CREATE: Glenn reveals ambitious plan to work with musicians, artists, filmmakers and more!

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On GBTV tonight, Glenn revealed the final piece of the solution to fix the country – create! He didn’t just discuss the immorality and filth in the current culture, but also the reaction for people of values and faith to just run away and withdraw from the culture rather than to create something different. So he came up with a solution – one that involves him working with artists and musicians in aggressively pushing back with messages of hope and goodness. And, most importantly, he encouraged viewers to join him, not as passive observers but as active artists and creators in whatever way they could.

“America has always been about creating and doing,” Glenn said as welcomed people to the final night of special shows focusing on fixing the country.

Taking a break from the news of the day, Glenn chose to instead reflect on the history of American ingenuity to start the show. He ran through some of the incredible American inventions – focusing on everything from Edison and the Kinetoscope to the iPad.

“Edison saw the good in the invention. He was an amazing man — he never stopped thinking and trying — no matter how preposterous the idea seemed. For example, he actually tried to make concrete furniture such as beds and chairs. Even concrete pianos. Needless to say that one didn’t work out, and neither did his ‘mechanical cigar’. But that didn’t stop him. He once said, ‘I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’ He just kept creating, and sometimes he got it right.”

“He’s also is the first to record the human voice,” Glenn said.

And since Edison, the world has now gotten to the point where the iPad can access and play music without wires from anywhere there are cell towers. Glenn’s concern, however, was what content and music and art was now out there in the culture that could be consumed on this technology.

“While our technology has progressed, our culture has regressed,” he said.

WATCH him explain the cultural problems below:

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Glenn talked about how many of the Billboard Top 100 songs have title like “F**k You” and “S&M”, while shows like Glee feature high school kids dancing in lingerie. Meanwhile, shows that talk about God, faith, and family have been left behind, and the very few that remain are treated like jokes. Glenn even discussed his own professional difficulty discussing faith and the risks he has faced because of it.

“I’ve actually lost (radio) affiliates because they say I talk about God,” he said.

But how do you push back against the current path of popular culture?

“It’s everywhere. You know it and I know it. Teens engaging casual sex. Violence. Profanity. Nudity. We know the problem, it’s not hard to miss,” Glenn said.

And what is the typical response of conservatives? They complain about it and threaten to throw the TV out. But they don’t actually try to change it, in fact they have given up in a lot of ways.

“This is the one area where we’ve abandoned our entrepreneurial spirit. Instead of being like Edison and trying 10,000 ways to be part of the solution we just throw our hands up in the air and wave the white flag,” he said.

“We’re against something instead of being for something. And meanwhile, artists are thrust into a toxic atmosphere where if they aren’t willing to live on the cutting edge of culture and create filth you don’t get a job.”

“Why are we just giving the culture over to those who seek to promote filth? Why are we just complaining about it? How about we do something about it. Yes! That’s what we are going to do here. Create.”

“Right now our idea on culture is ‘It’s bad. I don’t like it, it’s not good for myself or my children’. And we distance ourselves from it. That doesn’t create anything. America moves forward when people are creating,” Glenn said.

Meanwhile politicians, the studios, the networks, the record industries are working with outdated systems that don’t work and are doing everything they can to punish small businesses and punish the creators, but Glenn promised that is about to change.

“This day is the biggest challenge of all four and arguably the most important,” he said.

Glenn said, “Creation is what moves us. It’s what informs us. It’s what motivates us. In many ways it’s who we are. That’s why the Marxists of the early 20th century laid out a detailed action plan to change culture. You can change the way people perceive things and the way they act. We know this is true because we’ve seen it happen in our own lifetime, right before our eyes in real time.”

Does Glenn expect people to go out and buy a studio and start making TV shows and movies? No. But Glenn wants everyone to recognize how they are creators.

Now, Glenn admits that he had a slightly different plan in store for tonight’s show, one that will be revealed soon, and that lawyers and studios and more stopped him from being able to execute it as planned. However, he did want to give viewers an hint at what he was doing to push back on the current status of our culture.

He discussed his plans to find musicians who had a message that celebrates faith and American values rather than some of the filth that is out there currently. He also discussed plans to get involved with films and how he and his team were developing new systems to create media outside of Hollywood and New York.

He explains below:

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And he also introduced the first artist, Kalai, who would be performing at Restoring Love:

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Stay tuned to GBTV for more on Glenn’s plans for taking back the culture in the weeks ahead.



  • Chris G. Simmons

    I want to be a part of this movement!

  • Brittany Dodson

    I will be happy to lend my skills if you need them 

  • Patty

     filled out app.  HOPE it gets through to you!   Love what you are doing!!

  • Anonymous

    Do you need writers? I write Science fiction, fantasy, and romance, with a little bit of mainstream, and 95% of what I write is safe for families with the other 5% being at the parents’ discretion. And much of it is family focused, even when it’s just a kid alone in the wilderness.

  • FedUp2010

    It is true God is the CREATOR, and the Devil is the DESTROYER, or
    distorter. Looking forward to “Restoring Love” in Dallas, TX. Very excited
    to hear a soundtrack is coming out soon. Music is a great way to SPREAD
    the message of God’s Love, Hope and Freedom!

