James Bond UNDER REVIEW?! Futuristic BOOK BURNING is here

‘There is more than one way to burn a book, and the world is full of people running around with lit matches,’ Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451, once wrote. And now, the far-left is proving that futuristic book burning — using methods without flames — is here. In this clip, Glenn reveals the most recent ways the left is censoring past, written works — from James Bond novels and Road Dahl classics to Dr. Seuss stories. Plus, he reads Bradbury’s warning for future generations and asks an important question: ‘What are we DOING gang?!’


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GLENN: I want to give you a couple of -- a couple of stories here, that I find really interesting. First of all, the American Federation of Teachers is promoting life brand. Now, I want you to really think about this. This is the American Federation of Teachers.

Randi Weingarten put out a tweet. Our union is here for you, to help you future proof your social media.

Now, think of that. Future proof your social media. ATF union has partnered with life brand, for a 20 percent -- 25 percent discount off the cost of this powerful tool. That scans your social media, to catch forgotten posts, that may not reflect who you are today.

What this post does, she says, as she linked to a page, on -- on the union's website.

Life brand scans your social media. Currently covers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. To quickly find potentially harmful posts. And then guides you to edit or athlete those posts forever. Exclamation point.

The system scans texts, emojis. Video. And sound in both English and Spanish.

She said, in the course of 15 years, I know I have changed, and so has my social media presence. It was a great opportunity to take a stroll down memory lane. While I found some things that gave me pause. In the end, I believe my social media history reflects who I was then. And who I am today.

It was good to know, that if I found something, that others might use for negative purposes. I could delete it with one keystroke. I want you to carefully think about this.

This is the head of one of the most powerful unions in the country. A union that is currently, I believe, responsible mainly for the corruption of our children. Randi Weingarten is deep in bed, with a public/private partnership with this government. And she is now telling the teachers, you need to remove anything that might be a problem in the future.

Now, remember, many of these teachers are the teachers that we are now finding out are having sex with our students. They are corrupting our students.

So what is it that might be a problem? Well, she's saying, don't worry. You can future-proof yourself.

By the way, Mike Pompeo calls Weingarten, the most dangerous individual on earth.

He said, it's not even a close call.

If you ask who is most likely to take this republic down, it would be the teacher's unions. And the filth that they are teaching our kids.

And the fact that our kids don't know math and reading and writing. She is now instructing her followers how to launder their past.

Interesting. Now, the next story. Best-selling author Agatha Christie's books have been reportedly the latest target of sensitivity readers reworking and removing original passages in the new editions of her mysteries.

The novels written between 1920, 1976 are being stripped of certain language and descriptions that have been deemed offensive. And dialogue by unsympathetic characters, has been cut out.

Now, Agatha Christie died in 1976. So she's not making this call.

The James Bond franchise, TIME Magazine reports will receive a sensitivity review. Of James Bond?

Then that would mean that the novels would be about four pages. Of the 14 novels written from 1953, to 1956, the review will see some racially insensitive language and outdated stereotypes removed from the books by Ian Fleming. The author died, the year I was born in 1964.

British author Raul Dall, passed away in 1990. His Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and BFG, have been revised and edited by an organization called Inclusive Minds.

You know, in 1984, two plus two equals five. Right?

And slavery is freedom. And war is peace. Those are quotes from 1984. Are we not there?

A woman is a man. And a man can become pregnant. A Hispanic -- this one was in the news today.

A Hispanic can be a white supremacist. Hmm.

Language in these books relating to gender, race, weight, mental health, and violence, had all been cut out and revised. Including the removal of words like fat and ugly.

And other descriptions using the colors black and white.

Dr. Seuss also has presented many problems. Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury might have seen this coming.

In fact, if you read Fahrenheit 451, there's a cota by Ray Bradbury.

Listen to this.

About two years ago, a letter arrived from a solemn young Vassar lady, telling me how much she enjoyed reading my experiment in space mythology, the Martian Chronicles.

But she added, this is Ray Bradbury. Wouldn't it be a good idea, this late in time, to rewrite the book, inserting more women's characters and roles.

A few years before that, I got a certain amount of male, concerning the same Martian book, complaining that the blacks in the book, were Uncle Toms. And why didn't I do them over?

Along then, came a note from a southern white. Suggesting that I was prejudiced in favor of the blacks, and the entire story should be dropped.

Two weeks ago, my mountain of male delivered for a pip-squeak mouse of a letter from a well-known publishing house, that wanted to reprint my story, the fog horn in a high school reader.

