Tens of thousands serve in Dallas for Restoring Love, media ignores

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Glenn gave his first reaction to the events of last weekend on radio today and took particular exception with the coverage. Tens of thousands of people served, then even more filled Dallas Cowboys Stadium to proclaim their commitment to serving their fellow man – and the media doesn’t think it’s a story? About the only thing they bothered to cover were the Westboro idiots that were there.

In case you missed it, it was absolutely incredible.  Most incredible thing that we have ever been a part of,” he said.

“CBS News is reporting 65,000 people show up at Dallas Cowboy stadium on Saturday.  Now, I just want to give this some perspective.  CBS News is the same organization that said 87,000 people showed up at the National Mall in Washington, D.C.  So 65,000 according to CBS News, 65,000 were at the stadium and only 87,000 were on the ‑‑ in the mall, that’s ‑‑ well, here’s the difference, I should point out:  All the people that showed up, the 87,000 people that showed up in the mall were enormously fat,” he joked.

“This is what the 9/12 project was all about:  To tell people you’re not alone.  And I don’t think there’s a soul that felt they were alone this weekend, not a soul.  Biggest service project in the history of America.  And we’ve just begun.  14 tractor‑trailers left on Saturday for eleven different cities across the country.  14 tractor‑trailers full of food.  And that was only one service project.  Service project, 305 service projects.”

“One of the stories here in Dallas that talked about the service projects, they were struggling for anything to say that would be bad about this. 305 service projects. 14 tractor‑trailers full of food going to eleven different cities, and what did the newspaper report? The newspaper reported that Tarrant County was left out.”

Pat noted that Tarrant County is one of the wealthiest counties in the country.

Anyone who watched the event would see how different it was from anything Glenn had ever done, with incredibly visuals and music.

“You have to see this thing. If you didn’t, if you missed it, you have to watch it in its entirety. It is ‑‑ Pat said this morning, he said, Glenn, that was Super Bowl quality. It really was. Really was. And I say that without ‑‑ I’m not taking any credit for it. The crew that I have, I was so amazed by my staff. I have the best staff I believe, and I say this with humility because I didn’t assemble it. I have the best staff I believe ever assembled in radio and television. I really do. We are 130 people. We should be about ‑‑ to do what we do, it should be about a staff of about 400.”

“They have never done anything like this. I believe we created a new art form this last Saturday. Nobody ‑ when I said a year ago we’re going to do the whole speech and I want it to be ‑ I want the whole show to never end. So when we start rolling, music runs all the way through it, and it never stops. I said, I don’t want people to be able to catch their breath through this whole thing.”

“It’s unlike anything anybody’s ever done.”

You can catch the whole event ON DEMAND – Details HERE

  • http://misfitpolitics.co/ Corran Horn

    Finally the true movement of love and the occupy death has begun. This what Glenn set up and what these people did is real love not the fake love of the occupy movement were their only in it for themselves but a real true love that Christ would be proud of. After this showing of love to the poor that Bloomberg don’t care for and many Occupiers say they cannot suffer to help was help by real people who really care and don’t mind being their brother’s keeper. Move over progs we are back and stronger than ever. They did not report on this because they fear us now and know more people will join us if word got out. Let them try to keep this secret because this secret will come out and destroy the progs movement once and for all. This has been the movement that I been waiting to see since occupy reared it ugly head. Take this movement and run with it.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/R6HZUHDTRUZKJ5HB7SYAA35ZRY elroy

      The progressives will destroy theselves. We will merely leave them in the dust. Don’t really have to destroy them anyway and we may get a few recruits from the smarter ones. Anythings possible. Let’s just keep on keeping on.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The medias ignoring of Restoring Love is no suprise; first they tried to intimidate and then distort and defame and discredit any way they could what Glenn and all good Americans are trying to do in restoring the nation. Now that they understand that did not work, they hope if we are ignored we will just go away and not bother them anymore.

    The media has become as complicit and delusional as the President, they refuse to see the real world or even deal with it – ideological madness drives them more than truth.

    Now they shall understand what true fear means; as the people of America are near fully awake, and this November, the next shock wave will slam into DC, and the old paradigms they depended upon will be swept away in full.

    They assume 2010 was an anomalty.

    They are wrong.

