EXCLUSIVE Mercury Confidential interview with Glenn Beck: “I felt like a caged animal”

by Meg Storm

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Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at Mercury Radio Arts? Just how do all of Glenn’s crazy ideas get done? Does anyone ever get a chance to sleep? Well, over the next few months we are going to take you inside MRA, giving you the inside scoop on everything from publishing to special events, 1791 to Markdown to GBTV. We will be interviewing members of our New York, Columbus, and Dallas staff, bringing you all the info, so you can know what it’s really like to work for Glenn. Part 1 (Kevin Balfe – Publishing)Part 2 (Liz Julis – GBTV/Special Events)Part 3 (Joel Cheatwood: CCO & President of TheBlaze)Part 4 (Eric Pearce: VP, TV Operation of TheBlaze), Part 5 (Michelle Vanderhoff Network Operations Manager at TheBlaze)

In the wake of what proved to be a truly historic week of service and charity, we sat down with Glenn to get his thoughts on how Restoring Love completes the Restoring trilogy he began two years ago in Washington D.C., how he feels coming out of this remarkable chapter of his life, and what comes next.

Standing just outside the 50 yard line of Dallas Cowboys Stadium waiting to walk out in front of the tens of thousands of people who had gathered to hear him deliver what may have been the best event of his career, Glenn remembers exactly how he felt. “I felt like a caged animal,” he recalled.

Three years of remarkable events culminated in a historic week that celebrated service, freedom, and, most importantly, love. Glenn had a very busy week – attending events like FreePac and Under God: Indivisible, while over 30,000 volunteers from around the world descended on north Texas to serve 305 organizations in the Dallas area. For three years Glenn has been telling his audience to stand where God tells them to stand, and last week it looked like future of America was with the thousands who had chosen to come and stand beside him in Texas.

The idea for Restoring Love came to Glenn just a few days after Restoring Courage. He flew from Israel to South Africa to give a speech to religious leaders. In the short time he was in South Africa, he saw firsthand the poverty that continues to exist in the country. He thought of Nelson Mandela, and the situation he found himself in just a few decades before. Mandela could have called for a bloody revolution, but instead he pleaded with people and politicians from all backgrounds and ideologies to choose love. Glenn, who wears a bracelet with Mandela’s prison number inscribed on his wrist, knew then and there that his next event would have to capture that same spirit.

Like Restoring Honor and Restoring Courage before it, Glenn said he knew that Restoring Love was going to center around God, only this time the theme would call for us to stand together and serve one another.

“The line that I wrote about three weeks ago that I knew would be the biggest line of the speech – ‘Witness the Third Great Awakening’ – is absolutely true,” he said. “That may have been the message of look, if you put God back in his place, and you are serving people, and you are speaking without fear, He will come.”

The Restoring Love weekend had an incredible kickoff with Thursday night’s FreePac event at American Airlines Arena. Conservative leaders from around the globe came together with one message in mind: it is time for us to stand up to the establishment. Glenn’s speech had a similar tone – he read Rudyard Kipling’s “The Gods of the Copybook Headings” and told the crowd that they were putting not only Washington, but the world, on notice.

“Here’s what I want you to know,” Glenn said to those gathered at the arena. “I believe this is the largest gathering of independent-minded conservatives ever in the history of America. I believe that tomorrow with over 30,000 volunteers doing service in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex it is the largest collection of volunteers doing service ever in America. And I hear there are a few people coming to the stadium as well. This should freak out the people in power, not only in Washington, but all around the world.”

The problems we are facing are not ones that political parties can fix, but they are problems that faith in God and strongly rooted principles will fix. “America is great because America is good,” Glenn said.

Following the historic Day of Service on Friday, Glenn attended a gathering of religious leaders that night at High Point Church – the perfect capstone to an incredible day. The meeting called for people of faith to find common ground in order to address the challenges that face us as a nation.

“At the religious event I had no idea what I was going to say,” Glenn explained. “I just prayed in the car on the way over, ‘Ok, tell me what you want me to say.’ And I walked up there and knew exactly what to say. It was – I mean, I never speak for 10 minutes, but it was a 10 minute speech, and it was very good. I just know that God is with the nation, and He is not uninvolved.”

His speech that night was short and succinct, qualities not typical of a Glenn speech, but the message couldn’t have been clearer.

