Glenn: Biden’s most recent LIES are 'DISTORTING' OUR HISTORY

President Biden took time on Sunday to remember Martin Luther King Jr., which is ironic, considering how much the far-left vehemently fights against so many principles that MLK preached. During his speech, Biden spewed SEVERAL LIES, some of which are ‘gravely' distorting American history, Glenn says. In this clip, Glenn goes through the most recent Biden lies. He questions why SO MANY (especially in the media) are so quick to ignore them, and he urges YOU to stand for truth in your own, personal circles now more than ever. Why? Because ‘you are the keeper of the flame of liberty,’ Glenn explains. ‘And right now, [for] most of us, that flame is either out…or there is just a few embers of coal left.’


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GLENN: Well, it was good to see the president out celebrating Martin Luther King day. I don't know how I feel about all of this, because I'm not sure if it's politically correct to like him, except on Martin Luther King Day. You know, are other days acceptable?

I'm not sure. Because he said, you should judge people by the content of your character. And now everybody is saying, Martin Luther King was wrong.

So I don't -- do I drive on his street? His boulevard today? Or not. I don't know.

STU: They seemingly, typically, don't say Martin Luther King was wrong. They say, the things Martin Luther King said, they'll say content of the character, not the color of the skin.

They'll say that idea is wrong. But they typically will just stand by and act as if they didn't say those things.

They like having the brand name of Martin Luther King.

GLENN: Right. If you act like, he didn't say these things. And put other things around him. Eventually, people will feel like he didn't say those things.

Isn't that great? That didn't really work for Joe Biden. Because he's been saying things for a long time, that are absolutely not true.

Here he's talking at church yesterday, about two political heroes, that he had his entire life.

BIDEN: Inspired by one of my only political heroes. I've been saying, and I've been saying it for years. I have two political heroes my entire life. And I started off as a 22-year-old kid in the east side, in the civil rights movement. And got elected to the United States Senate when I was 29. I wasn't old enough to take office.

And I had two heroes.

GLENN: Got it.

BIDEN: Bobby Kennedy. I admired John Kennedy. But I could never picture them at my kitchen table.

But I could Bobby -- and Dr. King. Dr. King.

GLENN: Dr. King.

Okay. He's 22. And one of his heroes was Dr. King.

No malarkey.

STU: So malarkey was not the hero?

GLENN: I don't know who malarkey was.

STU: He was not the hero.

GLENN: It was Martin Luther King.

Then he talks about, how Martin Luther King so influenced his life. That he kept fighting. Apartheid, South Africa. He was there on the front lines.


You and I took on apart side in South Africa. And a whole lot else. They didn't want to see him coming.

GLENN: They didn't want to see him coming. And he knows because Andy was there. And he was there. And Andy will tell you the truth. Now, there's something else about his childhood, that you probably don't know, that you should.

I mean, he's a practicing Catholic. And he would go to church every morning. However, he went above and beyond. Listen to this. Here he is.

BIDEN: I may be a practicing Catholic, I used to go to 7:30 mass every morning in high school, and then on into college before I went to the black church.
Not a joke. Andy knows this.

GLENN: Not a joke. Not a joke.

He would go to church and then he would go to a black church.

That's pretty amazing. And then in the middle of his Martin Luther King speech, he saw a little girl in the front, and just had to stop. It wasn't awkward or anything.

BIDEN: So many young people are going to do so much more than we ever were going to. What's your name, honey? Well, it's good to see you. Maybe I can have a picture with you, before I leave, is that all right?

GLENN: Oh. That's really creepy. Thank you. But then he's right back into the speech. And I think this really says it all.

BIDEN: Hearing these words, and I quote. It took just one generation from segregation to the Supreme Court of the United States, end of quote.

Those are the words of Ketanji Brown Jackson, our Supreme Court justice.

GLENN: Uh-huh.

BIDEN: Took just one generation of segregation to the Supreme Court.

GLENN: You're right. It took only one generation to get there. To get there.

That is great. Who was -- because she's our first black Supreme Court justice, right? A

STU: No.


STU: No.

GLENN: Who was our first --

STU: Well, there's another one currently on the Supreme Court. We can start there.

GLENN: Oh, wait a minute. So he was on the Supreme Court?

But he was on our first. That was back in the '80s. No. No, he's not.

Will you look it up?

Because I'm pretty sure, it had to be Clarence Thomas was the first.

No. You got to look it up. Because -- and I don't think we really count Clarence Thomas, as a black person. You know.

STU: No?

GLENN: No. No.

I'm pretty sure we would have to say, the first one was Ketanji Brown Jackson. What?

STU: You mean --

GLENN: Yes. Right. That lady.

STU: That guy. Lady. Uh-huh.

GLENN: Okay. Who was the first --

STU: Thurgood Marshall.

GLENN: Thurgood Marshall. Wow, that's a good old-timey name. When was Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court? Had to be a generation after the civil rights movement, right?

Because it was just one generation from the civil rights, right to the Supreme Court.

Which, if you're doing that, that would be Clarence Thomas. But that would leave out Thurgood Marshall.

STU: 1967 to 1991.

GLENN: 1967 was Thurgood Marshall. So that's not even a generation. That's like ten minutes after the civil rights movement. Why -- why? Why?


Seriously, why? It took America, really, ten minutes to -- not a whole generation. A guy who was most likely. I don't know enough about Thurgood Marshall. But most likely a part of the civil rights movement.

