It's a Russian TRAP: The American cost of helping Ukraine

Glenn Beck believes something has been off with the world’s reaction to the Ukraine invasion since the beginning.

Have you noticed how all the private corporations of the world have come together at an unprecedented level? They are now moving in tandem with world governments in the largest public-private partnership the world has ever seen. Now, McDonald's shut down all its restaurants in Russia. Why? Glenn says it doesn’t make sense unless you understand the Great Reset. And Russian oil just may be the last nail in the coffin to usher in the economic new world order.

On "Glenn TV" Wednesday, Glenn connects it all at the chalkboard and asks: How much are you willing to sacrifice to help Ukraine? Because those sacrifices are coming. Over half of Americans are already living paycheck to paycheck, but CNN says Americans are okay with paying higher prices if it means holding Russia accountable for its invasion of Ukraine.

Glenn retells the “Titanic” movie, but with Russians, oil prices, and an economic weapon of mass destruction. In this version of the story, the iceberg is still there and President Biden is steering us straight toward it.

Watch the full episode of "Glenn TV" below:

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