In my story, I had described a lighthouse, as having a late-at-night illumination, coming from it, that was a God light.

Looking up at it, from the viewpoint of any sea creature, one would have felt that it was in the presence.

The editors had deleted God light and in the prisons. Some five years back, editors of yet another anthology for school readers.

Put together a volume with 400 -- count them! Four hundred short stories in it.

But how do you cram 400 short stories by Twain, Irving, Poe, Bierce, all into one book?

Simplicity. Skin. Debone. Demarrow. Scarcify. Melt. Render down. And destroy.

Every adjective that counted. Every metaphor that weighed more than a mosquito, out. Every simile, that would have made a sub-moron's mouth twitch, gone.

Any aside that explained the two bit philosophy of a first rate writer, lost.

Every story slenderized, starred, blue penciled, leeched, and bled white. Resembled every other story.

Twain read like Poe, which read like Shakespeare, which read like Dostoevsky. Which in the end, in the finale, read like Edgar Guest. Every word of more than three syllables had been razored. Every image that demanded so much as one instant, attention, shot dead.

Do you -- do you begin to get the damned, incredible picture?

How did I react?

By firing the whole lot. By sending rejection slips to each and every one. By ticketing assembly of idiots to the far reaches of hell.

The point is obvious. Now, this is in Fahrenheit 451.

There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people, running about with lit matches.

Every minority, be it Baptist, Unitarian, Irish Italian, Octogenerate -- you know what I'm trying to say.

Zen Buddhists, Zionists, Seventh Day Adventists, Women's Lib Republicans, all of these things, feels it has the will, the right, the duty, to douse the kerosene, and light the fuse.

Every dimwit editor who sees himself as a source of all dreary, vanilla-plain porridge, unleavened literature licks the guillotine, and eyes the neck of any author who dares speak above a whisper or write above a nursery rhyme.

The fire captain in my novel Fahrenheit 451, described how the books were burned first by minorities, each ripping a page or a paragraph from the book. And then until that day came, where books were empty and the minds shut and the libraries closed forever.

Shut the door. They're coming through the window. Shut the window. They're coming through the door, are the words to an old song.

They fit my lifestyle with newly arriving butcher and censors every month.

Only six weeks ago, I discovered that over the years, some cubbyhole editors at Ballantine Books, fearful of contaminating the young, had bit by bit, censored some 75 separate sections from my novel.

Students, reading the novel, which after all, deals with censorship and book burning in the future, wrote to tell me of this exquisite irony.

Judy Lindell Ray, one of the new Ballantine editors is having the entire book, reset and republished this summer with all the damns and the hells back in place.

A final test for old Job 2 here.

I sent a play, Leviathan 99, off to a university theater a month ago.

My play is based on the Moby-Dick mythology, dedicated to Melville, and concerns a rocket crew with a blind space captain, who ventured forth to encounter a great white comet and destroy the destroyer.

My drama premieres as an opera in Paris this autumn. But for now, the university wrote back, that they hardly dared to do my play.

Because they had no women in it. And the ERA ladies on campus. Would descend with baseball bats, if the drama department even tried.

Grinding my bicuspids into powder. I suggested that that would mean, from now on, no more productions of boys in the band, no women. Or the women, no men.

Or counting heads, male and female. A good lot of Shakespeare, that would never be seen again, especially if you count the lines. And find that all the good stuff went to the males.

I wrote back that maybe they should do their play one week, and the women the next. They probably thought I was joking. But I'm not sure I wasn't.

He goes on, in sum, he's writing now, to this generation. In sum, do not insult me with the beheadings, the finger choppings, or the lung deflations you plan for my works.

I need my head to shake or nod, my hand to wave, or make into a fist. My lungs to shout or whisper with.

I will not go gently on to a shelf de-gutted to become a nonbook. All of you umpires, back to the bleachers, the referees hit the showers.

This is my game. I hit, I pitch, I catch.

I run the bases.

At sunset, it's I that have won or lost.

And at sunrise, I'm out again. Giving it the old try. And no one can help me. Not even you.

That he wrote after they started editing Fahrenheit 451. What are we doing, gang?

Believe me. We are not the book burners, and as he just said, there are many ways to burn books.


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GLENN: Good news on the ESG front.

Insurance company, lords of London, has announced its exit from a net zero alliance. For insurers.

This is the sixth insurance company in the last couple of weeks.