    God uses many people to spread his message through SONG…..The treasures of your Heart will carry you one day.

    Matthew 12:34 says that “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth
    speaks.” The key is out of the abundance of the heart, that is, “what is
    in the heart,”

  • Gloria

    Great show and alive to the moment. Isn’t it strange that people who are not able to believe in God want it stamped out because from their heart of hearts they know it is true and in a moment of time, he or she turned the other way. It is that simple. God is the very breath that we breathe, we wouldn’t be…if God wasn’t working through us regardless of what we think we believe or don’t believe in. God express’s is complete instruction with “I AM THAT I AM” …what is more clear. God manifests through us in whatever capacity we allow. Some of us have been brought back to life with one word that does the job. AWAKE! If and when we do this…everything changes because the veil is removed from the inner eye and that which was there but unseen, becomes seen. I believe many people have experienced this but can not acknowledge this because this awakening makes you hyper-sensitive for a better word, this ability to feel and to know from inside what is going on, because you see and feel everything. This realization also makes one feel the hate, anger and pain. To create, as our Dear Friend and Brother says…is the step that makes one step out on the stage and one is no longer invisible but he or she is visible. And, that person…having been brought to life can nothing more then be exposed to life however it is, wherever that person goes. The love that one feels is what creates and it is spontaneous. It cannot do anything but create, even if that person steps back and is there but not seen. God does this at times when it is better for “Divine Will.” And the person will be brought out of the exposure.

    I am very excited that this is coming through in this manner. I believe the stage is prepared for this, I mean the stage as being the life stage where we are free to be that we are. This type of creative action works through “Divine Will.” sometimes Glenn has a hard time sharing certain things because of the way it comes to him. He knows it has nothing to do with him. This is what he puts his head down and rubs his head, wipes a tear away and goes on with the lump in his throat. A tremendous amount of energy comes through this, and with it comes a tidal wave of creation because all that is required is enough people will work with this frequency and will then join the club per se of spending time rubbing your head and sharing something that came to you, something that you know was something moving through your fingers but really had nothing to do with your thoughts. As Glenn showed tonight in the…I am having a problem finding the word. Is it a meeting, a show, lecture, it could be any of these but it isn’t that at all. If Glenn was sitting talking to me, he would know exactly what I’m describing. It is always when he becomes quiet and puts his head down, has to calm himself and the words flow out. This is the creation that you have invoked Mr. Beck. You can expect a huge wave of energy because people become very excited when this veil is removed. We live in a time of great change, only God knows what is going to manifest through the whole tapestry. We know that huge waves of energy are flowing across the land on a huge spectrum of frequencies. What do you suppose is happening? I am loving you. Gloria Joy Greco

  • Anonymous

    Hi Glenn!  My father is a long time listener/watcher of your programs and last night he brought it to my attention that you were looking for musicians with a positive message.  I am happy to say at 35 years old, I finally found a band that conveys a positve message.  I now have the opportunity to share with others, believers and non-believers, the love of our Lord.   It is an exciting time for Blue Bird from Omaha, Nebraska.  We are going to be having our CD release show on June 16th and we are in the running to open for Huey Lewis and the News on June 29th for the Celebrates America Concert.  Please vote for Blue Bird on the Bank of the West/Celebrates America Concert facebook page.  Thank you and keep on with your great works! God Bless You.

    Julie Crowell

    Want to hear the new album in its entirety? Head on over to and do just that! Let us know what you think. And for those of you in our neck o’ the woods the big release celebration happens on June 16th at The Waiting Room Lounge. See you then!
    Blue Bird Officialwww.bluebirdlovesyou

  • Monica Skiathitis Charpentier

    A band that has kept their lyrics clean and is very family friendly is a New Hampshire-based alternative rock band – Borderline Eleven.  Check them out here:  Their song, The Fight, could be the theme song for the Tea Party movement!  “Get off your feet and get in this fight!”

  • Jason Williams

    Hi Everyone, 

    If you have a chance check out my band, Soulful Terrain. We are a multistylistic band with a positive message.

    Please support independent music with a message and positivity and hopefullness.

  • FcB

    You’re talking about being creative on radio today.  I’m launching this free charity album that I wrote, performed, etc. in it’s entirety. With help from the Audrey Hepburn household, this album will be launched worldwide in the next few weeks.Here’s a link to the album, called “Our World”, which is available for FREE download : I have other music too, but this is more important, helping the kids.
     I have other music too, but this is more important, helping the kids.
    Best to Beck,Fc Bester

  • Jared Daines

    Why not also do a model similiar to

  • FedsMadeSarahPalinClick4Proof

    It appears to be link fest today at the ol Glenn Beck site.

  • w. Parker

    I echo the sentiment of another post on your site:  Seems as though you could have included something – anything on the subject of the anniversary of the D-Day Invasion – the largest and most important event and sacrifice of american lives of WWII.  Makes one wonder just where your thoughts and heart was that day

  • Anonymous

    The title should read: Glenn reveals plan to create ambitious propaganda campaign with chants, films and any other medium to wash your brain!!

  • Brett L.

    How does someone submit songs/music to be heard & considered by your staff, Mr Beck?  51 yr old Catholic, rock & roller still chasing the dream. Peace!

