The latest on ex-marine Brandon Raub’s incredible (scary) story

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On radio this morning Glenn shared the latest on the incredible (and frightening) story of Brandon Raub. Raub, a 26-year-old former United States Marine, was in sentenced to 30 days in a psychiatric facility after he was taken into police custody last Thursday over posts he made on his Facebook page that criticized the government and called for a revolution. A judge has since ordered for Raub’s release because the government had no clear case against him.

“Here’s what’s really amazing on this story,” Glenn said. “Every family member, every friend said Brandon is definitely not insane. No one came forward to say he was insane or unstable. In the Facebook post that we saw he didn’t specifically threaten anyone. He made vague references to revolution. He talked about taking back the Republic. It is crazy.”

While Raub’s comments are not necessarily mainstream, he makes no clear threat against anyone or anything that would warrant an involuntary psychiatric evaluation.

“[Last] Thursday [Raub] gets a knock on the door,” Glenn explained. “He opens it up, and the F.B.I. says ‘We see some disturbing posts. We need to come in and search your home and talk to you.’ Raub asked see the warrant, and they don’t have a warrant. They threw him down on the ground because they said he was hostile. They didn’t have a warrant! They didn’t have a warrant for his arrest. They threw him on ground. They handcuff him. The F.B.I. puts him in the back of a car and takes him to a mental institution for an exam.”

This is a man who risked his life to defend American principles and liberties (like free speech), and he was taken into custody without a warrant for expressing his views. Meanwhile Black Panther members are threatening to militarize and spewing racist remarks, while the cronies from Occupy Wall Street threaten to overthrow the government. Where is the F.B.I. in those cases?

“The Black Panthers are saying they are militarizing. They are developing an army to drag crackers out of their house, and beat them, and kill them in the streets,” Glenn said. “Where’s that? We have video of people on MSNBC from Occupy Wall Street saying this is a revolution. This is not about repairing the system, this is about tearing the system down. We have that. Are they in mental institutions?”

“There’s something wrong and when they’re scooping up our military, and they’re trying to make them look insane,” Glenn concluded. “Really not good. This is a warning sign.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    It is a warning sign Glenn – by having as many of the armed forces declared to suffer from any kind of mental illness, disability or being examined for psychological problems, they may lose their second amendment rights in their home states.

    This is part of Obamas means for control of the nation; they commit you to brainwashing and ‘medical support’ for any anti-social disorder if you are figured to be politically incorrect; or they will just up and shoot you.

    The nightmare has begun; God willing we will fire Obama this Nov, and survive until Romney comes into office in January.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, Snow, I hadn’t even thought about the fact that they lose the Right to bear Arms when they are diagnosed with a psychological condition! Wow!This is like those movies where the hero gets taken to the loony bin and the more he says he’s sane, the more they think he’s insane!
      It’s a NO WIN SITUATION!
      Scary, scary, scary!

      • Irina Krasnyuk

         Any new ideas on research?

      • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

        First of all, depending on the state they live in I stated they MAY lose their second amendment rights to have firearms; indeed a perfect way, by stating someone has ‘mental problems’ they carry a eternal stigma after that and no one will usually belive them.

        I have bi-polar, and how many times I heard people just say “get over it’ is immense; mind you I am a chaplain and trained in crisis counseling so I do see both sides of this matter.

        One portion of my service of God in this world is helping those with bi-polar to understand they are not alone in the night, there are many of us, and at least where I live at and the surrounding area, are able to explain how we deal with it, what they (the newly diagnosed with bi-polar) will face, and that it is a condition of genetics – not of losing ones sanity.

        Now this development of community is also the key to the second part of your post. It is NOT a no-win situation; by coming togeather as a community, to take the stand against the night and Obama and the Progressives we will make it.

        Look to Ghandi, through the efforts of one man starting his cause he began the road to freeing a nation. Look to Martil Luther King, who inspired so many to take up the cause of civil rights and equality for so many (and some paid the ultimate price as well).

