Here's just ONE horrific result from Biden’s BORDER CRISIS

Teenage opioid overdoses have SKYROCKETED — they’re up 350 percent. This is just ONE of the horrific results plaguing America thanks to Joe Biden’s MESS at our southern border…which is about to get even worse when the Biden administration lifts Title 42 in May. But why wait until May? Just The News reports that a President Biden memo sent to the Border Patrol instructs agents to grant migrants ‘exceptions’ so they can cross the border more easily. In this clip, Glenn breaks down the OUTRAGEOUS qualifications included in these new ‘exceptions'...


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GLENN: Well ahead of next month's lifting of the title 42 immigration restrictions, Joe Biden has ordered Border Patrol agents to begin allowing illegal migrants into the country, by granting them multiple exemption to see the current health regulation. Yes. Yes.

PAT: Yay! Yay!

GLENN: Now, factors in favor of an exception, include the following. A physical or mental illness.

PAT: Okay.

GLENN: Okay?

I -- I don't know about anybody else, but, I mean, do we need more mentally ill people in America? I think we have our share of mentally ill. But physically ill.

Wow. That's kind of broad. Disability. Pregnancy. Lack of access to safe housing or shelter.

PAT: Uh-huh.


PAT: Uh-huh.

GLENN: And if you're over 21 years old or over 70, you and your family can get in. So that's great. That is great!

Going to have 2 million new -- well, not really Americans. But 200 -- 2 million new people living in the United States. And I'm -- I'm not saying they're not people. I'm saying, they're here illegally. Well, a border is only a construct.

Yes, it is. And I wish we would construct more of that border fence. But we don't. See, countries like ours are like a lifeboat. And when you take the lifeboat, and point it back towards the Titanic. All those people sink the lifeboat. And then that lifeboat doesn't save anyone.

PAT: Uh-huh.

STU: So you think --

PAT: To understand the concept though.

STU: That he thinks that humans can be illegal. Humans can't be illegal, Glenn.

GLENN: Yeah. Thank you.

PAT: Years ago, illegal aliens -- illegal immigration is only a construct, itself. The whole thing.

STU: So is all of civilization. I don't know if that --

GLENN: Here's the thing: Humans can't be illegal. You're right. They're not. They're just doing illegal things. I love people saying, humans can't be illegal. Now, sure, they broke some laws getting here. But you can't just smear all of them. Excuse me. I'm not. You are.

I'm saying, they're breaking the law getting in here. Do it the right way. Oh, no. That's too much to ask. Okay. All right.

Well, what do I say to that? I guess you could go into a bank, and take out some money. You could either take it out of your account, and play by the rules. Or you could break the law. And steal that money.

PAT: Uh-huh.

GLENN: But I would call you a bank robber then.

Well, humans aren't bank robbers. Well, dogs certainly aren't.

PAT: No. Some humans are bank robbers.

STU: Really?

PAT: Yeah. Yeah. That's not an artificial construct. That's a real thing. Yeah, right.

STU: We can all agree at least, when we lift title 41, this will go really well.

PAT: Oh, yeah. It's going to go well. 18,000 a day, they're expecting. 18,000 a day, that's not very many.

STU: That's it. What's the number now?

PAT: Last month, 221,000 whatever it is, for the month.

GLENN: Are they going to make them take their shoes off, and their belt off as they come across the border? Just so they can be scanned, you know. Are they going to at least have to do what we have to do, at the airport? And will they have to do that, at the airport?

Because many of them won't like it. Because how dare you stop me, while I'm getting on a plane.

PAT: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

STU: And, of course, they won't have the same restrictions we have on airplanes. They won't have to wear masks, the entire time they're here. They will not have to be vaccinated. Certainly. That would be totally fine. Those will be overlooked.

PAT: And the good thing is, if it's only 18,000 a day, that just works out to 6,570,000 per year. That's not that many.

STU: That's not that many.

GLENN: In a country of 330 million.

PAT: Come on. Come on. It's a drop in the bucket.

GLENN: It's no big deal.

By the way, teen opioid deaths have surged by 350 percent. This is a completely unrelated article.

STU: Hmm.

GLENN: 350 percent. Now, that's because fentanyl is coming, you know, into America.

I don't know how. I don't know how it's getting across.

STU: Who could know?

GLENN: Let's not even talk about how it's getting --

STU: Good idea.

GLENN: But it's about 100 times more powerful than morphine. And has been linked now to 77 percent of all overdose deaths, by teenagers. Since 2021.

STU: I think it's ABC News. That's doing the special on this coming up soon. And it made me think about it a little different way. You just said overdose deaths. Isn't that a completely differently way of looking at what's happening? These teenagers are taking a pill, thinking it's a different pill. And inside it, it's fentanyl. They're not overdosing it, thinking, I want to do this much fentanyl, and now I'm doing this much. They're just getting poisoned. These drug cartels are just poisoning teenagers, all across the country. And we're just acting like, oh, jeez.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. Don't dehumanize those drug dealers. They are trying -- they are trying to provide the greatest experience for their -- so how many people do you know in business go that extra mile? The drug dealers are. You're going to get an even bigger high off of this one. If you don't die.

STU: Right. It's fascinating. I think part of this too goes back to this idea that the media jumped on the opioid thing. And decided they wanted to blame this one rich family for it. The Sackler family. Which, again, the Sackler family followed all the guidelines from the federal government. There's been a weird construct of this from the beginning. But to make it seem like these are opioid overdose deaths, you have to have this idea that, well, this evil billionaire family was targeting these people, trying to get them hooked on their medicine. And then just kept upping it and upping it and upping it. Well, that's not how these people are dying.

