The horrors of socialized medicine have reached our shores

We were outraged when Charlie Gard was being denied healthcare by a socialized medical system in England and then the same with Alfie Evans. This time it's hitting closer to home. David Ruiz II suffered a stroke on New Year's Eve and went into a coma.

He is in Tucson, Arizona and he is in the fight for his life. Watch this clip to hear his mother recount what has happened and hear her plea for help and if you can donate, they have a gofundme account set up in his name.


The Singularity? Elon Musk unveils plans to merge human brains with AI

Yesterday, while the rest of America obsessed over President Trump's tweets, Elon Musk announced plans to merge humans with computers using thread-like polymer electrodes implanted directly into the human brain. Musk said that Neuralink, his brain-AI interface startup, will allow humans to "achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence" as early as next year. Watch this clip to get more details.


Tim Ballard: 12-year-old former ISIS captive needs your help

Founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad and the Nazarene Fund, Tim Ballard, joined the Glenn Beck Program to give us an update on 12-year old Zeinal, an ISIS captive for almost five years. Zeinal was rescued by the Nazarene Fund last March after being seriously injured by mortar shrapnel and left for dead in Baghuz, Syria. Watch the video to hear Tim's update.