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This summer, the GBTV community will be asked to engage like never before. The time for talking is over. The time for doing is now. The next six months will determine this country’s future – and we have a plan to make sure things turn around for the better. But YOU have to take action!

You have to COMMIT to a code and decide what you believe. You have to ACTIVATE not only yourself, but those around you into taking action. You must LIVE IT and “mean what you say and say what you mean.” If you believe in small government and also want to help others, you must be the stop gap. And you must CREATE. Americans have always been known for their entrepreneurial spirit, but together we must send a message that Americans believe there is a place for decency in our culture. Together we will create a culture that inspires and uplifts. Together we will show the world that America will be a beacon of hard work, decency, goodness and inspiration again.

If you want to make sure that we do not lose the reason America has always been exceptional, then you need to actively be part of a movement that draws a line in the sand around American hearts.

Do not miss these four shows! Solutions are coming – only on GBTV!


• Commit to a higher calling – Read the Pledge of Nonviolence HERE
• No finger pointing.
• Personal Responsibility – Read the Declaration of Rights & Responsibilities HERE and MLK’s Commitment Card HERE
• Be hopeful


• I want to make sure I’m registered to vote and adopt a schlub friend. CLICK HERE
• I commit to registering FOUR schlub friends CLICK HERE
• I commit to be a part of the global Tea Party movement the week of Restoring Love: FreePac.
• I want to join a team – 9/12 Project, FreedomWorks, or a local Tea Party


• I want to make a cash donation to the Mercury One Food Drive
• I want to buy food virtually for the food drive
• I want to organize a food drive with my friends, family, or organization
• I want to get my politicians involved


• I want to listen to music we recommend via Spotify
• I want to listen to artists performing at Restoring Love
• I want to create and support small businesses


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