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On radio this morning Glenn shared the latest on the incredible (and frightening) story of Brandon Raub. Raub, a 26-year-old former United States Marine, was in sentenced to 30 days in a psychiatric facility after he was taken into police custody last Thursday over posts he made on his Facebook page that criticized the government and called for a revolution. A judge has since ordered for Raub’s release because the government had no clear case against him.

“Here’s what’s really amazing on this story,” Glenn said. “Every family member, every friend said Brandon is definitely not insane. No one came forward to say he was insane or unstable. In the Facebook post that we saw he didn’t specifically threaten anyone. He made vague references to revolution. He talked about taking back the Republic. It is crazy.”

While Raub’s comments are not necessarily mainstream, he makes no clear threat against anyone or anything that would warrant an involuntary psychiatric evaluation.

“[Last] Thursday [Raub] gets a knock on the door,” Glenn explained. “He opens it up, and the F.B.I. says ‘We see some disturbing posts. We need to come in and search your home and talk to you.’ Raub asked see the warrant, and they don’t have a warrant. They threw him down on the ground because they said he was hostile. They didn’t have a warrant! They didn’t have a warrant for his arrest. They threw him on ground. They handcuff him. The F.B.I. puts him in the back of a car and takes him to a mental institution for an exam.”

This is a man who risked his life to defend American principles and liberties (like free speech), and he was taken into custody without a warrant for expressing his views. Meanwhile Black Panther members are threatening to militarize and spewing racist remarks, while the cronies from Occupy Wall Street threaten to overthrow the government. Where is the F.B.I. in those cases?

“The Black Panthers are saying they are militarizing. They are developing an army to drag crackers out of their house, and beat them, and kill them in the streets,” Glenn said. “Where’s that? We have video of people on MSNBC from Occupy Wall Street saying this is a revolution. This is not about repairing the system, this is about tearing the system down. We have that. Are they in mental institutions?”

“There’s something wrong and when they’re scooping up our military, and they’re trying to make them look insane,” Glenn concluded. “Really not good. This is a warning sign.”