Chris Matthews’s epic meltdown on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

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Chris Matthews regularly humiliates himself weekday evenings on MSNBC, but today he made room in his busy busy schedule for some additional humiliation. He appeared on Morning Joe today and became so enraged and incoherent that even Mika and Tom Brokaw were disgusted by him.

The conflict started when RNC Chair Reince Priebus claimed that the Obama campaign had been more negative than the Romney campaign. Matthews vehemently disagreed, pointing to Romney’s horrible “birth certificate” joke from a stump speech on Friday.

Check out the EPIC fail below:

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The Blaze delivered the play-by-play of the awkward encounter:

“I think Obama’s policies,” Priebus said, “have created a sense that for whatever reason, he looks for guidance — as far as health care is concerned, as far as spending is concerned, as far as the stimulus packages are concerned — he’s looking to Europe for guidance. That’s the problem.”

“Where do you get this from? This is insane.” Matthews jumped in. “You mean the fact that every president we’ve had has tried to offset the economic cycle with stimulus going the other direction is somehow European?

Priebus responded, “Look at the spending, he said he’d get the debt under control. Where are we at?”

“What’s this got to do with Europe and this foreignization of [Obama]?” Matthews said, completely straight-faced. “You’re playing that card again. What’s this European thing of yours?”

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski jumped in. “Let’s work on tone,” she said.

Priebus indicated he was ready to let it go. “I’m not going to get into a shouting match with Chris,” he said.

Matthews responded, “Because you’re losing, that’s why.” Matthews continued, saying “everybody” in the GOP pushes the birther conspiracy that Obama wasn’t born in the United States and is thus ineligible to be president.

After hearing the audio, Stu and Pat were blown away by how poorly Matthews came across even though he was n the “home turf” of MSNBC.

“But think how bad this is for Chris Matthews,” Stu said. “Not only is the guy from the RNC calling him an idiot. Joe Scarborough I believe there is calling him an idiot.”

He added, “Mika, who’s an obvious leftist is calling him an idiot and Tom Brokaw, the news guy, is also calling him an idiot.”

“We’ve already established scientifically that Chris Matthews is the dumbest person to ever live. So I shouldn’t be that shocked by this. But he’s really getting called out on his own network,” he said.

Stu also took issue with how Matthews was critiquing Priebus’s argument that Obama looks to Europe for policy guidance. While Priebus claims that Obama is looking to European socialism as a blueprint for American policy, Matthews is trying to distort this argument as an effort to make Obama seem like a foreigner.

“The fact that he used giant government healthcare, extraordinary amounts of debt, high unemployment. All these things are associated with the European economy which makes it very valid. A cradle‑to‑grave welfare state, that is a European concept in general. I mean, it exists in other places as well, but European ‑‑ the European continent is really the one you’d think is the most like us that does it,” Stu argued.

  • landofaahs

    With all the liberal media running the debates, I look for them to pre-feed odumbass the questions…He will probably even be given the answers.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      They will, just as with the hurricane approaching Tampa; most of the MSM is now trying to connect Katrina and George Bush to Romney and the Republicans; the old guilt by association matter and lies of theirs.

      • landofaahs

        I read on Drudge where Samuel L. Jackson tweeted that it was F— fair for God to sent the hurricane to New Orleans instead of Tampa where the Republicans convention is held.
        These liberals are insane. When Katrina hit, they blamed Bush like he had a secret weapon to cause it to hit N.O. Well, they obviously can’t blame obama for that so they arrogantly blame God. I guess what they are saying is that God is a racist too.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely O will be given the questions ahead of time…he wouldn’t be able to answer them otherwise.  And remember that scar on Obama’s head a few years back?  I believe that was the result of the implant he had put in his ear so that he could be fed info so he could talk off teleprompter without making a gaff every other minute.  Watch him when he talks…he says a few words, looks down and to the side as if he is listening and then says a few more words and then looks down and to the side, over and over and over….with some uh’s and ah’s to fill in the silences.

  • landofaahs

    More braying by the head liberal jackass.  Seriously this dude needs to be checked for dememtia.

  • Rahm Kota

    MSNBC I am Obama and I approve of this message. 

    • landofaahs

      Good one but be careful. As a master Jedi matthews may call you a racist for being called a “master”.

      • Rahm Kota

        The force was never with that one or reality or even brains.

