THE DOCUMENTS for 'Civil War: The Left's Election-Night War Game'

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If you watched tonight's show, I hope you took notes, because you need to be prepared for what's coming on election night. We're going to look into the future. Everything I'm about to show you was planned out in advance. As I've been laying out over the past couple of weeks, members of the Obama Administration and State Department wrote the playbook for Color Revolution in the streets. We've seen it play out over the past 3 years, and it culminates on November 3rd.

WATCH: Civil War: The Left's Election-Night War Game

I truly hope none of this happens, but there's no getting around the fact that multiple scenarios have been game planned for election night. There are 7 pillars in a Color Revolution and the first four I previously covered were all about the set up, but now I'm going to show you what they have planned for the execution. As I've been pointing out for over a year now regarding Ukraine, everything always comes back to the relationship between high ranking Democrats and George Soros.

This document serves as Doc Brown's Delorian. It's the left's election night playbook prepared by an organization called The Transition Integrity Project. Its founder is a woman named Rosa Brooks. She's a law professor and columnist that actually worked for the Pentagon from 2009 to 2011. And it should be no surprise that one of her old bosses was... George Soros. I mean, it's almost laughable at this point how blatant they are.

This is an email that was part of the Podesta hack revealed by Wikileaks. Brooks emailed Podesta, referencing a meeting they both attended with George Soros. She ended with an offer of help:

Let me know if there is anything I can do to be helpful to you and Jake.

"Jake" is Jake Sullivan, who worked for Joe Biden when he was vice president, Hillary Clinton, and is now back with Biden as part of his team. So here we have Brooks and the Transition Integrity Project, who claim to be TOTALLY non-partisan, attending big-wig meetings with Democrats at George Soros' house, and offering their help to both John Podesta and Jake Sullivan. Was producing the Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition document part of that support?

I showed you last week that the left used that research to wargame everything they're planning to do on election night. The organization that convened the wargame was a group called Fight Back Table, convened, organized and paid for by George Soros.

Again, they don't even try to hide it. This is Soros' organization, Democracy Alliance, where they proudly boast that Fight Back Table is their initiative.

This is entirely a Soros run operation here. His former employee, who still attends high level meetings with both him and top Democrats, wrote the playbook, and Soros' organization sponsored the wargame.

The event was split between two sides: Team Trump and Team Biden. Take note of some of the participants because you're sure to hear from them on November 3rd.

On the "GOP" side, attendees included people like Bill Kristol and former RNC chairman Michael Steele.

That right there should tell you everything you need to know about the Lincoln Project. Not only are they teaming up with Democrats, they're in league with George Soros for crying out loud!

The "REPUBLICANS" also had the former Kentucky secretary of state Trey Grayson in attendance. Guess what he's been writing op-eds about lately?

Yeah... how mail-in-voting is so crucial this year. The hubris of these people is insane. I don't think I've ever seen such a blatant and obvious conspiracy just laid out there for the entire world to see. It's amazing.

For Team Biden, he was represented by people like John Podesta and the former DNC chairman Donna Brazile. But it also included multiple other participants from various backgrounds:

Other participants included political strategists, JOURNALISTS, polling experts, TECH AND SOCIAL MEDIA EXPERTS, and former career officials from the intelligence community, the Justice Department, the military and the Department of Homeland Security.

I almost don't even know where to start with that. They ALL sound crazy, but let's center in on journalists and social media because that goes directly to pillar number 5:

Enough independent media to inform citizens about the falsified vote.

It's a meme at this point to criticize the mainstream media on their bias.

It's a meme at this point to criticize the mainstream media on their bias. We all know it exists and that they're comfortably in bed with the left. But there's a lot more going on here than just your typical left wing bias. They've entered a new phase. Just look at the cover up over any mention at of what's currently happening.

Newt Gingrich mentioned the holy name "Soros", and immediately got shut down... ON FOX! The New York Times called me a conspiracy theorist for talking about Soros' influence over the media. Where's the conspiracy?!

It's well known that Soros funds David Brock and Media Matters with millions. Brock has bragged that his organization directly influences the media. This is an excerpt from a leaked email released by Wikileaks. They bragged that they conducted:

"over 900 on-the-record and off-the-record media interviews" and sent "80 sets of talking points, background materials and briefings on topical issues, 372 surrogates, including influential and frequent pundits on broadcast and cable news." It also sent "media advisories" and "talking points" to "960 members of the national media and 10,756 regional reporters in 28 states," and to "369 televisions producers and bookers."

