Beck’s “fact checker” responds to fashion critique

Dear Reader,

Something horrible happened yesterday. Was it Romney winning Ohio? No! Could it have been Barack Obama once again defiling the religious freedoms that have been a hallmark of this country since its founding? Not quite. Did Glenn announce another project that would drain the time and effort of his already overworked staff? Ok, that probably happened but that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

No, yesterday, the cowardly Editor of decided to defame and slander Glenn Beck, his employer and (up until yesterday) friend! Worse he did it without even saying his name. Well, Wilson, you’re in trouble now. Glenn has asked us to look into your background and see what people think about YOUR fashion sense! The answer….very little.

Take a good look people, THIS is the guy that dares to mock those awesome suspenders that Glenn has been rocking all year on GBTV:

The beard. The hoodie. The glasses. Disgusting. No wonder he quickly went from Glenn’s assistant to web editor (editor’s note: That hurt).

Even worse, the above was taken at a work function, hence the balloon animal Glenn. Who shows up like THAT to work?!

Here he is the week of 8/28. Jeans? Polo? That’s professional…Glenn wore a tie, you wear a tie….

Well, we decided to reach out to some of his “friends” and “co-workers” (by the time this is published, you can probably add the word former to both of those).

What did they have to say?

One wasn’t so bad, and even acknowledged that what Glenn wears is a little more important than a lowly employee:

“Wilson dresses terribly and you can never predict what’s going to be growing on his face from day to day. But at least Wilson isn’t on camera 5 hours a day.”

Some were downright mean:

“Wilson spends more money on the Dark Knight comic book tie-ins than he does on clothes”

“Wilson is the only Kentuckian who wishes to look like a Brooklyn hipster”

“Wearing the same button down shirt over the same sweater for seven days straight isn’t fashionable or trendy, it’s sad.”

Others questioned why he would attack Glenn:

“People who live in bearded, flannel houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

Others didn’t even go after his fashion sense, attacking his personality instead:

“Wilson has never made a decision in his life. Ever.”

“Wilson models himself after Paul Bunyan.. without being able to do anything with his hands.”

“Wilson was the inspiration behind the ‘Winne The Pooh’ character ‘Eeyore’”

Some commented on his personal life:

“When on public transportation, Wilson is often handed loose change by other passengers.”

“Wilson’s beard is his best friend.”

Yes, we polled the office and those were real responses.


And he thought these were his friends. Sorry Wilson, Stu is just pretending in the below:

So what can we learn from this?

1) Don’t attack your Glenn’s fashion or he’ll commission someone to go after you.
2) Wilson really needs to not come to work looking like a homeless person/Occupy Wall Street protester.
3) Wilson needs to invest less in comic books and buy nicer clothes.
4) Wilson needs to get some new friends.
5) Suspenders are still not fashionable (editor’s note: I still get to edit this thing!)



The GBTV Fact Checking Team

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Okay I want to ask one simple question, and mind you I did not respond to the clothing matter yesterday when it came up.

    How does this article relate to anything actually going on in the rest of the world?

    Simply put Glenn and staff; if this is a attempt at humor it failed.

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t.  Must be his lame attempt to make people forget about that birth certificate thread. 

    • w. Parker

      Absolutely, 101% correct.  The world is shaking on its axis as we speak, problems domestic and world wide, and Beck chooses to make a big deal about his clothing.  Possibly he could have brought up subject matter of the many who find it difficult to afford clothes at all, anything other than this boring matter.  The one time i’ve seen a response to a post of his.  I would think if he’s going to issue a response to a post, it would have been his recent post on the Sheriff who’s investigating obama’s BC, which received over 1000 mostly “negative” responses

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Parker, I’ve asked that question on several posts—how is Glenn going to

        respond to the many posts sent by his viewers/listeners re: the Sheriff Joe A.

        thread?  Will he apologize?  Explain?    Still waiting.

        • Anonymous

          I doubt he will.  He never apologized for calling people who support Newt racists.  You think this will be any different?  However, he did apologize to Obama.