    The old ways are going into the night, where they belong, and let the truth come forward to show the darkness and corruption and rot of them all.

    • http://twitter.com/MaritzaMcLaugh3 Maritza McLaughli

      This has been the movement that I been waiting to see since occupy reared it ugly head. Take this movement and run with it. http://MomentDifference.blogspot.com

      • Anonymous

         Worthless link…but we still love ya.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/R6HZUHDTRUZKJ5HB7SYAA35ZRY elroy

        I am guesing Saturday night was the most boring night the stadium security has ever had.

        • Anonymous

          I think the janitors got to go home early…I was there and everyone picked up after themselves.

    • new2la

      They have no idea what they are up against. It will be many moons before they hold public office again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1774423020 Jennifer Diaz Moore

    Isn’t the mainstream media ridiculous….they ought to be completely ashamed!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IDFKAYM36ZJAVIE4GXZDFR3RD4 Patricia

      They have no shame. What’s worse is that they have no morals either.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1774423020 Jennifer Diaz Moore

    Isn’t the Mainstream Media RIDICULOUS!!!!  They ought to be Completely Ashamed!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m about 1 month behind in viewing the episodes, so I’ve got some catching up to do! 

  • Anonymous

    Surprise, surprise. Of course the media didn’t cover it. It’s disgusting how biased the media has become in this country. They need to be cleaned out along with the politicians. Congratulations Glenn on a very successful weekend.  

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Im surprisd that the Media didn’t pick up on all the disruption and violence that prmieated the Restorig Love movement:!!!  We all know how violent those rude and nasty Tea Partier’s are!.  How disappointed they must have been not to have violence to report or to even be able to conjure up something!  What a testimoney to the LOVE of the American People from every state in the Union.  What Brotherhood and Love of Country that was displayed in Dallas with all three events— not to mention the millions who watched on GBTV.  We are a nation of Loving people.  Of course we all know that Glenn and all involved couldn’t have done this without Government?!  God has blessed America with Glenn.  Glenn, you were raised Catholic–could you have chosen George as your Confirmation name?  “St” George Washington must be watching over you.  Will be there for 9/12!!!  Lead us on.  katiedid

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rob-Painter/100003111192936 Rob Painter

    I was there. I  walked with cane and got to the point I was having real trouble walking. I had so many wanting to help me. I honestly think iif I would have asked, these wonderful people would have carried me and I am serious!
    I was half way to my seat and could not walk anymore. Staff got a wheel chair for me to get to my seat and to pick me up.
    I got to the little cart in thhe parking lot taking customers to their car. I was not on the list. The crowd got unruly a little bit claiming I was next in front of them because I could not walk.
    I was so choked up watching your message Glenn. God Bless you and all the people that attended Cowboys stadium Saturday night!

  • Anonymous

    Let there be no doubt that you just hit it out of the park and then some on Saturday night.  You definitely rocked my world  — and I have voted for Democrats since I could vote.  Not anymore.  Your message was way beyond politics anyway.  I salute you for your courage, your honor, and your love.  Media only wants the bad news.  I have already sent emails to all of my friends about all you have said.  We will take a stand and we will take back America.”

    Bravo 1000x over, Glenn!  

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anne-Caluwaert/100000218117532 Anne Caluwaert

      Another one wakes up. Thank you, Lord!!!!

    • Anonymous

      right on!!—–when I was a kid…there were Democrats, whom were more Conservative than “you could shake a stick at”—–let us, inspire…to repair a broken soul…..LET HONOR BECOME, the new way, for all Parties!!

  • Anonymous

    Could be that ultimately this call for rule of law, transparency, return to a moral compass and the leadership avaliable to conservatives and people on the right will put a large dent in the wayward  thoughts and the damage brought on by the jackass party, the left, the islamic cult and the communist party not only here but around the world……The hard work of good peope will drive evil into the dark…..

  • http://twitter.com/NanaDanna55 Danna Mayhall

    The lamestream media hasn’t a clue. Won’t they be surprised when we take back our country with love!

  • http://twitter.com/NanaDanna55 Danna Mayhall

    I was there with my grandson and my daughter.  My grandson, who is 12,
    was completely blown away by the message.  He asked me today when are we
    going back to Glenn Beck.  I will have to take him to a taping of the
    show, since we live fairly close to Dallas.  Kudos to you and your
    staff.  It was a great and memorable event.

