Nolan Ryan: The latest celebrity Glenn had no reason to meet

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Glenn has a long history of meeting celebrities that he has no business getting to meet. Not long ago, he got to meet Albert Pujols while visiting St. Louis and at the time he had no idea who the baseball star was until Pat was nice enough to fill him in. Then he met Bono backstage at a preview of Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark, pretty much infuriating Stu who had been a U2 fan for years. And then there was the time he went to a NASCAR event and met Fergie and Michael Bay. And what do all of these people have in common? Glenn had pretty much no reason to meet these people while legitimate fans would have been way more impressed and excited. Well, we can now add one more name to the list: baseball legend Nolan Ryan!

That’s right, yesterday Nolan Ryan was at the Texas studio complex and, conveniently after Pat had to run out for an appointment, Glenn and Stu got to meet him. Glenn, of course, showed off his astonishing lack of baseball knowledge leading to this awkward exchange:

STU: … Glenn awkwardly had to stand there and try to act as if he knew what Nolan Ryan was talking about when he was talking, like inside detailed Texas Rangers baseball.

GLENN: I never confirmed or denied I had any knowledge of what he was talking about.

STU: (Laughing.)

PAT: Now, what ‑‑ because Glenn said, “So how are things?” And he thought he was talking about things generally like in the country, right? But then he said ‑‑

GLENN: Well, he said ‑‑

STU: Like “how are you?”

PAT: But Ryan, Ryan started talking about things inside the organization, Texas Rangers.

STU: Yeah, like the latest moves they’ve made.

GLENN: No, no. First he said ‑‑ because I said, “So how are things going?” And he said, “I’ve been really concerned lately.” I’m like, “Me, too.” And he said, “Been really concerned. You know, some things have been really, you know, really tough and I’ve really been concerned in the direction that we’ve been headed.” And I’m like, “Me, too.” And he said, “But I think our pitching’s coming back online,” and he starts going in on ‑‑

PAT: And then you were lost.

GLENN: He was speaking Greek to me. And I stood there and it was so awkward because I stood there for a while and I’m like, “Yep. Yep. Yep.” And I didn’t even what to even ‑‑ how do you follow it up? I’m like, absolutely nothing in common here. And stood there for a while awkwardly and then he said, “I have to ask you something. That polar bear on your set.” I said, yeah? And he said, “Why do you have that?” I said, “No.”

STU: You said no to him?

GLENN: I said ‑‑ that’s how I ‑‑

STU: Oh, his name. I forgot.

GLENN: He said usually my friends call me “Mr. Ryan.” And I said, no, listen. I said, I don’t know your politics at all but you are from Texas. So I’m just going to come out and say it. I got the polar bear mainly to piss off Al Gore. And he just smiled and he said, “Not only am I from Texas, I was born in Texas and I love that answer.”

If only a dislike for Al Gore could lead to more common ground…

Anyway, Glenn was lucky to have Stu by his side to keep the conversation going.

“I was like the TARP of the conversation, constant bailouts,” Stu joked.

Check out a photo from the meeting below:

  • Rahm Kota

    The only screaming pig I here is Joe Biden. I will admit I am a pig eat like one to but why does this guy feel like he has to call us names and race bait.

    • Anonymous

      Hey, nothing wrong with being a pig.  I’m a pig, as well.  I too eat like one.  They taste pretty good, too.  Good breakfast food you know.  Now, I have a sudden craving for bacon, lol.

      • Rahm Kota

        You don’t have to tell me that twice. I got fat on good eating. It makes me wonder if they have anything real that they can run on. The spent the last three years campaigning after all and now just resort to name calling. I find it also hypocritical of Obama that he says the rich should pay for the poor but yet ignores Gorge Obama his own brother who is so poor that he can’t even help his own child out.

        • Anonymous

          Nothing wrong with being fat. As if we should start paying attention to Michelle Obama and her food tips, lol. I’m just glad I don’t live in New York and it’s absurd food laws now. I’d say eat what you want. It’s your life. I mean, the government forcing you to eat what ONLY they want you to eat is flat out ridiculous, especially considering the fact that the government themselves don’t actually know or understand what has made America fat to begin with. News flash, it isn’t from drinks, lol. It takes a LOT more than a lot of sodas to make a person fat. People can burn off the calories they gain from a drink in their sleep, for crying out loud. I mean, a 160 pound person can burn about 550 calories just by sleeping for 8 hours. That’s about 5 average sized sodas right there, lol. If you can burn off about 5 drinks just by sleeping for 8 hours, there’s more to it than what we drink.

          • Rahm Kota

            I told a guy who went to New York to bring a 3 letter of soda find Bloomburg and just jug it right in front of him.

          • Anonymous

            LOL I’d pay to see that.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    So you bought it to tick off Al Gore?

    Wonderful; why not also have a flag made up, one with the eagle flying, bearing a message to the land: Faith, Hope, Charity, the restoration has begun, and we will continue with Freedom and Eternal Vigilance.

    The motto for the flags reason is simple “We honor those rights endowed unto us as a nation by God, and a exceptional people, whose ancestors come from many nations and cultures of the world, who have sacrificed of life, time, fortune and more to build a better tommorow for their own children. We have come close to losing these rights and freedoms; now we take up the stand again, to restore and protect which we have neglected.”

    :”From now on, from this day forward, we will watch, we will warn, we will stand against the night and all enemies; from within and without, who wish to destroy the very freedoms we have been entrusted with.”

    “On this day, America is ours again; and we will continue to be the shining light on the hill; a peculiar people, and a home where exceptionalism of the individual and the nation; where you can dream, and make the dream come true.”

    “May God grant of His wisdom, guidance, perception and grace for the time to come ahead of us all.”

  • Anonymous

    ha ha ha ha ha …….. first the basketball trophy and now Nolan Ryan personal time. 
    I think you do that to Pat and Stu on purpose. Kinda like you pay them back for all the 4th hour shenanigans in a single whoosh! 

  • Anonymous

    For cryin’ out LOUD, Glenn.  Baseball is a HUGE metaphor for LIFE.
    Just call me next time you have Albert Pujols or Nolan Ryan in your midst.
    It makes me SICK you got to meet Nolan Freakin’ Ryan and didn’t know what to say to him.  I’d STILL be talking to him.
    C’mon, man!  SEVEN NO-HITTERS!

  • greywolfrs

    WOW! This is really scary. I am no baseball fan, but EVERYONE knows who Nolan Ryan is. Probably, the best pitcher of ALL time.

    P.S. Please, do not ever meet “The Great One,” that would be truly embarrassing.

  • Anonymous

    ”Uh, Mr. Ryan, so you were, ah, you were, um, you played a sport?”    Don’t think it would have

    been held against him if Glenn just ‘fessed up and said he didn’t follow sports very much.

    Yeah, there really are people around like that.    But, perhaps, not in Texas!

  • Anonymous

    Excellent photo op. 

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