THIS bank's policy hints we learned NOTHING from 2008 crash

A new Bank of America policy designed to help certain Americans own homes hints that U.S. financial leaders have learned NOTHING from the 2008 crash. Carol Roth, ‘recovering investment banker’ and author of 'The War On Small Business,' joins Glenn to detail how policies like this one not only put our economy at risk of another financial crash but could wipe out the middle class as well. Plus, Roth and Glenn discuss signs that China — thanks to its bursting property bubble — is heading towards financial DEPRESSION...


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We have Carol Roth joining us now, the author of the war on small business. Former -- as she likes to say, recovering investment banker. And I want to get her on today, and ask her, what this means. This is according to the Wall Street Journal. The real estate giant in China has said, China's property market has slid into severe depression.

Hi, Carol, that sounds scary.

KENNEDY: Hi, Glenn. Happy September. What a great way to kick off the last four months of the year, with a big tee pregnancy in China.

GLENN: Right. Right. (?) what does it mean?

KENNEDY: So China is basically a giant mess. Obviously, outside of their demographic issues. Outside of the fact that they're not really an emerging market. And that's putting pressure on their manufacturing. They have sort of the confluence of things going on. The covid disruptions. They have heat and water power issues, that are basically rationing energy. They have youth unemployment, at 20 percent. And then they have this property bubble that has bursted. So basically China did something similar to what we did. It was a communist version of what we did here leading up to the great recession, financial crisis, where they just plowed a bunch of cheap money into creating lots of and lots of real estate.

GLENN: Like ghost cities. Not lots of real estate. Whole cities that had no one in them.

KENNEDY: Yeah. That literally in the middle of nowhere, that no one wanted to live in. And then the prices just started to get out of control. One of the things that are a little bit different -- well, there are a lot of things different about China. One of those things is that housing is about 70 percent of household wealth. People that have money, that the middle class, they don't trust the stock market. Which they should not. And over 90 percent of households in China actually own their residence. So that compares to about 65 percent of the United States. So a huge, huge alternate of the wealth of the middle class is tied up. Within real estate. And the property has gotten crazy. Like in the major cities, it's about 50 times the average income, in a -- in a crazy place in New York, it's about ten times the average income. So you can see that that has really gotten completely out of control. And we all knew that it was unsustainable. It was just sort of a question of when. Chinese policy and then all these other events kind of came together at the same time, and now like we suffered through 20 years ago, they are going to have to endure the same thing, but, you know, with a different tenure because it's a communist country. China owns the bank, they have -- the whole middle class is sort of involved, and their wealth is tied up in this. So this is a major issue for the Chinese economy.

GLENN: I will tell you, that this should strike everyone as more than a little odd. You know, it's not odd for us to see protests in front of banks.


GLENN: In China, that is akin to protesting the Communist Party. They've rolled in with tanks and soldiers. And people are still protesting. That shows how unhappy people are, with what is going on.

Because in China, as I understand it, please correct me if I'm wrong. Here, we go out, find a house, then we go to a bank. In China, you go to a bank, you get a loan, you start paying on that loan. And then you go to a builder, and it might take five years. But you're paying on that. And what happened is, these builders (?) paying on this loan, and they, had a? Lose their money.

KENNEDY: Yeah. There's actually reports of people living in unfinished homes, so as you mentioned the middle class in China, they've started to band together, and they're basically saying, we're not paying our mortgages anymore. And you have to remember, that China has implemented their social credit system. And one of the dings for social credits is not paying your debts. Which your mortgage would obviously fall into. So the fact that they're willing to stand up against the Communist Party. Against the social credit pushback, just goes to show, as you said, just what a complete disaster this is for the Chinese people. And the governments.

GLENN: So President Xi, he is elected one more time. I think it's in November, isn't it?

KENNEDY: Mid-October. October 16th.