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    • Anonymous

      Is your grandson retarded?

      • Lioness

        This is a great setup for a totally sarcastic reply. Do you ever think before you type?

        • http://misfitpolitics.co/ Corran Horn

          Does he even think? 

      • new2la

        I never knew asses can talk……guess I was wrong. Here you are!

      • Anonymous

        Would be better if you didn’t say anything just like the main media. You just proved how stupid you are, just like the media.

  • Bernice Tennant

    God bless Glenn Beck and his co-workers!   

  • Elizabeth McClintic

    With the exception of the Holy Father. He fills stadiums all the time. And many in the crowd can’t catch their breath.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anne-Caluwaert/100000218117532 Anne Caluwaert

    Good for you, Glenn. I wish I could have been there. The media refuses to give time to anything that would keep them from supporting their god, Obama. So who cares. Many people are aware of what you have done and it will not be forgotten. God Bless you and all your people.

  • Anonymous

    Two years ago…..I returned from Wash. D.C….and purchased my first bible.  

    Today, I am home….and counting my bills, from attending RSL….I traveled alone, from Florida, I stayed alone, I rented a car…alone.  I drove complete strangers from venue to hotel, or, from venue to venue—-I rode a bus to a Salvation Army post….and worked with others to help prepare meals for those in need.  Today I am Home…and I am fulfilled.  It matters NOT what “the media” has to say—-it matters only, to my heart—and what IT has to say.

    THIS is right.  THIS is who we are….THIS is The Solution.

    I am reminded of the The Story of Moses…….Glenn will NEVER accept this…..but, The Lord is speaking to all of us——(and I believe, he is using Glenn……as His voice)——–AND The Media in this Nation, will not, can not…accept THIS.  It does NOT align with their agenda…..

    Nearly 100,000 Americans…from every walk of life—put aside their precious earnings, to Attend…To Serve…..To Stand.  And yet…..”Silence”, from any of them.   THAT is ok, THAT is just fine, ————————————-I DID NOT GO TO DALLAS TO GET ON TV!!!!!


    “what I am”
    …………………………and “where” we must go, from here.

    ….and, so did you.   God Bless all of You.

    • http://twitter.com/getricquick JoAnn Donahue

       You know in all your words, heart and soul shared the one thing that I disagree with is that you believe the Lord used Glenn. I believe the Lord is Glenn..Oh no another crack pot. No hear me out..
      Each and everyone one of us is spirit and in our spirit lies God, the Lord. Jesus said what He can do so can you and I. He was a GREAT teacher
      There have have been other great teachers and they have either been silenced or ignored.
      It’s a matter of purging out all the spoon fed bullshit we have been served through -out history and becoming aware of who we really are, why we are here and telling all the greedy bastards to take a hike.
      We are here to love and to serve no doubt!
      What you took part of is inspiring.
      I say Power to the people who understand that our ONLY answer is LOVE,

      The Beatles sang it best “All We Need Is Love”
      The Native Americans had it going on and look what we did to them.

      Humanity is hurting, there is so much pain and sorrow, and the distractions keep being
      shoved in our faces.

      We ALL need to be still, go with-in because ALL TRUTH lies there!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/R6HZUHDTRUZKJ5HB7SYAA35ZRY elroy

        Good advice, Joann.  I heard the Eagles say it in “Another Day in Paradise”.
        Learn to be still.

        • Anonymous

          JoAnn…I can somewhat, get my arms around what you say here…..for the Lord does indeed, dwell within us.  In my Faith, we have “The Holy Spirit”, I think of them as the Lords’ Angels, incld’g my own guardian Angels.  Surley as the sun will rise tomorrow—Glenn is filled with The Holy Spirit—-and so, He is moved, to move others…
          Being still——to me, that is….begining with oneself, we will fix ourselves, and then we can help others—Re-String Love—-start wt oneself—and let us “branch out”, to touch other lives too…God Bless You, thx for the comments, and the “pat-on-the-back”..we can all use one, every now n then.  jemIII—Tampa912.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/R6HZUHDTRUZKJ5HB7SYAA35ZRY elroy

      May God bless you,jemlll, and I will now heap the best praise on you that I can. You are an American.

