

ERIC: Well, their slavery will be more like digital token. They will have equitable access to make labor or jail.

GLENN: Okay.

Okay. Klaus Schwab Jr.

Thank you very much. I guess for joining us. And telling us --

ERIC: Well, I -- I am beefing with you, Glenn Beckingham.

GLENN: You have a beef with me?

ERIC: Yes. I went down to Mercury Studios to make prime time happen. And I said at the front desk, first of all, nobody -- there was no tropics when I arrived.


Nobody made the feet kissing.

GLENN: Right. Right.

ERIC: And then insult to injury, they pointed to the public toilet for me.

And I said, no! My pronouns are God and deity. I will use Glenn Beckingham's toilet. And they said, no. That's forbidden.

GLENN: Yes. Yes.

ERIC: And so the next time I see you at the Glenn Beckingham. If you are sitting on the throne, I will sit on your lap.

GLENN: Well, I think your father has already kind of done that in his own sort of way, with everybody on earth. By the way, I want to introduce you to -- who we're really talking to. Eric Hollerbach.

ERIC: Who? No. He's a loser. No. He's my intern.

GLENN: Really? Really?

ERIC: You know the friend who is like the beta? Who like, no matter how much fun you make of him, he keeps coming? You know. He is like this man.

GLENN: Yeah. Really. Really. And what does he do for you, exactly? Because I understood that, you know, Eric has been doing stand-up comedy in New York and everybody where else.

And screen writing. And things like that. But that's your intern that does that.

ERIC: Yeah. You think this pays? No, no, no. I pay him under the table. But, you know, he stored the -- he stores -- but I keep tabs on him. You know, we have a certain Stasi sale in Fredericksberg.

So I make a following of him, to make sure my supply is okay, and all this.

And you should see -- you should see the heifers he brings home. Oh, my God.

I mean, he does not respect himself.

For example, he went to the Austin, Texas, rodeo. And we make photograph of this. To keep track on him.

And it was very difficult to tell the difference between the plump, fat, Goth ugly girls he likes, and the cows in the rodeo. The only way we could tell the difference, because the fishnet owns the eye liner. They took it back to the -- the Germans, the CIA. The BNB. And we need forensic photographic analysis to tell the the difference between the cows and the girls he's talking to.

GLENN: Okay. All right.

Well, Klaus Schwab Jr. Thank you so much.
Future executive and chairman of the world.

THIS is Where Inflation is Coming From

THIS is Where Inflation is Coming From

The Federal Reserve may claim to be fighting inflation, but Rep. Thomas Massie joins Glenn to make the case that the Fed is also CAUSING the inflation. Between all the money printing, interest rate changes, and bank bailouts, the Fed is toppling the U.S. dollar, Massie argues. And while you’re suffering, the big banks are getting richer. So, because of this, the Fed has got to go! But what would replace the Fed? Massie gives his top choice …


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: There is somebody that I really respect, that is doing something that absolutely has to happen. You want to fix the country, we must abolish the Federal Reserve right now.

And representative Thomas Massie is on the phone with me now.

Hi, Thomas, how are you?

THOMAS: Hey, Glenn. Thanks for covering this topic. It really needs to happen.

We're done nibbling around the edges. I've introduced the bill to audit the fed for a decade.

We're past that, and we have to end it.

GLENN: Yeah. So explain to people, what the fed is, is what it has been doing lately. It's our central bank. And it has nothing to do with the federal government.

It is a private corporation. Correct?

THOMAS: Yeah. Let me just explain what's happened under Jerome Powell. And I hate to pick on him, but he's the fed chairman right now. And under him, we've seen 25 percent of the value of the dollar, disappear.

Meanwhile, during COVID, the investment bankers, and the Wall Street bankers. Had their best year ever in 2020.

And we hit 7 percent inflation. During COVID.

Thanks to the fed.

They are -- and then let me just tell you about Jerome Powell's background. Because it's indicative of the kind of people that worked there.

He started out as an attorney, and he went into investment banking. Then he went to Treasury. Then he left Treasury. And went into banking.

And investment banking. And it was Barack Obama who put him on the federal Board of Governors.

And then it was Trump who elevated him to chairman, and then it was Biden who renominated him.

This guy is the Uniparty person, who makes the investment bankers rich and everybody else poor in this country.

