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Well, Restoring Love is a week away and Glenn is appropriately nervous.

“Of course, I’m having nightmares this morning that nobody shows,” Glenn said. “That everybody bought their tickets, and don’t show up. I’m going to watch Batman. I paid for the damn thing I’m going to watch Batman.”

Apparently Glenn spent most of his morning passing his fears onto Stu and Pat, asking them the odds that no one shows and that the media won’t cover it. Of course the media not showing up, isn’t really a fear as much as it is a reality, unless, of course, Glenn’s fears are right and no one comes.

Considering general seating tickets sold out within the first ten minutes that they were available, that shouldn’t be a problem. Glenn made sure to note that if you do have tickets to Restoring Love and can no longer make it to Dallas for the event to email to find out how to get these tickets to someone who is on our waiting list.

Glenn gave more details on this process earlier this week:

Glenn told listeners that about 900 tickets were just released. These tickets that were held for friends and family of Glenn and his staff, so they are great seats. You can find all of the details about those at

If you’re still on the fence about making it out to Dallas for the big event, this is definitely going to be something you want to watch live and in person. And, according to Glenn, this could be your last chance to come to one of these big events.

“Everybody look me in the eye, I am never doing this again,” Glenn said. “I am not going to do this again.”

“We’re going to hold you to it,” Pat responded.

“Good,” he said. “This is going to be an amazing event. You don’t want to miss it. If you want any information on any of the events going on all next week, including tickets, you can find it at

Glenn has been asking your questions all week long on his blog.

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