Religious leaders energize crowds at High Point Church on the second night of Restoring Love!

While people from across the country came to Dallas, TX to work their bodies to serve their fellow man in a day of service, they got the opportunity to exercise their spirits to serve God that night at “Under God: Indivisible”. The event was broadcast from High Point Church, and featured a wide range of popular evangelists, preachers, and religious leaders of different faiths. The meeting was organized to promote a new spiritual awakening, and called for people of faith to find common ground in order to address legitimate concerns.

Many of the speakers focused not only on faith, but on politics and culture as well.

“God’s immune system in the culture is the church,” Dr. Tony Evans told the crowd, continuing, “So if cultural colds are now societal pneumonia, it’s because the immune system is down.”

“God does not ride the backs of donkeys and elephants,” he added. “Your job is to represent another king in another kingdom.”

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Meanwhile, opening speaker Fr. Jonathan Morris called for people of all faiths to put aside their differences and come together. He compared the gathering of faiths as almost like a zoo, where you are observing the different habits and customs of the different faiths. And yet despite those differences, there were things they all had in common and they were all there for the very same reasons: God gave them life and the opportunity to enter into a personal relationship with Him.

“If we’re going to restore our country like we want to, it’s not going to be done with politics,” he said. “We must be men and women of prayer and personal holiness.”

“We might feel like we’re in a religous zoo,” he joked, “but that’s what Heaven is going to be like.”

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  • Stephan Bruno

    Good job in finding one black man to do your event Glenn.

    • landofaahs

      I guess you would also be upset with the black “TOKEN” known as Africanus.

      • Anonymous

        Your so filled with indoctrination that you can’t see the light. Now, you call all the blackmen at the event, token. I remember a particular black friend of mine being persecuted by other blacks because he was friends with me. They called him an oreo. They harassed him to the point he stopped being my friend. Ignorance and indoctrination are not your friend landofaahs. There is no need for prejudice, but your liberal  friends and the media insist upon it, even help ignite it. The black man today who choses to be a conservative is my hero. Why, because I know the derrogatory emails he receives from other blacks calling him names. The blacks who attend events, like Glenn’s remind me of James Peck and Jim Zwerg who decided to join the Freedom Riders of the late 1950’s and 60’s. These whitemen risked everything to side with right Vs wrong. They did not see color, what they witnessed were men and women being treated unfairly because of the color of their skin. They chose not to worry about the condemnation  they would surely receive from other whites. Yes, they were beaten within an inch of their lives. These are the true Americans. Here are men attending a conference that inspires Americans in this country to do good, and all you see is race while other men, who happen to be black, choose to stand with good, knowing that they, most likely, will be persecuted by ignorant men.

        • landofaahs

          You are the one stumbling in the darkness of the past. People like you don’t want freedom because you’d have nothing to bitch about. If someone doesn’t like you because of the color of your skin, why do you care. I don’t care what you or anyone else thinks about me because I refuse to give anyone that power over me. God is the only being who’s opinion matters to me. People like you make me ill because you waste your life worrying about perfection in this world that will never be instead of enjoying the good things in it. But you are no doubt a racist as are most people who like to live in the victimhood. Life is good where freedom lives if you let it be.

    • Eric Zeichert

      Ahhh….did you miss the speech by Ken Hutcherson?  How many black ministers would it have taken to meet your quota?  Enquiring minds want to know…

      Judge me not by the contents of my message, but by the quantity of the messengers.

      • Stephan Bruno

        Ones that are not token sellouts. 

    • Casey Burriola

      Stephan I hope you feel no animosity for one moment. I am currently at this event. When you state “Good job in finding one black man to do your event Glenn” you seem to have a preset mental picture of what this is. It’s not race, hate, anger, or political persuation- it’s love. Before you get angry here I will state my response to your statement. There were many giants that are black that did this event. Just to mention a few; Dr. Tony Evans respected evangelical pastor and author, Rev. Ken Hucherson, known in the NFL as “The Hutch” , Pastor Harry R. Jackson Jr.,and one other that also lit up the event former NAACP Chapter President C.L. Bryant; who I remember as I sit and listened to him speak in front of me stated that his grandfather who could not read or write heard him speak and told him; “I didn’t raise you to be black, I raised you to be FREE!” There are no divisions between you and I Stephan except what man places. I refuse to accept that you and I are different because of race. We are different because of Love. I choose to love and extend my hand to you, but your acceptance or not will not sway me from loving or standing firm. Do not be deceived Stephan the lines are being drawn; I chose what Zig Ziglar stated about a bully having challenged a boy on the play ground; with his shoe and seeming defiance, he drew a line in the dirt and dared the bully to “step over that line”. When the large boy stepped over he said, “NOW you’re on MY side. Come on over Stephan. We have a GREAT God to praise together and a free country, at least for now, to have fun doing it. I love you Stephan and invite you to freedom and not the self imposed slavery by not knowing truly the Master of Love

      • Anonymous

        Very, very well said. You are a giant among men because you truly understand Christs meaning and choose to practice what he has preached. God Bless you!

      • Beverly

        Thank you, Casey, for replying to Stephen so eloquently.  I was at home watching the event.  All I saw were like-minded people trying to save our great country.  We need to work together with love and compassion, not counting how many black, white, red or green people are involved.  One of my favorite songs is “Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow”–if we praise Him, He will inhabit our praises and we will work wonders with Him at our side.  God bless you, you too Stephen, and God bless America.

        • Anonymous

          Very well said! You have inspired me with your words. Thank you friend.

      • Stephan Bruno

        BLAH BLAH BLAH. Ask yourself one thing. Glenn has asked for there to be many music acts to “take back the culture”. Ask him why he didn’t ask for rappers or r&b singers. 

        This man only finds token negroes that trust me he has to pay to show up. 

