CREATE our movement’s soundtrack!

Other artists announced for Restoring Love: Matt Maher

Every movement has a soundtrack, and we are proud to start introducing you to the artists that will make the music for ours. There are artists out there with messages that need to be heard but have had doors slammed in their face. No more. We want to find those people who believe in America and make sure their message is seen and heard.

Our first artist is Kalai, and you can listen to some of his music below – and stay tuned for more artists that will be revealed in the very near future!

Listen to a sample of his song below. More music from Kalai will soon be available on iTunes!

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A blend of folk, blues, rock but self-described as ‘urban vintage.’ Kalai was born “Kaniela Ka Lei Ali’i ‘O’ Kalani Kala’i” in December, 1979, in Kailua, Hawaii and raised in Alaska. Kalai, despite a permanent injury in his left hand, at the age of 16 learned guitar by watching his father, Danson, a Hawaiian music icon who has performed with Eric Clapton and Van Morrison.

Kalai’s music has been likened to Dave Matthews, Ben Harper, Lenny Kravitz, James Taylor and Prince.

Kalai’s vocal and guitar skills, combined with lyrical depth, consistently sell out shows on a national level.

Kalai toured with Bob Marley’s “The Wailers,” appeared on shows such as “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and caught the attention of national celebrity shows like “Extra.”

He has also performed and been interviewed on TV Guide’s “Mvids.”

  • Max Leach

    Yes!  I love Kalai and his style.  So glad to see he’s on the side of right and wrong and not left and right.  Tonight’s show on GBTV is really inspiring.

  • Mary Zepeda

    I LOVE this! So proud to be an American! You’re the best Glenn!

  • Debbie Allison Schreiber

    outstanding .. love where you are going .. love the music, the clips of video

  • Anonymous

    I have sent an email to my cousin who has a God given talent playing the piano – mostly classical and has written some beautiful pieces.  He is a Godly man and this would be a great opportunity for him.  I would love to hear some of his music on Glenn Beck’s networks!

    • Anonymous

      I would love to hear your cousin.  I am glad there will be more of a focus on men like this.  

  • Roger White

    Check out Jeremy Dodge!

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! I want to see more, I want to hear more and I want to be involved in the historic and epic movement to restore love and restore America the way is was meant!!!!!!!!!

  • FedUp2010

    Looking forward to “Restoring Love” in Dallas. Very excited to hear a soundtrack is coming
    out soon. Music is a great way to SPREAD the message of God’s Love,
    Hope and Freedom! Touch THEIR HEART and you can control their mind.

    God uses many people to spread his message through SONG…..

    The treasures of your Heart will carry you one day.
    Matthew 12:34 says that “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth
    speaks.” The key is out of the abundance of the heart, that is, “what is
    in the heart,” what we want to talk about.

    #RestoringLove #RevolutionSoundTrack @GBTV coming soon! #Music great way to SPREAD message Love,Hope, and #FreedomWORKS

  • FedUp2010

    As featured on Glenn Beck in 2010, music can inspire and activate creativity……Funny, the debt shown in the “America Rising” Video pale in comparison to today’s 16 Trillion dollars of debt.

  • Anonymous


  • Kellyann

    I was hoping to see some of his songs on your playlist.  I went to buy his album and the song freedom fighter or the other song on the show was not listed.  When will they be available?

  • Douglas

    I am listening to Kalai during Glenn’s broadcast today, am I missing where I can buy/download?

    • Emanuelle Goldstein

      Can’t speak for this particular song, but you can download some of his music from iTunes.

  • Marcus Rogge

    Bend yo knees! Reminds me of Ry Cooder playing along with an old blues man on the porch…could listen to that all day long…

  • Jennifer Aker

    OMG I absolutely love where this is going! I spent much of my adult life liking the new age “hippie” style but have hated much of the leftist ideals they stand for! This makes it possible for me to enjoy this music style as well keep my beliefs and morals! I will and cant wait to purchase music like this!

  • Bo

    Brilliant.  A modern day Bob Marley.

  • w. Parker

    Glenn finds the time to post unimportant subject matter as this but completely ignores the anniversary of the D-Day Invasion and the largest sacrifice of american lives in WWII!!  Where’s your patriotism, heart and mind??? Also, if you are so clueless to the event, what do you pay Stu and Pat for?  i’d fire them

    • Anonymous

      This may have been prerecorded, since Glenn is out of town.  You are right, though and I am glad you remember.  We need each other.

  • Huy


  • Erich Prinz

    Great comment by Kalai, “for some reason they are irked by a dude they don’t believe in.” Why do they get so irked by a deity they think doesn’t exist? It defies logic.

  • tarnished

    Fantastic! This is EXACTLY what we need! –Tarnished…

  • Christie Polaski Riopelle

    Conservative artists <3 it!

  • templer003

    I heard this on the show this morning and have not been able to get the song out of my mind….WOW

  • templer003

    I heard this on the show this morning and have not been able to get the song out of my mind….WOW

  • Anonymous

    This guy is going places. Just amazing

  • new2la

    I like it! People are ready for change….the trash heard now is tiresome.

  • Cynthia Stang

    I hope you make it available on more than itunes.  Some of us  do not use that format.  Windows Media Player, Zune????  Anything not itunes.

  • Scott Todd

    Not my style but I definitely appreciate what he could do for our culture to improve it!

  • Gail Cobile

    Oh my…not loaded with f-bombs, not screeching and making my ears bleed and no vocal calisthenics; just real m-u-s-i-c… been a long time.  Most welcome!!

  • Anonymous

    Love, love, love!   My new favorite artist!  Thank you Glenn!  <3

  • Speedy Link

    Hey Glenn,
    Check out a video on Youtube from Greyson Chance at WE Day in Canada last year!  This is the kind of stuff that will make restoring love even better.  I think you will be impressed.

  • Speedy Link


    Here is a link to the clip you need to watch.  We all need this.  See you at Cowboys Stadium brother.

  • Joshua Pimentel

    good music but as a fan of gb, i think this lds stuff is going a bit too far.

  • Ken Dudley

    I have listend to Kalai for over 10 years now and he is one of my favorite artists of all time.  Go  get his albums.  Acoustacism, rainy day man, crows feet, they are all soooo great.  He is an honest, authentic human being and it shows in his music.  

  • Christopher Daniel Priester

    You should really look into Hopsin this guy is brilliant, his langue is a bit crude but he always has a great message and is furiously independent

  • Jason McCalley

    i gotta know the name of the song at the 0:50 mark!

  • Cynthia

    I would love to know what the name of the first song he was singing about working not because she is his woman but because he is her man. I have been looking and listening to like all his stuff on I-tunes but can’t find that song. Help!!!

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