GLENN: But it's also -- people need to understand, the president can't just nominate anybody, or appoint anybody.

The -- the Federal Reserve -- so all of the -- what is it, seven or eight banks?

The biggest banks. We are not even allowed to know who they are, which is incredibly un-American and leads to all kinds of corruption. They get together, and they say to the president. Here are a few names, that we'll accept. You pick from one of them. Right?
THOMAS: Right. And then when that guy takes the job, who do you think he goes out to have dinner with every night?

I mean, there's this argument that we want our monetary policy to be independent of Congress or the executive branch. But it's a falsehood, that it's independent right now. It's not independent at all.

I mean, Jerome Powell lobbies Congress and the White House to engage in more fiscal stimulus. And then they're working.

I mean, when the Treasury gets their debt monetized by the fed. You think that's an independent thing?

No. That's a carefully orchestrated dance. That's what they've done recently. There's three ways you can get money for the government to spend.

You can either tax the people and get money back. Or you can borrow the money. Or you can just create it out of thin air.

And what they did during COVID, is they created trillions of dollars out of thin air.

And this is -- Congress is to blame as well. Congress spent those trillions of dollars. It's the fed that enabled it. And it's the fed that pulls it off.

GLENN: And it's also the fed.

This is what kills me. You know, they said that, you know, in 2008, these banks were too big to fail. And we have to stop that.

And everything Congress did made these banks stronger and bigger, and hurt the small banks that are not part of the Federal Reserve system, so to speak.

They're not on -- you know, they're not one of the owners of the fed. And it seems to me, Thomas, that every time something is done, the American people are the ones that lose, and the banks get the money. They get richer. And in the end, it's going to be those, however.

What is it? Five or six or eight banks, that make up the fed. Do you know?

THOMAS: I don't know the number.

GLENN: We don't even know the number.

So whatever the number is, those guys are going to be the ones that are currently holding our debt.

Now, as I understand it, whoever holds debt, you have to pay that debt. And I have had bankers tell me. Glenn, we don't have to worry about the debt.

Do you know what just our national parks are worth?

And so we will pay whatever it is they want, we'll have to give that to the banks.

Which will mean, it's a transfer of wealth from the people, to these big banks. It's just obscene.

THOMAS: Yeah. And they have no intention of selling the national parks, by the way. They are just going to take it out of our (inaudible), that's what they're going to do.

And, listen, to your first point there. The fed acts like they're the firefighters, but they are the arsonists.

GLENN: Yes, they are.

THOMAS: They kept rates low. They had easy money for banks to get.

For so long. That the banks, you know, they just assumed it was always going to be that way. You had a few that failed. They came in.

And, well, they failed because the fed then came in. Which whiplashed and raised rates, quicker than they ever raised them before.

And the banks were kind of in this one model. Then the fed comes and does triage on them.

The fed starts out as the arsonist. Then they come in and too the fire fighting by raising rates. Then they come in and bail out the couple of banks last year.

So they are causing the problems that they come in and allegedly solve. But I think we're almost to a point now, where they're running out of levers, where the rubber bands that attach their levers to our macro economy are stretched as far as they are stretched.

Because right now, they're not really in control of interest rates. They might like to think they can lower the interest rate to stimulate the economy again. But the problem is. When they recently put treasuries out for auction. The sovereign funds. In the other countries that oftentimes buy our debt. Said, you know what, that four and a half percent. I don't think that's a good bargain.

I'm not going to buy those. I need a higher interest rate.

GLENN: Would you honestly.

If you had -- you were in charge of a bank. Or you were making loans as a private individual. And you had somebody who came in and ran their life, the way our Congress runs our country, what kind of interest rate would you demand from them, that you would think it's worth taking the risk for that?


GLENN: I mean, it would be easy. Easy in the double digits. And most likely in the mid-double digits for me.

THOMAS: Yeah. And the other thing is then, we try to inflate our debt down.

In other words, we devalue our currency.

So it changes the impact, of let's say the nominal price of our debt in gold, if you can find some outside reforms.

So the Treasury kind of likes inflation. It kills the little guy. It's -- the big guys don't care. Because like we saw during COVID. They just reprice everything on Wall Street. Then the other assets, the fed will prop up by buying them. So they make sure the rich people can survive during inflation.

The poor people can't. Or even the middle class can't. Because you don't have these sort of financial instruments that everybody else has. That the fed takes care of.