The Net Zero Alliance convened by the United Nations, seeks to commit group members composed of the world's leading insurers, and reinsurers, to fight climate change.

As part of this, members have to transition their insurance and reinsurance, under portfolios to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

On Friday, Lloyds of London quit the Net Zero Association, took the total members who have quit. I'm sorry. Not last couple of weeks. One week.

Last week alone, to six, which represents a fifth of the total 30 members. Since March, the total of ten members, have walked.

STU: Yeah. Yeah. Good.

GLENN: This is really, really good.

How about this one?

Germans are questioning. Remember, you American. You right-wing American. Hate-mongering. Mao information delivering conspiracy theorist.

We're not banning gas. We're not thinking about banning gas stoves or gas heaters.

We're not doing it. Except we are.

The Germans, such right-wing conspiracy theorists. Germans are banning gas and oil boilers.

And replace them with electric heat pumps.

Germany wants to become net zero by 2045. To this and the government recently announced, it will ban gas boilers, effectively forcing people to switch to heat pumps.

Because our electricity will be much better for the planet.

Yeah. Because we won't be making any.

The cost of the ban is estimated at over 9 billion euros.

Or $10 billion.

And that's annually, annually, until 2028.

So they're upset go. They're starting to March in the streets as well. How about this one? This is the first time. This is the first time. This is how you know climate change is complete bullcrap. Okay?

Because insurance companies are still writing 30-year insurance policies for Miami. Well, I thought it was going to be underwater.

STU: Yeah, there's a lot of construction in Miami. I don't know if you have been there recently.

GLENN: How do you get the insurance companies to do it? They're writing it? It's all going to be destroyed by water. How does anybody afford insurance on an island or a coast or a Malibu?

Okay. They can do it because global warming is bullcrap.

Now, State Farm general insurance has now stopped accepting all new application for business and personal lines of property and casualty insurance today for California.

Now, see. See. You can't get insurance.



Because -- now, they say, due to historic increases in construction, costs. Outpacing inflation.

Rapidly growing catastrophe exposure, and challenging reinsurance market, the change does not affect existing home insurance.

If you already have that. Just new. State Farm is one of California's biggest insurers. The biggest home insurer by premium volume.

They say, global warming. But what they're citing is wildfires. Mudslides.

STU: All from global warming.

GLENN: Yeah. All of it, from global warming.

So here's what's going to happen: State Farm pulls out and says, we're not going to insure anything anymore.

What happens?

The government will step in and say, well, we have to have insurance.

And so the United States government will step in, to insure all those houses that really shouldn't be there, California.

I mean, if you're worried about wildfires and mudslides. And the coastline. You should just pack up all those houses and go away.

You should go is someplace, like Puerto Rico.

No. I like Puerto Rico.

You should go someplace. Well, maybe you'll be happy in Canada. I usually like Canada.

But it's gone away. You'll be happy there. They're already putting people to sleep. No pills for grandma. Let's kill her. You will love Canada.

Now, let me take a one-minute break.

And come back, and tell you about Target.

Oh, I feel -- I feel so bad about what's happening to Target. Yeah. Their losses are starting to pile up.

People don't seem to be slowing down on this.

And you'll never guess who is involved in making sure that they're ESG compliant.

Yeah. You know what, it's almost the same group of people, that wanted those crazy, you know, transgender nuns.

At the baseball game. Maybe they were canceled. And they were like, whoa. Whoa. We didn't realize, our conscience.

We couldn't sleep at night, doing that. This wasn't because of pressure at all.

We want those lesbian trans nuns right here for baseball.

Because baseball apple pie, and transgenderism.

That's what we've always said.

Yeah, is it? Or was there a wee bit of pressure?

You don't know, that's not what God sounds like. Do you? Do you?

STU: I guess technically no.

GLENN: Might have been a big Pall Mall smoker in the day. You know what I mean?

Whoa, the '50s came around. I got kind of lost in that Camel cigarette thing.

Anyway, so there were bomb threats, apparently at Target. But there weren't bomb threats at Target. So everybody was freaking out. They -- this is what happens when you target LGBTQ people.

Except, it appears, it is from LGBTQ people.

But we found out, that they are not violent.

The extremist right is. But they didn't send it either.

It appears as though, this was Russian disinformation.


Yes! We've tracked it down. The Russians are trying to make us hate each other.

You think so? You think so? Now, the only problem is, I have absolutely no trust in the FBI. FBI came out, we tracked you town. It was the Russians.

Was it? Weren't you guys tracking the Russians with Donald Trump?