  • Beef

    The 60’s and 70’s generation produced great music. No great music has come from the Occupy movement. And none ever will. Our generation’s struggle to beat back the enemy within known as Communism will be sung in homes, at parties and bonfires for decades to come if not longer.

  • Beef

    I too, wish to contribute musically to this great movement. Glenn, setup a virtual melting pot where we can all contribute and take what rises to the top. It would be a great experience for all of us artists.

  • Eric M. Blake

    Mr. Beck,

    I strongly feel–passionately–that God is guiding me to become a filmmaker–a writer-director, who will help lead the fight to take back the movie industry for good.  I already have a chestful of movie ideas–movies that are entertaining and moving–thrillers, comedies, etc.–movies that come from the Conservative and Christian mindset.

    Mr. Beck, you said you want to see the day when we have our own “Glee”.  While I’m more cinema than TV-oriented, I strongly hope my work will help us all see that day–one way or another.

    Eric M. Blake
    University of South Florida
    Tampa, FL

    • Anonymous

      That is so neat, Eric!  I think I would like to join a group of people writing a TV show or a  movie.  I would love to see yours!  I have only one idea but it is in three parts.  What we need is a group of people to help write up all these ideas.  It is one thing to have an idea and another to do all the grunt work to write a screenplay in proper form, and then there are so many other elements that go into production. 
      I think the first thing we need the following:

      1. Some guidelines–maybe some online classes in what makes a good screen play.  We need a Christian screen university online for people called to do the brunt work of creative writing.  We might even hire some to be ghost writers for those who cannot put together their own ideas.

      2. Then we need someone to pick out a few from the class that will be edited and go into production.  

      3. We can put as many values as we can into the film along the way, or many examples of one theme.

      4. We need all the workers–actors, stage hands, set creators, cameras and those who can run them, mixers, etc.  

      5. We need a label–like Hallmark has–

      6. We need people to invest in the endeavor for a return on their money.

      7.  We need marketing people to spread the word about the film.

      • Anonymous

        If they do not let you be a production studio, you make a school.  Everyone and his uncle makes a University.  You don’t have to be accredited or give actual degrees.  You don’t have to have a degree yourself.   Lots of people call their schools universities, but you can call it a Learning Center, or anything.  Then the products coming from your school could be published, and distributed, and who can say anything about that?  If you want a real university, you just need someone with a Doctorate, any Doctorate.   We need to go where God wants us.

        • Juanita W. Profit

          I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’ He just kept creating, and sometimes he got it right. 

      • Eric M. Blake


        Exactly–I would love to see all your ideas carried out!  A film school–marketing–everything.  We REALLY need marketing–we need these films to get in theaters with the big dogs–not just “select theaters,” but “a theater near you”!

        Now, as far as “as many values as we can”–I am all for that, *however*…a thing we have to keep in mind is: it must be done right.

        By that, I mean–we have to look at consciously-Conservative films, like “An American Carol,” and ask ourselves: why do they bomb on us at the box office, with the Left gloating over their failure and pointing to such as “proof” that we are out of touch with what audiences want?

        The reason, I feel, is this: far too often, those films’ values have all the subtlety of a giant placard.  The messages are forced–thrown at the audience with little, if any, natural flow or subtlety.

        As Conservatives, we have to stop trying to be Oliver Stone.  There’s only one Oliver Stone–and he’s highly overrated.

        For different reasons, so much of Christian cinema ends up just preaching to the choir.  Way back when, biblical epics (like “The Ten Commandments” and “Ben-Hur”) were blockbusters.  Nowadays…far too often, the only people that *go* to Christian films are Christians.  The reason?  Because all the marketing makes it clear that they are Christian films with themes that only Christians would really care about.  (Fortunately, we seem to be breaking this glass ceiling, with such recent hits as “For Greater Glory”.  It’s billed as a film about freedom–and it is.  But as audiences find out…it turns out to be more than that.)

        The key, I contend, is to create films that are, first and foremost, entertaining–but *come* from a Christian/Conservative mindset.  The morally-inclined and “Conservative” films of old did this beautifully–see such classics as “Casablanca”, etc.  Also, as a Christian filmmaker pointed out on Glenn Beck’s “For The Record”, the quintessential horror film of all time–“The Exorcist”–is, in the end, a  film which has the servants of God prevail against Satan.

        I think Jerry Bruckheimer–a known Right-winger–gets this.  His films are pro-military (“Top Gun”, “Black Hawk Down”) and freedom-loving (The “Pirates” films have a big Libertarian subtext, when you think about it), and make American cultural and historical tradition *cool* for young people (the “National Treasure” films).  And of course…Jerry backing a project is practically a guarantee for box-office success.

      • Torsten Pearson

        hey guys!  Although I’m sixteen and a half, I’m aspiring to be a filmmaker, and I too have been inspired by Glenn’s awesome plans to take back the entertainment in America.  I’ve got little independent studio started and I’m looking for like-minded people!    I would appreciate it a lot if you would check out,  or even if you’d shoot me an email at   I’ve got lots of movie ideas that I think need to be discussed!!!

        thank you and God bless America!

    • larryS

      Religion is not the answer. People need a moral code to follow, not the false narrative of myths created by ancient bronze-age ignorant people.

      • Anonymous

         First, your comments don’t match the story. 