Some of them -- some of them were addicted to opioids and tried to get them, for some reason, on the open market? Why would they need to get them on the open market? Why would they need to get them not from the company that's producing them?

They need to get them from drug dealers, because it's hard to get them because the government has blocked them people who need them from getting it.

GLENN: Well, also the box does say, for end of life use only.

STU: Right. But the overwhelming percentage of people who are dying, are not addicted to fentanyl because they want to take fentanyl. They're going to take something else. Sometimes something very moderate. Not even like an illegal drug, right?

They're going to take something that maybe they shouldn't be taking. So they get it from the black market. Then that's laced with fentanyl, and then they die. But how is that Perdue pharmaceutical's fault?

GLENN: It's not. It's not.

STU: They didn't put the fentanyl in the pills. They don't have anything to do with the pills that are killing people in a lot of cases. That's not universally true.

But this idea, that they want to blame this one rich family has overwhelmed this entire issue.

GLENN: But wait. Wait. It is -- I mean, I haven't heard of the black market arm of the pharmaceutical company. You say in most cases. Well, then those were probably stolen. And if the pharmaceutical company is like opening a giant jacket. Hey, I have got truckloads of fentanyl in here. Who wants it? Then we should shut that down. But at the same time, we're shutting down the supply line at the border!

STU: Right. They just tried to implement the plot line from Ozark into reality. That's not reality. That's a show. This is an amazing thing though. Especially with conservatives. Here we are, so pissed off at the border. Justifiably so. This problem seems to be a bunch of Mexican and South American drug dealers, poisoning our teenagers. And we're like, these drug dealer deaths. That's not really -- that's not really the right way to look at it, is it? If they were poisoning our food supply, this would be a totally different -- we would be freaking out in a totally different way. Yeah. Obviously. Some people are using drugs in ways they shouldn't be using them. So we --

PAT: Some of the fentanyl deaths are coming from cocaine. Because they're mixing it with cocaine. And then you snort it, and then you die.

STU: And then you die.

PAT: Like Glenn said, fentanyl is kind of powerful.

GLENN: Can I tell you? I took it for two days. Doctor is trying to get me out of pain. I'm like a horse. You just can't get me out of pain. So I had it for two days. I didn't even know what it was, I was so drugged up. It almost killed me. It almost killed me. I didn't know what it was. And I went to my other doctor, my regular doctor, told him like two days after I got off it. Because it said end of use only, and I said, you know what, I think I'm going to stop that one. And my doctor said, why would you let a doctor prescribe you that? I'm like, A, he's a doctor. I thought it was fine.

STU: Right.

GLENN: And, B, I was kind of screaming in pain. I just wanted it to stop. So I wasn't -- hang on, Doc. Let me read -- let me read all of the warning signs. I figured he would do that for me.

PAT: Yeah. You didn't read the brochure that comes with the fentanyl?

GLENN: No, I didn't. I didn't. But I did strangely have a pharmaceutical rep that came and talked me into it. Jeez.

By the way, in this story, they said, what we need is urgent action. Including expanding access to opioid addiction centers. We have to do that. No. No. We should close the border. That should be our immediate action. Close the border.

PAT: When there's even Democrats from some of these border states, that are begging Joe Biden not to remove title 42?

Then you know there must be some kind of reason for it. Yeah. Secure the border. And even some Democrats understand that concept. Not the ones, of course, in the White House.

GLENN: I was listening to one of our affiliates, the morning show. One of our affiliates, up in Virginia.

And they were talking about -- last week, they were talking about, what Texas had done.

You know, busing people up. And they rightly -- rightly so said, you know what that will do to our city? You know what I mean?

It's the only way to get people to understand what's happening in their city. Because we're overwhelmed right now. We're overwhelmed on our borders.

What? Texas has to do it? No. We're going to send them up. And what's interesting, is they -- the District of Columbia, did not take those people. No, they shipped them to another town.

PAT: Of course. Of course.

GLENN: Yeah. Back in just a minute. Thanks, Pat. You can see Pat and Pat Gray Unleashed, wherever you get your podcasts.


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The back story

Prior to Denise's on-air interview, Glenn's producer contacted Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Ontario Attorney General Doug Downey, and University Health Network CEO Dr. Kevin Smith. She inquired what was being done regarding Stephanie's death, including the security guard who dragged Stephanie down the hospital hallway, and the security guard who altered the security cameras to avoid capturing the confrontation.

Their responses were disappointing, to say the least. Premier Ford's office did not respond. The University Health Network, the hospital chain where Stephanie's death occurred, simply wrote:

UHN will not comment on a court's decision nor on matters of individual employment or discipline.

The response indicates that the hospital network won't do anything proactive regarding the staff responsible for Stephanie's death.

Screenshot of email correspondence between Glenn's producer and UHNCourtesy Glenn Beck staff

The office of Ontario's Attorney General, Doug Downey essentially "wiped their hands" of any responsibility regarding Stephanie's death.

Screenshot of email correspondence between Glenn's producer and Attorney General Doug Downey's officeCourtesy Glenn Beck staff

As Glenn said, the response is simply from a "weasel" who wants to avert any responsibility from his office.

Though these offices attempt to divert responsibility, Glenn puts it simply: Stephanie Warriner was "killed for improper mask wear..." in a hospital, where she should have received treatment for her underlying condition. Instead, she was pinned against the wall, dragged through the hallway, and died.

We have to hold these parties responsible.

Graphic showing contact information of Doug Ford, Doug Downey, Dr. Kevin Smith, and Justice Sean Dunphy.Glenn Beck / Staff, International Insolvency Institute, Legislative Assembly of Ontario, University Health Network