Yeah. But that was -- that was different. You really did do that with a prostitute at a hotel.

Oh, did he? So here's some good news. Target has lost about $10 billion. Stock keeps going down. People are leaving. Now, we just found out, that they are big with educational people, special interest groups.

Not necessarily. Not necessarily associated with the teacher's unions.

But they are with GLSEN. G-L-S-E-N, which is a bunch of other people.

That a lot of them are in the LGBTQI+. Don't know what the S is. But anyway, it's a great network.

And they have been working with the schools, to make sure that teachers keep all of the information about your children, transitioning, there in the school.

No. No, we're not going to tell any parents. The great thing is, if you didn't think Target was a problem before, I just want you to know, that they donated at least $2.1 million to GLSEN. So they could, you know, teach the districts and the students how to hide their transgenderism, and their transitions from their parents.

And I think that is, yeah!

Yeah. So if you just wanted a little extra, you know, understanding of why maybe you shouldn't be pushing what I believe are the greatest shopping carts in America.

Why you should not be pushing those shopping carts. Uh-huh.

How about that one? I mean, you know, unless you don't have a problem with Target helping people in school, keep information about your children from you.


Pride Month may be used to INVESTIGATE churches in America?

Beware of POLITICAL WARFARE used by the far-left during this year’s Pride Month, warns James Lindsay, Founder and President of New Discourses. In this clip, Lindsay outlines two, possible ways the LGBTQ movement — especially in June — may be used as a method to target Christians in America…possibly even resulting in government investigations of churches throughout the nation. It’s all about labeling conservatives as dangerous 'Christian nationalists,' he explains, and Pride Month may give the left the perfect opportunity to do so. He explains it all in this clip…


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: So James Lindsey is with us. And he's hacking everybody off online.

Because I'm not sure what he is trying to warn against.

Welcome to the program, James.

JAMES: Hey, Glenn. Always good to talk to you.

GLENN: Good to talk you to.

He's the author of, by the way, of the Marxification of Education and New Discourses, founder and president.

He says, political warfare is coming, during Pride Month.

And I fear your -- your right, and I also fear that you're right about the warning to Christians.

So James, where do you want to start?

JAMES: I think maybe we'll start kind of big picture. I think we will see what political warfare is, first of all. Is when I use, basically intelligence kind of tactics against a population, to get them to act and behave in certain ways.

That you can then take advantage of for political purposes, to drive an agenda. To get the DOJ to crack down on it, whatever.

So now we know what that is. I think we will teach him tact, through Pride. Using LGBTQ, as they call it, issues as the wedge.

One of those will be to get our corporations that skew as American brands.

Ford. Target. Bud Light. You know, Americana brands to take this up, full blast.

So the conservatives will turn around. And boycott, and Target these corporations, as we should.

And almost as we must.

So we cut off ourselves, at our own knees. And Marxists will like nothing better.

Secondly, they will attack religious icons. They will go after children. We have seen this with the sisters of perpetual indulgence, or whatever they call themselves in Los Angeles.

Going after very religious offensive behaviors. And the goal will be to -- they know that conservatives, and particularly a lot of conservative Christians are getting angry.

That they're if we go to desperate.

It's almost like they've woke up a dragon. And they will feed the dragon. And get them to do something stupid, that will then get turned around and used against them.

Whether it's investigate churches. Shut down churches. Come down on conservative Christianity. Just from a political perspective.

So that they're the domestic terrorist hotbeds of the country.

And then come around, in a few months. And offer some new fake state approved Christian churches. That will fill in, the space that gets left by bulldozing what exists now.

GLENN: So you really think it will go -- I mean, I don't know why I am surprised at this.

But, I mean, that is a huge statement to make. That they will shut down our churches?

THOMAS: Well, you know, the federal government can only do so much with that.

But they can start doing investigations.

They can start digging in. I wouldn't be surprised at all, if there's a large Christian reaction that's not strategic, that's not thoughtful. I'm asking nobody, by the way, to sit on their hands and knees. That this is a common conception. What I'm saying.

But if it's not strategic, if we're not thinking intelligently about how we approach this, there are already large dossiers, written for the federal government. Saying that the cause of January 6th. Which, of course, is their favorite thing to go to.

Was, in fact, not even MAGA or Trump. Believe it -- how crazy is it, that they say it's something other than Trump?

It's Christian nationalism. Which is a rising domestic terror threat.

So if they can use some excuse to label churches, as breeding grounds for domestic terrorism. You can bet the Department of Homeland Security.