        Look to the Black Robes who worked to free our nation from the British empire and the fruits of their labor.

        The bible says that the prayers of a righteous man avails much good; think of how much more that is when 2 or more such people are united in one effort, in this case to save the nation.

        This is the greater message of Glenn and so many others; individually we can remain in faith, economics, and so many other areas. WE are united for one cause and purpose – the saving of the nation.

        Out of many, comes one…one nation of people, where the exceptional is the normal from the people, united in one goal…to save and restore the nation.

        That is how we win.

    • Anonymous

      He supports the 2012 NDAA section 1021 which authorizes indefinite detainment based solely on suspicion.  No charges, No Miranda, No habeas corpus, No phone call, No Lawyer, No courts, No judges.  They can Brandon Raub everyone of us. 

      Romney!!!  Really?

      • Anonymous

        Has a federal judge already released the injunction against 1021?

        Besides, doesn’t the ”prisoner” have to be in the custody of the US Military?

        • Anonymous

          The issue is not a judge’s injunction, it is about the fact the elites in D.C. voted to pass such an onerous provision.

          A police state is a police state and uniforms aren’t the deciding factor. Do you think Brandon Raub cared what uniforms were being worn by the stooges who put him in indefinite detention?

          This is the Bill of Rights being destroyed piece by piece.

          • Anonymous

            GQ4U, why are you arguing, then, about a provision not yet in

            place?   Congress has done a lot of dumb things by voting on

            bills which will possibly harm the citizens.    Obamacare, as

            one example.        Who gave the FBI the go-ahead to arrest this

            man?  How was he perceived as a threat and as ”crazy?”

          • Anonymous

            1021 is in place within the 2012 NDAA. The Federal District Court in New York is only a temporary injunction awaiting an appeal to a higher court. Plus, when do these A$$ holes in D.C. ever respect the courts or the constitution? Under ‘Martial Law’ the courts will be silenced. Study the “Reichstag Fire” to see how a dictator seizes power.

            bjv asked: “Who gave the FBI the go-ahead to arrest this
            man? How was he perceived as a threat and as “crazy?”

            Here’s a partial answer:
            On January 20, 2009 Obama was inaugurated. 77-days later on April 7, 2009 the DHS released an “Intelligence Assessment Report” called “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization & Recruitment”

            Obama arrived in the Oval Office with a devious plan and he has executed it very well so far. Conservative thinking is his enemy, free enterprise is the enemy, Christian’s are the enemy, gun owners are the enemy, Constitutionalism is the enemy, veterans are the enemy, etc -etc -etc.

            If you aren’t a socialist/communist that agrees with the left’s messiah then you are a threat to their agenda. There’s a target on your forehead and Raub’s arrest was a warning shot to the rest of us.

            Romney is in favor of this detention and that makes him dangerous to the Republic, albeit less dangerous than Obama, but still dangerous.

            I’m not willing to acquiesce to either ones camp.

      • Anonymous

        Romney hasn’t revealed anything about how he feels about NDAA. So, it’s disingenuous to make a statement like you did above. Who do you suggest we vote for? We have only 2 choices. Obama or Romney. Any other choice we make will have no influence on the course of our Republic. You may vote on your own “principles”, but in reality you are only soothing your own conscious, and not for the future of our Republic, or our people, because a vote for anyone who isn’t on the ticket, is one less vote for Romney or Obama. And in a tight race like this one is apt to be, numbers are everything. In order to remove Obama from office, Romney needs every vote he can get. A vote for a non-viable candidate, to soothe your sense of Justice, is one less vote for a candidate that can beat Obama. There has never been a perfect candidate in all of history. You may be totally right about another politician being far more deserving of the office of President of the United States. By all means vote on principal in that regard. If you’re going to vote that way, then why not vote for Jesus Christ? He is undeniably the only perfect candidate not in the running, and has a better chance of winning than any other person, not on the ticket.