Soros has financial ties to more than 30 major news organizations.

NPR was even caught by Project Veritas of trying to cover up their relationship with him.

This is how you buy the media and control the narrative. This gives Soros, and the left, the ability to cover up anything they want to.

And speaking of cover up. Did you see this from Vox?

They're actually trying to say that we are the ones setting the stage for revolution. Let me get this straight: If I point out what the left is currently doing... I'm the one at fault?

We're entering a new ballgame with the media. They clearly have their talking points, and you'll see it play out all the way through election night. Did you see how they all pounced last week over the claim that Trump wouldn't commit to a peaceful transition of power?

It's so ridiculous, but almost EVERY mainstream outlet picked it up and ran. They're acting as if Trump said he'd barricade himself in the White House if he lost. That's not what he said! He said there would be a continuation because of all the mail-in ballots. That's literally the same thing the Democrats are saying... they just twisted Trump's response, and it was a total set up question for all of them to immediately jump on.

Look at this from page one of the Transition Integrity Project's report:

The concept of "election night," is no longer accurate and indeed is dangerous. We face a period of contestation stretching from the first day a ballot is cast in mid-September until January 20. The winner may not, and we assess likely will not, be known on "election night" as officials count mail-in ballots.

It's basically the same thing Trump was talking about, but with one key difference: The left isn't concerned at all of fraud surrounding mail-in ballots. Now, in any sane environment, this would probably kick off a few warning bells. Especially when we see things like this.

Or what about the military ballots cast for Trump that were discarded? And these are just stories that dropped over the past few days. There's no telling how bad it's going to get... but the left isn't worried one bit.


If you're curious as to what the media is preparing to do leading up to and on election night, you needn't look further than this piece from the Washington Post over the weekend:

It's abundantly clear that Trump plans to fabricate an election "emergency." First, he claimed mail-in balloting, a tried-and-true system, is fraudulent. Now his supporters are trying to harass in-person voters.

Shooting down all questions regarding the mail-in ballots is priority number one. Media priority number two is framing Trump's attempts to ensure the ballots are legitimate as a constitutional crisis. And priority number three is... well look at this next quote:

Let's be clear. There is only one political party in American politics embracing violence. There is only one side refusing to denounce all political violence.

What world is this intended for?! Republicans have condemned the violence since day one. It was the left that refused to speak out against ANTIFA and BLM. In fact, violence is part of their election night strategy, and blaming it on the right is part of that plan.

Pillar 6 is where preparation turns into action:

A political opposition capable of mobilizing tens of thousands or more demonstrators to protest electoral fraud.

You need a network of fully trained and organized street soldiers to apply the necessary bottom up pressure for any of this to work.

I'm constantly amazed over all the topics I've covered over my career that are now coming back into play the more we research what's happening right now. I remember watching the Arab Spring play out in places like Egypt, and then predicting the coming caliphate and the waves of civil unrest that would eventually make its way here. People laughed it off... there goes crazy Glenn Beck again! But the caliphate came, and now we have rioting in our streets.

We later found out that the Obama State Department was training activists through Civil Society 2.0, and George Soros was working right alongside them.

I remember watching Occupy Wallstreet and thinking there was more to come.

This is the original ad that kicked off Occupy. Notice what they list as their inspiration:

Are you ready for a Tahrir moment?

Tahrir, as in the part of the Arab Spring that toppled the Egyptian Government.

The Arab Spring inspired Occupy, and Occupy would become the inspiration for the national hub of left wing activists... the Action Network.

This is the hub for nearly every major street movement over the past several years.

The Action Network was started by a former John Kerry staffer, named Brian Young, when he was frustrated that Occupy Wallstreet fizzled out.

They had a lot of events, they got a lot of attention for around two months, but then it just kind of faded. A platform like ours could have really kept it alive.

The Action Network is like a new and improved Tides Foundation. They're the focal point, and nearly every other major protest and organizing player in the game revolves around them.

Their address is at 1900 L Street in D.C.

That's also the address of the largest immigrant youth-led organization in the country. Wanna guess where they get their funding?

Yeah... spooky dude.

They also share an address with a group called Change To Win, who are affiliated with both the SEIU and the Teamsters. Huh... isn't that convenient?

But that doesn't even come close to the list of mainstream left wing organizations that the Action Network is tied to.