        • landofaahs

          How true. He couldn’t pour water out of a boot if the intructions on how to, were written on the heel.

  • Rahm Kota

    Oh my word Chris Matthews is the black knight.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Its easy enough: Matthews is coming unhinged and insane, just as Obama is a naricssist and out of his mind. What more needs to be said.

    • Michael

      I think that tingle in his leg has moved to his brain. Mathews is seriously disturbed.

      • NotMyFault

        I agree.  Just look at his shirt/tie combo. 

        • Catherine Alexander

          Good call!  Funny.

        • sharinite

           It’s been my experience that extreme leftwing nuts are unkempt, unclean looking, hair in disarray…mostly the men, but, just look at Wasserman-Schultz, Pelosi only due to cosmetic surgery, Barbara Boxer…on and on and on…frankly, very ugly people….must be in the DNA…pun intended!

          • Anonymous

            I would love to see how you dumb ass look–Have you look at crazy asses on the right–You got to be out of your stupid mind…Now post your picture so we all can see how the you look..

      • Robert W Velon

        He might be getting that warm feeling, that is because piss is running down his leg…

        • Cecelia L. Torres

          To say that would imply that he is a professional.  Sorry to correct you, but Chris Matthews is not a professional.

          • Davida Burns

             Hell no he’s not a professional. He’s a mess. His hair is never combed. He clothes never match. He spits when he talks. He squints looking off to the side. The guy is a train wreck. He’s delusional and thinks he has to be Obama’s protector and personal cheer leading team in defense of his skin color. Obama could show up to make a speech looking like Gaddafi and Matthews would still scream racism.

          • AdamAnt

            All that lying to the American public about Obama has taken a heavy toll on him, that is for sure. 

            He’s simply lost his mind, if he ever had one.

          • Anonymous

            Do the left wing nut jobs in the media get a bonus for their socialist ranting melt-downs?

          • AdamAnt

            The have to get some monetary reward, otherwise why make a complete and total ass of themselves in public?

          • Gary A. Anderson

            Sadly, much truth!

          • Paolina Garcia

             What’s really sad is that even Glenn demonizes people who want the truth as “Birthers”, when Obama himself spent $2 million to SEAL his Harvard records.

            And the Beck team while deriding “Birthers” is itself saying they don’t understand how he got such financial backing to go to the best schools. Most ideas are that he got a foreign scholarship (hence sealing his records at Harvard).

            But it’s hard to get truth in a political system that’s a popularity contest. All we’ll ever get are lies.

          • Paolina Garcia

            Also worth noting how funnily timed OBL’s death and then dumping of his body in the ocean so no one can find it, was: only a few days after Obama released his certificate online which then changed the discussion immediately, but now he claims that certificate wasn’t released by him because it’s been proven a fraud.

            Find Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Press Conference on youtube where they show multiple experts who explain why the certificate everyone saw on TV was a fraud beyond a shadow of a doubt. It’s in plain sight.

            They hired a real amateur. I could of done a better job making a forged birth certificate, no kidding.

          • Anonymous

             Kinda reminds you of Fritz the cat, in Doonsbury, doesn’t it?  It’s funny how art imitates life…

          • Bear Peterson

            I think you meant Bill the cat, Fritz was in no way related to Doonesbury, “Fritz the Cat” was the first feature length animated movie to ever receive an “X” rating.

          • sparducks

             spot on observation.

          • Anonymous

            He’s a professional A Hole!

        • Craig Blanchard

          Another ill-bred comment.

      • Anonymous

         What brain?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, rabies does that – moves from the leg to the brain.

      • LuAnn Herkstroeter

          OMG funny!  More like a loud buzz that keeps him from hearing anything else…

      • Davida Burns

         I’m sorry. I posted the same thing before reading your post. It’s comforting to know though I am not alone in this thinking.

      • Anonymous


      • tqsack

        He had a ‘tingle up his leg’ as he tinkled down his leg.
        A foolish, fawning, flunky is he.

    • Carol McRae


    • Thomas Dixon

      I think Chris Matthews is genuinely unhappy with what he sees coming in November ~ Obama’s loss of the Presidency and Republicans running both Houses of Congress.  He’s had such a good time for 3 1/2 years bashing Republicans and demonizing the majority of Americans (true patriots & Tea Party folks) that he doesn’t know how he’s going to switch gears for the next 4 (or more) years. 

