Unmasking REPUBLICAN attendees at World Economic Forum meeting

Unmasking REPUBLICAN attendees at World Economic Forum meeting

The World Economic Forum began its annual meeting on Sunday, with sessions on ‘Climate and Nature,’ ‘Fairer Economies’ and more. But its not just far-left American politicians in attendance to schmooze with the Great Reset’s most powerful architects. Several REPUBLICAN members of Congress plan to attend the meeting as well. In this clip, Glenn unmasks those Republicans who seemingly have NO issue with the Great Reset’s nefarious plot for freedom around the world…


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GLENN: So I have the World Economic Forum. The global agenda. Love that. The World Economic Forum, annual meeting. Prelim program. Now, you know you can't trust them right away. Because program is spelled with two M's and an E. The World Economic Forum annual meeting.

Oh, it's going to be so great. So Sunday, the first thing you can do, at 13:25 o'clock.

PAT: 13:25 o'clock. Okay.

GLENN: Is experience the future of cooperation. The global collaboration village.

PAT: Sounds good. That sounds really, really good.

GLENN: Yeah. It's going to be good. Okay? Then Klaus Schwab has the reception. The welcome reception. It's going to be great.

He's going to warmly embrace you.

PAT: When I think Klaus, I always think warmly. Don't you? He's a warm guy.

GLENN: Oh, my gosh. He really is. Or would like some people to be warm, you know, really warm. Experience the future of cooperation. Then you have staying on course for nature action.

PAT: Hmm.

GLENN: With over 50 percent of the world's GDP. Highly or moderately dependent on nature and its services. Economies face increasing risks from inaction in the face of looming tipping points. What global action should government or business prioritize to accelerate nature-positive progress.

And I'll give you some of the people, on these meetings here in a minute. And then there's the augmented manufacturing experience. Then rebuilding societal trust.

Here's what we've got to do: We want a new global order to rebuild societal trust. Is, we have these meetings. And we do not let anybody that is normal, come into Switzerland. And attend these. And I would like to thank everyone for making the guy with the spookiest accent, the face of this global movement to re-- rebuild societal trust.

Oh, that's good. That's good. That's good. Okay. So we have that. Then future proofing helps systems. The global context of the pandemic, and the mounting migration crisis is testing already stressed health systems with disruption to essential services and care. Reported in 90 percent of the countries. How can policies and practices and partnerships be adaptive and scaled in health systems globally?

Then you have according to -- accelerating the re-skilling revolution, which is really the green new deal. You know, that's accelerating it. So everybody is going to lose their job. And they are going need to be re-skilled.

Resilient futures. Economic weaponry. Uses and effectiveness, of sanctions. So that's really -- that's going to be wow. And the net in net zero. So those are just some of them. But I want to get to -- I want to get to the list of the incredible people that are --

PAT: Well, everybody is going right. Because this is a must not miss conference for my money.

GLENN: For my money too. You must not miss this. You will be there.

So here it is. You know, remember, the World Economic Forum, the -- the -- the architects of the Great Reset. You know, you'll own nothing, and you will be happy. I'm sorry. Let me say it -- to rebuild societal trust. You will own nothing. And you will be happy.

PAT: Oh, yeah. That's way better.

GLENN: It's much better. It's much better. Okay. So these are some of the things that they have. And some of the people, the list of attendees who are showing up, many of them are Americans.

PAT: Good.

GLENN: For instance, we have the secretary of commerce there. She will be attending, which I think is great. John Kerry is special presidential envoy for the climate.

PAT: Oh, he'll be there.

GLENN: Bill Keating. Congressman from Massachusetts. He's a Democrat. Then you have Daniel Miser, the congressman from Pennsylvania. He's a Republican.

PAT: Oh.

GLENN: Yeah. Ted Lieu. Congressman from California. Democrat. Madeleine Dean. Congresswoman. Pennsylvania. Democrat. Ann Waggoner, congresswoman from Missouri. She's a Republican.

Christopher Coones, senator from Delaware. He's a Democrat. Darrell Issa is going to be there. He's from California. He's a Republican.

PAT: Wow.

GLENN: Dean Phillips, congressman from Minnesota. He's a Democrat. Deborah Fisher, she's a senator from Nebraska. She's a Republican. Eric Holcomb, he's the governor of Indiana. He's a Republican.

John Hickenlooper. Who doesn't love John Hickenlooper?

PAT: Oh, the guy who took his mom to a porn movie when he was 18 or 20 or whatever it was. Remember that?

GLENN: And you didn't? A little later for you?

PAT: Yeah. I was 22.

GLENN: Okay. Well, I can kind of understand that. You're such an extremist. He's the senator from Colorado, who is a Democrat. Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland, who is a Republican. Michael McCaul, the congressman from Texas. He is a Republican.

PAT: Sure is.

GLENN: Who doesn't love Michael?