        The US Constitution provides protection in “freedom of religion.”  While you are in deed entitled to your man-made, science-by-man opinion, your “freedom of NO religion” is not protected.  So, please recognize that those who seek religion, only seek what the Constitution promises to them.

        • FedsMadeSarahPalinClick4Proof

           The Constitution was thrown out after the last election.

        • larryS
      • Anonymous

        I’m not sure in what context you are speaking of ‘religion’, but there is no call to religion in this prospect.  On another note, the bible is not about “religion”.  If you check it out, it actually mentions religious people in it – they are called The Pharisees.  They are not nice people.  G-d does not want us to live “religious” lives, He wants us to live in love and emulate him to others so much so that it makes THEM want to live in love.  It is no small feat to accomplish this – as a matter of fact, it is impossible for human beings to do so.  This is why you are not supposed to ever give up.  Knowledge is power.  I suggest you find a pastor you can relate to and start listening to his radio or television ministry.  He will teach you how the stories in the bible relate precisely to YOU.  I have come from utter ignorance with regards to the bible, to an understanding.  I still have a long way to go.  It has taken me years but I can guarantee it will be worth every second.  Don’t knock it…

  • Eric M. Blake

    P.S.  I have already finished a screenplay, and am working on many others  How may I be able to contact you?

  • Laura

    I think a death penalty should be implemented for producing and listening to rap/hip-hop

  • Anonymous

    I listened to your rado program today and realized that I, too, am one of the richest people in the world. I had a passion and created a non-profit with other women and we made the commitment to help people with no government assistance when they needed it. All we asked is they perform an act of kindness in return.  We connected with non-profits, churches, schools but always made the rules. No government money. Our first year we hoped to have $10,000 available for our “community”. Last year we shared $130,000 with women and their families with immediate needs. We shared the idea with other communities in our state and other states and they are doing it too. I want to connect even more. We did what you said – we created, we are commited and we continue to connect. We would love your help.
    Cindy Noble

  • Anonymous

    My brother and I are indie filmmakers.  We have completed two shorts of our own and helped on many other.  We are ready to work! 

  • Carey Carnett- Beasley

    AMTC (Actors, Models, Talent for Christ) My son is training through this company…very high integrity. Gives Christians a platform on which they may let His light shine. Also connects talent with agencys and film companies twice a year. Might be a direction to look into…. 

    See ya in SanAntone in September!Creative CareyUvalde Texas

    • Monica Skiathitis Charpentier

      Please provide a link to this organization.  I am a Christian actress and would like to connect.  Thank you.

  • tarnished

    Dear Glenn, I am the Co-Songwriter and Drummer for the band Tarnished. Our music is not only “music to conservative’s ears” but being a ‘CONSERVATIVE’ Rock Band has payed a HEAVY toll on our ability to book shows at major venues where there is an OBVIOUS liberal bias. We played The Atlanta Tea Party a few years ago and from that point on doors were slammed in our face (one after another). Shortly after that we signed a small Publishing Deal (which has since expired) with TMG Music out of Oklahoma, but being a Rock Band that is family oriented with a positive message has made it almost impossible to break the liberal barriers that exist with major venues (ie: Hard Rock Cafe, House of Blues etc). We get regular radio rotation in Johnson City, TN, and Bristol, VA (our home market) and we have a couple of venues in our home city that continue to book us based on the fact that locally, we pack the house! However, breaking nationally with our CD Before I Shine has been terribly difficult because once Promoters discover that we have a Conservative, positive message in our music, they simply ignore us. I am attaching a few of our links in hopes that it will inspire other Rock Bands to NOT GIVE UP! We are currently writing the music for our second CD and so far the music is BREATHTAKINGLY conservative, positive and spiritual. We (of course) own all the rights to our music and encourage (and hope) that you will at least give us a listen. We will never give up on the fact that even “rockers” can create spiritual and uplifting music. Our Lead Singer (and Co-Songwriter) is of Arab descent, and appreciates the Freedom he has in America. After attending the Restoring Honor event in DC, we made a spiritual pact that we would take what we saw that day and inject that kind of Love and Hope in our music. Here is the link to our site, you will be able to hear some of our music as well as see a few videos. Thank you for what you are doing for Conservative Artists, and we Pray this helps CHANGE THE WORLD! 

  • Robyn Huffaker

    I am a self-taught 3D artists currently making a decent living creating content for Second Life.  I want to work on story-driven video and computer games, but a lot of video games are headed into the baser moral standards like everything else.  I don’t currently have the means or the connections to start up my own indie game company, and I certainly can’t do everything myself.  How do I connect with indie gamers who want to make great games with a foundation of solid moral principles?

  • Robyn Huffaker

    I am a self-taught 3D artists currently making a decent living creating content for Second Life.  I want to work on story-driven video and computer games, but a lot of video games are headed into the baser moral standards like everything else.  I don’t currently have the means or the connections to start up my own indie game company, and I certainly can’t do everything myself.  How do I connect with indie gamers who want to make great games with a foundation of solid moral principles?

  • lydiac

    You should listen to NPR, they promote a lot of tasteful art, music, film works, and science. Give it a shot!