Their 2018 990 IRS form shows partnerships with both — get this — the National Education Association, the largest union in the country, and the AFL-CIO, the largest federation of unions in the United States.

I wonder... how many police unions are part of the AFL-CIO? I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that NONE of them realize that they're unwittingly paying dues to an organization that is partnered with The Action Network who is actively organizing events to defund the police.

Try and noodle this one: The AFL-CIO is partnered with Action Network, who is helping to defund the police, and is ALSO hosting petitions for the AFL-CIO to drop police unions. Uhhhhh... conflict of interest?

And as all this is happening at Action Network, guess who just announced a major partnership with them...

The DNC.

I wonder if the DNC knows that Action Network hosts an international ANTIFA defence fund? Totally being rhetorical... I'm pretty sure they know.

Literally all the bases are covered through Action Network. Most of the protests and street movements we see to this very day are being organized through their site. Their partnerships and ties to the largest unions in the country as well as the DNC prove that either the Democrat party is either part of or, at least, condones what's going on.

But I'm not even close to being finished. If you look through the Action Network's site, another big name jumps out.

Multiple entries for Organizing for Action. And who's group is that?

And people actually criticize me for talking about top down bottom up. Obama was building it back in 2008! Back then it was called Obama For America, and it was supposed to be shuddered at the end of Obama's second term. But guess who won the 2016 election and turned everything upside down?

The now renamed Organizing For Action re-launched and set their sites directly on Donald Trump. Again, this is not a conspiracy theory.

The media was reporting on this back in 2017.

Obama is the only former president to remain in Washington D.C. No one in the media thought it was weird. No one in the media pointed out the fact that the former president was remaining to launch an all out assault on his successor.

Obama's little army even produced a "training manual" specifically on how to protest Trump. The manual describes in detail how organizers should flood events in red states to make it appear that Trump was more unpopular than he actually was. It called for "unfavorable exchanges caught on video" and that the goal was to:

Make Republicans, even from safe districts, second-guess their support for the Trump agenda.

Obama's group teamed up with Indivisible to produce the manual.

The material was used in town hall meetings all over the country, sometimes devolving into intimidation and violence. And guess who cheered on Indivisible's campaign to resist Trump?

The Action Network.

We're so far behind on this. It all culminates over the next month. As the founder of Action network recently said:

In some ways, we've just been road testing everything for two years, building up to this moment.

The organization has been built and tested, but the game fully kicks off on November 3rd. We know the future, and we can plan for every step of what they have cooked up... point by point.

Democrats and Republicans from the Lincoln Project — ok so basically all Democrats — wargamed four possible scenarios.

  • Game One: An Ambiguous Result
  • Game Two: A Clear Biden Victory
  • Game Three: A Clear Trump Win
  • Game Four: A Narrow Biden Win

No matter what happens on November 3rd, the left is looking to make gains. It just goes to show you the hypocrisy in the name of this document "Transition Integrity". What they have planned has nothing at all to do with transition integrity. They either want to win, and fundamentally change the country, or — if they lose — they still plan on fundamentally changing the country.

The inspiration for their plans should scare the hell out of you, and it's mentioned on the very first page:

The closest analogy may be the election of 1876, a time of extreme partisanship and rampant disenfranchisement, where multiple states proffered competing slates of electors, and the election was only resolved through a grand political bargain days before Inauguration.

See if this sounds familiar.

In 1876, Republicans controlled both the presidency and the Senate, but Democrats had taken back the House. On election night, the Republican candidate, Rutherford B. Hayes had a slight Electoral College victory, with his opponent leading in the popular vote. In several states, the vote counts were highly disputed.

What followed was the Compromise of 1877. Democrats agreed to concede but only if Republicans would agree to end Reconstruction in the South. Hayes relented, becoming president but opening op Jim Crow Laws in the South. Democrats doing what they do best... revealing their racism and holding people down.

This is their inspiration and it's not a strategy from people that think they're going to win!

Before I go over the 4 scenarios, take a look at some of the things listed as things they are preparing for in advance.

They're organizing a list of a thousand influencers to push the claim that Trump is trying to steal the election. You can expect a heavy dose of Hollywood and social media. On page seven, they're recruiting "moderate Republican Governors" to form their own coalition as well as readying a capital strike and work stoppage to pressure companies.