Pat Toomey, you know, you have from Pennsylvania. Then you have Patrick Leahy. Robert Menendez. You have Roger Whitaker, the senator from Mississippi. Who is a Republican.

PAT: Not the singer, Roger Whitaker, who sold more albums in southern Ethiopia, than Elvis or The Beatles? He was great. He was really awesome.

GLENN: Remember him? Seth Molton, Congressman from Massachusetts, Democrat. Sheldon Whitehouse, senator from Rhode Island, Democrat. Ted Douche? Maybe. Maybe it's Deutsche. Congressman from Florida. He's a Democrat.

Francis Sworaz, mayor of Miami, who is a Republican. And you know what the people in Miami love? Fascism.

PAT: Yeah. They do.

GLENN: Fascism, socialism. Communism.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: They just love that.

PAT: Well, they've come to Florida, in large part to spread it from Cuba.

GLENN: Right.

PAT: That's what they would like to do.

GLENN: They're there as ambassadors. They're like, hey, Fidel is so great. You should try it.

PAT: Try it here. Yeah. They love it.

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. It's just the Republicans who have twisted that message.

PAT: Bastards.

GLENN: So that's kind of interesting how many wonderful Republicans --

PAT: Isn't it though?

GLENN: Yes. Yes. Yes. And you know what is weird? I'm told by people in Washington, yeah. Nobody really knows about ESG or The Great Reset. That's weird. Because you're all there.

PAT: Yeah. And they have to know about the World Economic Forum, don't they? You can't be that naive. To think, oh, yeah. This is about great economics. Go over there and study. Come on. You have to know what's going on.

GLENN: Well, they're busy on things. Did you know that they just passed the bill for $500 million per year, for disease research, with DARPA?

PAT: Hmm.

GLENN: Isn't that great? Because who doesn't want DARPA?

PAT: Involved in disease research?

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah. How to spread it.

PAT: How to weaponize it, maybe. No. No. Not that.

GLENN: Of course not. They're just looking at diseases. Let's take something that you've probably never even heard of. We would never come here. Monkey pox.

PAT: Okay.

GLENN: And we're just trying to take monkey pox, and to see if it could ever jump from monkeys into people.

PAT: Well, we already know it can. Actually.

GLENN: Oh, we do?

PAT: Somehow it got to the human population from monkeys.

GLENN: Well, at least in Africa.

PAT: And here. And in Canada and Australia.

GLENN: Oh, is that why we have bought all that vaccine yesterday? Monkey pox vaccine. Yeah.

PAT: Yes.

GLENN: I thought that was from -- you know, from the Onion?

PAT: Babylon Bee?

GLENN: No. Not the Bee. That's the right-wing extremist. They're not joking about that.

So we got that going on for us. And next week, at this same meeting, with all these same people. And people will come back and say, well, this is a conspiracy. And what are you talking about? The WHO is meeting next week to change our amendments to our relationship, taking the power away from our Senate and House and president, and giving it directly to the WHO, in case there is like an outbreak of something. But let's use something that is -- will never happen.

PAT: Monkey pox.

GLENN: Monkey pox, that will never --

PAT: Except it's already here.

GLENN: Yeah. But it will never --

PAT: It won't spread.


GLENN: You know what, you don't want to create a panic. Except, it seems like there's a lot of articles on monkey pox. Where it doesn't say how hard --

PAT: Yeah, there are.

GLENN: Because you really have to make out with the pox hole, you know what I mean?

PAT: Yeah. You need to come in contact with the nasty stuff in the pox, or bodily fluids.

GLENN: And so you just say --

PAT: Or body fluids.

GLENN: Well, I always bathe myself in somebody else's diseased urine.

PAT: Do you really? That's probably not the best idea right now. Right now, you might want to suspend that activity.

GLENN: For the monkey pox. I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll do it. So it's really interesting how --

PAT: Normally, that wouldn't be a problem, you know what I mean? But with the monkey pox circulating, you might want to --

GLENN: I wonder -- now, normally, this wouldn't spread, but there are so many people, because it's in Florida. There are so many people in that extremist Florida.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: That didn't want to wear their masks. That are probably rubbing blankets all over that guy with the monkey pox.

PAT: Yeah. Monkey pox blankets.

GLENN: And they're going to give them --

PAT: American Indians. Or Georgians.

GLENN: Yeah. Georgians. They'll give them to native New Yorkers.

PAT: Oh, man. That's not right.

GLENN: Because that's just DeSantis trying to buy Manhattan.

PAT: That's who he is. That's who he is.

GLENN: It is.

PAT: He's been trying to do that for how long?

GLENN: I mean, history repeats itself. I'm telling you. The monkey pox blanket thing. It's happening.

PAT: I thought you said history doesn't repeat it, but it rhymes. Isn't that what you believe now?

GLENN: Yeah. Yeah.

PAT: So?

GLENN: So what rhymes with monkey pox?