      • http://twitter.com/MonaDGuthrie Mona D. Guthrie

        I have already sent emails to all of my friends about all you have said.  We will take a stand and we will take back America. http://SkilledExplorer.blogspot.com

        • Anonymous

          thx, Mona—-Glenn has indeed “moved” me!….I would call him Moses, but he would NOT like that….so I will just thank him, Pray to my Lord, and ask for Blessings upon us all.
          AND UR RIGHT……we will Re-Store America, one child, one person, one street, one town—at a time.
          (we’ve all been lazy, and we have allowed this stuff to come about—but NO MORE……….”as Glenn says:  witness the third great awakening”)

      • Anonymous

        thx Elroy—“back atcha”, as they say!

    • Anonymous

      jemlll, what an honor to hear what you said. In all the setbacks I have suffered in life, the one thing that I can honestly point to that helped me see the reality of God’s love was when I found it in serving others. I would have given a lot to be there, but it was impossible. I have watched portions of it, but I am going to watch it in its entirety. I am going to take the spirit present at that event and try to use it to positively bless my family, friends, community and nation. I have to wonder if the media realizes that, in refusing to report on anything that is positive in order to protect a man and a party, they have given away what reporters in many parts of the world have given their lives to protect. They are not the “fourth estate” when they actively campaign rather than report. They mock Glenn’s emotion as he describes how he feels about God, his family and his country. I find it so sad on so many levels that all they seem to be capable of feeling is anger, lust and hate. They praise the “tolerance” of the left in supposedly enfolding all into their party, yet, from top to bottom, actively deny freedom of speech by wielding the implements of law with which they have been entrusted as a weapon of their personal ideologies to punish those who would live by the rule of law. Glenn, in reading your words, and watching the event, I feel a hope that I have despaired of ever seeing again since the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

      • Anonymous

        No Sir…it is YOU, that Honors me.  Thank you, for your kind comments.
        I confess to anger at times—when I see my brother,my sister, or my inspiration assaulted by society, today…..The Lord tells us to love our enemies as well as our friends—it IS hard, to do—but I will try, and I can pray for them, too.
        As we move forward, in this life….we will unite, we will be a “keeper”, for our brothers…………….AND;  “with malice towards none, and charity towards all”…..we are going to be, alright!
        I had lunch at my local Chick Fil A today……and I told the young girl at the register:  “sorry I’m late….but you work for a good company, an honest company—–and I am glad to support this location!”——-she couldnt have more than 17—-but she knew!!—-and said:  “thank you, Sir..it is our pleasure to serve you, have a nice day”
        America, me thinkth there is Hope Yet!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UIHCIUXX4PDHTCPZRERSO6P3NM Tony

      God bless you jemlll, your story is inspiring to me and thank you for sharing!

      • Anonymous

        Thank YOU Tony!!—and may The Lord Bless you and your family, as well!!
        I think, we are all….gonna be “ok”……..ya know whats funny to me?

        As tea Party / 912’ers……we are called a “group”….but are we NOT just regular Americans???—-no no no…I think, THEY are “the group”, we are just being Americans!
        50 years ago, there would’nt be a 912.org——cuz EVERYBODY WAS 912!!!

        (and they still are…they just dont know it yet—thats up to us, and we’re workin’ on ’em)

  • Washington76

    The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say) By James March 15, 2012  http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/03/ff_nsadatacenter/all/1

    Congress Looking Happy to Reauthorize Broad, Secret Spying Powers By David Kravets May 31, 2012 http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/category/surveillance/

  • computerfix007

    Restoring Love what a great success.
    You should be proud of yourself  just for a minute because there so much more work to be done before election day. Eviction for Obama for me is based on failed policies no jobs and Lies during his 2008 campaign.”Me Bad I” did vote for him in 2008 yes I was a sucker independent who fell for the hope and change Ruse. Since then unemployed been looking for work for over a year and Obama’s 2012 hook to me now has become fear & Despair in 2012.
    You inspired my family and I to get off our duff’s and engage the election process. As a family we have our house in foreclosure (That sucks) I will find  job looking every day.I don’t want charity from the government  or entitlements. I was not raised that way.
    We listened to your words then we researched  the facts Thanks for the wake up call Glen

    Vietnam Vet

  • new2la

    Thousands meet and not even Fox News covers the story? If it were someone else running the show, you can bet somebody over there would have covered it.