  • Anonymous

    Dear GLENN,Here is a song for you that I wrote and recorded called “Hear the Angels Sing” that echoes your spiritual solution to save America by calling each of us individually to “Change the way you’re living/And take the focus off yourself” and to “Please just stop what you’re doing/Turn away from evil, immoral things/If you would please just ask for forgiveness/You will hear the angels sing”… Bless you for standing up for GOD and all of His precious children,JORDAN…

  • Anonymous

    “Hear The Angels Sing” about turning away from evil immoral ways.

    “UTOPIA” a song about Heaven, the perfect place of Harmony awaits us…

    “Grain of Truth” Raising Awareness for starving Africa

    “That’s What HE Said” The Hungry, Give The Thirsty Drink, Help The Suffering.

    JORDAN SAX Time Grammy® Eligible Singer/Songwriter

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Hello Glenn,

    What a wonderful, innovative and pioneering idea this is. Thank you for thinking and fighting for us artists. I was very touched by your project about feeding the homeless as I feel often very sad when I see them sleeping on the sidewalks or worse begging with babies, like I have seen in Ventura County. In this day and age this should not be permitted, at least for the sake of the child. Last but not least, I compose beautiful piano music and would love for you to consider my music for some of your films and documentaries as underscore. Here is a link for you, thank you so.

  • Anonymous

    The “JOURNEY TO YOUR SOUL”  Leads To Love, Compassion, Trust and Caring.

    8 Time Grammy® Eligible Singer/Songwriter

  • Anonymous

    Heartfelt Tribute To Loving Mothers Everywhere :)

    8 Time Grammy® Eligible Singer/…

  • Emerick Kyirim

    Live Show:

    Album link:

    Emerick Kyirim..  Bassment Dwellers Krew

    Get me on..

    If it happens it happens.
    Jah and True Parents be wit chya.

    peace. :])

  • Don Yenson
  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck, it seems you are reading my mind…(now if only I could call you telepathically as well). Check out This is an up-and-coming site that seems to have oodles of potential on the art/education front. I e.mailed one of the creators over there, Matt, and he told me of all kinds of cool stuff that they are up to. Mr. Beck, from your 30,000 foot view, you should keep an eye on what these guys are up to, I think they are right up your alley. Cheers and Build Stuff! Here’s one of the cool posters they made from their site!

  • sara holy land

    Glenn, always excites me to hear him Especially his honesty and caring without boundaries.

  • Cathi Godgirl Mitchell

    God has continually laid this concern on my heart as well. I got the nick name”GG” (God girl)  in college because I talked about God so much.  I would go to the college bars and sing a mix of Christian and good message songs and would talk with people about God afterwards and invite them to church the next day. I was never surprised to see some of them at church the next day because God promised if I was faithful, He would take care of the rest.  I have what doctors have called an incurabel disease, called Dysautonomia,  that keeps me from singing as much as I use to.  I have a saying I live by when it comes to my disease “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Everytime I get what seems like bad news from a doctor or have to deal with an overwhelming symptom, I begin to think…..ok, but there has to be a blessing in here somewhere.  The attitude has birthed a new band called………LEMONADE! Parrotting my old college days, we sing a mixture of Christian Contemporary, Worship and good message secular songs. Through it all, I get to share how good God is all while battling an incurable disease,and being told that I would nto be abel to continue to sing.  Oh, and by the way, I KNOW my God is capable of curing!  BY HIS STRIPES!!!!!!!!
    Cathi “Gg” Mitchell

    • larryS

      Sad that your god would dump a disease like that on someone who is so loyal to him.

  • Anonymous


    I think that bringing back a more noble,intelligent and enlightening culture will improve the moral climate here. Please consider classical music:it’s been neglected,left for the minority audience.
    But it is the most powerful music you can ever have.

    Thank you for your efforts and commitment,

    Helen Koether

  • Anonymous

    8 Time Grammy® Eligible Singer/Songwriter

  • Tony DLivahh Prince

    TONY DLIVAHH’s Music has been called “Beatlesque”, “Thinking Man’s
    Music”, “New & Different”, “Entertainer for God”, “Wave of the
    Future”, “Different but Good”, and “Unique” and “Simply Inspiring” …
    by other artists, fans and VIPs.
     His 1st cd album “Observations!”, a very
    unique album with a spiritual theme, “Life observed by and through the
    Holy Spirit”. We are distributing OBSERVATIONS! for “whatever you can
    afford” or “name your own price” (even if that is ZERO — FREE!) in
    downloadable form on … is a very reliable & safe artist/musician website, no spamming and no malware!

  • Dale Beal

    Here’s a song by a dear friend of mine, Aaron Mansfield. Aaron is a family man from St. Louis, with a wife, children, strong faith, and a whole lot of heart. The song is titled “Try.” Try…a little word with such huge implications in all human endeavors. Listen to the lyrics; powerful, inspirational, and so applicable the Glenn Beck effort at restoring America. I hope you all will give this song a listen. 

    From the lyrics: “Did you do all you could – give all you can…give your chest a chance, to hold all that your hands can’t?” 

    If the Statue of Liberty were to sing on regaining our country’s spirit, I believe this is what she’d sing.

    • Anonymous

      Wow.  Thank you.  What a beautiful song.  I heard God asking why you don’t find your way back to Me.  Powerful.  I wonder if 99.1 would play that?

