Who is Beto O'Rourke really?

A rebellious punk rocker? A criminal bailed out by his well-connected family? An Irish collegiate prep? Or is he just an opportunist, conforming to whatever ideology will get him the votes he needs to gain power? A man who claims to be the champion of displaced, under represented people is actually just another wealthy, corrupt kleptocrat looking out for his best interests. And Glenn has the receipts to prove it all. Watch the clip to learn more.


The Singularity? Elon Musk unveils plans to merge human brains with AI

Yesterday, while the rest of America obsessed over President Trump's tweets, Elon Musk announced plans to merge humans with computers using thread-like polymer electrodes implanted directly into the human brain. Musk said that Neuralink, his brain-AI interface startup, will allow humans to "achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence" as early as next year. Watch this clip to get more details.