Snow White review devolves into discussion about dwarves while Pat and Glenn yell at each othe

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Perhaps still reeling from their earlier dispute, Pat and Glenn continued to spar today over meaningless things. This time it started with the two somehow talking about Snow White, and then it reverts back to the earlier argument. It was a messy train wreck, Glenn even told Pat “I hate you so much right now” and claimed that he was a coward. How did a review of “Snow White and The Huntsman” get so messy? Check out the altercation in the clip above.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Okay whats the big deal about the movie? The scripts are redone and remade many times for the classics and other hits favored by the nation, and adapted by the Hollywood leftists for their own agenda. Nothing new there.

    Now if by chance, this ‘argument’ was a staged event to get the point home of ‘changes’ made in a classic, to have it conform to more PC garbage of Obamanomics standards, then I got the hint all too clearly…revision of history and the constant stream of lies, propaganda and distortion of the administration and their cronies.

  • Alden Johnson

    Little people, midgets and dwarves…Spokesmen (I’m sorry, spokespersons) for the ‘little people’ have declared that they wish to be called ‘little people’ (the new politically correct influence is profound).  “Midget” is regarded as offensive to those with dwarfism by both the Restricted Growth Association (UK based support network for people of profound short-stature) and the Little People of America (the American support network). According to wikipedia, a midget is a short person with relatively average bodily proportions in comparison with other human beings. The term is often improperly used to describe a person with the medical condition dwarfism. The two terms are often used synonymously because both terms originate as words defining small people. The term “midget” was coined in 1865 to describe an extremely short person with body proportions similar to those of a normal-sized persons. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary (Merriam-Webster, 1961) defines midget in the noun form as “a very diminutive person.” Disproportionate dwarfism is characterized by one or more body parts being relatively large or small in comparison to those of an average-sized adult, with growth variations in specific areas being apparent. In cases of proportionate dwarfism, the body appears normally proportioned, but is unusually small. Historically, the term midget was used to describe “proportionate dwarfs”; however, this term is now often regarded as offensive and pejorative. Actor Hervé Villechaize (of the TV series Fantasy Island) suffered from proportionate (as opposed to disproportionate) dwarfism likely due to an endocrine disorder. In later years, he insisted on being called a “midget,” rather than “little person”, which irritated some dwarf activists of the time.

  • Mary Theresa Del Buono

    Movies with No Little People/dwarfs…they are part of this story …I don’t think I would put some of our hard earnings on this remake……

  • Anonymous

    Not worth commenting on. Too much going on in the world right now to be punch drumk with laughter, come on guys.  I understand being so tired your in a “laughter fit” but lets grow up.

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