The Homeless Advisor updates Glenn on his Restoring Love plans

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Not long ago, Glenn got connected with Scooter, a homeless man who was a big fan and was trying to live a life without government assistance despite his hardships. At the time, Scooter was living out of his RV in New Jersey, but he has found himself in Mississippi – just a few short hours away from Dallas, TX. What was he doing in Mississippi? And since he was so close to Dallas, was he planning on making the trip to Restoring Love?

Get more updates from scooter from his blog HERE.

Transcript of the interview:

GLENN: I’m going to the homeless guy Scooter. He’s in Mississippi now. Scooter?

SCOOTER: Good morning.

GLENN: How are you, sir?

SCOOTER: All right. How are you doing?

GLENN: Very good. You’re in Mississippi. You were — last we spoke, you were in New Jersey Mississippi. You’re the guy who lives in his van and you’re homeless but you don’t want any help. You don’t want somebody to give it to you. You’re not taking government subsidies?

SCOOTER: Well, actually I was taking a little bit of food stamps but I cut that off. I had another few months to go and I just took myself off the grid.

STU: Yeah.

SCOOTER: I’ve been involved in a project trying to work my way across America. Right now I’m in the gulf region. I’m down in Gulfport working with a guy who teaching me how to do Wi-Fi networks in hotels and such, as well as web design. I also put this guy together with the Mercury One auction and his auction rate is $7500 for the cause.

GLENN: Oh, you’re kidding me?

SCOOTER: Yeah, seriously. A fellow by the name of Mark Davis who I’m at his house right now. So, we’ve been doing –

GLENN: Wait, wait. Are you working or is he – are strangers letting a crazy homeless man just into their house?

SCOOTER: Well, I have to open the door first. I don’t come in through the window, but – oh, by the way, I was listening to you lament the fact that the New York Times won’t put your book at No. 1.

GLENN: Oh, I don’t really care, but yes.

SCOOTER: Well, here’s the thing is: The next printing change the title to 50 Shades of Cowardice and I think you’ll be able to shoot right not top.

GLENN: Very funny. Very funny. So, when do you – when do you leave Gulfport?

SCOOTER: Well, I’m going to go heading towards Restoring Love. He’ll be volunteering. I’ll be volunteer. We’re waiting for the final word on the assignment. So, I’m getting maybe the middle of next week and as relates to Restoring Love, I want to tell you about an incident I had on the way down here. I was at a gas station. I was behind this guy and he was a much older gentleman having the worst time with the pump, trying to use his credit card, he was getting frustrated and ordinarily my want to do would be just to sit in the car and rumble and be aggravated him and I started thinking about where it was I was heading and what the purpose was. Readjusted my thought process, went out, found out what he was doing wrong. I said, Can I help you? And you would have thought I just saved his life. Got out, got him set up, got him filled. He moved out of the way. So, that’s one little act of something that I ordinarily wouldn’t do that was inspired by the event that I’ll be attending in a couple of weeks.

GLENN: Fantastic. That’s fantastic. Have you had any job offers?

SCOOTER: Well, I may have an interview in Dallas when we’re there. Like I said, I’m working with this fellow. I worked with a friends of mine who had hurt their back who does custom window treatments which would look great at a farm and I learned how to fabricate curtains. I learned how to make pillows. I learned how to operate a sewing machine. So, I worked for her for awhile and I was also a lab rat for a company that is creating the next generation of airport security where you don’t get, like, a date on second base, grope grandma or photograph grandma, all done by ultrasound.

GLENN: Can I tell you something? If you say to women I make pillows this my van where I live, I think you may be ready to run airport security.

STU: Uh-huh.

SCOOTER: Well, you know something? I have said once before that at times the – when I was up on Camp Scooter, Wal-Mart, that the wind was blowing so much, it looked like I had a social life. I wasn’t making the pillows in the van. I was in her workroom.

GLENN: Oh, okay. Good.

SCOOTER: This took about a mention and a half. Actually can I mention her?

GLENN: Yeah.

SCOOTER: She’s on Facebook. It’s Custom Curtain Design Company. Her talent is extraordinary.

GLENN: Okay. Actually I’ve changed my mind. You can’t mention her.

SCOOTER: Oh. Sorry

GLENN: All right.

SCOOTER: So, anyway –

GLENN: When will you leaving?

SCOOTER: Barbara in Tennessee wants me to give you a hug and a kiss.

GLENN: I won’t accept it from you.

SCOOTER: Well, I told her the hug but not so much the kiss. We’re hoping to be in Dallas next week. I’m 10 hours away from Dallas right now.

GLENN: All right. Well, good luck and we’ll see you when you get here.

SCOOTER: All right, Glenn. Thank so much. God bless you-guys and please don’t take away Glee.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Wonderful to hear he is making it once again; may God bless him and allow him to prosper in the nightmare Obama has created and wants to push more and more unto us daily.

    It is of interest to hear of a scanner using ultrasound for airport security; so then there will be no more need for the TSA terrorist intimidators, of course though, that would mean Napoletano and Obama will make sure the new type of scanner never will make it to the airports.

  • Formerly Scooter_NJ

    Here is the link for the Custom Curtain. Extraordinarily talent woman!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds great that he’s working. 
    Don’t you have to claim an address to vote ? Scooter dude – activate

    • Formerly Scooter_NJ

       I am still registered in N.J. and could do an Absentee if needed.

      • Anonymous

        Gotcha – It’s a can of corn.

    • causa pulchritudinis

      Yeah Scooter will vote for Jack Daniels or the other candidate Jim Beam! 

  • David Lakatos

    Are you kiding me! All this love’ve dovey stuff is what got this country to were we are today in the frist place.Instead of fighting the good fight you turn a blind eye to evil every step of the way to were we are now.These barbarains are going to walk right over us.While you hold a love fest.

    • causa pulchritudinis

      David you sound bitter? Restoring Love is another of Beck’s snake oil projects that makes him a millionaire.
      So don’t be knocking Beck’s Restoring Love because Beck won’t be able to buy another mansion.

  • causa pulchritudinis

    Sounds like Scooter is an alcoholic like Beck used to be. And Scooter sounds delusional if he is a big Beck Fan.
    Beck is living in a huge mansion and has millions and millions of dollars and don’t you think he’d help Scooter get on his feet and have a decent life.

    Nah, Beck would rather use Scooter as a prop and make money off Scooter’s story.
    Scooter could get back on his feet by taking government assistance for education or decent housing but no he would rather stay in the gutter. Moron.
    And Beck thinks Scooter’s story is noble that he isn’t taking anything from the government. 
    Scooter is as dumb as Beck is!

    Restoring Love what a pile of dung.  I hope John Stewart and Colbert mock Beck’s Restoring Love.
    Another why Beck’s gets his followers to send him money so he can live in a mansion and Scooter can be living on the streets.

    • robin

      It’s a shame people like you, causa, choose to be so negative toward people who don’t think like you. This is a prime example of why this world is what it is today. No respect for anyone…young, old, male, female, different races, religious beliefs….if no one is “physically” hurting anyone, just accept that people are different and that everyone has their own opinions….and that’s really ok. LIFE IS WAY TOO SHORT.

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