GLENN: So he's running for reelection, and he did change the Constitution that he could be dictator for life, but only after this election. When Pelosi went out, the word is from people that I know in China, that are high up in -- in the banking world, that do business in banking over there, that they've been watching their press very closely. Because there's a -- there's half of China, and the leadership. They don't want Xi.

And so some of the reports, that came out, when he -- when -- when Pelosi was going over, where they said, he's going to shoot that plane out of the sky. They made all of these -- you know, of these demands or expectations of Xi, knowing he couldn't do it, because humiliation is one of the worst things -- weakness is horrible in China. So they set him up to be weak. How does this play in his election?

KENNEDY: Well, you know, we would assume, that there would be fair elections. Obviously, that's in question, even in the United States. It certainly is not the case in communist China. And so I think that, you know, being entrenched in the party, even though there is pushback. I think it would be a giant surprise, if he wasn't elected again. And I do think that censorship has played a big issue, in this. You know, part of the reason, I've been told that they had these covid lockdowns, is because they're trying to control information -- not let people talk to each other. Not let people in the country, to let the real tenure of what is going on out into the broader population. So there are a lot of people in China, who even though they may be upset about this one particular thing, don't really have a scope on the real story, and who knows what they're being told.

GLENN: That's unbelievable. This story leads me to something. Bank of America has just started a policy that sounds very familiar, except race is involved now. Zero down payment, for mortgages for first time buyers. And I believe this is minorities. To help minorities -- black and Hispanics grow ownership of homes.

Zero down payment. Zero closing costs. So just come on in. It's like renting a house. Isn't this what caused 2008?

KENNEDY: You know, I know that history always repeats itself. And human beings have a hard time learning from the past. But really, this wasn't that long ago. You would think there would be some grace period. Where we would go, okay. This probably isn't a good thing to do.

And it's really frustrating. Because it's one of those things that sounds very nice on the surface. Oh, we'll help these underserved communities build wealth. That's a good thing. We want everybody in this country, to participate in wealth creation opportunities. The last way that you do that, is at a point where we're having a top in the housing market. The bed is raising rates. We're heading into a recession. Prices will come down. And then you take somebody, who can't afford a down payment. And you get them paying on a house, that you know they won't be able to afford over the long-term. That's basically stealing equity from them in the long-term, making them very afraid to continue to do that, in the future.

GLENN: This is -- this is what they called predatory lending.

And it's being pushed, I'm sure, by the government. It's being pushed by these big banks. They're all in collusion with the great reset. It's going to impoverish people, even more.

KENNEDY: Yeah. If you want to tie this to the ESG, right? This is part of the -- the social initiative, we have to make housing more affordable. But that doesn't do that. I mean, this creates more fees for banks, at a time when they may be losing fees in origination. Because the fed is raising interest rates. And that's flowing through the market. You know, it's not like they're creating a fund, and saying, we're going to buy up properties. And we're going to allow to you rent to loan. There are ways you can do this for underserved communities, that will be fantastic. But zero down mortgage -- and, by the way, it's not like a veteran zero down mortgage, where there's a strict underwriting process. This is a non-underwritten process. (?) we've seen how this has gone awry in college lending. Now they're bringing it back to the mortgage industry. Once again, because there wasn't enough damage the first time around.

GLENN: O they want to make sure that there's nothing (?) left for people to learn.

KENNEDY: Or. Or maybe they want the correspond to be able to have this, at the expense of the (?) middle class. And they'll just forgive those loans. Like, you know, they're on the kick of forgiving every other loan. There's a buffet of possible, fantastic --

GLENN: And none of them are good. None of them are honest. None of them are free market-based. None of them are ethical. None of them.

KENNEDY: No. It's picking winners and losers. It's letting the government and these big entities play venture capitalists in a way that she shouldn't.

And it's not teaching sort of the discipline, so that we allow for these broad creation opportunities. Which is the future of prosperity. Because we know at the end of the day, big business. Big government. Big special interest, doesn't want that. They want to gut the middle and working class. They want to consolidate power. So every one of these (?) ultimately ties back to that in some way.