    • Julie B

      Well, if Glenn wouldn’t have burnt his bridge with Breitbart (God rest his soul) he could have had an exclusive chance to air the Obama videos, and maybe have some legitimate news. Dont get me wrong, I have respect for Glenn, but the Blaze is snuffing it out. I have resulted to depending on Drudge, debka, lucianne, and breitbart to get some real news. I haven’t watched GBTV in over two months just because I got so tired of hearing the same things over everyday….I came here to learn and be up to date with events, but it is becoming like a grocery store tabloid. =[

  • Anonymous

    Are you kidding me?  Glenn, you have no fashion sense, your cohorts have no fashion sense.
    Nope, no fashionistas..pretty obvious to anyone with eyes.  How long is this dumb thread going to go on?

  • Anonymous

    To the 3 posters here before me:  Sheesh!!?
    Laugh ever?  All work and no play make Glenn/his staff very dull boys.  With the amount of terror and doom and gloom these people digest and regurgitate for your knowledge (and power) on a daily basis, maybe they could create a little diversion and have a bit of a chuckle now and then…?  What does this have to do with the goings on in the world?  NOTHING!  It was in jest and that’s all.  If its ludicrous to you to entertain the idea of Glenn’s clothing options being ‘thread’ worthy…you don’t have to read it-OR comment on it :)  As an AZ resident, I LOVE my Sheriff Joe and occasionally accept the fact that I am not going to take every idea Glenn has as gospel-thinking minds do tend to disagree and when did that become NOT OK?  For those out there canceling their subscriptions over this one story;  God Bless and good luck!

    • w. Parker

      When i want to watch comedy, i turn on the comedy channel.  When i want news and intelligent commentary I “used” to visit this site more than i do now.  As far as not agreeing with Glenn being OK, i agree, as i have disagreed many times, but to be made fun of, mocked, and made to appear stupid by Glenn for believing the Sheriff’s story is over the edge and different than the way you state what happened in your post.  I suggest you proceed to the story and view Glenn’s and his little silly elf’s remarks for yourself

      • Anonymous

        Exactly again. 

        • w. Parker

          There’s little left anymore after the Breitbart and especially, the Sheriff Joe piece.  All that;s left is just silly crap and reactionary bits and pieces to other news.  Time for those with a life and interests in the problems of the world to move on to other places and just drop in from time to time. 

    • Anonymous

      Sheesh….Give us something to laugh at.  This thread is not funny, it is dumb. 

  • Tom King

    Oh, come on. Mork from Orc suspenders are the ultimate in cool.  Suspenders of any sort say, “I don’t give a rat’s belly button whether snooty people like how I dress or not.” Cool disdain for public opinion is the real cool.I say, “Power to the suspenders. Without them all of us old guys would have to pull our belts up under our nipples to keep our pants up.  Suspenders are the only practical way for a pear shaped person to suspend their pants at the appropriate height.”You fashion nancy-boys can blow it out your collective pierced ears. You may want to secure your pants with double-sided fashion tape like some anorexic super-model, but not this hairy bellied, testosterone soaked geezer. Viva la suspenders!

    And shut up about it or I WILL get my belt!

    • Anonymous

      Grrr   Go get ’em, Tom King!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    He is not a Bill Oreilly, the best dressed man on TV.   Glenn has his own style;  we who watch him, don’t watch to see what he’s wearing.  Although I do watch Bill because I want to see what he’s wearing-it’s a girly thing!

  • Caitlin Nicholas

    While I don’t approve of some of Glenn’s latest fashion choices, I respect the way he dresses. His style is very eclectic, kinda like his personality, it shows through those wonderfully hideous suspenders and the tweed vests…

  • Kelly Parker

    I’m actually entertained by Glenn’s attire, in a positive way;) let’s be honest, is this really important? of course not! but let’s rake Mr. Beck over the coals wherever you can….I laugh at the judgement………….bah!

  • Kelly Parker

    I also view Glenn walking the catwalk to “So What’cha Want” by the Beastie Boys…….LOL

    • Caitlin Nicholas

      next thing we know he’s gonna break out the lederhosen 😉

  • Pam in Tx

    I like to see people dress in their own unique style. I like the way Beck dresses, but then who gives a rat’s behind what I think. 