        • Joshua Jackson
          • Anonymous

            Then what do you suggest? Do you think 4 more years of Obama will be helpful? And contrary to popular opinion, Kennedy had his own set of warts too. Don’t tell me Romney and Obama are the same. They are not. Romney isn’t my first choice by any means, but to allow Obama to continue, the evil we know is bent on destroying our Republic, rather than trying to wrestle power from him, is wrong. We don’t know how Romney will be. We do know Romney is not on a mission to destroy our Republic. Not knowingly or intentionally. Voting for the lessor of 2 evils is not a violation of principle. Knowingly voting for any candidate that WILL not win,and may HELP Obama win, seems to be a violation of common sense and a purely selfish act. You won’t vote for Romney because YOU want to feel better about yourself. I want to try and save our Republic. It has to be now. 4 more years of Obama will end America as we know it. 

          • Joshua Jackson

            There are millions of people just like you who say the same thing EVERY ELECTION CYCLE.

            Did you watch the video? Care to edit your former post?

            Romney does support the NDAA, he practically wrote Obama Care and he has been for and against abortion his whole career. I don’t know how you can call him the lesser of two evils. People are so worked up about Obama, and they should be because he is the enemy. SO IS ROMNEY! The president is NOT IN CHARGE!

            News Flash, GOLDMAN SACHS is in charge and if they are for indefinite detention or any other RAPE of our constitution then Romney will be for it too.

            You think stories like this are going to disappear with Romney in the white house? The only thing disappearing will be people who love liberty and the constitution. The DHS has already labeled libertarians as potential domestic terrorists. Which is by the way an expansion of George W Bush’s policy of “people who believe in the second coming of Jesus Christ” as potential domestic terrorists.

            The patriot act 2 expanded the definition of terrorist to Born Again Christians.

            Welcome to the America created by millions of drones like you who always vote for the lesser of two evils.

          • Cindi

             I would suggest stop waiting for a one-person figurehead to solve all the country’s problems (which he didn’t create nor did any one person).

            How could one person change a whole country? And yeah yeah I bought the whole change thing, Daddy’s gonna change things for us, don’t worry your government is in charge. 

            Somehow I am thinking now that the change must be within ourselves and our communities and if we have that then good things can and will follow.

            However, I don’t know the answers any more than any one other person on the planet. 

          • William Crone

            When people realize the two party system is really one party with two faces, it will be too late for our Republic. For the last 100 years, we have flip flopped back and forth between two parties, yet HERE WE ARE! We didn’t get here because of Obamas 4 years as president. NDAA is no different than Patriot Acts 1-2, or Military Comission Act of 2006, both endorsed and signed by Bush. Wake up…

        • Anonymous

          Romney has made himself very clear about NDAA and his desire to have that power. No wonder people are calling for revolution… oops!!!

          Romney favors the idea of the 2012 NDAA section 1021 at a December 2011 Hudson, New Hampshire town hall meeting. He says, given that power, he would exercise restraint but that’s what the Bill of Rights, Miranda Rights and habeas corpus rights are meant to do, restrain the government.

          In a Presidential Primary Debate on Fox News Romney is asked if he would have signed the 2012 NDAA with the indefinite detention provision and he responds with very definitive YES. He then prattles on about enemy combatants like Al Qaeda and American’s who commit treason but we already had laws that dealt with those scenarios. 2012 NDAA section 1021 lowers the reason for detention to being considered a terrorist or a terrorist sympathizer.

          The DHS in March 2009 put out an action report to all law enforcement officials listing the most likely domestic terrorists as being ex-service members, Pro-Life advocates, Constitutionalists, 2nd Amendment advocates, Pro-Bible, Pro-God or pretty much all conservatives & most Republicans. In other words you have a target on your back if you exercise your 1st Amendment rights like Brandon Raub an ex-service member.

          We have two big party, big government choices, bad choices! There is no logic behind the lesser of two evils vote, you still have evil running government. My beef isn’t with Romney, he is what he is. My beef is with the ignoramuses who vote to limit us to these narcissistic control mongers. Obamney or Robama, really?