      So, Mr I’m-smarter-than-all-you-little-people couldn’t hold his anger and frustration and unloaded on a symbol of the Republican Party, the RNC Chair.  In my opinion, Matthews is a pathetic little man who is “ate up” with himself.  In school we called people like him bullies; then later in college, we considered them educated idiots.

      • LuAnn Herkstroeter

         I like your way a’ thinkin’, Thomas

      • William Henry

        With Microsoft getting out of the NBC news, NBC is already putting things on the chopping block. It is said that Microsoft invested $500 million and lost over $3 billion because of the poor audience participation. It should be interesting to see what develops after NBCNews gets into full swing, because their viewership is in the toilet now.

    • LuAnn Herkstroeter

       Perfectly said.

    • Anonymous

      “You’re better off then you were four years ago . . .”

      President Barrak Obama November of 2011

      November 3, 2011

      Dear President Obama,

      In your book you confessed to consuming narcotics, and recently it was reported that you gave up smoking cigarettes.  The question America has after a comment such as the one listed above is what are you smoking now?  I recommend whole heartedly you go back to the cancer sticks.  I’ve even started in on them at weddings and funerals.  You’ve invoked God as backing your non existent jobs plan.  You’ve said that it could’ve been worse.  You’ve unilaterally invested, and lost, billions in borrowed tax payer dollars in solar power companies.  You’ve said that Americans have lost that desire to take risks that created everything we have now.  The United States of America, if not the globe is worse off for your stewardship of it, not our lack of desire to build a country that will last in perpetuity.

      This is a fact.  Indisputable.  No court in the land would accept that, what you and your cohorts have done, is in any way beneficial to America or the World.  You and they have bet on a bankrupt economic policy, paper money which requires fidelity and to, at a bare minimum, a budget that is in balance and a deficit that has some semblance of a connection to reality.  You have continued to fight for one side of the same muslim/arab coin, admittedly we must engage the enemy, but is this the wisest and most cost effective way?  Everything from airport security to a Hellfire missile being fired into a tent in Yemen is overkill cost wise.  I’m not saying privatize the Army, but it’s my feeling that airport security would benefit greatly from the airlines running it, and not the TSA.  I could re-quote every letter I’ve written, but let me sum up the core reason you blew it.  You trusted the notion that government is good, when in fact it’s bad, it’s corrupt, and further, it has no soul.

      Citizens do though.  Regular people have a horse sense that you over educated people lack.  The faster a regular person hits reality the faster they adapt to it and change course.  Is this easy?  No.  Is this painless?  No.  Actually, I’ve found if I’m in trouble and the solution seems easy or painless, I’m generally heading in the wrong direction.  So to with the nation that you are unfortunately leading.  You have tried desperately to put money into the hands of those that did not earn it, and have successfully created so much debt that our credit rating has been downgraded.  You have even managed to pass Obamacare without one Republican vote – not one.

      As a peaceful American who will neither damage person nor property, and as such, a member of good standing in the Tea Party all I can do is write about my frustrations, and drink.  But there are days that joining some peaceful dope smoking hippies seems wise, because if they really put some thought into it, they would realize that without the free market everything from the roach clip to the dope would still be in either California, Mexico, Columbia, or Communist China.  Could you just imagine some Commie Chinese guy casting the mold for a bong?  I wonder if it’s the same guy who assembles the Iphone?  Well Mr. Obama were nearing the end of the political road for all of this action.  I wish I could say it’s been fun, but it’s been a lot like getting a proctological exam from a blind man with a jack hammer, and about as useful.  By the by, one of the first things Ronald Reagan did was remove the solar panels that then President Jimmy Carter put on the roof.  For a seemingly smart person you seem not to have access to the upper floors of your mental capacity.


      Joe Doakes

    • Bott Sandra

      Oh, poor old Matthews just can’t help it….He just gets all kind of tingles when he talks about obama!

    • sparducks

      The liquor in the background behind matthews is a good indication of what’s going through his mind……………drugs and alchohol.

    • Suzanne Young

      You are so rude and basically ignorant!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    What we see is the reality of our world is slamming home into the insanity and illusion of the left; and the sinking understanding, for them, that their god-king of the Democratic Pantheon will not be able to save them.

