Other artists announced for Restoring Love: Matt Maher

Every movement has a soundtrack, and we are proud to start introducing you to the artists that will make the music for ours. There are artists out there with messages that need to be heard but have had doors slammed in their face. No more. We want to find those people who believe in America and make sure their message is seen and heard.

Our first artist is Kalai, and you can listen to some of his music below – and stay tuned for more artists that will be revealed in the very near future!

Listen to a sample of his song below. More music from Kalai will soon be available on iTunes!

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A blend of folk, blues, rock but self-described as ‘urban vintage.’ Kalai was born “Kaniela Ka Lei Ali’i ‘O’ Kalani Kala’i” in December, 1979, in Kailua, Hawaii and raised in Alaska. Kalai, despite a permanent injury in his left hand, at the age of 16 learned guitar by watching his father, Danson, a Hawaiian music icon who has performed with Eric Clapton and Van Morrison.

Kalai’s music has been likened to Dave Matthews, Ben Harper, Lenny Kravitz, James Taylor and Prince.

Kalai’s vocal and guitar skills, combined with lyrical depth, consistently sell out shows on a national level.

Kalai toured with Bob Marley’s “The Wailers,” appeared on shows such as “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and caught the attention of national celebrity shows like “Extra.”

He has also performed and been interviewed on TV Guide’s “Mvids.”