Mercury Confidential interview with Glenn Beck part 4: The fans who made it all possible

by Meg Storm

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In the wake of what proved to be a truly historic week of service and charity, we sat down with Glenn to get his thoughts on how Restoring Love completes the Restoring trilogy he began two years ago in Washington D.C., how he feels coming out of this remarkable chapter of his life, and what comes next.

It was the Tuesday before Restoring Love when Glenn called for an all-hands staff meeting. At this point, the majority of the Mercury staff from across the country had made their way to Dallas to ensure the success of the events that weekend, and as he did the year before in Israel, Glenn felt it was important to rally the troops.

He looked around the room at his staff, many of whom had not been together in quite some time, and thanked them for coming. He talked about the history that had been created at the previous years’ events and the history that would be created again that week. He encouraged everyone to keep a journal, so that they could remember all the amazing things they were going to be a part of. And finally, he told everyone to look past the inevitable lack of sleep and endless schedule that awaited them to have a little fun.

But perhaps the most poignant moment came when Glenn asked everyone to be his ambassador. An encounter with a Mercury employee will be the closest a lot of people ever come to meeting Glenn – a remarkable fact that sometimes gets lost in the crazy shuffle of things.

It was a tremendous call for responsibility that put everything into perspective. While it is easy to get lost running through the motions with events like these, it is important to take pause and remember who these events are really for: the fans.

“I am getting so isolated at these events, because we get so busy,” Glenn said somberly. “We are going to so many different things. I just don’t get a chance to be out with the people very much.”

Since he wasn’t going to get a chance to meet with each and every person who made their way to Dallas individually, Glenn did the next best thing – he rallied his staff and sent his family out into the crowd to experience the goodness of this event for him.

“Both my daughters worked the booths at the stadium,” Glenn revealed. “We don’t put my daughters on TV and there aren’t any pictures of them, so no one knew who my daughters were.”

It’s hard to say just how many people unknowingly met Glenn’s daughters, but one thing is for certain, the girls were forever changed by the love and compassion they felt that weekend.

“My daughters came home each night crying about how nice the audience was,” Glenn said. “They kept coming home every night saying, ‘Dad I have to tell you about this person.’”

Whether it was the man who helped them put together one of the booths when he saw them struggling, or the girl who went and found a rubber band for one of his daughters to use as a makeshift hairband after hers broke, it was the little things that left the largest impressions.

“Who does that? Who watches someone’s hairband break in a huge crowd, leaves, goes and asks a bunch of people, and then comes back with, ‘I’m sorry I can’t find a hairband, but here’s something,’” Glenn asked. “The people are just so great.”

One of Glenn’s favorite moments from the entire weekend came from a story his good friend and photographer, George Lange, told him about the fantastic people who had come to Dallas.

“George Lange called me up after he was going to shoot film of the volunteers. He is practically in tears, and he says, ‘Glenn, this is everything that you have talked about. This is everything that you said would happen. It’s happening here,’” Glenn recalled.

Lange described that being out in the crowd with the throngs of people brought him back to the moment in Washington D.C. when we looked out and saw the size of the crowd that had gathered for Restoring Honor, and everyone just burst into tears. Watching busload after busload of people depart Cowboys Stadium for Friday’s Day of Service made him realize just how wonderful people can be.

“George is a liberal,” Glenn said. “And he followed that story up with, you know, we are always looking for some utopia, but it is here. No government can create this. It is only when people decide to put their hearts together that it happens. That’s what it is. I am so happy that my friend saw that.”

During his speech at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday night, Glenn referenced this same spirit when he told the crowd:

We are not a selfish people. We are selfless. You are the living proof of this. You are living proof that Americans are good. Americans are still people of action. Americans want freedom. Americans want justice. We want love. And here’s the thing: There are millions of you. Millions just like you. Millions ready to act, ready to take up the struggle, ready to commit, to activate, to live it, to create, to restore love to America. We will not let go. We will not give up. We’re not going to put our cars in neutral. We’re not going to coast down the hill. We’re going to do it the hard way. We’re going to put our shoulders down. We’re going to get behind the car. And we’re going to push America up the hill.

“I say with surety that this is the audience that will restore the country,” Glenn said proudly. “It will. They will play a role. This is the audience.”