  • Robert Suggs

    Chris Matthews! I’m your Huckleberry. Take out your frustration on me please, I’ve been wanting to beat your azz for a long time.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Matthews is a disgrace to his profession!

    • Anonymous

       Matthews is a disgrace to the human race.

      • Anonymous

         Matthews is a disgrace to Matthews!

    • Charlie Flynn

      Profession?????????? And what would that be??? Assistant campaign manager for the MARXIST Party???

    • Anonymous

      To say that would imply that he is a professional.  Sorry to correct you, but Chris Matthews is not a professional.  He’s just a liberal hack.

      • Anonymous

        I love this site.  This is what AMerica has become.  Vicious hatred.  What pigs

        • Sandie

           If you find it not to your liking, by all means exercise your right to leave.

    • Anonymous

      Come, come now. Anyone can be bitten by a rabid skunk.

    • greywolfrs

      I have to disagree with that. Chrissy Matthews is a professional left wing shill and he is quite good at it.

  • B.P.

    When you can’t stand by or cite one single fact or truth to make your case, IF you even dare attempt to hold on, all you’re left with is spin, distortion, and fits of rage because you can’t make your point with a single fact or reasoned argument. The TRUTH is a natural divider. Matthews is on the wrong side of it….AGAIN and he just can’t take it.

  • Anonymous

    The only person playing the race card is obama and his minions the guy isn’t even half black.  he is more white , and when you throw in the Arab/muslim part,  you take away about 1/8 of the black part.   So mathews go back to your boyfriend and beat him up for awhile.  Brokaw shouldn’t be allowed out in public anymore.  He is just another leftie who is still blaming bush for everything.

    • Robert W Velon

      Funny that anything aimed at this Muslim bottom feeding blood sucking parasite is racist.  They sure love to play the race care every chance they get.  Since when is asking about his lack of a legal birth certificate racist?  

    • Andrew Ritter

      Brokaw lost my respect when he hosted Meet The Press and I saw just how far out on the left he was. When he was a news anchor for NBC, he hid his liberalism quite well.  Why people on the right feel the necessity to appear on these shows with such hostile conservative haters like Matthews and Brokaw I just don’t know. Maybe it’s some hidden form of sadomasochism.

  • Rachel

    Poor Obama…growing up on the mean streets of Honolulu.  That IS tough.

  • David Peacock

    Chris Mathews is in the Keith Olberman, Jon STewart, Bill Maher camp;; he is on his way to the goologs.[sp] these maniacs’ days are dwindling and they know it. Romney will create millions of new jobs:”BUT LIB NEWS READERS WILL NOT BE IN THE GROUP”.

  • Anonymous

    Whomever was seated directly in front of this blabbering idiot was, more than likely inundated with his flying spittle, part of which usually dribbles down his chin.
    I, at one time, liked old Spittin’ Chris but once his true colors were revealed he was easy to dismiss.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is a complet idiot.  The man never had an intelligent thought.  Why do they let that MOUTH talk so much.  Drivel is all the man says.

    • Anonymous

       I have been watching Chris on and off since Clinton and Monica were doing their thing.
      Matthews have proven himself time and time again to be the racist in the room.  He sees nearly every statement against Obama’s policies as a racist remark. Racists see everything through the prism of race, exactly what Matthews repeatedly does, just like he did to the head of the RNC today. Bottom line, criticize his Messiah, you are a racist!  It doesn’t need to make any sense.

  • Anonymous

    Chris is a piece of shit.


    Mr. Mattews is nothing but the very tip of the gargantuan Left Wing mindset’s iceberg.
    As all icebergs crack, collapse, sink and eventually melt under the warmth of the sunny truth, the commies also don’t have a chance to remain intact, for feeding off lies won’t hold them together forever.

  • Leah Wagoner Wheeler

    Arguing With Idiots… Chris Matthews is a living example of a foolish man. He has no logic or common sense. He has misplaced, out-of-control emotion. His behavior here is exactly why Pastor Rick Warren has chosen not to host a presidential forum for this campaign: it’s an uncivil campaign. 

  • Gary R. Murphy

    He pulled an ambush like this with the “swift boat” people. He brought on a lawyer and just kept yelling for a yes or no anwer. He has no creditablity now he is an Obama mouth piece.