GLENN: Energy prices. Goldman Sachs is now saying, just the energy prices will push the UK inflation to 22 percent.

That is a near post-war record of 22 percent inflation.

That's -- I mean, we -- let me get another story here. Because I read here, cost of living. Shoppers despair, at cost of staple foods, soar up to 20 percent in a year.

That's remarkable! I mean, we're all going to see this.

And it's -- a lot of this is coming from this craziness of ESG with the energy.

KENNEDY: Absolutely. This is entirely self-inflicted. That's the most frustrating part of this. It could have been avoided. But it was the liberty by policy. And who is going to pair the brunt of it. It is the small businesses. It is the million dollars and working class. It is the core to people, who really can't have this happen. I've seen this all over Twitter. I've been sharing all the stories coming out of Europe and the UK in particular. With small businesses who are getting their energy bills. And something like 10,000 euros, or, you know, like multiple tens of thousands of euros. And it's just completely non-sustainable. I mean, obviously nobody is going to be able to operate under those types of conditions. It's going to be a really ugly winter.

And as we're talking about, not learning. This should be a giant neon sign to say, okay. They made a mistake. Let's (?) they just passed the biggest climates bill. And are telling about what a great deal it is. As if there's not more pain and suffering on the other side.

GLENN: I know. I will tell you, Marx said for a Communist Revolution to happen, you need to have the working class rise up, and then they could close it down.

And that -- if you can't get them naturally, you have to create the conditions for that. And everything, including the IRS, all of these things are designed to abrupt the middle and lower class. (?) to wipe them out entirely. And when that happens, you will have revolution on the street. It is -- yeah. Go ahead.

KENNEDY: You will own nothing. And you will not be happy. Because as we've seen throughout history, those who do not own anything, are not the ones who are happy.

GLENN: Yes. Thank you very much, Carol. Appreciate it.

KENNEDY: Another uplifting segment, Glenn.

GLENN: One of these days it will turn around. One of these days. Yeah. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

How Canada Could PAY People to Throw Their Neighbors IN PRISON

How Canada Could PAY People to Throw Their Neighbors IN PRISON

Canada is now considering whether to pass a new bill that would turn it into the most authoritarian state in the western world. The “Online Harms Act” is billed as a social media law meant to protect Canadians from harmful content. But it includes some extremely draconian changes to “hate speech” laws that would allow anyone to anonymously charge someone with a hate speech crime — and if they’re successful, they could pocket $20k. Rebel News founder Ezra Levant joins Glenn to explain how this could turn into a massively corrupt industry that would make the Democrats’ persecution of Donald Trump look like child’s play. Plus, he explains how this bill, if passed, would destroy not just free speech, but the free press: “Soon there will be only two kinds of journalists in Canada: government journalists and BANNED journalists.”


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Ezra, welcome.

EZRA: Thanks very much. It's good to be here. But I've got bad news, Glenn.

GLENN: Yeah. What?

EZRA: Canada just introduced the most Draconian anti-free speech censorship bill in our history and in the history of any democratic country. I've never seen anything like it.

GLENN: Hang on. Hang on, Ezra. Ezra Levant.

EZRA: I can't wait. I can't wait.

GLENN: I know. Ezra Levant is the host of the Ezra Levant Show.

He started Rebel News, which is like TheBlaze. Has the same kind of mission as TheBlaze.

Ezra, we just had one of our reporters jailed, picked up by the FBI.

EZRA: Oh, my God.

GLENN: He is the one that is leading the investigation on January 6th.

He was arrested, this morning, about an hour ago.

And we're in real -- we're in real trouble.

As a nation, we're in real, real trouble.

And you guys are following, actually, you are leading, I think.

Because you guys have just introduced a bill yesterday.

That is bone-chilling.

