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On radio this morning, Glenn invited Senator Rand Paul onto the radio show. They discussed his efforts to cut aid to Pakistan, as well as the current state of the Tea Party.

Paul told Glenn that while he wasn’t sure if his efforts to cut aid to Pakistan were going to be a success, but that his ultimate goal was to free Dr. Shaquille Afreedee, an informant who helped the CIA catch Osama Bin Laden. He has been imprisoned, and Paul thinks its treasonous that his name was leaked.

“I think if you leak the name of an informant that would be treason. I don’t know who did leak the name. I would say if you leak the name, if I work for the C.I.A. or military or I’m a U.S. Senator and if I give that information up that goes against what your country stands for. That’s treason. You should not be allowed to release the name of informants and anybody who would do so should really be prosecuted,” Paul said.

Senator Paul encouraged listeners to contact their congressman and get them to support his plan to cut off aid to Pakistan.

Shifting gears, Glenn wanted to know what can be done to show Congress that “We the People” are in charge.

Paul said there were several things that people could do, most notably holding rallies like they did at Restoring Honor which sent a clear message to Washington that the American people were unhappy. Paul encouraged people to go to Restoring Love and FreePAC, and to get fired up about the election in November and most importunely vote.

Paul also said that Mitt Romney needed to pick a true conservative for his VP pick, and that a moderate would not do anything to excite the voters.