      • Anonymous

        I still have chills from the song.  Very moving.

  • Anonymous

    Love Glenn’s playlist, and I love where he is taking this movement. We artists need to band together and quit promoting the filth. While I don’t frequently discuss politics or social issues in our lyrics, I never use profanity or off-color language. We need more artists who succeed on artistic merit rather than shock value!

    • Anonymous

      The BSofA has a lot of off-color jokes.  Can that be stopped?

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I am being creative in a different way.  I am studying what makes a person who is living for themselves, (a sheep, a wall street occupier, an entitled), find out who they are and eventually end up living for God and others.  What are the steps along the way?  What help do they need?  How do they think across 20 topics and in what ways do they change, and why?   I have a talk on the topic I have available for churches, and have given it a couple of times, but never in its entirety.  I have interviewed people of many different faiths as research for this project including Atheist and Wiccan, and of course Christian, etc., read numerous books, and studied this topic in college as part of a Master’s program in Religious Studies.  I would like to put it on the internet but do not know how to start.  I guess I need a video camera?  A talking head is boring.  I want the actual interviewees to speak.  I want demonstrations and a sense of being fast paced and interactive.  I have no experience with any of this.  Can anyone help?  Does anyone think this is even a valuable pursuit?  See you in Dallas.  While in Dallas I plan to conduct more interviews.  Any takers?!  

    It is important in the coming difficult times we know what we believe and stay with God, hearing His voice, knowing it is His voice, and walking with Him, as Glenn has said.  How is this done?  What needs to be done inside to accomplish this?  That is the topic of this pursuit.  I am sure some pastors out there have great insights into this topic.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah–video games are a definite way to go.  Have you seen the response to Journey of Moses? I think it was started by Hexify and you also might want to connect with Lightside games. Search Hexify Forums, and then click on Journey of Moses.  There is someone there named Angel Kisses who reads all the posts and responds.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck,

    I am a former drug abusing, no account, good for nothing Liberal whose out of control behavior resulted in serious consequences that cost me a decade of my life. I am now a drug free (15 years), Christian business owner who is also a Praise and Worship leader, Deacon and Sunday School teacher who writes and performs contemporary Christian music.  How do I send you a sample of what I have recorded? 

    I love your radio show, I listen to it everyday and I sincerely appreciate your passion for America. 

    Joe Adams

    • larryS

      From one addiction to another. Just like Glenneth.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Dear Back.
    I feel like all  passion now.  The moody Hudio  is guiding me nowI  I already have a chest for this purpose and it must be moved forward. It’s not crap, it’s the mindset…not to be punished, by the way. The chest motivates my movements. Stupid suspect de jour already finished my work. I strongly hope that your temper will keep it straight with all grays gone. I feel like all passion now. Let the liitle red hen fuck this shit out and restore the propeller!

    • Anonymous

      What is this?

  • Anonymous

    I have been creative most of my life. Whether as an engineer, as a computer nerd or as an artist. The most creative thing is to write and to deliver a joke. Creativity is about having courage, and confidence and being able to relate things in a new way.

    I do have a different look at what our society needs and it does involve integrity, creativity and the reality that sheep and cows and grazing animals get led to slaughter, that vegetables have no minds and that we again have to become “men” not feminized sperm donators.

    Let me know how I can help. I can do websites, paint, write jokes and can come up with concrete ways to get us on the right track economically.

    Be strong and keep the faith.

  • Anonymous

    Just thought I’d share this.  Glenn asked where are the artists making movies, music, today, that project our moral values and those of our founding fathers.  Gerald Molen, who co-produced Schindler’s List with Spielberg, recently was asked to speak at a graduation ceremony in Montana.  He was uninvited at the last minute because of his conservative views.  When what we believe isn’t considered pc, acceptable from the left, is it any wonder there isn’t more produced that support our values? On that note, though, Molen has produced a movie that’s out this month about liberty and Obama.  Another notable author is Dinesh D’Souza.  The movie trailer is

  • Anonymous

    Be careful clicking on links in comments.  I just shared one for 2016 Obama a movie by Gerald Molen which is legit.  But I clicked on a youtube link below and my computer froze and I got a blue screen.afterwards.  Blackbloc recently spammed Glenn with tons of spam.  It might be better if we just search for the song title or any other key word. Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a lot out there live now.  Watching Pastor John Hagee – about women of God.  If momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.  Yessiree Bob.

    • larryS

      Hagee? Money bags Hagee? Funny how “GOD” created humans, yet half of them were kicked to the back of the bus when religious scriptures were being cobbled together. Women are accepted in the USA and the West as equals now, so if the Bible was divinely inspired, why did “GOD” fail to correct the men in charge back when it was first written so that women could participate?  The answer is of course, there is no GOD and men created religion. Think about it. Critical thinking blasts away false narratives and myths and that’s always a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    The most powerful message of how to live, to be inspired, and provide guidance to handle any and all hardship is the Bible.  This is the supernatural instruction and inspiration from God.  He speaks through us.  He works through us. He is us.  I have prayed and prayed that God intervene at a time when it seems all is lost.  When our country has reached a fever pitch of hedonism.  When we cannot count on our leaders and elected representatives to stand up for what we believe.  When the world – all countries, all leaders, all societies, are on the brink of destruction.  When everywhere we look, there is nothing but disturbing signs of our extinction.  Where is He, I asked?  What is He doing?  We see storms, tornadoes, tsunamis, then collapse of financial institutions, governments, countries.  There He is.  What is right in front of us is the end of evil.  Man has destroyed himself.  If we refuse to do what’s right, we will destroy ourselves. Laws are defined by the Ten Commandments.  The Constitution is based on the Bible, what is right and what is wrong.  We do not have to reinvent the wheel.  What we need to do is defend and stand up for what is right. Walk and talk in the light. And be heard.