EZRA: Well, what you just reported to me about the rest of your reporters is terrifying. And I know you will absolutely must -- you cannot allow the arrest of journalists, for criticizing your regime to be normalized. That is absolute priority one.

GLENN: As you know, Ezra, that is -- the mainstream media will not cover this. They will not cover it. And it's reprehensible.

EZRA: You know what, if he was on the other side of the political aisle, winning a Pulitzer, there would be national press conferences for him. You would see Amnesty International talking about it. You might even see the United Nations talking about it.

But if he's conservative-oriented, or a critic of the regime, it will be crickets.

Let me tell you what's going on in Canada. Because as I always say, what happens in Canada today, may happen to the US five years from now.

It's like we're a bad time machine to see your future.

This week Justin Trudeau introduced a new bill called Bill C63. It's got a lot of things in it, that are atrocious. He's created a new hate crime bill, life in prison. New hate crime law. There's nothing that gets you life in prison in Canada, not even murder. But hate speech now does.

He's created a pre-crime for hate. If you have, quote, fear of hate, fear of hate. That's the title of the section of the law, you can get a judge to issue a kind of restraining order against your enemy, before he does anything. Before he says anything. And that restraining order can include post-arrests. Giving you up any lawful firearms.

Limiting who he can talk to. Directly or indirectly.

Limiting the places he can go. And requiring him to take urine and blood tests. Just because you are, quote, afraid, he might in the future, say some hate speech.

He doesn't have to have done anything in the past.

This is a pre-crime, like in that science fiction movie, Minority Report. That's in this bill. Let me tell you other things in this bill.

Donald Trump and his tremendous travails with the US legal system. They're covered a lot by the Canadian media, and Justin Trudeau is obsessed with Donald Trump. So he's been watching what Democrats have done.

And he's learned from it. Trump has been prosecuted from high profile prosecutors. Trudeau has one-upped that.

Trudeau has now said that anyone in Canada, even noncitizens can file hate speech complaints against anyone.

And if they're successful, they get $20,000 from the target. And the target has to pay a fine for up to $50.

So let me just say this more clearly.

If there's anyone on social media. This is just a social media law on interviews. If there's anyone who has a YouTube video.

A tweet. A Facebook comment.

That you think creates hate. You can go to the Canadian human rights tribunal. And complain about it.

You don't have to hide a lawyer. You don't have to spend any money. The government will have the hearing. And if your complaint is upheld. You get 20 grand from the victim. So instead of having maybe --

GLENN: Wait. Wait. Wait.

Who gets the 30? The remaining 30?

EZRA: If 20 goes to the complainants and an additional 50 goes to the government, so you're on the hook for 70 grand a pop.

So let's take someone like Jordan Peterson. Every day he's saying something controversial on YouTube and Twitter. Oh, and, by the way, this applies to all your historical work online. So as long as it's still online, and you control it, they can go back through your history. Five years, ten years. And why wouldn't they complain about literally every tweet you make? Literally every YouTube video?

There's no cost. There's no downside. And even if only 5 percent of your complaints get through to the target. You're smacking them with 20 grand for yourself. And the 50 grand fine. This will create a huge industry.

So Trudeau saw what they were doing to Trump. And said, I can do one better. I'm not going to have a few sniper shots. I'm going to have a shotgun blast. I will have hundreds of complaints swarming my enemies. And I don't even have to do it. I will mobilize a woke army. But there's one more thing.

And people can't believe it when I tell it to them. But it's right there in the law, in black and white.

You can make a complaint in secret, and the target of your complaints never gets to know your identity.

You can give evidence in secret. The complaint can be made in secret.

So you can have a company, a political party, a busybody, who is literally filing 100 a day, and you'll never know it. And let me just be clear with one thing. You don't have to be a victim. You don't have to have any standing. You don't have to be mentioned at all. You can just do this as a hobby. As an obsession. As a job. As a political vengeance. Maybe a disgruntled ex-employee. This is all in bill C63. And you take it all together. This is the most Draconian free speech bill, anywhere in the world. Other than, I suppose Iran and China, who just do this stuff naturally.