  • landofaahs

    Listen.  If we come up with a symbol that is given out for all products and businesses  that adhere to the original American and Christian values, I believe we can make a world of difference.  By doing that, we avoid messy boycotts and force those who are on the fence to decide.  We have power in numbers and dollars, you can bet on it. 
    Perhaps a large heart with a cross in the mddle of it.

  • landofaahs

    Be careful folks to observe all things in scripture.  The Bible is the source of all Godly truth.  When the Bible is silent, be silent,  When it speaks, speak with boldness, love, truth and with faith.  Pray for me as I am praying for you in Christ Jesus.  God Bless.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    We are all being called at this time and place for a great purpose; the revelation unto the world by our deeds and actions the will and might and grace and mercy of God Himself and of His Son Jesus.
    We are able to be united by a common cause in this crusade – freedom and restoration of our great nation – while still maintaining our own faith and theology. Keep to the good book itself when seeking the will of God for your part in His plan, for He will never guide you wrong.
    Walk in the firm confidence of God as bestowed by faith through His grace; and may He sustain you in the storm of the forces of darkness that are about to come unleashed in full upon all of us.

  • Irene Se

    I am upset that they stopped broadcasting right when John Hagee was supposed to be on!!! what is the deal with that I though that by being on the net they did not have to abide by time limits necessarily. That they could show the whole thing???? I really enjoyed the broadcast but I would like to really see it not have all the commentary interupt the event……that is what I am paying for the event.

  • Anonymous

    My favorite was Rev Samuel Rodriguez.  He brought the house down when he spoke.  When he finished, people were standing and applauding as if wanting an encore.

  • Michael Perks

    I agree with with Irene Se.  Why can’t this network show the whole event without interruptions? I wanted to hear John Hagee speak and now I couldn’t.  Tell Mr. Beck that he better getter his s**t together for his paying customers! 

    • Fran Olson

      By the looks of it Michael, you really needed to hear Pastor Hagee!

  • Margo Jimbo

    I might have actually believed that this Mr. Beck was truly about an unbiased spreading the truth in love movement and interested in restoring America until, after reading his lengthy mission statement, I scrolled down to the bottom and saw the advertisement to repeal Obama care. Now I just call it more religious political BS  

    • Kimber Rn Bsn Mba

       Obama care is not about restoring love. It is about power control making the people dependent upon the govt, when we should be taking care of ourselves and others. I’ve worked health care for 30 years and there is help through church based hospitals and community hospitals. In an Emergency, you cannot be refused care by the EMTALA law. Obamacare should be repealed and true revision opening the state lines to more competitive market for insurance, tort reform, transparency on costs. Let me give you an example of costs. Do  you have any idea how much hospital equipment costs MRI’s EKG monitoring labs OR suits  ICU units…Let’s look at an MRI ,,,MRI equipment varies in cost, depending on the strength of the scanner.
      Scanners with more strength produce more detailed images; therefore,
      these scanners cost more. MRI machines can range in cost between $1 and
      $3 million. Construction of MRI suites can easily add another $500,000
      to the total cost. An extremity MRI machine alone costs $300,000 or
      more, and can only be used to scan hands, feet and knees. Purchasing a
      used-extremity MRI scanner can cost as much as $150,000. Now think about how many MRIs must be done to reimburse the purchase of that 1 piece of equipment? Just to build a hospital from beginning to end say a 40 unit hospital would cost in the neighborhood of $25million give or
      take a million. Depending on the city where the hospital is constructed
      the aforementioned would pay for itself in from 5 to 20 years. You see nothing Margo is for free. It is a business.  It is not a right. Why do you think Canadians come here for healthcare? Ask them. I’ve worked in socialized medicine and you do not want it. Could it be improved .. yes. But if you destroy incentive, creativity it will destroy Research and Development and destroy care and quality.

      Glenn Beck’s program was about looking inside each of our hearts, repenting, turning back to G-d and restoring what made America great. Our G-d has two important laws. Love G-d with all your soul all your mind all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. Showing love.  Those two things are the beginning of restoring our nation Margo!

  • Kimber Rn Bsn Mba

    I want the others who spoke as well.  They were Awesome  And Beck you knocked it out of the house!! G-d bless you for your stand in restoring America! 

  • Shirley Hunt

    Give me the name of the pastor who spoke on the speed of light. I want to post this. Awesome.

    • Chuck Panarella

      Dr. Ken Hutcherson of Antioch Bible Church in Kirkland, Washington.

  • Marsha Hays

    Can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me to be able to stream Restoring Love.  We were able to atten Restoring Honor and viewed Restoring Courage with a group at a big screen in a hotel in Cranberry Twp.  PA.  Sure wish we could have made Dallas but jut not a workable schedule.  The goosebumps aren’t any smaller though.  Now all we have to do is keep this momentum going.   Love you Glenn and all that you stand for.   God bless you and keep you.
    United we stand.    Are you sure you don’t want to run for President? 

  • James Bright

    I thought GBTV was going to cover the whole event. Is there a video posted with the event in its entirety. I am a Premium Member.

  • Anonymous

    Look!  It’s Luke Skywalker in a Clerical Collar!

  • Marge Martinez- Buzzard

    This was the most inspiring conference I’ve ever attended! I loved all the denominations coming together as ONE! Jesus must have smiled down on us all! God Bless Glenn!

    • John Goertzen

       Since Glenn is a  Mormon it would be a bit difficult for the Christian denominations to consider Glenn as one of their own. Kind of reminds me of oil and water. Examine the history and theology of Christianity and Mormonism and hopefully this would become crystal clear..

  • Marge Martinez- Buzzard

    Father Morris was amazing!

  • Marge Martinez- Buzzard

    Fr. Morris was amazing!

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