    Glenn, I wouldn’t give it second thought. Christians are used to being persecuted…..perhaps no coverage is a good thing. Everyone knew you were there and why.

    • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.rangel.9659 Anthony Rangel

      Wake up you naive sheep! You will Never! I repeat Never receive fair coverage from the media, Never! Why not? Because the media despises you and they view you as simpletons and yokels that is why! Never expect fairness and objectivity from them as they view you as an army of unwashed goobers and Bible -banging hayseeds! We must confront the media and demand that they report facts as fact regardless of their bias. We must put the fear of God into them by putting hundreds even thousands of polite but loud demonstrators whenever they distort or ignore a significant event like flash-mobbing in Chicago or 65.000 in Dallas for Glenn Beck! We must compel them to be fair, not beg or plead for it!

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck

    Your criticisms are not right. This is not accurate.

    I am the publisher of a small, online newspaper called the Arlington Voice (the city this event was hosted in). We reached out to both Mercury One numerous times, and also Glenn’s chief of staff Jeremy Boyd to get press credentials to cover not only the Restoring Love event, but also to send photographers and videographers out in the field during the Day of Service. I contacted Jeremy Boyd back in March and sent an e-mail WARNING that you were not going to get the coverage you expect from the traditionally circulated local media outlets.

    What was I told each time I talked to Jeremy?

    “Oh yea, this is being handled by Mercury One, I’ll pass the info along if you e-mail it to me.”

    Mercury One has  ZERO information on their FAQ about press credentials or media passes. They have ZERO contact information besides an e-mail that is probably overloaded daily. There is also ZERO information on the website about cameras and access during the event.
    I called Jeremy one time and actually offered to hand-deliver a letter to Glenn to make sure he received it, and I was assured that the info would get passed on if I just e-mailed.

    In terms of critiquing the entire media landscape: it’s easy to lump all the apples in the same bushel when 99% of them seem rotten. But our small publication, which has been online less than six months, reached out to you numerous times and was willing to provide complete, thorough coverage with accurate numbers and information, and you did not respond Mr. Beck. I’m not sure if the bigger outlets were treated this way, but we got nothing.

    This video is very, very disappointing to watch from someone who actually inspired me to start restoring integrity to journalism. I was even in the audience that night giving you a standing ovation.

    Zack Maxwell, Publisher

    P.S. Over 4 months ago, I offered to help in your dilemma against the Arlington City council about charging you taxes for parking even though you were paying for parking to be free for everyone. My correspondence was never responded to.


    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Don-Scott/1520577600 Don Scott

      I DEFINITELY think this person should be responded to!!!  Sounds like someone(s) DROPPED THE BALL BIGTIME!!!
      Here’s a guy who is trying to help and is getting rebuffed it sounds like.  DON’T LET THIS KIND OF STUFF HAPPEN!!!!!  PLEASE!

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Don. I wish everyone in this comment section would read my comment above so they can get the real truth.

        I understand Glenn is a very busy public figure, and he shouldn’t be expected to talk to everyone. But his staff was not on top of this at all. And a newspaper, whether online or print, still must organize it’s writers and photographers within a fair amount of time prior to coverage of an event this size.

        Months back, I was willing to work on organizing and providing free advertising on our website for the event (if I could actually get in touch with someone). Our website attracts a primarily Conservative demographic, the exact one’s who watch his show. But I can’t do anything if I don’t have access information.


        P.S. If someone in Glenn’s staff would like to reach out to me, you can call 817-376-9683.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in very high support of Glenn Beck and his efforts, but I’m going to be the nay-sayer here about MSM attention to his event.  Look, tens-of-thousands of people events happen dozens of times a year in America.  Many for causes equal to, or even exceeding Beck’s.