GLENN: And kill you.

EZRA: Yeah.

GLENN: So what does that mean to people like you, Ezra? Because you're going to be attacked. Rebel News is going to be attacked. You're out.

EZRA: Let me just. Let me go to first principles for one second. Let me tell you what they're doing at the basic, principle level here.

What is a hate crime? What's hate, Glenn? It's a human emotion. If you never feel any hate in your life, you don't have a fully formed personality.

The challenge in life, is to take these bad emotions, and transform them into positive work. Into reforming the world. Fixing the problem. Hate comes from an underlying grievance. To pass a law to say, we're going to ban hatred. This is impossible. If we pass the love you act, we would number heaven.

To criminalize an emotion, it's just insane.

And that is, actually, what the law governs.

And I know. Because I was charged from a precursor of this law, about 15 years ago, when I published the Danish cartoons of Mohammed.

I was charged with publishing something, quote, likely to expose a person to hatred or contempt, end quote.

So it's a pre-crime. It's a future crime, and it's not to do any actual damage.

It's just to hurt feelings, and that's the thing, is it's so subjective. We're all guilty in advance.

GLENN: So he --

EZRA: But as the Soviet's secret police chief Lavrentiy Beria said, show me the man, and I'll find you the crime.

We're all guilty of having hate in our hearts. So it's just whoever they choose to prosecute who will get dinged.

GLENN: So tell me this won't pass, in parliament.

EZRA: Well, the reason it was introduced this week, is because last week, Justin Trudeau signed a new coalition agreement, with a hard left-wing Socialist Party.

Justin Trudeau does not have a majority of seats in the House. So we signed a coalition deal with an even worse party.

And I fear this will be passed into law. And I fear it -- you know, it will take some time. They are setting up three new censorship agencies.

Not one. But three. There will be three new censorship bureaucracies.

And I think it will take them a number of months to get it going.

GLENN: Months.

EZRA: I think this will probably be operational in 2025. And then it will be the final battle, Glenn.

Because, you know, this will bankrupt any critic of the regime, and then there's those pre-crime restraining orders.

Then there's the actual criminal prosecution, they've created a standalone hate crime law for life in prison. Not even murder gets you that in Canada.

GLENN: So if this passes, you've become a Stasi state. A -- an -- East Germany.

EZRA: Yeah. The secret informants. The secret prosecution. The secret witnesses.

The subjective political nature of the crime. The three different agencies. It's, oh. And they have special rules for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.

They say, if they get a complaint. A hate complaint, they must take it down within 24 hours. Or be subject to enormous fines.

And so there's no way you can adjudicate if something is right or wrong, or fair or not. In 24 hours.

And the fines are so enormous, basically, a complaint will automatically get things taken down. Again, I will tell you something now. And you probably won't believe me. But I swear it's in the text of the law.

There are fines in there, that can tag global media companies, 8 percent of their global revenue. So Justin Trudeau, sitting up here in Canada, says to Facebook. If you break my law, I will fine you 8 percent of your entire worldwide revenue. That's a 10 billion that are fine.

Now, I think Facebook, YouTube, Google, et cetera. I think they will probably push back on this. Or maybe they will just leave Canada. And Trudeau will be fine with that.

Facebook has already left Canadian news. Because Trudeau said to them, you have to pay $100 million to our list of approved journalists, for the pleasure of linking to them. And Facebook said, that makes no sense.

We're getting out of the Canadian news business. You cannot post a Canadian news story on Facebook. It blocks it. Trudeau is fine with that because that hurts the independent guys like us.

You can't read Rebel News on Facebook. We're blocked, as are every other Canadian news source. We are becoming like China, in that there is this great firewall of Canada going up.