As I showed you earlier, the left has been busy building a network of street activists for years. On election night, they plan to unleash them. Look at this from page 9:

Team Biden almost always called for and relied on mass protests to demonstrate the public's commitment to a "legitimate" outcome... the possibility for violence will increase significantly.

The classic leftist playbook, but look how they plan on framing it.

President Trump and his more fervent supporters have every incentive to try to turn peaceful proBiden (or anti-Trump) protests violent in order to generate evidence that a Democratic victory is tantamount to "mob rule."

Oh they expect violence, but when it goes down, they'll blame Trump agitators. In what world is this even believable? Who's been responsible for all the violence over the past few months? Are we supposed to believe that the Tea Party will go undercover in black bloc and start chucking molotov cocktails? As ridiculous as this may sound, something like that is exactly the story they'll try and weave.

The first wargame resulted in an utter nightmare. They called it an "Ambiguous Result" with both candidates declaring victory. If the results show both trump and Biden neck and neck, you can expect to see these things happen:

  • Both candidates will declare victory. The Biden campaign immediately deploys their list of one thousand "influencers" to hit the social and mainstream media waves. Now it doesn't mention it here, but what do you want to bet that people like me or Tucker Carlson will get heavily throttled or shadow banned? They'll have a voice... but we won't.
  • The Biden campaign then unleashes what they call their "peaceful rallies", but - as I showed you earlier in the document - they fully expect them to become violent.
  • The left expects Trump to respond by federalizing the National Guard and invoking the Insurrection Act. Tell me… why would he have to do that if what they have planned is "peaceful"?

The game continues with a hypothetical scenario in Michigan where a Trump supporter destroys some ballots, tipping the state for the president. Because of that, the Governor of Michigan decides to send pro-Biden delegates to Washington. So we've got two things of note there: the use of an act of sabotage — something the right is rarely guilty of, but we can't say that about the left — and a state governor defying the results. I'm telling you, they're pulling out every dirty trick in the arsenal... and this was just the first scenario!

Scenario two was somewhat uneventful: A clear Biden victory.

In other words, Biden wins in a blowout. The Democrats think that if this happens that Trump will have no leverage to contest anything. It's actually kind of funny, and you can really see the bias from the Lincoln Project stooges sitting at the table. It actually includes Trump going to Mar-A-Lago to pursue "murky overseas business deals," and launching "MAGA TV." I kid you not. But I think someone should remind them that the king of "murky overseas business deals" is Joe Biden. China? Ukraine? 3.5 million from a corrupt Moscow oligarch? Come on guys...

Game three is what, I think, is most likely what we'll see go down: A clear Trump win.

The scenario assumes Trump takes an Electoral College victory, but loses the popular vote. This is clearly what Democrats think will happen as well. It's why they took inspiration from the election of 1876. Tell me if " transition" is what they're most concerned about here...

Right from the get go, the Biden campaign sends the masses out into the streets. Look how the left frames what happens:

The Trump Campaign planted agent provocateurs into the protests throughout the country to ensure these protests turned violent and helped further the narrative of a violent insurrection.

Rioting and looting will commence, violence will ensue, and who will get the blame? Trump supporters.

Rioting and looting will commence, violence will ensue and who will get the blame? Trump supporters. Get ready because, if everything kicks off as planned, it's going to happen.

The plan then appears to have Biden conceding, but then making a very public retraction:

It capitalized on the public's outrage that for the third time in 20 years a candidate lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College.

This is key for later in the scenario. This has nothing to do with transition integrity, and everything to do with shredding the constitution and our country.

The next stage in the plan has Democrats leveraging their "coalition of governors" to immediately ask for recounts in multiple states. In some of those cases, the governors completely ignore the results and send Biden electors instead.

This is just turn one of the wargame. At the end, this is what they list as to what they can successfully cook up:

At the end of the first turn, the country was in the midst of a full-blown constitutional crisis characterized by: 1) Political chaos; 2) Widespread threats of violence, and sporadic actual violence in the streets; and 4) A hostile, dangerous, highly-partisan, and frequently unconstrained information and media environment.

In summation... absolute chaos. This is what they want to sow on election night, even though Trump has clearly won.

The Biden campaign then announces that they have convinced California, Oregon and Washington to secede unless Congress agrees to fundamentally change the United States of America. I'm not kidding around here... This is their plan! Using that leverage, take a look at this INSANE list of demands.

