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  • Mitch Judd

    FreePac was awsome

  • Mitch Judd

    FreePac was awsome  CL fireup the crowd s muchas Glenn did

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Single eyed, do you hear me?- I don’t really ER, ER, ER…
    May the best gazoline check it out…out….out…

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, if I may:
    The T-shirt you were wearing with the eye, pls this is the Iluminati or one-worlders symbol.
    It’s also on the dollar bill. Take a look, it may confuse a few people. I’m sure it’s not done intentionally.

  • Susan Michele Spear

    Do you have any video of the Global Tea-Partiers after they attended FreePAC? And what their thoughts and feelings were in response  to the support they received from the crowd? Were they moved by the experience? Did they feel inspired?

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