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“This is the greatest collection of me that I know,” Glenn said pointing to the pastors, priests and rabbis seated to his right.

Glenn joined some of the most well-known men of faith in America at High Point Church tonight for the “Under God: Indivisible” event. Dr. James Robison, Dr. Ravi Zacharias, and Dr. Toney Evans were some of the other men speaking at the event just to give you an idea of the clout behind the microphone tonight.

It’s not that these men are powerful preachers with congregations comprised of thousands of people every Sunday. Really, it’s in spite of that. These men have stood with Glenn and risked their power, fame and churches for their freedom to speak the Word of God.

“These men were the same kind of men, where at the revolution they were the first to be killed, the first to be rounded up, those who’s churches were the first to be burned. Why? Because any population that follows God wins,” Glenn said.

Glenn continued, telling the crowd that a nation that follows God will be free of oppression and kings. This is why the Restoring Love ‘Day of Service’ was organized. Glenn knows that when we look out for one another and help those in need, people won’t turn to the government, enslaving themselves, for a hand out. Never before in American history that Glenn, his staff, and historian David Barton could find, has there not been a tragedy where 30,000 people volunteered to serve. It was a historic day.

Glenn told the largely evangelical crowd how the men sitting to his right prayed, listened and stood with him, an alcoholic Mormon, when it wasn’t in their best interests. They did it because they know Glenn is doing what God is asking him to do.

“The did it because they knew they weren’t standing with me,” Glenn said. “I was trying my best to stand where the Lord had asked me to stand, and they were doing the same.”

In the past Glenn has received criticism for his beliefs among those of other mainstream denominations, but these men didn’t do that. Bring these men of God together was never about the things they disagree on, it’s about the things they know to be true. Glenn explained that he tries to understand God through the eyes of being a father. And that when his kids are fighting, he doesn’t care who started it. The one blaming the other one is getting in trouble first – a parallel not only to what is currently going on in our country, but also to what is going on amongst Christians.

“Believe me, when the Lord comes, anyone who’s pointing the finger at another is in trouble first,” Glenn said.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve been telling people to do. How you’ve been telling people they should live, he explained. Have you done what you’re supposed to do? How are you living your life?

“My family was destroyed by alcoholism,” Glenn shared with the crowd.

He continued, explaining that both his mother and his brother-in-law committed suicide – he almost did the same and is also an alcoholic. But his faith, the Atonement, allowed him to conquer those demons in his life.

Glenn and the men who joined him on stage tonight know that our country is in the shape it’s in because we haven’t been doing the tough things.

After to looking to Dr. James Robison for the okay, he told the story of when they met. James Robison and other leaders of faith were in a meeting for the first time, and James Robison stood up and addressed the other leaders of faith who joined him in that room saying, “Shame on us. We’ve all heard it. We all know. But for whatever reason we haven’t done it. And so God went to a Mormon alcoholic!”

The crowd erupted with laughter.

After the crowd quieted, Glenn followed up. “They’ve heard it. They have risen and they are great men.”

“I exhort you to listen to them,” he emphasized.

Glenn encouraged the crowd to go to their pastors, priests and rabbis to ask them to do the same, and for leaders of faith to stand behind God.

“Stand. Stand and follow great men,” Glenn closed.