  1. Give statehood to Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.
  2. Divide California into five states to more accurately represent its population in the Senate. (Interesting... they don't request the same for Texas. I wonder why…)
  3. Require Supreme Court justices to retire at 70.
  4. Eliminate the Electoral College.

So... the compromise of 1877 2.0. And we know how that one turned out. The scary thing is that this scenario is clearly what they EXPECT to happen. It's their most likely outcome. Violence, chaos, constitutional crisis and the end of the United States as we know it. It's right there in black and white. We had better start taking them at their word because they're not playing around anymore.

Game four, a narrow Biden win, wasn't as crazy as what they have in store for if Trump wins, but that right there should tell you what they have planned for if Biden wins. All those lists of demands will get pushed through. So regardless, their plans are to destroy America. But I do want to point out a few things.

Democrats fully expect Trump to investigate the large amounts of mail-in ballots, and they're geared up to stop any action the DOJ might initiate. They don't expect Biden to officially be declared the winner until at least a week after the election.

Check this out:

The Trump Campaign stoked chaos and mayhem by urging local police forces to break up Black Lives Matter and pro-Biden demonstrations and encouraging Alt Right / Boogaloo supporters to confront liberal protestors.

Democrats will have rioters in the streets in all scenarios, but the blame will be thrust on Trump. This theme is constant throughout the entire document.

Later in the scenario, the Biden campaign again called for massive civil unrest to continue, where they admit:

Violent skirmishes and vandalism took place during these demonstrations.

Didn't they already make a movie called The Purge: Election Year? Someone tell the Democrats that movies aren't supposed to be real. How else can you describe this? Their plan, in their own words, is to call for civil unrest when they fully expect them to devolve into violence. It's so blatant, if I didn't read it here with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it.

Let's go back to the Obama administration's 7 Pillars.

Number 7: Divisions among the regimes' coercive forces.

As I told you two weeks ago, what they mean by this is the police and military. In order for everything I just showed you to successfully be pulled off, they need the police diminished and the military conflicted. They can't have police dispersing the riots, and they sure as heck can't have the National Guard moving in to support them. There were multiple mentions of National Guard troops in the wargame.

And the attack on the police has continued. Multiple officers were shot in Louisville during the Breonna Taylor riots.

One officer was clubbed in the head with a baseball bat last week in Seattle. Now imagine what's going to happen on election night...

The mainstream media continues to make the case that the military is divided against Trump. Take a look at this excerpt from the fourth wargame where Biden ekes out a narrow win:

A critical moment in the game play was the Joint Chiefs of Staff leaking that internal discussions had taken place about how to handle the escalating situation, including the consideration of resigning in protest of Trump's continued efforts to sow unrest. The leak indicated that the Joint Chiefs' commitment was to the Constitution rather than to the President.

This is a signal. Get on board and get in line.

If the left has their way... this is our future. I hope not, but it's kind of hard to argue that any of this is hyperbolic or conspiracy theory when it's right there in black and white in their own words. I'm revealing all of this... not to cause an uproar. We need the opposite. We need to be level headed. We need to know what they are planning so we can defeat their ideas with our own. When they call for people to hit the streets, we need to show this information with everyone we know. Show them that it was their plan, and that they want to provoke a response. Don't give it. I hope that the Trump team has this information and has made plans. The fate of our country is at stake.

If the left has their way... this is our future.

With the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there is now the complicated added layer of nominating a replacement for her just weeks before an election. The left is losing its mind over this already.

So, what can you do about any of this? First, vote of course. In-person, at a polling place is the best bet for making sure your vote counts. Democrats have made it sound like polling locations are Republican COVID death traps, yet people somehow manage to survive going to Wal-Mart every day. With so many places offering early voting options now, you will be able to vote in-person if you want to.

Democrats have made it sound like polling locations are Republican COVID death traps...

Especially if the election is close, we know the Color Revolution crowd will pull out all the stops to litigate the results.

Biden's team has already hired 600 lawyers to do just that if necessary. So patience will be required. It will likely take several weeks to get an official result. There will likely be instances of fraud, missing ballots, and found ballots. It will be extremely frustrating.

But regardless of the result, take the high road. Consider taking a social media sabbatical until the storm blows over. At the very least, don't share election rumors. Resist joining mobs — even if it's your favorite team.

I'm not saying roll over and be docile lambs. But we cannot mirror the "burn it down" crowd, because that crowd always fails in the end. Wherever you find yourself, whether in the halls of power or your regular workplace, be the adult in the room. There are much bigger issues at stake here than any one candidate.

Then, get involved at your local level. Support law enforcement. Become an election official. Run for the school board. Give to organizations defending life and liberty.

Do whatever you can to promote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If our current national turmoil proves anything, it's that we DO NOT know the Constitution. Work to reverse that trend in your community.

America's past and present failures are not a predictor of our future success. Commit to being the people that embody the mission President Lincoln proposed at the end of his second inaugural address:

With malice toward none; with charity for all... let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds... to do all which may achieve and cherish a just, and a lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations.

And finally, pray hard for grace and peace to reign. Appeal to God to have mercy on this nation that we love in spite of itself.

Hey Joe, THIS is how you handle terrorists

Wikimedia Commons

If you haven't seen the new Apple TV+ drama Tehran, it's definitely worth your time. It tells the story of an Israeli spy who sneaks into Iran to set up an attack on Iran's nuclear program. Now that the new Bond movie is delayed, this show has a little bit of everything to hold you over: international spies, hackers, double agents.

But I digress...

No matter how Hollywood tries to invent these stories — and this one is definitely good — they always fall short of what happens in real life. What happened in Iran this past Friday is a movie waiting to happen.

What happened in Iran this past Friday is a movie waiting to happen.

Iran's top nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was assassinated as he was traveling to his private villa just a few miles east of Tehran. The operation involved a team of over 60 people. Around 50 logistical support agents backed up a dozen gunmen. They knew everything. His schedule, his private address, his classified movements, the route...

Fakhrizadeh was traveling in the middle of three armored vehicles. When they approached the ambush site, the hit team cut off all the electricity in the surrounding area. A car bomb was then remotely detonated, taking out the rear vehicle in the convoy. 12 gunmen proceeded to open fire on the other two cars. Iran's top nuclear scientist was dead, and NONE of the hit squad were wounded or arrested.

Now you can already guess where the blame is being directed this morning. Almost immediately, the fingers began to point at both Israel and the United States. The mainstream media is trying to paint this as an effort by Trump to sabotage a Biden effort to restart the Iran Nuclear Deal. Remember that "masterful" stroke of Middle East foreign policy? You know, the deal that included $150 BILLION — in cash — that Obama and Biden knew would be used to kill Americans and destabilize the entire region. Remember that?

They said it was impossible... but Trump did it.

They claimed their way was the only path to peace. What did they get from it? Iran spread out all the way to the literal doorstep of Israel. The elite Iraqi troops of the Republican Guard were staging in Syria, plotting that ultimate attack to take back Jerusalem. The entire region was set to explode... but then Trump scuttled the deal. What did it lead to? Historic peace agreements between the Arab world and Israel.

They said it was impossible... but Trump did it. He reimposed sanctions and launched a campaign to kill terrorists rather than give them money.

John Brennan took to Twitter this weekend to call the assassination a criminal act.

It echoes what they said when the top terrorist in the world — Qassem Soleimani — was assassinated in Iraq. Coincidentally, the Iranian government published artwork over the weekend depicting Soleimani and the, now dead, nuclear scientist standing side by side.

You see, now matter how people like Brennan and Biden might try and say otherwise, this is exactly the type of person Iran's "Robert Openheimer" was: a terrorist in the same category as Soleimani (but obviously with a lot more dangerous capability).

Iran has been protecting this man for two decades. They called him merely "an academic," but denied the UN IAEA inspectors to ever question him.

The rhetoric Iran fed the global community was that their nuclear program didn't have anything to do with weapons, and that this nuclear scientist was involved in research to improve their energy programs. But in 2007, the CIA said this was a cover story. In 2008, the United States froze his assets, and the IAEA made it public that this scientist was leading Iran's nuclear weapons project.

Iran called it "Projects 110 and 111." Fakhrizadeh was tasked with finding out how to miniaturize a nuclear warhead and make it durable enough so that it could survive re-entry into the atmosphere on top of an ICBM.

There can be no accommodation with terrorists.

Obama and Biden's nuclear deal didn't stop ANY of this. Israel revealed in 2018 that Projects 110 and 111 continued. Fakhrizadeh was specifically called out as still being the main man in charge.

Biden thinks his policy of accommodation will somehow bring us the peace that Neville Chamberlain once thought was possible with Hitler. When has this borne fruit with any maniacal tyrant or terrorist... ever?!