          You presume to know who I will cast my vote for and then suggest I be a good little lemming and follow the stupid lemmings off the cliff. Not interested.

          The mantra has been “anybody but Obama” but is this the best anybody you people could come up with. Fear is a very frightening controller of human nature.

          You mentioned this is a tight race. Why? In the West Virginia primary an unorganized broke Texas Prison inmate garnered over 40% of the vote against Obama, while Romney barely gets 45% and he’s been campaigning for 7-years and has a massive amount of campaign money.

          Christ Jesus, like Thomas Jefferson, couldn’t get elected in today’s America. Besides, he is already King of kings & Lord of lords who will rule in His own good time.

        • Jonathan Salfeld

          actually, at one of the debates he was asked in no uncertain terms whether or not he supported the NDAA. He said he did. This is not a minor imperfection in his candidacy. It shows that he is part of the same machine that has been destroying civil liberties for decades. Both parties have been complicit in this erosion of our rights. Two parties, same masters.

        • Jonathan Salfeld

          actually, at one of the debates he was asked in no uncertain terms whether or not he supported the NDAA. He said he did. This is not a minor imperfection in his candidacy. It shows that he is part of the same machine that has been destroying civil liberties for decades. Both parties have been complicit in this erosion of our rights. Two parties, same masters.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    This is about the establishment of power and control over the US Citizens and veterans by means of intimidation, coersion and the courts; thankfully many are becoming more and more aware of the matter.

    May we get Obama out of office in November.

    • Therese Zamora

      Out of many, comes one…one nation of people, where the exceptional is the normal from the people, united in one goal…to save and restore the nation.

  • Anonymous


  • Rahm Kota

    The March of Progressivism is now in a full run we must put an end to this and now!

  • Anonymous

    The (perhaps) unintended consequences of legislation rammed through in hysteria over a shooting. As usual the politicians far overshot the mark and endangered us all. Essentially this law violates not only the First Amendment but also the 4th and possibly others. 

  • FreudianSlip

    You are guaranteed this type of forced medical incarceration against your consent once Obamacare is in full force.  And if you do not comply with the Obamacare ordered “treatment” they can enforce denial of any and all healthcare treatments.  I believe this will also include being forced to take all government required vaccinations for you and your children.  Ordering what foods and water you are allowed to consume will be next.  Eventually everything going into your body will be controlled by the government through their “healthcare” system, in the name of Obamacare.

    • Cindi

      “they” (the ppl on the customer service line at the health mafia companies) already have total power to deny care. there are a ton of lawsuits over this by now.  they get paid to deny care.  by the time you get “approved” the patient, or you, might be dead. the hmos have total power over your medical care. so it is as you say, right now, not later.

  • Anonymous

    This is about BS spewing out from our Obama Governing system, ain’t it great to know we have such an intellegent President, making his changes to America just like he promised? I have a feeling there will be a lots more knocks a coming in the very near future. I’m glad he’s home.

  • greywolfrs

    As I stated yesterday, the NDAA is working as intended.

    • FatBob

      Make sure if your a NEW YORK residant you vote for
      Chris Gibson….as  HE  VOTED  FOR  THIS….drconian BILL!!!
      and make sure you let him not voting for him! or an

      • greywolfrs

        See the Los Angeles Kings logo next to my name? I wonder if I am a NY RESIDENT?

        • Cindi

           GO KINGS!

  • Anonymous

    It’s not just the current crop of trols doing this crap, check out Susan Lindnaur’s story. The government is out of control no matter what party is in the White House. Time to cut the beuracracy by 50% and completely turn over the current crop of elected officials.

    • Anonymous

      Why stop at 50%. Give one good reason to retain the Dept.s of Education &  Energy?
      I can give two really good one to defund.
      Cut the debt.
      Return Education to the local community.