“Did you do what you were supposed to do,” Glenn asked the crowd during his speech. “Believe me. When the Lord comes, anyone who is pointing the finger at the other one is in trouble first. United we stand. Divided we fall.”

By the time Saturday arrived, it was clear that the event was going to be something special. Months of preparation had led to this moment, and as the clock winded down toward 8 o’clock, the energy in Cowboys Stadium was nothing short of electric.

“I think I said to the gospel choir because they were standing next to me like, ‘Come on. Let’s go,’” Glenn said. “I said, ‘You too?! I feel like a caged animal.’ I mean we had waited and waited and waited to go, so it like let’s go! You get yourself so heated up and ready to go and do it.”

After Alex Boye’s stirring National Anthem captivated the crowd, Glenn emerged onto the field in a moment that was nothing short of incredible. The audience erupted in cheers and leapt to its feet as Glenn made his way to the stage.

“There is nothing like being in the round at Dallas Cowboys Stadium,” Glenn said still sounding a little awestruck. “That is dangerous for the ego. I don’t recommend you let any politician ever do that because it will make them do anything for another sip of that feeling.”

The night just got better from there with Glenn intertwining music, history, and charity in ways it has never been done before, and he seems pleased with the results.

“For the first time of the three, I don’t feel like we didn’t say anything that we were supposed to say,” Glenn said. “You know, I worried after each one if we said what we were supposed to say. I am just filled with optimism after last week.”

Saturday night at Cowboys Stadium Glenn delivered what is arguably the greatest speech of his career, and tomorrow we will reveal just how the speech that took 14 drafts and nearly five months to perfect came to be. 

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    Glenn you and all of your supporters pulled it off; there will be much wrought for the greater good and individual good in the future – each one of those deeds and lives will ripple outward like the circles upon a pond, affecting lives and communities in ways only God shall know of until all is revealed in the end.

    May God magnify and use the goodness He has set forth in the peoples lives; may He see it grow and be productive beyond all measure human hands could, for all to know and understand His love, faith, courage, grace, mercy and wisdom as brought out in His people.

    In the Eternal Books of Heaven, this will never be forgotten.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s a good feeling. If you lift yourself up to HIM, you will stand where HE sees best…

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  • Anonymous

    Love Glenn, and love his shirt!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Glenn, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Now its our time to do Gods will and pass on Love. God bless you and thank you for listening to him. Thank you for all you do.

    • http://twitter.com/KathyJGrant Kathy J. Grant

      We need citizens of this United States to start really paying attention on what is or is not going on in Washington and through out this country. http://MillionaireProject2012.blogspot.com

    • http://www.facebook.com/clement.oroge Clement Oroge


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Irina-Krasnyuk/745534442 Irina Krasnyuk

    It’s an emergency. Who is still there?

    • Anonymous

      Who is who ? … and why is who still ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/raeckane Rae Kane

    We taped this when it aired on TBN, on 8/4. So we could watch it when we didn’t have company.  It was awesome, if you missed it, too bad.  You can probably catch it on GBTV.  It was so full of history and things you don’t learn in school, even if you had been paying attention to your teacher., God Bless Glen Beck, he is truly someone special.  Love him and respect him so much. We need the more citizens to pay attention to what is or is not going on in Washington and this country.  Rae

  • http://www.facebook.com/raeckane Rae Kane

    We recorded this when it aired on TBN on 8/4.  Had company and did want to see it.
    It was an awesome event.  If you missed it too bad.  You can probably catch it on GBTV.
    It was so full of history and real information you don’t learn in school, even if you had been paying attention to your teacher.  God Bless Glen Beck, he is truly an inspiration and someone
    special.  Love and respect him so much.   We need citizens of this United States to start really paying attention on what is or is not going on in Washington and through out this country.
    Hello….it is our kids and their kids futures, we can’t and don’t want to all live on welfare.

  • Anonymous

         :)   that’s all..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VRRZYTVCVKQAVW5T2KWCDARAX4 petunia h

    Energy was incredibly high at Restoring Love. Before the event started, a ‘wave’ was done by people in the bleachers. I sat on the ground floor (field) and it was fantastic to see, circling around and hearing the people cheer. Electric.