  • Anonymous

    Glenn his who must dress better!!!

  • Anonymous

    I get on this website and whine in the comment section on every article because they put in some humor and i want to feel important.  #thisisntaverybigdealdontbeadouche

  • Anonymous

    OMG, some of you people take things waaaay too seriously!  Are Mr. Beck and his staff not allowed their moments of levity from time to time?  Are they not allowed to poke fun at themselves and each other every once in awhile in order to release some of the horrific tension they are under?  Get a life!

    • Anonymous

      I think you need to get a life if you think this crap is funny.  Aren’t we allowed to state our own opinions?  Glenn and friends put it out there.

    • Anonymous

      Big deal…since when do cloths define a person?    Some people suffer from what I call the “Mrs. Bucket”  syndrome…..Keeping up Appearances!   You know, Hyacinth Bouquet?

      • Anonymous

        luv keeping up appearances.  The Bouquet residence, lady of the house speaking.  Now that is funny.  Thanks for reminding me about this show

        • Anonymous

          I really thought no would get this…LOL.  I love British comedy and watch it every chance I get.   I’m talking belly laughs!    Happy luvs to you and yours.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks you too. Are you being served? another funny British show.

          • Anonymous

            Yes!  What about Chef?   Lenny Henry at his best.  And Last of the Summer Wine…..I can go on and on.    No therapy for us, ever.   The Vicar of Dibley is the best—-Alice being my favorite character of all.  LOL as I write!  Enjoy your day;  God knows we need all the joy we can muster.

          • Anonymous

            My avatar pictur is Sully Erna…He is hot. That’s why I luv sully erna
            When it comes to good funny TV age does not matter.

          • Anonymous

            DUH!   That’s how old I am…don’t know who Sully Erna is!     But not too old to laugh at myself-I’m my biggest source of entertainment. LOL

          • Anonymous

            you made me laugh today thanks, maybe i should change the avatar into sully singing. because someone called me sully boy today and dude. lol

  • Anonymous

    Wow!  Harsh remarks, indeed!   Well, Wilson, it looks like you have nice hair.

  • Skwerl

    Hoodie wearin’ office dwellers unite!!!
    Since I have been working on 3rd shift, it is rare that I wear pants with buttons or zips, and most shirts consist of a hood-like appendage. I have taken to wearing slippers that look like Ugg boots.   At the end of my shift, its like a sort of Metalhead Mr Rogers thing, replacing the afore mentioned slippers with my Chuck Taylors’ and donning a zipper hoodie before braving the daywalkers envious disdain while they head in to work.
    Keep up the good fight Wilson. Oh, Glenn- I was digging the 11th Doctor Who look, you only needed a sonic screwdriver to complete the look.

  • Anonymous

    For me, I take every opportunity to laugh as I feel it’s therapeutiic to do so.  That said, what is going on in this country is nothing to laugh about and the topics are very serious in nature.
    You can’t expect  to stay healthy by being so concerned and fearful all the time and forget to look at the funny things that exist in our world-this being one of them.   Humor is an elixir for much that ails us.   Laughing is a good thing especially in a world filled with much strife.

  • Anonymous

    I was unaware of ‘Wilson’ and his poor sartorial mishaps, but was not too keen on seeing Glenn’s idea of what to wear as the main man on his show at 5 to 7 p.m.  Please Glenn, no more shabby jeans and and tops that look like underwear (3/7/2012.of the worst kind!

  • Robinfirst name

    Just say nicely, “Honey I’m taking you out tonight so could you please put on a stylish suit and 
    the blue striped tie that shows off your heavenly eyes.” All kidding aside, he seems like one of your group, including the casual way he dresses, just let him know when you are going out in public and want to show him off, or buy him a tee-shirt that says, “Genius at Work.”

  • Rachel Clapper

    As a fan of Doctor Who and Torchwood, no one can tell me that bow ties and suspenders are not cool.  Rock them out, Glenn!

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