And so it -- then the fed is -- when they cause inflation. They solve a little bit of the debt problem.

But the problem is: We're getting to a point, where it's not going to work anymore.

For a while, we had inflation, that was greater than the interest rate, that we were paying on the debt.

So you can see actually -- people will take your debt at those low interest rates, and inflation is that high. You should probably take on more debt. I hate to say it.

They're wising up in the world.

Now, here is something else that happens.

The US dollar is the world currency.

We've mucked with it. But not so much that people don't want it yet.

GLENN: Yet. Yet.

THOMAS: And when you want to. Everybody likes to do their transactions in dollars. But to do a transaction in dollars, you have to hold dollars. So the whole world is holding dollars.

So when we devalue the dollar. We're not just taxing our own people.

We're taxing the entire world. We're kind of like the credit card gets 3 percent of all the transaction at the gas station. We get that 3 percent if we create 3 percent more money every year. Which we typically do. But the rest of the world is getting tired of being used that way. They're tired of our transaction fees. I.e. inflation.

And when they start using alternate forms of money to do their transactions. Or holding different assets in their own sovereign wealth funds. Then we're not going to be able to do that trick, on anybody, except for US citizens.

GLENN: You know --

THOMAS: Again, this is all coming to a head.

GLENN: Thomas, I said this a while back.

Probably 15 years ago.

When this actually happens. We are going to be labeled. Because no politician, in any other country, is going to take responsibility for their own fiscal madness.

Everybody is going to blame it on the United States.

Because we were greedy. Grotesque. And took on so much debt.

That we devalued the dollar. And it's going to affect the entire world.

And, you know, I relayed it. And I know it's for different reasons in some way.

But I look at the way Germany looked at France. At the end of World War I and the beginning of World War II. Is I think the way the rest of the world is going to look at us. We forced. We didn't. France forced Germany into just devastation.

Where they had to inflate their dollar. I mean, it was horrible. We -- the damage that we are going to do, by destroying our dollar.

I don't think we're going to be very popular in the world.

THOMAS: No. And somebody says, okay. If you get -- they've been asking me, what if you get rid of the fed? What do you replace it with?

That's like saying, if you take out a tumor, what do you replace the tumor with?

Then the serious answer is we go back to stable currency.

The government can't manipulate.

You would -- I would prefer to have a gold standard ready.

GLENN: Me too. So I have been told. This is what a serious, serious banker at the fed level has said to me.

Glenn, the reason why we had to get rid of the gold standard. Is at first, we wanted the great society and the Vietnam War. Couldn't afford it.

But there's not enough gold to build and live at the level the world lives, right now.

It -- we had to play funny money. And everybody is in on it. We can't go to a gold standard. Because there's just not enough gold.

Do you buy that?

THOMAS: Well, there's enough gold to do honest transactions.

But you're right. There's not enough gold to do the funny money and to fund all of these wars, for instance. That we've engaged in.

You know, typically, when the government tries to leave some kind of standard that they've been on.

It's because they have to finance a war. And nobody wants to consume enough of their debt to finance the war. So they go off the standard.

Yeah. You can't monetize your own debt. Once you get into that model.

You can't create the funny money. It's real money.

It's hard money. And that's what we should go back to.

And we shouldn't replace the fed with anything. It's Keynesian economics. The whole premise, I know a lot of Republicans may disagree with me. And they may think we need a federal reserve bank.

And that we need to control inflation. But that's the whole notion of Keynesian economics.

That you could create prosperity by tweaking the -- the interest rates and the money supply. And that the free market doesn't have enough signals and feedback. Doesn't react quickly enough. That you can have some experts in an ivory tower.

That need to be turning off to make our lives better. The reality is, the people in the ivory tower, they're investment bankers. They came from investment banking. They're going back to investment banking. They still got ties to it.

And they're tweaking it enough to help their buddies and to keep this going, until the music stops. Which is --

GLENN: So you have introduced HR24 as well, which is the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, to audit the federal reserve. And the act to abolish it. You have a lot of cosponsors. Any chance that this even gets passed, our own House Speaker?

THOMAS: Well, probably not this speaker. But we've got -- not under this Speaker, but under previous Speakers, we have passed Audit the Fed in the House. They've never brought it up in the Senate, or not passed it in the Senate. But yet, people like Bernie Sanders, who sponsored Audit the Fed when he was in the House, then he gets to the Senate and he won't even sponsor it.