And that's exactly what Iran and their thugs are. They're terrorists! They're not a legitimate regime. Long before ISIS, the terrorists in Iran stole a country, planning to spread their caliphate all over the world. Members of Al Qaeda, despite being Sunni, enjoy free sanctuary under their protection. They want to burn Israel to the ground. They chant "death to America"... It's actually a holiday there.

There can be no accommodation with terrorists. Biden wants peace with Iran, and he'll probably roll out a red carpet and offer them a few hundred billion more dollars. We know this doesn't work. To quote Reagan, "there's one way to have peace and you can have it in this second... surrender."

That's how you deal with terrorists, and — whether we were involved or not — another one was just taken out.

How does a sports writer know how to fix America, and America's racial dilemma?

In a special edition of the "Glenn Beck Radio Program," Outkick sports columnist Jason Whitlock filled in Tuesday for Glenn to explain how we can bring America back together, lean into racial harmony, and restore the values of our Founding Fathers. Because if not us, then who will?

Jason started out by explaining how, during a recent appearance on the program, he felt a spiritual connection with Glenn, regardless of physical differences, as both share a common passion for God and country.

"Glenn and I share a kindred spirit. A kindred passion," Jason said. "We have two things that we love and are passionate about: God and country. I am not a minister. I'm a flawed sinner just like Glenn and just like you. But I am a believer. Believers share an energy that connects them, that cuts through our physical differences and makes those differences irrelevant relevant. That's what I felt when I met Glenn, an energy and a spirit that connects us. We are broadcasters, media personalities, operating in separate spaces, trying to talk to Americans, who share our passion."

Jason went on to say that he believes there are forces operating, both outside of and inside America, that are working to separate America from God, and that much of what we've witnessed in 2020 — from the racial division stirred by the mainstream and social media, to the rioting and looting by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, to the "remaking of the sports world into a shrine that celebrates resisting criminal suspects and denigrates this great country at every turn" — are symptoms and consequences of America's enemies separating God and country.

"We are one nation under God. We are nothing without Him," Jason continued. "The flawed sinners who founded this nation baked God into this country with their Declaration of Independence. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. That among those, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The foreign and domestic enemies of this nation are baking a new American cake. God isn't an essential ingredient in this new cake. He isn't an ingredient at all. The removal of faith is sewing the disharmony that is terrorizing and destroying the United States of America.

"Why am I here today? I'm here to tell you how we take our country back, how we restore the freedoms and the liberties our enemies seek to remove in their remaking of a godless America."

Watch the video below to hear more from Jason Whitlock:

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One of the most shocking things British journalist, political commentator, and author of "The Madness of Crowds," Douglas Murray witnessed during his recent stay in America, was how many Americans are acting as if they live in 1930s Germany or behind the Iron Curtain, afraid to stand up and speak out because they're afraid of the consequences.

Murray joined the "Glenn Beck Podcast" this week to explain why he believes the state of America is actually worse than we realize, and how the Left's obsession with rewriting history has ushered in guilt, fear, and a "silent majority."

Murray said he's particularly "fed up" with those on the Right who are afraid to voice their opinion because they don't want to become the target of leftist mobs on social media.

"Do you think anyone in history who told the truth had an easy time? You've got the easiest time that any opposition movement ever did in history," Murray said.

"You cannot have these people in America living in a free society — which is for the time being free — pretending that they live under the circumstances of Jews in 1930s Germany," he added. "Speak up. Speak out. Don't be a silent majority; be a very damn noisy majority. And don't put up with the oppression of people who are totally insincere ... they want to make money. They want to win. Nothing more. Call them out ... and get back to what you should be doing as a nation."

Watch the full interview with Douglas Murray below:

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New York City shut down its schools over the coronavirus with barely any notice. But even before that, Governor Andrew Cuomo apparently wasn't in the mood to be asked about it, and he made that very clear to reporters.

Asked on Wednesday whether parents could expect schools to be closed as soon as Thursday, Cuomo mocked reporters for their "obnoxious and offensive" questions and accused them of not paying attention. Watch the testy exchange for yourself here.

On Thursday's radio program, Glenn Beck and producer Stu Burguiere had plenty to say about Stu's least favorite governor and the decision to close schools. But Glenn also offered his own theory on why coronavirus restrictions have become so political: Americans refuse to be forced into submission.

Watch the video below to catch the conversation:

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