While people from across the country came to Dallas, TX to work their bodies to serve their fellow man in a day of service, they got the opportunity to exercise their spirits to serve God that night at “Under God: Indivisible”. The event was broadcast from High Point Church, and featured a wide range of popular evangelists, preachers, and religious leaders of different faiths. The meeting was organized to promote a new spiritual awakening, and called for people of faith to find common ground in order to address legitimate concerns.

Many of the speakers focused not only on faith, but on politics and culture as well.

“God’s immune system in the culture is the church,” Dr. Tony Evans told the crowd, continuing, “So if cultural colds are now societal pneumonia, it’s because the immune system is down.”

“God does not ride the backs of donkeys and elephants,” he added. “Your job is to represent another king in another kingdom.”

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Meanwhile, opening speaker Fr. Jonathan Morris called for people of all faiths to put aside their differences and come together. He compared the gathering of faiths as almost like a zoo, where you are observing the different habits and customs of the different faiths. And yet despite those differences, there were things they all had in common and they were all there for the very same reasons: God gave them life and the opportunity to enter into a personal relationship with Him.

“If we’re going to restore our country like we want to, it’s not going to be done with politics,” he said. “We must be men and women of prayer and personal holiness.”

“We might feel like we’re in a religous zoo,” he joked, “but that’s what Heaven is going to be like.”

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