But we've got to end it. So we have enough cosponsors. And enough votes to pass audit the fed. It hasn't happened in this Congress. It should happen in this Congress. But, by the way, if it were really part of the government. You could do a FOIA on it. But try FOIA-ing the federal reserve.

GLENN: You can't. You can't.

Thomas, quickly, how can people help?


So the HR number is 8421 for ending the Federal Reserve. We have 22 cosponsors right now. We need more cosponsors. Ask your congressmen to cosponsor end the fed. HR8421.

GLENN: Thomas, thank you very much.

EVERY California Democrat Voted to PROTECT Illegal Immigrants Who HARM KIDS?!

EVERY California Democrat Voted to PROTECT Illegal Immigrants Who HARM KIDS?!

California State Assemblyman Bill Essayli (R) recently proposed a bill that would have bypassed California's sanctuary state laws ONLY for illegal immigrants who harm children. But apparently, even that was too much for the state Democrats because EVERY SINGLE ONE of them voted against the motion. Essayli joins Glenn to explain why he believes the bill failed: Do these Democrats care more about protecting criminal illegal immigrants than children? Or is this all about party politics? Either way, one thing is clear, Glenn says: California has become depraved!


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Let's see, we have Bill Essayli on with us. He's been on with us before. He's a California state assemblyman. He's a Republican.

And he put something up, that he knew didn't have a chance to survive, I believe.

However, he wanted -- he wanted everyone to see that every single Democrat in the California House would -- would vote against his bill. And I will let you tell -- let him tell what the bill was.

It just failed this week. Bill, welcome to the program.

BILL: Hi, Glenn. Thank you for having me. Yeah. So we -- I put this bill up. First of all, it was inspired by two specific cases we had coming up in the state of California. One, they reported, Colombian illegal immigrant raped a 14-year-old girl. Went to prison in California. ICE wanted him. They wanted him immediately after his sentence, so they could deport him. Under California law, or sanctuary state law, it is illegal for the sheriff or any law enforcement official to honor an ICE request or to cooperate any way with officials. They put him back in the streets.

GLENN: Jeez.

BILL: And he was picked up later in Boston, Massachusetts. Where they eventually deported him. And that's what first inspired this bill.

Said, why does the state of California's laws protect pedophiles? Why would we do this?

That's what I wrote in the law. Very specific. All the law says is we're rolling back century state (phonetic), as it applies to child sex offenders. If you've been convicted of committing a child sex offense against a minor. You are required to comply with immigration official orders.

GLENN: So it doesn't open up sanctuary state for anything else, other than convicted pedophiles.

BILL: Yes. And that was by design. Of course, if I was running the case. I would reverse policy.

But I said, you know what, we're only 18 out of 80 in here. We're not controlling policy. Let's get them on record. Let's expose the Democrat Party for who they are, and I knew putting this up, they would put them down.

And then we could show the public. They are more concerned about protecting illegal immigrant pedophiles, than they are about doing the right thing and protecting American citizens. That's who these people are.

So I tell you, people start calling me. They do not believe this. It's almost so crazy. People don't believe it. That's where we are.

And then just last week, we had a guy. Illegal immigrant.

He had a rape van, driving up and down the streets of LA. Picked up women and children. And raping them in a van. He is an illegal immigrant. And he's currently protected under our state laws from deportation. We will not deport him from California.

GLENN: You know, I -- California has just become depraved. Hollywood is a big source of this.

It -- it is honestly, depraved. And evil.

What's going on.

And when you have a whole bunch of representatives of the people, and they won't deport pedophiles.

Convicted pedophiles.

And cooperate with the federal government to get them out of the state. We're not talking about anything else. I would like to evict all of them.

But pedophiles. What are the -- what are the voters saying? Is there any uproar about this at all in California?

BILL: The problem with California, Glenn, there's so many bad policies. So many bad bills. We voted on hundreds of bills just this week. It's hard for people to even keep up with what's happening.

So that is why, I try to concentrate. Let's just focus on one issue.

Just one. Let's focus on this.

And luckily, thanks to you, thanks to other media outlets, they're covering these issues. And people are waking up to it.