    • larryS

      God IS us. We invented him with our minds. At least a bunch of bronze-aged ignorant people with lifespans of 30 years or so did.  If they knew back then what science has revealed to us modern people, they never would have invented god at all. Who needs the supernatural? It’s neither super nor natural. Science is both.

  • Anonymous

    It’s occurred to me that truth is like water.  Given enough time, it will eventually seep through the cracks.  

    Glenns comments on Edison, remind me of Tesla. People think he went mad later in life, but according to his own words, he seems to have been always been ‘mad’.  He spent his later years trying to solve the same problems that Glenn is trying to.  His motivation seems pure, and his solutions for delivering cheap energy simple.

                                                         By Tesla

    Why did the the government lock up his plans when he died? What is the point of taking his plans for delivering cheap energy, and locking them up for no one to see?  Tesla was by all accounts a bit off center, but I can’t find anywhere that he was ever known as a liar.

    God Bless!

    • Anonymous

      Excellent post.  Tesla is somewhat the father of electrical engineering.  Brilliant.  In 1894 he demonstrated wireless – yes, wireless – communication.  He worked for Edison. It appears he succumbed to OCD in later years.  Just a thought:  When a great idea, that would benefit all, threatens those in power, it will be suppressed.

  • Sharon Love Perez

    I don’t even know where to begin- I’ve been frustrated for so long that the handful of homosexuals, liberals, etc. have had the money to force so many movies into the system about THEIR philosophy of life to the point that the rest of America really believes that most of Americans believe the same way! T.V., Cinema, and Radio all promote the ideas of the few that want to run (or ruin) this country. Now these ideas are accepted as common-place. I have to hope that we can do the same thing and turn the tide in America- whose films circle the globe, by the way. I’m in.

  • Michael W. Moylan

    Dear Mr. Beck,

         My name is Michael Moylan. I am an incoming Computer Science major in the “wonderful” state of California. My goal was to create different programs, as you have so boldly mentioned, to change the way America looks at all forms of media and entertainment. I have watched your show since the beginning and I am a loyal follower, dear sir. With this fourth step to “create,” I would be honored to help you push at our current culture and renew our sense f God and the true nature of America. I would be honored to be one of the artists to create the new American culture.

         As we are on this topic, I am not only an incoming computer science major, but I am also a – at least in my opinion and in my directors opinions – a very talented classical musician. I would love to try and create any forms of music for our movement that embodies the character of America and all of our beliefs or to at least join any groups you already have lined up. My heart is into this and it would be an honor to help you Restore Love and Restore America!

    God speed,

    Michael Moylan
    Yucaipa, California

    mmoylan93@gmail:disqus .com
    facebook: Michael W. Moylan

  • Anonymous

    If we had a true leader in the White House he should  of offer Japan a possiblle idea to save Japan from a nuclear disaster and ocean being contaminated because lack of electric power to reactor  cooling pumps,Desiel  ran out fuel or reacter and cooling pond over heat???  After hurricane’s in the past that hit Guam and Hawaii we had a nuclear sub provide electric power to the city by a jury-rig hookup.within a couple of days!!  Could we have done the same for Japan since their nuclear power plant was very close to shore line ??,plus could use existing power lines from sub docking birth to reactor ,not being use anyway no power,or reuse and rerun heavy power lines to form the electric power circuit to prevent nuclear diasaster giving provideing power just to cooling pumps , If this idea was possible and if Japan accepts a nuclear sub dock at Japan ???????

    • larryS

      Uh….nevermind.   W…………….O……………………..W

  • Sara

    I try not to listin to the artists outside their music. Just like the actors if it dosnt touch their bleeding heartstrings they dont care. With 4 kids in the house we listin to everything from very edited emenim to silly song veggie tales wich are hilarious. Doing concerts wound be cool have the wounded vets help with them

  • Anonymous

    I created this song and hope it will become a song that signifies the Conservative hopes and dreams for America

    I Just Want To Be Free–Written by Gary Taylor and the Country Club Band with Mike Lusk on vocals

    • Megan S. Smith

      Then we need someone to pick out a few from the class that will be edited and go into production.