There is no way to repay the fans that have made the successes of Restoring Honor, Restoring Courage, and Restoring Love possible. There is no way to ever really thank you for going along with Glenn on this crazy ride. But you should know that the endless hours of work Glenn and staff put in each and every day is to ensure that you are being delivered the absolute best Mercury has to offer.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,” Glenn said. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The Restoring Love events were three summers in the making, and though the trilogy is over the real work has just begun. Tomorrow Glenn takes a look back at how we got here and gives us a sneak peak at what comes next.

  • Denny

    I like this part…

  • Anonymous

    If you agree with Glenn’s ideas about food storage go to  and try the samples or prepacks. They are very good and nutritious for you’re own use or to give to those in need.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    I know i know kabuki.

  • Anonymous

    Meg–Glenn Beck, you are a fantastic individual ! Also your staff along with you. Just keep up the good work, and may God bless you and yours every step of the way.He will, because what you are doing, is trying to help our God given country, get back to what our forefathers meant it to be. Thank you, thank you.

  • Gert Kaiser

    glenn, God has gven you a special talent when it comes to relating with people, and you are using that talent as He would have you use it. You are an amazing person, and hope that some day I will have the special opportunity to meet you in person !

  • Janet Twaddle Carpenter

    No, thank YOU, Glenn and the staff! It was a memorable weekend. I did meet a Mercury One staff member, sitting behind me on Sat. night. I told him he has my dream job (to work for you at Mercury One)

  • Janika Skembo

    My four year old daughter and her twin sister are the next generation to carry on the tradition we began this summer.  She was so upset she could not meet Glenn in person that she had to write a letter to tell him to come to our house.  I caught it on video.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    IT is common how attacks on ones body appear on or before doing great works. Some
    folks are capable of or born to jump on grenades to save other’s lives. They are re-born to to be pathfinder’s-silently leap tall building’s. Do thing’s that appear so revealing-great but people say it never happened. What you can know Glenn is Jonah could have avoided the big fish but not God.


  • Susan Michele Spear

     My family and I moved to Texas from Arizona about 5 months ago which made it easier for us to attend FreePAC, the day of Service and Restoring Love we decided that was going to be our 25th wedding anniversary to each other. It was awesome. The speakers and the crowd got us pumped up at FreePAC. The day of service introduced me to some wonderful people at project 44. Restoring Love restored Love to my hardened heart it was if a beam of light radiated throughout my chest. My family and I thank you Glenn and Staff for making this transformation possible.
    these experiences have changed my life, it taught me to seek truth in all things and to understand the history of Our Country. To help others and to become the person Heavenly Father intended me to be. .
    We Love you Brother Beck,    

  • Anonymous

    Meeting Glenn was on my bucket list. Got to meet him,Rick Perry, and David Barton and had my picture taken with them.Glenn, I know you must have been tired but took the time to have pictures taken with many.

    • Anonymous

      Audrey, is this you!!!! if it is I just want you to know how much my Husband, Ron and I enjoyed meeting you and hanging out with you! Everywhere we went we met so many nice people. Thanks to all the members of High Point Church for being such gracious hosts and keeping everything so clean and tidy for us, especially the bathrooms. I went to Wash DC and thought it a wonderful experience but this one tops my list of Amazing, Inspirational, and overwhelming experiences in my life! I am a 71 year old Grandma/Greatgrandma, and I love Glenn and his Family for all they sacrifice to bring the people of this coultry the Truth each day. I share his faith and Pray for Glenn, his Family and his Staff and their families everyday and my dream is to meet him and shake his hand and give him a hug, and also Tania! I especially want to give Tania a big hug and “Thank You” for sharing Glenn with all of us.

  • Anonymous

    i go tot meet spencer!   shook his hand and thanked him for taking good care of glenn…what a sweetheart!

  • Anonymous

    I was an attendee at Restoring Love, My husband and I drove from Pa….we said over and over again how nice and caring all of the Mercury Staff was……..But it was the vendors who worked the food booths at Cowboy Stadium on the night of the event, they were amazed at such a nice crowd, I ask every employee I came in contact with and they all felt the same….these are not your regular cowboy stadium attendees !

  • Shane

    Glenn, loved your restoring love meeting in Dallas, have been a fan for a long time, however i could tell; you things that would  knock your socks off about what is really going on and what maybe coming our way in future years I know you would want to hear this, and you probably havent thought about it. SG.

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