    Now, if you’re asking why MSM doesn’t cover ALL those more positive stories instead of what they seem to thrive on… well, that’s a controversy that goes all the way back to the 1960’s; having nothing to do with Glenn Beck.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZTEENBHCIDCQ7WFXRMOHF4X26U woody

    thats great i’m realy happy of the love that people showed. Would it not be great if we the people did an act of kindess every way in one way or another  .By the way i’m a big fan of glenn’s and encourage all to listen to you and join gbtv.. fro a proud member of THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS

  • Brian Skrocki

    Hey, they main stream media has more important things to do.  They need to run a presidential campaign for a guy who shouldn’t be elected as a parking guard.  Tough job, lots of work, or spinning to do.  Why cover something good, especially from conservative people, now if you were helping Eric Holder run 14 semis loaded with AK’s to Mexico I’m sure they would have found a moment for that, or maybe not.  Nice job Glenn, and all who turned out to help.

  • Anonymous

    How fortunate we are that what the Lame Stream Media says really doesn’t matter. The service that was rendered at RSL cannot be erased from the hearts of the people who served and those who were served. The media has been lying to us for all the years that it has existed. Look up William Randolph Hearst and “Yellow Journalism” for an example. The man became rich by lying about others and destroying them. He could never get away with it now because of the Internet, but if people stop paying attention and checking on the liars, it could happen again. The current media tries to continue that tradition, but they are less and less successful because of Glenn and others who have woken us up. We must not fall asleep again or the evil will win.

  • http://www.facebook.com/TreyMitchellMiami Trey Mitchell

    I think that other media is threatened by GBTV and it’s potential. Otherwise I bet Fox would have covered the event. Currently I spend more time watching news stories online than I do watching on the TV…  It is convenient to watch when you are able and not be locked into all the extra dribble that is broadcast over and over again at the major tv and cable news networks.  What I watch online are the top story lines, then I can seek out more information if I think it is necessary. 

    I think they should be covering the events, but I can understand why they wouldn’t want to bring attention to strong competition. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1615406707 Ginny Lee Moss

    Where is the FOX News coverage?  I can find no mention of “Restoring Love” anywhere.
    Are they stupid, or just asleep?

    • Anonymous

      Glenn was on “The O’Reilly Factor” discussing “Restoring Love”.

      I suspect that an enclosed, conservative stadium event in mid-country is far enough away from Washington D.C. & LA to be considered “safe to ignore” by media bent on portraying conservatives as “not caring” and “wanting to starve people”.

  • Cornwell Slevin

    I’m so sorry Glenn.  Our media doesn’t look for the good deeds, they only look for the bad.  Such a shame for our country. You did a great thing. 

  • Anonymous

    Doing the right thing is all that matters in the eyes of the Lord.  If the people in charge of the media choose to ignore Charity and refuse to ignite the spirit of Charity, then their indifference will be recorded and remembered.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the moral of the story (from the point of view of the media) on their coverage of the

    WBC  and lack of cover for Restoring Love is—-Hate sells.   Love doesn’t.        UNLESS that

    love is between two well known personalities who left their spouses and ran away together.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UG5EEF32UVLDS3UP6SFGJOHOF4 Joel

    God bless you, Glenn! What you did Saturday was simply amazing! After a lifetime of “irony,” of skepticism, of being “cool,” staying “objective” and trying to see “the other side,” I finally just listened to my heart, to what I know is right and always have. My tears flowed unabashedly for the first time in a long while as I got reacquainted with the profound love I feel and have always felt for this country. We stand on the precipice and we simply cannot give this country and what it has always stood for away. What I felt Saturday — what we all felt — was real; it was the Truth — and we haven’t been told the truth in this country for a long, long while. It hasn’t been kept from us because it’s shameful; rather, it’s been kept from us because it is so pure and so noble that it scares the powers that be. That’s over now — let our voices be heard loud and clear! And, again God bless you, Glenn.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jalina-Susan-Stutte/1064345572 Jalina Susan Stutte

    I for over 2 decades had been telling people and speaking up about the lefties and the direction our country was headed for, many laughed, ridculed me, I even lost a job, people thought I was crazy, then I caught Glenn on CNN!  I listened and thought for once I was not alone. When he went to Foxs I watched faithfully and began telling people things that he was telling us. At first they just thought I was just being paranoid, but they are not now! In fact I started my own business and doing ok, was better before Obama, but I always do ok. Then when I wanted to go to RSL, my customers and friends insisted not only to go but report back what I learned and seen. I tell you it was magnificent and it totally changed me. The fellowship was wonderful and made me proud that we could accomplish so much. Each of us that attended, represented many more. This is the 3rd Awakeing. 

