Glenn: My friend died. THIS is what she taught me.

Glenn’s job not only is to warn you about what’s coming, he says, but to encourage you as well. And one of the most important ways to remain encouraged during these trying times is to decide WHO YOU ARE. Because if you don’t, Glenn explains, then the rest of the world will decide who you are instead. Decide the characteristics that define you, and speak them aloud for the next 60 days. Because you ARE that may have just allowed somebody (or the world) to talk you out of it.


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GLENN: You know, believe it or not. There was a day when this show was rooted in comedy. I say this to people now, and they're like, what? We used to go on the road, 20 to 40 days in the year. And we would do comedy shows. And mainly, I got into this format. And, Stu, correct me if I'm wrong. To mock this format.

STU: Mainly that was the plan.

GLENN: Yeah. Too many of us take ourselves way too seriously. And I strangely have become one of those people. That have just become -- and it slowly happened. It's like the frog being boiled. You don't notice. 9/11 happened. And we had to take our job more seriously. And I realized, I'm a dope. I don't realize anything. So we'll figure this out. And then we'll go back to normal. Well, it never went back to normal. And then as -- as the stakes kept getting higher and higher. I became the more serious on finding answers. And then I was led to this new feeling. This calling. This responsibility, to warn you, on what was coming. Because nobody else in the media, most of them don't even care. They don't -- I mean, it is shark eyes. You start talking to some of these people in the media, about what's really happening. And they're like, uh-huh. Uh-huh.

I don't even (snoring). They don't care at all. So nobody is really alerting you. Which I felt I had to do. But then also, the audience, you know, as a general audience. I mean, as America. Most people just are looking for normalcy. And they really don't want to know. You know, I've asked myself. And we've asked ourselves, among our group, several times. Because once you know something, you can't unknow it. Well, no. Wait a minute. Joe Biden is proof that's not true. Because I think he knew a lot of things. And now he's like -- anyway.

Once you know something, you can't unknow it. And then what do you do with it? So we've asked each other several times. So would it have been better if we just kept making fun of stuff, and we were living in a bubble that we really didn't know the stuff we knew? Would we be happier?

No. No. We would find something to be miserable about. Come on. We are on the radio. Talk radio. You have to be pissed about something. No prophet ever ends his days in a lazy chair. Because most people don't want to know. You know.

And they'll tune out, because this is too big of a problem for me. I mean, what will be, will be. God will take care of it. He's really, no. Uh-uh. He's not your mom.

He's your dad. Dad is the one that always came in and said, your mother has said, clean this room up, I want it clean.

Okay. He's your dad. He's not like, please, clean up your room. Please clean up your room. Okay. Well, I'm tired of asking him. So I'll clean up the room.


We wash our hands and we wait for somebody else to fix it. Then worse yet, we get on Facebook, and we apply our filters, and pretend we have our crap together. Look at me. I'm actually looking at doing something on my Facebook and Instagram, where I just take a picture of me, every morning, as I get out of bed. Because it's a horror show. It's a horror show. But we look for the dopamine hit. You know, we take selfies in places we're not even really seeing it. We're just like, oh. Kangaroo. Let me get a selfie. And we move on with our lives. We're too busy looking at our screen. Nothing is real, and nothing has meaning. And I guess technically, we're working with our hands, as we're typing and posting. But we're not creating anything. Really, what are we creating? Online. Think how much time, you have. What are you creating? With your hands?

Nothing of value. I don't think -- maybe -- maybe in 1,000 years, people will go back and read some of our Facebook posts and go, oh, my gosh, that was incredibly deep. But I highly doubt it. So we're living in a dream world. And by doing that, we make ourselves slaves of whatever is coming our way. Because how many people do you know that you talk to, that you're like, hey. Do you have like food storage or something? Did you see that the world is on fire? No. I don't pay attention to that. I'm just sick of watching the news. It just gets me down. And you're like, okay. All right. Move away from this person.