  • Anonymous

    How in the world do these people keep their jobs? I really believe they have sold their souls for 30 pieces of silver.Joe Scarbourgh is one for sure,and we voted for him,and add Charlie Crist
    to the list of idiots.If you agrue with an idiot,there are two idiots.Robert Kyosaki

  • ginger

    Does anyone still listen to Matthews?? the man has lost what sense he EVER had. What a despicable person.

  • Barry Levy

    wonder if the thrill is still going up his leg?

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews should have been fired years ago for his dribbling pie hole – no wonder MSNBC has a very low rating – and getting lower!!

  • Anonymous

    Gee, we must have hit a nerve with the birth certificate. If there is nothing to worry about, then they wouldn’t care.

    Matthews is out of control when he doesn’t get his way. He is the worse reporter twisting the facts on every show behaving sleazy and protects this president even when he knows he is wrong. What a liar and low life. He has no class to speak of.

  • Anonymous

    So this is how guests are treated when they come a show on MSNBC?   I say Chris needs to be fired.

  • Anonymous

    According to that kind of thinking,Obama can’t do anything wrong!

  • Carl Johnson

    Well, this also shows the lack of our spokesman to articulate our arguement against the F$%cking idiot chris mathews.

  • Snorri Sturluson

    True believers like Mr. Mathews are incapable of logical argument and counter argument. They should be pitied and to some degree feared. For fanatics like Mr. Mathews, violence is always an option when their righteous beliefs are confronted or challenged.

  • Philip Beck

    Poor ole Tommy Brokaw. He was sitting next to all the flying slobber. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m thinking blood pressure problem or something like that. Of course, most liberal talking heads when interviewed are never challenged to prove their so-called facts or assertions. What is clear from listening to Matthews and the reason it was embarrasing for other talking-head hosts is that Matthews wasn’t subtle enough for them and was making them look bad – you know, like in the tank for Obama, with a win at any cost mindset on display. How pitiful elite major media leftist anchors are going to look. When Debbie Schultz was challenged recently, it was big news because it happens so infrequently. Look for this to change as Obama weakens, the press will ultimately turn on them to save themselves.

  • Cherie

    Chris Matthews is totally insane and steamrolled Priebus, but perhaps the RNC could have a representative that was able to go toe to toe with a loser like Matthews.

  • Anonymous

    POLLITICAL CORRECTNESS!  Is obsolete when it comes down to “HOMELAND SECURITY” and Obama does not make me feel SECURE! in my own “HOMELAND”
    Obama has a great need to destroy My Country and I’m UNFORGIVING!
    Now people like Chris Matthews may have something going up his leg over Obama, but anyone who Loves Their Country, feels differently.

  • Anonymous

    Ha Ha.  Chris Mathews is a joke. An evil joke.  But joke just the same. What an embarrassment.

  • Debra Ashcraft

    What a complete joke MSNBC is, and everyone knows they are Obama’s lap dog so why should anyone other then their brand of socialist/communist politican even want to go on that show.

  • Anonymous

    This November, instead of feeling a warm fuzzy feeling going up his leg, it will be a big Republican boot, up his AZS! Chris, stop spitting when you rant. Try swallowing, once in a while.

  • Janet Sheremeta

    Wow what a disgrace for a journalist  give it up mattews , your getting old ,this man has a one track mind my way or the highway ,sure would hate to be his wife , what a mouth on him.Your Obama is going to lose Chris so take a breather, between some of your words and live a little and enjoy the new presedent MITT ROMNEY remeber that nane Aloha OBAMA   J .S

  • Anonymous

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. 

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know who is the best friend democrat we have.  Chris Matthews or Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as they are, with their ranting, raving and lunacy, the “gift that keeps on giving”.  Two, complete effing, lefty commie idiots, but only one with a “thrill up their leg”!

    • Anonymous

       Don’t forget Joe Biden!

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is a disgrace to The College of The Holy Cross.  He is like an amateur comedian with no material, except, “where are you from;  what’s your name; what do you do?  In short just yapping to be heard – jerk!

  • juddpaynter

    Liberalism is one of the worst mental illnesses.

  • Anonymous

    It amazes me that anyone would look at Matthews as anything but a buffoon!!