The Department of Justice. And maybe the IRS will be cracking down and spying on churches.

You can bet they'll try to push something like a second Patriot Act, that allows them to spy on churches. And do whatever else they have to do. In order to try to limit that alleged threat of domestic terrorism.

This is well-linked already in the federal government. This isn't just some media narrative. Although, that's happening too. To give it legs in the population.

This is something that they will get the public to demand. That they will say, white supremacy, tied to Christian nationalism. White Christian nationalism is the biggest threat. It's a very serious concern.

And they will use the unbelievable provocations, that they will put forth in the next month or two, for pride. To trigger Christians, into giving them the reaction they need. To justify the political moves. Against both Christians and conservatives. But also all Americans.

GLENN: So in one survey, conducted between 2007 and 2017.

52 percent, is this the claim, support some form of Christian nationalism.

Later study, Brookings Institute. Public religion research institute.

Says, only 29 percent of Americans fall somewhere around the Christian nationalist spectrum. Over half Republicans reportedly show some degree of support.

With 21 percent counting as adherents. And 33 percent as sympathizers. What exactly is a Christian nationalist.

JAMES: You know, Glenn, I wish I could tell you.

It's a very wide spectrum of beliefs. Things that are innocuous. We will have a broad cultural revival. And bring Christian values back to the public square. Meaning the level of individuals coming back to God. Coming back to the church.

Getting their Christian principles right. And living them, all the way to the other side. Where we're talking about. In say, the book that is titled, the case for Christian nationalism by Steven Wolf.

A Christian prince in the land, as the highest official, not just in the United States. But in the world.

And so this Christian prince is, of course, a Protestant recreation of the pope. And this person, is supposed to become the ultimate civil magistrate, right out of kind of old philosophy. I know we talk old philosophy sometimes, Glenn. Right out of Hegel's philosophy. Where we will have this new kind of brilliant magistrate leader. Who will have the correct ideals and principles.

And lead the country. So it's a huge spectrum of that. Anything in between.

And they're playing in a sense, both sides against the middle.

By putting out a wide spectrum of different views. So if one is unpalatable, and one too soft. They can point to the others. And bounce around the definitions.

And get people, especially Christians, to dip into their values. And say, well, you know what, I'm a Christian, and I believe in this country. So I actually align with something in this.

And I'll use the label. Which like I said, I believe is actually a gigantic federal government trap, being set for Christians, to step right into and lose their liberties.

GLENN: So let me just give you some headlines.

Politico. Most Republicans support declaring the United States, a Christian nation.

This is the Washington Post. Americans are growing more accepting of Christian nationalism.

NPR. More than half of Republicans, support Christian nationalism.

Well, I will tell you, that they will put me, and my collection of historic items, into Christian nationalism.

Because I do believe the Founding Fathers, founded this.

With -- through their help. Or through their belief. And the help of God.

And we are a Judeo Christian nation.

That's where we get most of our laws. And the ideas. They came from the pulpit.

That doesn't mean we hate other religions. Or anything else.

It just means, that's the truth of our -- of our founding.

So that makes me a Christian nationalist, I'm sure. According to them.


JAMES: Absolutely, Glenn. Absolutely. You know how the left works.

They work through insinuation, association, and fallacious claims.

So that they can take the softest possible expression. Something like what you just gave, that might convince somebody as Christian nationals.

And then tie it to the most extreme behaviors. This is exactly what the dossier, that was presented to the House, unselected.

As we might put President Trump on it. House Unselect Committee about January 6th.

It's a 56-page document. Written by a layer, named Andrew Seidel.

And he goes as far on the one hand, as giving very extreme examples.

And tying it to neoconfederacy, and people carrying Confederate flags to the Capitol. And on the other hand, he says, here's proof of Christian Nationals. It will be widespread. And it might be as something as innocuous as quoting someone giving a prayer.

That something like Lord God, bless this nation. In Jesus' name we pray.

Now all of a sudden, because you're saying, bless this nation. That counts.

So your collection, certainly.

Your views, certainly, are going to get roped into this.

In fact, what you'll find, is most of the conservative side of the aisle, will get roped into this.

I, according to my Wikipedia, I'm not even a Christian. I work with a Christian nationalist.

So I'm Christian nationalist adjacent.

But it turns out that the guy that I work with. His name is Michael Fallon. You know him.