  • Lioness

    The only thing I can say is that I’m glad I didn’t hear anything about this on the lame stream, that would have meant something tragic happened. Love went off with out a hitch, not good for the ratings, but great for America!

  • Ross R Blankert

    I believe that God is Able to do anything He wants.  While liberals seek to justify all their transgressions and make excuses why they do things or not do things, the true believers who plan on getting to heaven are praising Jesus and not bowing down to false images.  We don’t need the media to sell goodness and mercy.  It would be nice if they decided to do good instead of evil.  But God is on our side.  We are on God’s side.  He forgives our past sins and we promise to try not to fall again.  We don’t need to justify our sins. We have them forgiven by the blood of Jesus.  We will not be silenced.  If the government wants to throw Christians into the furnace because we will not bow down to their graven images, we will not do it.  True Christians reject homosexuality as a grave sin.  True Christians see that killing the unborn is murder and an abomination.  You can not justify killing babies as a “choice”.  So I say to those folks who still believe and want to pray and do good works, don’t look for the praise of the devil.  You will be led to the devil’s side.   YOU CAN NOT BE A GOOD CHRISTIAN AND VOTE FOR HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE AND ABORTIONS ON DEMAND.  This is the Democratic Party platform. Meanwhile we can help Glenn Beck bring a measure of peace and goodness to poor families which anyone can help him. Welcome sinners and then preach to them just like the Salvation Army or many other Christian organizations.  We all must show and act on what we believe.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mary.weddle.14 Mary Weddle

    The service projects and music touched our hearts but you, Glenn, spoke to our souls!  Great to be reminded who America is and where we are going –together. Thanks to you and your crew for dreaming big enough and working hard enough to make this wonderful weekend a reality. Bold questions= bold answers!!!  We appreciate how you always serve us and our country.  Deepest gratitude to all concerned.       

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kenneth-O-Frederic/100000016971963 Kenneth O. Frederic

    It was a priviledge to attend and to participate.  It was an honor and a blessing to be able to meet so many people of substance, humility, and conviction.  We all went there on our own time and our own dime.  It was well worth those costs and we got to learn the real meaning of HOT.  Thank you Glenn and Mercury One for the opportunity of my lifetime!

  • Anonymous

    Show me someone else who cares so much?  He is the ONLY one who has told the truth about Obama and what he is trying to do to this country (and who is behind him).  Where are the others?  Fox News?  They are limited in what they can say (you know – fair and balanced).  If the Fairness Doctrine is passed you can give up Fox News!  Who then?  At least he has his establised now and doesn’t have to cow-tow to any higher ups!  If Obama gets a 2nd term you can kiss our freedoms goodbye!

  • Anonymous

    Without Sarah Palin you will not get the media coverage you want..
    Palin is the Rock Star, the DC event proved that, about 650,000…

    Next time have Palin and you will see the press..
    I was on ever channel, even Fox and did not see your event..

    By the way, Rick Santorum is a stinking disgusting creep…
    He’s nothing but a piece of garbage cry baby, he’s done..

    I’m really mad at Palin saying she voted for the other disgusting creep, Ginrich..
    I will forgive her this time for that..

  • Anonymous

    Again, real Americans and the sane media outlets ignored this cult leader’s revival meeting because there is no reason America should be subjected to this bigoted asshole!
    Shit, even Fox News blew beck off!!!
    First beck is fired and now he is so inconsequential to Fox News that they don’t give a hoot about his “restoring” charades!!!
    That’s gotta hurt poor glenn a bit!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/donna.drecksel Donna Drecksel

      Oh My Gosh, I am gonna vomit because your sick post is so full of hate

      • Anonymous

        Feel free to choke on it and give others the blessing of never hearing your fake “holier than thou” bullshit!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UIHCIUXX4PDHTCPZRERSO6P3NM Tony

    It is no surprise the mainstream media ignored it, they ignore the truth and anything truly newsworthy such as this event. We all have the power to serve each other and do the Lord’s work. Beck is leading this nation in the right direction, if only we had a President who could do the same. Thank you Glenn for opening your heart and opening all of our eyes to the truth!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_66T2XQN7K5BBXQM4NKACGODSIU nice

    Westboro can kiss it. Love will prevail.

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