They're going to be a slave to whatever happens. They're going need to somebody. Oh, and there will always be someone there, to help you.

You know, the problem is really, because of the filters, we had this in the past. We remember -- we remember our past in technicolor. Or Kodachrome. Do you remember that?

Where the colors were very, very vivid. Yeah. That's distortion. That one didn't really look like that. No. Grass was never that green.

So we look, at the guys who were probably -- I mean, seriously, I don't mean to be crass. Or anything. Or show any disrespect. But I mean this sincerely. How many people -- when that -- when that door fell open on those boats in Omaha, how many guys actually crapped their pants or peed their pants? I bet a lot. I bet a lot did. But you don't get that on smellovision. You're like, look at those heroes out there storming the beaches. Man, that's when men were men. They were crapping their pants, most likely.

But they did it. Those who rode the Freedom Bus to march with Martin Luther King, I don't think they were all like, yep. This is going to be a picnic. We're going to have a nice time in Washington, DC. No. No. But they did it.

Isn't it amazing? The last time we -- we silenced people, that, you know, others disagreed with, was the McCarthy hearings.

Remember how shameful that was? What's the difference between now communism is neat?

The difference is, we don't stand, I don't think, because we have a place to escape to. A digital landscape. It's another world. Where everyone is perfect. All kids behave themselves, and there are no problems.

When I was growing up, you nasty little kids. We only had one reality, and it sucked.

But we did it.

You know, the news can really get you down. I know. I'm an expert. News can really get you down. And then you go home. And then your house is on fire. And you're like, okay. Well, not all of -- nope. Nope. Now all the kids are on fire. Okay. That's good.

But I want you to know, I am not here. I -- I -- something is happening in me. I think it's good. I think.

What I felt my job was to warn -- my job is changing. It still will be to warn. But it's also to encourage you.

Because I know what life is like. I live out there too. He can't understand my life. Want to swap places? I'll bet you, they're the same. Except. Uh-uh. MyPillow. I have nicer sheets. No.

We are living in a time where Frank Sinatra was right. Some people just get their kicks on stomping on your dreams.

My father was right. He always said, you better know who you are. Glenn, say this with me. I am, blank. Fill in the blank. What are you filling it in with? Who are you going to be? I am, what?

I'm like, I am a disc jockey. He's like, that's ridiculous. Stop it. Otherwise, I'm going to have to say, I'm stupid. He's like, it's got to be -- who do you want to be? Not what do you want to be. Who do you want to be? I am strong. I am independent.

He said, if you don't say those things, believe me, there will be someone, or the entire world, will fill it in for you. Your family does this. I'm still the stinky little brother.

I am the stinky little brother. Still that to my sisters. Our families do it. Then the office does it. School does it. The world does it. And look at how it's filling things in for you right now. What are you? I am racist. I'm sexist. I'm white.

And if you're -- if you're actually on the popular side, what are they teaching you to say, I'm helpless. I'm impoverished. I'm -- I'm just someone who needs somebody else to do everything else for me. Because I can't do it. Because I'm not successful. And I'm not ever going to ever be successful. Because I can't be successful. My gosh, do you want to live in that world?

This is all leading somewhere. Because I just, in the break, just got news that a friend of mine passed away. You won't know her name. Few will know her name. But I hope when I die, I can be successful -- as successful as she was.

I'll explain in a minute. Well, it looks like CNN finally got around to listening to things that we've been talking about for a while. Sit down for this. CNN is reporting. And I quote, breaking news. The dollar might be in trouble.

Wow. That was breaking news about 2008. The dollar is our country's greatest weapon. And we blew it up. We -- yeah. We pressed the button on the dollar. Now, other countries are going, wait a minute. They'll do it to Russia. I might want to get away from the dollar. This is going to lead to further debasement of our dollar. According to the IMF over the last 20 years. A quarter of global reserves have shifted from the dollar. That's good. Huh? Then they told us, before it was breaking news. They told us, that would never happen. Well, it's hang.


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