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On radio today, Glenn revealed the theme song for Restoring Love. It comes from musician Matt Maher and it’s called ‘Hold us Together’. It was written years before this event would ever even be an idea – but nevertheless it fits like a glove.

You can listen to it below or on Glenn’s Spotify Playlist:

The song can also be purchased on iTunes HERE

“I want to play the theme of Restoring Love. What we’re doing is we are reaching out now to artists all across the country and they are not just ‑‑ they are not just musical artists. They are artists in all fields,” Glenn said before playing the song.

“Are you hearing the songs that are on the radio? Are you hear ‑‑ did you hear that song? Did you hear that? Did you hear the lyrics of that? That’s crazy,” Glenn said of some of the songs out there.

“We have abandoned our culture. What are we putting in? Nature abhors a vacuum. You can’t just say, ‘Oh, my gosh, look at the culture, it’s horrible’ and then walk away from it. So we have been connecting with artists and we have them over the entire spectrum. We have artists that are ‑‑ drive the left out of their mind. They won’t even understand it,” Glenn said.

“We have a whole symphony being composed right now about the greatness of America. We have a guy who has written ten top ten or number one hits for country music that is writing music for us, that is unbelieve ‑‑ I can’t wait to ‑‑ I can’t wait to debut that stuff. But we didn’t want to ‑‑ we didn’t want to start there because everybody would go, ‘Oh, gee, look, oh, yeah, of course he’s doing that country music, of course he’s doing that.’ We wanted to start, last night we started with folk,” Glenn said.

Last night, Glenn debuted folk artist Kalai as the first performer to be playing at Restoring Love.

“We’re going to count on you to push it out and spread it. It is really positive, uplifting, but it takes a stand. It’s not wishy‑washy stuff. It takes a stand. And it is in every single genre. And we want you to support these artists. I’m not making a dime off of this stuff. I want you to support these artists and take the culture back. And more importantly, let it work its way into you. Music has this way of changing people. It is ‑‑ I personally believe that God works through music and so does darkness. It works through music, and it can change people. And I want you to understand that what this program is about is the truth and we’re going to keep telling you the truth, but also it is time to be positive and work towards positive changes and that is create, create music, create art, create a culture, create jobs as well,” Glenn said.