    • Anonymous

      Are you kidding me?
      To clarify Lindauer’s intent, the FBI also ran a sting with an undercover agent posing as a Libyan Intelligence operative. According to her indictment, Lindauer met with him in June 2003 and discussed the need for foreign nations to support the Iraqi resistance against United States troops. Then, at this “Libyan agent’s” request, she performed “dead drops” she thought were helping the Iraqi resistance.
      Susan Lindauer conspired with our enemies to kill our soldiers in Iraq. The state run media tried to scrub her reputation clean because she represents everything they stand for, but Linauer has publicly admitted to her crimes. She’s a traitor, and to even try to compare her circumstances to Brandon Rain is an insult.

      • Cindi

         If you can provide a link to a source/public document, I’d appreciate that.  I read SL’s book and have never heard of her on “state-run media” though I confess to ignore most media these days because it’s not giving me good information.   Books on the other hand, are very helpful; it doesn’t sound like you read her book, but if you did, there’s nothing like that in it.  I only know what I can read, but I do not think she conspired with anyone, rather, she had two “handlers” who told her what to do, when to do it, and what to say and what not to say.  According to her, they made the decisions, and I find her voice honest and credible, if a bit quirky (who isn’t?).

  • FatBob

    This exactly the ‘CHANGE’ that a tyrrant advocates”.
    Why do we not expect this . when did we have a real
    presidant..who ‘Served His counrty??? We need the Vets
    to run and preside in political positions.

    TIME to lock and and load!

  • FatBob


    so…whose the Zoo?

  • FatBob

    For Snowleopard
    Matthew 11;12
    The Kingdom of Heaven suffer’s violence
    and the Violent..take it by Force!

    • Cindi

       I like “do unto others as you would have done unto you” a lot better.

      Also, “thou shalt not kill.”

  • FatBob

    What has Obomb us, have in common Hamas?

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter where he was born…..The son of a Muslim from Kenya has no idea at all about freedom of speech, God, Faith and Family, the right to bear arms, personal responsibility, hard work, earn & merit or honor and integrity….
    He understands nothing about America and Americans because….. Truth, Justice and the AMERICAN WAY are foreign concepts to him.   You don’t have to look too hard to see that for yourself…..

    Black Panthers can repeatedly threaten everyone, every day of the week calling on their ‘Brothers’ to “SKIN” or behead ‘whites’ and white babies and even showing up at voting booths with billyclubs and the Justice Department refuses to indict them.  
    Black flash mobs and Gang muggings go unpunished….. BUT, criticize Barack Hussei Obama and forget freedom of speech.

  • Anonymous

    Isnt it funny how when Chairman “O”s adminitration came to power they were more worried about home grown terrorists….. and wanted to keep an eye on…. Christians, Veterans, those who support the Constitution…….Yep it’s O.k. if your a communist a Muslim or a Black Panther…. your speach is gurenteed but everyone else better not step out of line or we will pick you up and plant you in a mental instution!

  • da ha

    911 truthers and End the Fedders beware they are coming for you

  • da ha

    Like I said in 08, soon the US will be made up of three groups, those that voted for and supported Ron Paul and those that wish they had…and the ruling elite

  • Anonymous

    We can all thank obammy and his thugs for what is occurring.  We can also thank our do nothing congress and fearful Supreme Court for hiding in the closet while things run amok in public places.  This is disgusting—it’s past time to clean house. 


    And, there are a bunch of imams calling for the overthrow of the US gov’t to be replaced by shariah!

  • Anonymous

    From the way I see it, this appears to be a preview of what is to come IF B.O. is reelected—

    you disagree, say something (or print it) that can be looked upon as a veiled threat, and off you

    go.  Read something about FEMA camps?          Furthermore, can Raub file for false arrest?

    Weren’t his civil rights taken away?  Could he find a lawyer who would handle a suit—or can

    one sue the FBI?   (What are Judge A. Napolitano’s thoughts on this?)

  • Anonymous

    Thank God Glenn is referencing the “45 Goals of Communism,” even though he doesn’t use those words, which he should.  People should really be made aware of that list and give serious consideration to how it reflects what’s happening all around us.

  • Anonymous

    citizen’s arrest.