  • Anonymous

    If Faced With Global Warming, by GTaylor Songwriter

  • Anonymous

    Insanity –  doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  (Albert Einstein)
    I have a question.  Is there a successful Catholic nation in the world?  Please name one.
    The Illegals come to this nation to escape the opression, ignorance, and failure of the nation that they come from.  The escape fr from Catholic nations. 
    Then, when here, they keep the very thing that caused the failure of their nation. The Catholic church is the common link to all of these failed nations.  This is insanity! This is not a R and D problem, it is a Catholic problem.    The Catholics are screwing up all of government so they can conquer the US just like they have every nation south of the US.  Catholics do not compromise, they do not negotiate. Calif. has been in deadlock, and Catholic for 20 years.  The US govt is in deadlock for 5 years. (30 percent of congress is Catholic, and that makes a bloc that stops everything.   (NO BUDGET)  There have been attempts to control the border, no go.  There have been attempts to stop illegal aliens, no go.  In a thousand years there has not been a successful single  Catholic nation.  The Constitution is secular (no religion).  Keep it that way. 
    The bible does not trump the Constitution. The vatican does not rule the white house. (yet).
    There are more Catholic Ds, than Rs. Vote all Catholics out to restore the Constitution. 

  • Anonymous

    Firstly, thanks to Glenn for having the courage to be a light in this dark place.  Your faith moves me.  I always wanted to make bible stories come alive.  I am a big fan of the passion, prince of egypt, joseph & the technicolor dreamcoat, etc.  I think its a great idea because it would help people put the puzzle of the bible together, making it less daunting and peaking people’s interest to actually read it.  The movies could also be of great aid in bible study.  I would love to be involved as a writer in a project like this.  It is a huge undertaking that would last many decades and require many thousands of people on all levels.  I think it would be very interesting to have many filmmakers/writers/actors/artisans working on it to create films from unique perspectives/cultures/artistic styles that all converge to tell the greatest story on earth so that it’s not like Charleton *yawn* Heston’s The Bible (G-d bless’im).  Have you seen Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet?  I love the way he took something so ancient and confusing and turned it into something you could relate to today without changing a word.  -Genius.  I never went to school for making films, but I am a natural with words and I am a cinema freak.  I can envision a movie in its entirety and I have a passion for this project.  If I can’t be involved in something like this (I don’t actually expect to hear back from anyone, but if so, GREAT) then I hope the idea sparks inspiration.  RUN WITH IT.

  • Von Lechner

    Dear Mr. Beck,
    I’m in the process of re-creating myself. Having been recently laid-off from my job, after neigh on 30 years in an industry that I’m ill-suited for, I’m now trying to FIND myself. I’ve fancied myself to be creative, and it is what I am. It’s just been pushed back into my “spare time”.
    In high school I was good at art and history. In the USAF I learned that writing my thoughts and opinions on military life and life in general was cathartic for me and kept me sane. It also provided entertainment for my fellow airmen. I’m overflowing with thoughts and opinions and don’t know what to do to actually make a living expressing them. I also love photography, and feel a sense of peace capturing images, mostly of nature’s beauty in nearby parks. Is there room for me in this creative movement? Could I actually make a living by actually living? My writing…my pics…are what I am. Please help me with this dream!

  • Colleen Gray

     I’ve seen, first hand, the belly of the Entertainment Industry Beast.  The experience was a blessing in disguise, as I am one of those artists who won’t compromise my integrity (artistic or otherwise) for the sake of “Hollywood Success”.  They manipulated not only me, but my entire family – including my young son.  I cannot say how highly I applaud this new endeavor, Mr. Beck.  Artists with a more centered/conservative mindset have needed a place, with mass reach, to connect with listeners/fans, *and other Artists* for entirely too long.  I truly look forward to seeing where this new project leads, and would humbly like to share some of my music with you and your followers:

  • Anonymous

    FYI-For you filmmaker/screenwriter-types, there has actually been a very well-respected name in the industry looking for people of faith wanting to pursue the mainstream entertainment industry:  Names you’d recognize in industry.

  • John Galt

    Creativity and talent come in all forms.  I myself create audiobooks.  I feel fairly certain that 70-80% of the people who will see this know someone personally who is just too busy to read a book, but we could easily educate them by offering them an audiobook.

    I touched on this when I spoke with Glenn last October:

    A lot of good can be done by putting the Founding Fathers(from original sources) on Youtube, or the early 20th century progressives, where they can’t hide anymore.

  • Rat Skates

    Media- Morals- Culture- Values- Sex- Bullying- Stress- Teens- Children and God | WE THE ADULTS (Promo)

  • Dawn Mattox

    “Boring.” My Christian husband groans over (most) Christian
    movies because they typically lack the dramatic action elements he has come to
    expect in a secular movie. As a woman, I would substitute “soft” over
    “boring.” By contrast, my new book release, The Advocate, by Dawn Mattox, is labeled “Adult Christian Fiction,” and is action packed with Christian bikers, outlaw bikers, guns, drugs and an abused woman’s quest for faith as she becomes an Advocate for battered women.
    The world we are trying to reach exists outside of the “Christian Bubble.” That is where we meet the unsaved. I believe most Christian movies are viewed by Christian women who dragged their husbands to the movies, and if they are honest, most of them (like my husband) would say they “put him to sleep.” God
    I am excited that you are breathing new life into the industry.
    Bless you and the works and inspiration you provide.

    Dawn Mattox
    Christian Author

  • Joe Fusco

    I would love to work with and or for Glenn. I create music for all media. I met Glenn in Philly years ago by chance. We were introduced by a mutual friend who was a manager of the station that Glenn was broadcasting from. I am a traditional, Conservative American man who is extremely saddened by our current culture.

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