    • Anonymous

      Energy was amazing, we were in the 2nd balcony and we did the wave forever…it was so fun….I made a video of it…my husband said, conservatives have no rythmn…he might be right

  • http://www.facebook.com/carolann.musick Carol Ann Musick

    couldn’t find where to play thevideo of how he felt…………..that’s typical of him——-no matter, you could SEE:: how he felt, when he walked out on the stage……….felt it with him……:-)

  • Anonymous

    If Only We Can Get All The We The People To Wake Up To The Father of Lies..to save Our Nation Under God….Libs are Just So Stubborn They Refuse To See….The Narcisisst Celebrity-In-Chief Who He Really Is…Living By His Bible of His Life …RulesForRadicals–dedicated to Lucifer—thats who Hussein-Obama and His Hippie Puppeteers adviCzars Follows!
    Just Like the obstinate Pharoh against Moses!…

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you could probably retire, by now, and compete with ole George Soros with today’s ideology.  Leave the details and battles to your troops.  You can be the General, like Washington, Patton or Ike.  Remember: old soldiers never die, they just fade away.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barbara-Ellis/100002921337218 Barbara Ellis

    God was there with us,would not have missed it.Thank you so much,God bless you and your family.

  • http://twitter.com/Shootingsparks Shootingsparks

    Nothing would be better than if someone took a bat to your empty Israeli head.l

  • http://www.facebook.com/rose.s.castillo Rose Suarez Castillo

    I can barely put into words how I was feeling when I was just watching the event on TBN last Sunday night.  It was INCREDIBLE!  Thank you Glenn for letting God direct your every word.  It was clear that this event was from GOD!  AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rose.s.castillo Rose Suarez Castillo

    It was an INCREDIBLE night of LOVE!  Thank you Glenn for letting God direct your every word. It was clear that this event was from God. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME!  Please come back and visit us at HighPoint Church again soon.  God Bless you and all your staff.

  • http://twitter.com/dchrist81 david christoph

    the truth is that conservatives are significantly more caring than progressives  

    The Shortcomings of Government Charity
    Private Charities Offer the Best Cure for Chronic Poverty

    “If faith in God without works is dead, is faith in government without works alive?” 

    Restoring Love teaches that community service can be a revolutionary force for liberty.

  • Anonymous

    It is hard to put into words what it was like for my husband and I to pack up our car in PA and drive to Texas, we had never done anything like this before..we were headed for something, but not sure what it was. I  now know, if Glenn Beck builds it, they will come and it will included me….The car ride was great, leaving behind our 17 and 9 year old was tough, but I knew that it would be worth it, I was not wrong. The first day we attended the live radio show and were treated to seeing everyone behind the scenes was amazing..we opted out of the lunch BBQ and stayed for the famous 4th hour…meeting Jeff Fisher after the show. Next was Free Pac..talk about getting a crowd pumped…we loved every speech and of course the international attendees who Matt Kibbe took up on stage at the end made me cry…Constitutional Education and 2nd Amendment programs with Shane Krauser was my favorite event…..I will see him again in my neck of the woods….The God Indivisible changed me….Tania Beck’s Womens conference…..Wow………..my only regret was that we were booked and could not participate in the day of service…….They to end it, Restoring Love at the stadium….meeting the people in line was so cool…there are so many great Americans…out there…I will never feel alone again in my quest to save our Great Nation. God Bless Glenn Beck and his staff..Joe Kerry should get a Gold Metal…….the volunteers are Mercury One did a fantastic job…so many smiles and they were tireless…………It was my honor, to attend. What did I come home with…I know that I need to learn more about American History……….I need to learn more about the Constitution and Bill of Rights…….I need to learn how to use a weapon and teach my children not to be afraid, but to be educated……….I will not sit down, I will not comply………..

  • http://www.facebook.com/sue.pauley.58 Sue Pauley

    Watched the event on our GBTV (thanks to our Roku system). Wished we could have been there,but for personal and health reasons could not make it. We live in SW Ohio and waiting to hear from Glenn on his show about the Ohio experience he is planning for 9/12 this year. If it is anywhere near where my husband and I live, we plan to be there. We were in DC for Restoring Honor. It was uplifting and full of Faith. We contributed to the truck load of food going to the food  pantries, one close to us in Wilmington,Ohio. Keep up the Good Work,Glenn. This world is a better place because of people like you who go out of the way on their own time to help those less fortunate. Be seeing you in Ohio

    Sue and Dan Pauley from Goshen,Ohio(rural town east of Cincinnati)

  • http://www.facebook.com/annette.botti Annette Botti

    You were the Holy Spirit’s mouthpiece!

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