And he's there. He's on the scene.

He's an attorney. He's qualified, but no way he's going ton a Supreme Court justice. Because he's a black man.

And America says, you know, enough of this. And boom! There's a black man on the Supreme Court.

Why are they making this like it's just happening now? Like he's taking a victory lap. I want everybody to know. Not only was I there. Which he wasn't. Not only was I in South Africa, which he wasn't.

But I also am the guy who brought it all home. We've waited a full generation. Not true.

What is this -- why? Why?

Why are we putting up with this?


We know it's not true. Do you think that the truth has no consequence?

I mean, the lies have no consequence. If you speak lies over and over and over again, what did that just do?

That distorted our history.

Gravely distorted our history.

Everybody will say, well, he didn't go to the black church. And he didn't even meet these guys that he's saying he met.

What are you -- I mean, he has been called on this over and over and over again. All of the people involved are like, no. It's not true.

It's not. Even the church he was speaking at, pastor is like, no. That's not true. Andy knows it. Nah. Andy is here to say, nope.

STU: I see what you're doing. You're trying to cover for George Santos.

George Santos, who is obviously, the number one guy. He's been in a leadership position for -- in our lives for many, many minutes, and you're trying to cover. This is what I'm amazed about here.

The New York Times wrote another, I don't know. Three stories this weekend about George Santos? A guy, who -- does anyone know who George Santos is?

GLENN: Yeah, I thought maybe it was just me. I know I know the name. And I'm like, who the hell is George Santos?

STU: He was the guy recently elected in New York. He just got sworn into office.

And he fabricated parts of his resume.

And this has been non-stop coverage from the New York Times for weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks.

They want this guy to resign. He lied about where he worked. He lied about committing a crime when he was 19 years old in Brazil.

All these things.

And yet this guy, Joe Biden, continued to go of up in front of church after church after church, and tell this completely fabricated story over and over and over again.

They have fact-checked this with people who were in the church at the time.

Everybody who was there. No one remembers him being there. The guy he says was pastor, wasn't even pastor, when he's telling this story.

All of this is going on. He's the president.

The president of the United States does this all the time, the New York Times does not care. And then they've written 78 articles about George Santos.

How is this possible? How can they be so transparent about this?

How can they be so transparent about all of their lies?

GLENN: No. Nobody -- see, here's the thing: I was going to say, nobody cares.

But that's not entirely true. I think the majority of America actually cares, but they don't care about all of the politics that go with it.

And they're no longer going to care about things they think no one is going to correct. No one is going to pay for it. You know, oh, Joe Biden. He lied about this. And now he's -- now he's going to give away all of our money. And, you know, it was all based on. Whatever.

It's unconstitutional.

He can't do that. Yeah. I don't really care. That's what the average person says. I don't really care. Now, when indeed, they actually do. They just don't think it will change anything. And so they're like, I'm not putting any of my time or energy in any of this.

That is exactly what I told you Obama was trying to do to us, in 2008.

Do you remember when the news cycle all of a sudden became breathless? Where it was like thing after thing after thing, and you couldn't keep up with it?

It hasn't stopped since 2008. Well, that's what you're feeling. They've worn you out, on look at that double standard.

They've worn you out on absolutely everything, nothing ever changes. The Republicans are part of it. They get into office.

Nothing changes. They do the same thing. It is natural for humans to go, well, why the hell do I even care?

It's not going to change anything.

Imagine the people in Phoenix. Imagine the people in Arizona.

Who actually believe that it was stolen from them.

Okay? Two times in a row. Stolen from them. Do you think they'll care about voting next -- next time?

Which is the worst thing that could possibly happen. This is why I'm giving you this. The worst thing that could happen is you go, I'm not voting -- I don't really care. It's not going to change. They're just stealing it. If you retreat, it's over. It is officially over.

If you see this, and you're like, this guy is lying, over and over again.

You may not get him, you know, kicked out of office. You're not going to change the media's mind, but you have to stand as a sentinel of truth in your own life and in your own sphere of influence. Because we can't let these things just become true. And they will become true, if no one stands to challenge them. And I'm not saying you're going to win nationally, you've got to win in your own homes.

You've got to keep -- you are the keeper of the flame of liberty. And right now, most of us, that flame is either out for most Americans, or there is just a few embers of coal left.

You've got to blow that back into life, in yourself.

I'm not saying, that you have to worry about every single thing, and politics. Because I'm tired of it.

I have resigned myself. I really believe, the Lord is the only one that can work this out. So when I say that, I'm not like, you handle it, Lord. I'm going to vacation. Oh, he's got it. He's got it. I'm just going to go to a movie.

No. I believe the only thing that will save our nation, is God almighty. And it is going to happen in a Biblical sized miracle in the end.

And he'll get credit for it. But I will tell you, that ain't going to happen if we all just go our own way and do nothing.

We have got to stand up and just say, hey, just want to let you all know. I mean, want to post this from Joe Biden on Martin Luther King day, happy birthday. Or, you know -- was it? It's not officially his birthday. But happy Martin Luther King day. Isn't this actually -- no. I think it was Washington's day or something.

But, anyway, you know. Happy Martin Luther King day. I still believe in the words of the Declaration of Independence, which Martin Luther King called America back to.

This stuff, from Joe Biden, is a lie. I'm not saying it.

CNN said it.

CNN said it.

You know, they said it once.


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