Who is Beto O'Rourke really?

A rebellious punk rocker? A criminal bailed out by his well-connected family? An Irish collegiate prep? Or is he just an opportunist, conforming to whatever ideology will get him the votes he needs to gain power? A man who claims to be the champion of displaced, under represented people is actually just another wealthy, corrupt kleptocrat looking out for his best interests. And Glenn has the receipts to prove it all. Watch the clip to learn more.


Glenn joins The Daily Caller Podcast

Glenn went by the Daily Caller to talk about why cable news stinks, what he thought of Trump's SOTU speech and more! When asked what he's trying to achieve through BlazeTV, Glenn said, "We're doing what you're doing . . . We're trying to tell the truth as we see it, tell the truth as we find it and replace the old media, because the old media is wildly broken."