  • Jalina Susan Stutte

    U. N. has been bringing in Military jeeps, equipment, drones, etc., thru the Beaumont Authority Port here in TX and was photographed. They stationed them in Conroe TX and the media told us it was to protect the border! Yet we are nowhere near the border. Military helicopters and drones fly overhead alot now. So this judge is right on as far as I’m concerned. It will get worse if Obama gets 4 more yrs.

  • Anonymous

    I have posted MANY anti government sentiments, guess I better get prepared.

    That having been said anyone who is a 9/11 truther absolutely IS mentally ill & the fact that this idiot was in the military scares the hell out of me.

  • Kelly Morrow

    This is not a new tactic—Hitler did it in the 30’s to solidify his base—When you find fault with the government you will become a target –there is a reason the government that we have today wnats to begin to identify and stop conservative save America protests–Muslims are OK left wing fanatics are ok  BUT real Americans are a danger to the communists that run the country

  • Anonymous

    If the FBI did this to the Black Panthers the agents heads would roll under the cry of Raciscm. Yet a former Marine (not ex. “The only ex Marines are dead ones and Lee Harvey Oswald”) makes similar statements but against Obama and he is taken into custody. The Judge was correct in showing the government had no evidence to support their claim.

    Shouldn’t the agents be under investigation for false arrest? And shouldn’t the FBI and the Holder DOJ be put on trial  for the way they are ignoring voter intimidation and enticiting riots?

    • Cindi

       The FBI did do this to the Black Panthers.  Fred Hampton, 12.4.69, 4am, dragged him out of bed where he was with his pregnant girlfriend, sleeping.  His second in command turned out to have betrayed him.  The feds came in shooting, shot him dead, shot people dead, people who were doing no violence to anyone.   I sure didn’t learn about it in school, did you? 
      If “heads would roll under the cry of racism” we’d have learned about this.  
      And I really don’t like the “occupy” bashing here in this article.  Scott Olsen, 2x Iraq war vet, is part of that movement.   Captain Lewis, police captain in Philly, was arrested in uniform at Occupy Wall Street. 
      For GB’s information, occupy was infiltrated, filled with provocateurs who did violence to make demonstrators look violent, and police believed it, surrounded by people doing violence, cracked down on innocent people’s heads, it was all over the news, GB didn’t you see the pictures of old ladies who were pepper sprayed? Or hogtied and positionally tortured for hours on cold concrete floors, kicked, hit, fired upon with projectiles, thrown into jail? That’s what they did to Occupy, so why are you sitting here saying that movement was ignored? As for black panthers, that was a long time ago, for chrissake.  We are all one tribe, we are all children of this planet, sons and daughters and brothers and sisters, and as long as we set against each other and yell about revolution we will never solve problems—never, ever ever.  War does not solve problems, it creates them.  It is the opposite of communication.  It is not going to save us, not now and not ever.   It only leads to more violence. Violence is a language and an energy that spreads.  So is communication.  It is the opposite energy, a cousin to music. 
      Raub knew better than anyone here that people must come together and put their heads together in their own communities.  In the real world, real time not virtual.  We can yell about our “country” all we want, and yell about how other people are wrong all we want, but look where it’s gotten us. 
      Peace is patriotic, communication is patriotic, caring enough to slow down and think and really look around us at each other, instead of raging at the machines, that is patriotic. 
      I’m really proud of Brandon Raub, of Bradley Manning, of Ehren Watada, of Camilo Mejia, of Brandon “Tex” Neely, of Ethan McCord.  I’m proud of all these men and women who deserve respect and care for their thoughts about freedom, which they signed up to protect.  What is that freedom if it’s not the freedom to think and speak? I’m proud of the Occupy kids and adults and of all the folks who have come out of the woodwork to participate and say to those who make decisions: we need to change some things!!! Those folks helped and fed and gave medical care to all the homeless people and lost souls and yes, unappreciated, wounded vets who the police dumped at their encampments.  God only knows how much Occupy saved the taxpayers by taking care of souls for free, but you know this amount was never figured into all the “damage” done by demonstrators that cities like Los Angeles complained about (even though Occupy and private donors offered to completely fix and clean everything that had been altered).
      For once at City Hall we had folks gathering and talking about ‘what do we do, what can we do?’  They worked out a thing where you talk one at a time, and in consideration of those sensitive to noise, worked out silent communications via hand gestures, etc.  So for a few months last year there was someone at our city halls LISTENING to anyone who needed to get up and talk.  Yes, it was disorganized. No, no news media covered that part of the demonstrations..which were not just demonstrations, but people coming together attempting to figure out what to do about our world, our country, our communities.
      All these folks make me so proud and Mr. Beck, they deserve your respect and courtesy as your countrymen, brothers and sisters, peacemakers, communicators, and builders of conversation.  
      I hope you can hear me.

  • Anonymous

    This is reminiscent of President Wilson ordering the woman who lead the Women’s Suffrage Movement be put in an insane asylum.  She was defended by a lawyer who made it clear that just because a woman is strong, that doesn’t make her insane.  

  • Thomas Pierson

    Onee main thing overlooked is the title of Ron Pauls 2012 presidential run is titled the Revolution and it was right there in black and white stating that,and Brandon is a strong supporter of Ron Paul, that was the main reason for the Revolution statement,because Ron Paul has said it at least a hundred times that he was,,but oh well its getting real bad in these united states,time for Sons of Liberty and The Improved Order of Red Men to check it over real good.

  • Thomas Pierson

    here is a article to read 

    As a Marine I am actually starting to worry about the direction our United States is going…Semper Fi…..

  • landofaahs

    OFF TOPIC.  We just lost Neil….
    I feel so low.  Yet, I bid you a KANSAS Salute “Adaspera per Astera”  Thank you Neil for all you gave to us.  “I will never forget your yoyo”.  God bless

  • Cindi

    I’m almost starting to think this is a thing with men a guy thing beat the drums thing…..war war war war war without end….good grief!  Isn’t there ANY other way to look at things besides a war will solve it all???

    They gotta war for oil, a war for gold

    A war for money and a war for souls

    A war on terror, a war on drugs

    A war on kindness, a war on hugs

    A war on birds and a war on bees

    They gotta war on hippies tryin’ to save the trees

    A war with jets and a war with missiles

    A war with high-seated, government officials

    Wall street war, on high finace

    A war on people who just love to dance

    A war on music a war on speech

    A war on teachers and things they teach 

    If ya’ll feel like a video then LADIES this is for you 😉—dmiP_gY

  • new2la

    I am expecting someone knocking on my door as well. I have been censured by Yahoo for posting the Presidents own words and listing his accomplishments thus far.
    99.5% of the posts I have read on there, have been negative towards Obama and his gang of thugs, so I am not alone. What…..will we all get arrested?

    • da ha

      you might be on the lookot

  • Porphyry

    Seemingly unusual in that the *judge* is the functionary who makes sense!

  • Charlotte Jones

    This is what President “Jamal Tambor” has wrought on America–a totalitarian state where there is control over everything we do

  • Anonymous

    Action against veterans, because we took an oath. Who was watching his private posts, facebook, NSA, FBI? Makes you wonder!

  • Joe Snuffy

    With Eric Holder as attorney general, and his past history of support for the Black Panthers, his support for the destruction of our Constitution, and his involvment as an accessory in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, why would anyone be surprised at this action? 

    Of course, there is also the fact that both Holder and his communist buddy Obama, have as their primary mission, to destroy our Constitution and force us to buy into their Communist agenda.   

  • Joe Snuffy

    This demonstrates that we have Communists at all levels within our government.  Truly shameful.

  • Anonymous

    There is no such thing, as a former Marine. Once a Marine, Always a Marine.

    The title stays with you for life.

  • da ha

    kudos to Glenn for being on this story. Of course it did not go out over the Republican talking points that all the Clear Channel and Cumilous talkers are supposed to stick to

  • da ha

    This story should be front page news everywhere. The controled media is not a conspiracy theory its a fact…. I understand that they are picking up lot of former military now and hauling them off to psych wards for speaking out against the wars and the governments. Ron Paul gort most of his $$ from active military and 80% supported him.. What does that tell you??

  • Sharmane

    Thanks once again Glenn for bringing these threats to our freedoms into the light of day.  We the people better wake up pretty soon and eject just about every incumbent from office in November.  Only those who love our country, honor their oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and entire Bill of Rights should be in office.  This is the most important election in my lifetime and if we don’t get it right it will not bode well for our beloved country.   God Bless.

  • Vickie Vila

    Then, my face book posts are definitely suspect.I repeatedly comment about refusing to comply with any and all anti-Constitutional garbage! 
    I do not threaten anyone or anything, but I am strongly and independently critical and vocal regarding the President, Congress, local & State politicians, the liberal press, or any person or event that steps on my toes of freedom.I will forever do so. I am a citizen of the United States of American and I will practice my rights as guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. If need be, I will fight to protect these rights for myself and my fellow Americans. I will fight in any way necessary; I will write, speak, march, discuss and vote. If I need to bear arms, I will, as a last resort. I am a qualified, licensed to carry gun owner, as is most everyone I know.I will not be taken quietly if my opinions are not welcomed by the powers that be. I will stand, shoulder to shoulder, with my fellow Americans to protect our country, our unalienable rights and our Constitution.”I have set the Lord always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I WILL NOT BE SHAKEN.” – Psalm 16:8

  • Nathan Wooten

    They have released him Glenn, we need more info. on what to do now and how we can prepare againest an attack on our civil liberties!

  • Janis

    Janis Davis – The veterans are another group being singled out to be destroyed. The other more unpopular groups that have been persecuted include the sex offenders, FLDS, and felons. The media will not stand up for their rights, but they work against them having any rights. Many people that will take away one group’s rights will be upset when their own rights are taken. Don’t be shocked. The media and politicians use fear of children being molested to drive the irrational laws. The scum allowed in government by the weakness of people are using fear of terrorism to attack the veterans. They will use this fear of terrorism to go against other groups, those that don’t agree, the Christians, those that believe in the traditional family, and those that believe in individual and property rights. Women are child-centered in this country to an extreme degree. Their children and their fear for their children are put above everything (rationalism, justice, rights, principle, God, respect for others). There is nothing that is above children when it comes to politics.   The politicians in this government (the government which cannot totally protect the citizens) play with the feminine fear of molestation and terrorism, to increase the government’s power. The politicians also cater to the ego of women “giving them equal rights” while not recognizing others’ rights.  In the meantime, the future of their sons and daughters are being harmed. We have more people in prison than any other country in the world. The women here support excessive laws; the oligarchy puts people in jail, especially men. The family is weakened through the lack of husbands and fathers. Now, who will defend the family or the country?

  • Gary2012

    This is ridiculous! If you’re tired of you’re freedoms being taken away vote for Gary Johnson in November! He defines American values. Its time to open our eyes as a country.

    Our country will not last much longer at the rate it is going. It is far too corrupt.

    Obama and Romney are 2 sides of the same coin. While they debate over Israel, Americans are starving, jobless, broke, and loosing hope. We need to stand up and let them know WE control this country! WE make the laws! WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT! There shouldn’t be a single law that Americans don’t agree with, and there shouldn’t be a single politician in office that Americans don’t agree with. If this is a democracy, why are our voices silenced but those in charge because they “know whats best”.

    The war on drugs is a joke. The definition of drug is: A substance that has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body, in particular. Doesn’t that sound like alcohol? Tobacco? The HUNDREDS of meds peddled to people on a daily basis by “doctors”? These days doctors are nothing more than drug dealers – err i mean sales people.

    Help your country, help your family, help yourself. Its time to clean this country up, starting with our government. And it is OUR government, so lets take it back!

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