Trudeau would be happy, shutting down any independent sources of news. Soon, there will be only two kinds of journalists left in Canada: government journalists and banned journalists. Glenn.

GLENN: Okay.


Dr. Phil's WARNING for Parents & His Advice for Trump's Legal Team | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 211

Dr. Phil's WARNING for Parents & His Advice for Trump's Legal Team | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 211

We were promised a unified society, in which social media brought us together, our justice system was reliable, and parents could trust schools and universities with their kids. So maybe it’s time that we ask, “How’s that working for you?” In this episode of "The Glenn Beck Podcast," Glenn sits down with renowned psychologist, TV host, and author Dr. Phil to take a deep dive into the mental health of America. Drawing from lessons in his latest book, “We’ve Got Issues: How You Can Stand Strong for America’s Soul and Sanity,” Dr. Phil offers our country a “path back to United America.” But there are many perils along the way. Dr. Phil issues a stark warning to parents about the forces targeting our children in an ever-evolving digital landscape. He and Glenn explore the detrimental effects of social media and unravel the dark underbelly of manipulative Big Tech algorithms. Further, he challenges society’s perception of higher education, arguing that our colleges and universities have become breeding grounds for fear and conformity. Plus, he offers shocking advice for Donald Trump's legal team as the former president and 2024 presidential candidate faces multiple cases across the country. Dr. Phil also shares why he decided to move his entire operation to Texas after 25 years in Hollywood, California, and start a new company, Merit Street Media.

Why Biden's Regime Wants to Brand YOU a 'Christian Nationalist' | Glenn TV | Ep 337

Why Biden's Regime Wants to Brand YOU a 'Christian Nationalist' | Glenn TV | Ep 337

Blaze Media journalist Steve Baker has been arrested by the FBI. His “crime”? Reporting from the Capitol on January 6, 2021, and exposing the Biden regime’s corrupt campaign to brand political dissenters as “insurrectionists” and “extremists.” But there’s a new “threat” that the regime is targeting. It has partnered with the media, Big Tech, and private corporations to create the narrative that Christian conservatives are just a step away from domestic terrorists. And it all begins with their newest label: “Christian nationalist.” Politico has already deployed it to falsely claim that former Trump official Russ Vought and the Heritage Foundation are trying to usher in a theocracy with “Project 2025.” But what does “Christian nationalism” really mean? Should Christians embrace the term, or is this all a trap? Glenn breaks it all down, including why he believes this is an attempt to crack down on your God-given rights. Glenn also speaks with FBI whistleblower Steve Friend, who has some strong words for the FBI agents in charge of Steve Baker’s arrest and a warning about how weaponized the agency has already become against Christians.

House Releases 5,000 Hours of Jan. 6 CCTV Footage, Will Release ALL 40K Hours

House Releases 5,000 Hours of Jan. 6 CCTV Footage, Will Release ALL 40K Hours

House Republicans are moving forward with their promise to release all 40,000+ hours of CCTV footage from the events of January 6, 2021. Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) joins Glenn to announce the release of 5,000 hours of footage, partially in response to the FBI’s arrest of Blaze Media journalist Steve Baker. Plus, he tells Glenn that the House plans to release the rest of the footage over the next 8 weeks.


Below is a rush transcript that may contain errors

GLENN: Congressman Loudermilk is on now. He has an announcement of his own today, that I think kind of ties into this. But I don't know what it is. Barry, welcome to the program.

BARRY: Glenn, it's always good to be with you. Not necessarily under these circumstances. But thank you and Steve for the resilience through all this. It's terrible. It's ridiculous. But it's sort of like what my dad told me. He was a medic in World War II. Was involved in the D-Day invasion. Battle of the Bulge, all the way into Germany.

And he used to tell me that, Glenn, they don't shoot at you until you're taking their ground.

GLENN: I know.

