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Lisa Paige talks to GBTV about her experiences out in the field today:

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Volunters have loaded up the food trucks:

Photos from the afternoon shift of the Day of Service:

Lisa Paige and Congressman Louise Gohmert:

Photos from George Lange and his visit to Cowboys Stadium and Mission Arlington during the Day of Service:

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Photographer George Lange describes his experience on the Day of Service:

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Lisa Paige visits various service sites around Dallas, TX SEE MORE PHOTOS FROM LISA

Lisa Paige At Dallas International Street Church:

Restoring Love ‘Day of Service’ volunteers at Goodwill Dallas:

Raj greeting volunteers as they come in:

Volunteers across Dallas/Ft. Worth:

More volunteers working in Dallas:

Thousands of volunteers are gathering outside of Cowboys Stadium and headed out across the Dallas:

One group of volunteers arrive at Mission Arlington:

Glenn’s flyover arrival at Cowboy’s Stadium: