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During his visit to Washington, D.C. on Friday, Glenn spoke to the Faith and Freedom Coalition and called for people of faith to unify and stand together. And while many in the mainstream media are seeing this as a message for religious conservatives to unite behind Mitt Romney (who was not mentioned), the content of the speech was much more in line with what Glenn has been saying for close to a year: We need to unite on common values, principles, and content of character rather than letting our differences divide us. The message was not unlike the one he delivered at Restoring Courage and Restoring Honor, in that it focused on unity, love, and faith changing the world rather than politics and elections.

“I will leave a church that tells me who to vote for – but a church that tells me these are our values and we stand for these values, we stand for decency, we stand for compassion and the best way to lift people up is not to take it from someone else but to help them and encourage them,” Glenn said.

CBS News reports, “(Glenn Beck) said Christians must put their differences aside and unite ‘on the things we can unite on.’”

Glenn also said that people of faith could no longer just stand against people or ideas, but must they needed to stand up “for something much, much bigger.” Fans will recognize that this message echoes his call for people to “commit” and that you cannot just be against a person or an idea, you must commit to being part of something bigger – a movement, a faith, and a code of character and personal responsibility.

Sadly, many are focusing on comments that Glenn made regarding the hit musical show “Glee”, which Glenn has praised for its production values but criticized for its message, sexual content, and objectification of high school students – all in a show aimed at teenagers. During the speech, Glenn claimed to be working on new projects that would push back against shows like Glee and flood the culture with content of such high quality that the left won’t even realize how the message would be one of faith and freedom – ideas ignored in most mainstream culture.

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