But if you watch the video, of when I forced a vote on the floor, they wouldn't even let me describe the bill. As soon as I said this bill would roll back sanctuary state for pedophiles, they cut my microphone off.

It's like, they don't even want the public to know what they're doing up there.

When they talk about ten months, show them that video. That's the Democrat version of democracy.

GLENN: Oh, I have to get that video.

We will play that video. Buoy, one of our producers, if you can find that video. Is it on your website or anywhere?

BILL: It's on our Twitter. You can see it on our Twitter, we put the video up.

GLENN: What's your Twitter handle?

BILL: It's @BillEssayli.

GLENN: We'll expose that, and I will tweet that. That's horrific.

It is -- the only way to describe what is -- is happening. Is true evil, and then those who are intentionally blinding themselves. Because it's too horrific to look at. And they don't want to believe their side, is truly that evil.

BILL: Yeah. That's 100 percent right. You know what my takeaway is, Glenn? You know, I serve with these people every day in the Capitol. We did this vote, unfazed, cavalier. It's just another thing on the day. And they just resume walking around. They don't give a damn. They just tonight. It's all about party and politics.

And, you know, the reason they voted against it.

I bet you, some of them didn't even know what they were voting on. Just because that I'm a Republican and I proposed a motion, by extinct they voted down without consideration. That is --

GLENN: Did you have -- did you have any Democrat come to you, in quiet and say, look.
Bill, I understand what you're doing.

And, you know, this is sick. But it will open up the door to all of the -- did you get anybody to privately say that to you.

No. In fact, I get disdain and looks. And why are you doing this? And we -- and this is -- they get mad at me, for forcing the issue. That's the response I get from the Democrat colleagues. And I will be honest, not on this one. But when I do similar things, I get pushback from my own side. Because we have Republicans too, who are trying to do things and pass something. Why are we making them mad? We have to work with them. I will not work with these people. I'm here to defeat these people, and not work with these people. And we have to wake up and know what a real opposition party looks like in this country. We have controlled opposition in our party.

And I'm not about that.

GLENN: Where are you from in California?

Is your seat safe?

HARMEET: I am from Riverside County.

I was born and raised here in Southern California. My parents are immigrants from Lebanon.

And I love this country, and I love this state. And I am not willing to give up on it.

GLENN: I am hoping your seat is safe. Because we are a crusader, and we need those. I don't know if you saw what Tim Scott said this week.

Did you read those? You did or didn't?

BILL: I did not. I have been stuck up in the Capitol.

GLENN: Yeah. He said -- because he put his hat in the ring to run for head of the Senate for Republicans.

And he said, no more working together. This cannot be done.

He said, it is time for a sea change of the Republicans, or we will not save the republic.

And you -- you sound very much like him. And I agree 100 percent.

Thank you, Bill.

BILL: I think there's a new type of conservatism rising, Glenn.

GLENN: They're --

BILL: The new generation.

GLENN: Define it.

BILL: I think the new form of conservatism is what you said, understanding what the principles of the country are. What the republic is. What a Constitution republic is, what limited power is.

And then going into government as for service.

Service to others. Not service to yourself. That's what I see a lot with politics. It should not be a lifelong career.

You go there to represent the people.

And check the power of the government. And check the power of the other parties. And I don't think, that that has been the stance of the Republican Party.

It has been to do the work of the donors. Or do the work of the business. Not the work of the people.

GLENN: Yeah, it is.

BILL: I tell you, it's not easy. You're surrounded by lobbies and big money. And you forget who you are. You forget what your purpose is. And a lot of times, I'm a lot like -- I'm the guy not liked in the room. I'm the one standing up for everyone not there. The public. When everyone is pressuring you to do the wrong thing. It's not easy. But we need people with the right character in public office, and so if you're listening. I would say, please, run.

If you've accomplished something in your life. You have good character.

Run for office. I -- I see, Glenn. Up here.

It's staffers. It's interns. Who become staffers.

Who then run for office.

Or activists. Or Marxists.

I don't see normal, everyday people running for office anymore.

And I think that's a mistake.

GLENN: Yeah. I know in Utah. I talk to some people.

They say, they are now -- the lobbyists are now running just to muck things up, to get the weaklings in.

It's -- it's just disgusting with, what's happening. Bill, thank you for everything you're doing. Appreciate it.

Keep checking in with us. You bet. God bless.