BARRY: And we must be over the target. We're taking this --

GLENN: Well, we know, we are, Barry.

You've been a big part of helping us get access to all of the video footage.

And we know we are.

The more footage that is released, the more this looks like a total and complete setup and lie.

BARRY: Well, that's part of the transparency part of the Constitution. That's why we have the freedom of the press, to be able to be transparent and hold government accountable.

And this is why they're trying to strip away, and as you just said, if you're going to go after Steve Baker, you need to go after the dozens of other reporters, that were present, in the Capitol that day. Who didn't do anything wrong. That's why we wanted to make sure that we got these video, regarding Steve and where he was, out early.

GLENN: And I know you guys have worked all night to do that. We got it early, early this morning. And I can't thank you enough for that, Congressman.

BARRY: Yeah. And our staff, I cannot commend them enough. I mean, we have this blue-like thing going through everywhere.

I think half our staff has been sick. Including me this week. But they stayed late. And got this done.

But they were also pushing to make sure we were doing something else today. Literally, just before I came on. Speaker Johnson released what we've been working on, over the past the several -- several weeks.

Is today, I did additional 5,000 hours of video footage.

Will be available on Rumble.

It's going to be rolling out throughout the day. It's taken us a while to get this because it's a technical process.

You've got to convert these video from the CCTV format, into an internet-friendly format. And when we first started doing this, when Speaker Johnson said, let's get them all out there. It was just taking our investigative team, of full-time -- just trying to get all this processed, which was taking us away from the other parts of the investigation.

GLENN: So how many -- how many hours are there in total?

I mean, I know you're going to release 5,000 hours. Is that all of it? Or...

RIKKI: No, no.

We're going to continue doing. Our goal is to continue doing about 1200 hours a day, if we can, through the processing.

So what we've done, I just went to the speaker. I said, look, it's taking all of our time.

I agree with you. We should get all of this on you the there.

But it's taking our investigative teams time just doing this.

And it's taking away from the other important points of investigating January 6. The light and selective committee.

And how they violated rules. And how their report is just a fabrication.

And so I suggested, can we just contract?

Can we find a contractor?

And hire a contractor to come in, and start the process of getting all these videos uploaded. And so he approved it.

And so it took us just a little bit of time to get the contract done. The contractor is working on getting the videos uploaded.

So the 5,000 will be available today.

It may take a little while for them to propagate through the system on rumble.

But we are going to continue every week, with rolling out more and more, just -- you know, anticipating some technical issues or whatever.

We're looking at maybe eight weeks.

That we should have all 40,000 hours up.

GLENN: Barry, is this because of Steve or partly because of what's going on, or the timing?

BARRY: The videos that we're releasing the prioritization of which videos of which we decided to do first.

Is partially because of what Steve is going through.

We -- because that is important to get those angles and those things out.

And it helps us to work on both at one time. And so that was part of it, because we see the direction that certain people are going, and what they're trying to cover up.

And so, we're going to get all the video out there. But we did prioritize some of these angles, and these footages.

And that's what we're looking at. What are the most important to support, the findings in our investigation. As well as, I mean, Steve has been a great team player with us. You know, he gets information. And when he gets something that he thinks is valuable to our investigation. He'll share it with us.

GLENN: We offered it all to -- he offered all of it to the FBI. And, I mean, on day one, when he had it. He was like, if you need it, you can have it.

I mean, he was documenting -- I don't want to get into it.

Congressman Barry Loudermilk from Georgia. Thank you, sincerely, thank you. Appreciate it.

BARRY: Thank you, Glenn. Well, we appreciate all you're doing, and definitely our prayers are with you. I mean, this is -- this is horrendous. It's terrible. We're going to be there, to make sure that justice is done. And -- and that means that the freedom. Our Constitution is upheld. And the truth be known.

GLENN: Yes. Thank you so much, Congressman. Congressman Barry Loudermilk from Georgia. A true friend indeed.