Is not even a Christian nationalist. And is on the front line fighting against this movement and this trap with me. So the facts, will not matter to the left, is what I'm saying. They will rope people in. They'll use insinuation. Association. To rope people in. And to discredit them.

To make them the new deplorables. The new, whatever it can't be listened to. And to justify a large public scare campaign.

To get Democrats. To pressure democratic politicians to push a second Patriot Act. Investigate churches. To demand a mandate to figure out where this domestic extremism is allegedly coming from outside our churches.

GLENN: So here is something from the Joint Committee report on January 6th. That white Christian nationalists were more likely to eschew safety measures and prioritize the economy and liberty, over the vulnerable.

They're also more likely to hold anti-vaccine attitudes, oppose any federal gun control restrictions. Due to the belief, that the Second Amendment, was divinely inspired.

They're more likely to fear immigrants. And endorse anti-immigrant policies, and they oppose same-sex marriage. And transgender rights.

Holy cow.

JAMES: I'm telling you, Glenn. This is what Mao Zedong did in China. Not specifically with Christians. Although, that's relevant too.

What he did very successfully, he wrapped up this campaign, he called unity criticism. Unity. He said, we'll have unity on a new basis in China.

And he criticized viciously. Unfairly. Just like you just read. Anybody who might be able to be painted. Not even somebody who is.

But somebody who can be painted as an impediment as a new unity under it.

Then everybody that is still allowed to have a voice, a vote, et cetera, when everybody agrees. Everybody who counts, agrees. Now they'll have unity under a new basis. We see this with a push for belonging.

You see this with the pushes for inclusivity. You see this right here, with what you just said. Every bad thing that you can think of, gets tied to this label of Christian nationalism. And sadly, if they turn to some of these harder core guys, that are both talking online. And they're writing books. And they're -- it's ample evidence of people saying that they want to overturn the Constitution. They want to undo the 14th Amendment. They don't believe in the equal-protection clause. They want to get rid of the 19th amendment. They want to get rid of free speech entirely, and forced belief. They have ample evidence. This is Steven Wolf who wrote this book. Has a podcast out there, that I have seen multiple times. Because people send it to me frequently. Where he says, atheism will be stamped out in America.

What about Judaism? What about Mormonism? What about Buddhism?

GLENN: Correct. See, that is not American.

That's the deal. Christian nationalism. If that describes him, then he's neither Christian, nor American.

Because both of those go against Christianity, and the American justice for all. Freedom for all. All men are created equal.

You can follow the -- the dictate of your conscience.

Those things, they're in direct opposition to what -- what most people, who would be labeled a Christian nationalist would agree with.

I don't agree with anything that he just said.

JAMES: Right. And like I just said, is this probably a minority of the people that are a part of the movement. But the left doesn't need most people to believe the crazy stuff.

They need one person. That's it.

They have plenty now.

And it's not even, by the way, this isn't American. If I might be so bold. It's not even Christian.

The idea, if I understand Christianity correctly.

Is that Jesus came. Jesus offered his message. It's about, you come to me, if you choose, on your own volition.

This isn't about go out, force people to convert, or stamp out this or that belief, or whatever else.

And what's happening is, people are justifiably, and rightly frustrated.

They are demoralized. They are afraid for their country, and they are starting to get desperate.

They are saying, it's too late. The Constitution is already dead. The law is already captured. We don't have any other options.

And I'm not --

GLENN: You're not a Christian. Because everything, but God. Everything, but God.

Have faith. Raising someone from the dead, a little more difficult, than bringing America back to its sane place.

Not even its world standing.

Just where sanity and reason are once again followed.

That's not a big magic trick for God to do.

Raising dead. That's kind of a big thing.

What do you say, we stop saying, we're out of time. There's no hope. And start aligning yourself with the actual principles of Christ and Christianity.

JAMES: You know, I ask these fellows all the time. These Christian guys. I say why do you doubt God's timing? If you have faith, why do you doubt God's timing? The American people are waking up to this. They're waking up to this now. People have spoken about it for 30 years.

Some longer.

There are books from the early 1980s, talking about this, this march through our institutions. And people couldn't hear it or see it. But now people are waking up fast.

They're understanding the ESG is kind of at the heart of something that is going on. They understand that social, emotional learning is the heart of the brainwashing in our schools.

We're learning the targets. We're learning what's going on. We're learning it very quickly.

And we are actually, as you mentioned with the boycotts. We are willing to stand up and take a stand. Maybe we should trust in the timing of this. Because it's meant to be this way. Maybe that's the case.