Fan Photo: Save the Date for a very special Soros wedding!

  • Anonymous

    The marriage never happens.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    One day Soros awoke to see himself in his home, but all is strangely silent among the vast halls and vaunted chambers. Search as he might, no one is to be found, from people to a insect; save for one lone figure dressed in old refinery, casually strolling in his direction…

    Soros: “Who are you to dare and intrude into my domain uninvited?”

    Stranger: “Why my dear child, I have been waiting here for you for some time; I have been a part of your household for generations, as with all of mankind…”

    Soros cringes at the smile of the stranger, a smile not of compassion or of mercy, and for the first time in his life, he understands true fear to the core of his being…

    Soros: “No, you cannot be God, he does not exist…”

    Stranger: “No Soros, I am not God, who DOES exist; I am the other part of the equation; and I have come to collect you, as your soul has come due in the greater balance of all when they are judged…so come along like a bad little boy…”

    Soros, crying “But of my money, my fortune, my wife…”

    The Devil; “Oh don’t worry Soros, you should know, she is a Republican, and plans on giving all of your fortune to charity and supporting Glenn Becks charities as well…’

    The Howling roars of Soros, pure anguish laid bare in that revelation, merge fully with the inhuman laughter of old Satan himself.

  • Sharmane

    Is she marrying him for his money?  Just asking.

    • ‘John Beam

      Soros is a vampire.  She was probably checked for her blood-type and other medical markers, and he’ll harvest her organs when his begin to shut down.  

  • Stephan Bruno

    Instead of talking about the bullshit why don’t you talk about this Glenn?

    • sonny1

       Why didn’t the father attend to the little girl instead of going after the police officer. This seems like and accident. Maybe you are trying to blow it up into something else. If this were about all the black on black violence in Chi town I would actually care more about it.

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Wow, join the most adventurous!

  • Revan

    It is sad when women aim low and merry for money.

  • Anonymous

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