  • MoJohnT

    All the things that have been said here about Matthews poor behavior are absolutely correct but that’s just a fringe leftist being who he is. The story here is Priebus’ milquetoast respone to the absurd attack. That weak kneed “I’m not going to get into a shouting match” and “good for you, you got your monologue in” is unacceptable. Get ready come back blazing at the fool. List off all the failures of obama and the liberal media’s sycophantic slobbering over it. You don’t have to be rude but you have to be ready to give an answer or you look foolish and weak.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t agree. Whoever loses their temper loses the debate. The whole point of this article is to laugh at Matthews.

  • Anonymous

    Christ Matthews has lied for Obama, stumped for him, attacked anyone who DARES to question his policies and his motives. He and Jimmy Carter have both claimed that to oppose Obama’s policies is akin to naked racism. The fact that we can now overcome race issues to elect a black president gives lie to this idiocy. The fact of the matter is that it is the LEFT who has the race problem. When the right wants to stick with the welfare reforms authored by Clinton, they immediately devolve into hysteria over attacking blacks. If the right wants to sit down with the other side to discuss common sense approaches to the deficit, it is conspiracy to starve black families. When illegal immigration is brought up, rather than address the real problems, the left once again cries foul. Healthcare, you got it. To question Obamacare in ANY way means that conservatives hate people of color and and want to kill them all. It is not the right that automatically makes the assumption that those of color simply are incapable of doing anything intelligent, it is the left. When a state wants to overhaul its election roles to weed out the tens of thousands of illegal voters, the result is screaming, kicking, foaming at the mouth, hysterically crying that this is a “tea bagger” attempt to disenfranchise poor black and hispanic voters. Voter ID? Racism. Being white and conservative? Racist. The longer that the black community clings to the true racists who promise them more and more, the longer they will remain in poverty. It is not conservative racism holding them back and disenfranchising them, it is the liberals who believe that the black mind is not intelligent enough to solve their own family’s problems, the black worker is incapable of performing at the same level as workers of any other race that are the true racists. So long as we allow them to set the agenda, to scream, cry and beat their chests as they rabidly denounce anyone who doesn’t share their enthusiasm for socialism, so long as we fail to call them out on their strident name calling and hatred, we give them a leg up. This is a tactic used by the left and it needs to not be tolerated. Every time I get into a discussion with a liberal, I ask them if it is possible for them to discuss the issues ONLY through fact, without name calling or personal denigration. Most agree…not a single one has yet to succeed more than 90 seconds into the discussion. When there are no facts on your side, a mountain of fact against your side, what do you do? Scream, act like a spoiled infant, call names, shock people with blanket condemnations, obfuscation and potty humor. Matthews is the king of the ignorant and the champion of fantasy. But he really needs psychiatric help for his sexual fantasies involving the president. Whatever, or however Matthews envisions him, there is something very disturbing about his behavior. 

    • Anonymous absolutely brilliant synopsis….everyone, print this out and share it..and memorize it!

    • Java8

      Bravo!  You speak the truth; if only so many could open their eyes to see what the Democratic Party has done to them…enslaved them, really.

  • Pat A

    I do have to agree that Matthews has become emotionally unstable. It’s nice to be passionate, but he has turned into a fanatic whose whole body now tingles with the mere mention of Obama or Clinton. 

  • David Peacock


  • Anonymous

    You think this is bad? Wait ’till Obama loses. Chris will be calling for assassinations!

  • chuckinva

    Chris Matthews has a mental disorder. Clearly he should get help. The thrill up his leg has now infected his brain. I would like to see him debate a Charles Krauthammer on the subject of Obama. Chris would try to push Charles’s wheelchair over the cliff. And I must say that Brokaw while more civil was just as absurd.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder without doubt. There is no logic at all to any of their arguments.Race is a fixation for the left even more than a tactic and this American is tired of hearing it used.

  • elwap0

     He is always a fun train wrench………..

  • Anonymous

    A perfect illustration of the pawn press…they continue with distractions, bold lies, demons and smears to hide the reality that the toxic OBama policies have resulted in personal pain for tens of millions…
    socializing medicine behind closed doors which is now 3x the initial cost, 13,000 pages of new OzCare regs, 12,000 IRS agents and over 100 new unelected boards/panels…..for starters.

    Joke journalism, same ole…the arrogant socialists pack a table to hammer anyone the least bit conservative (smaller gov-meant, lower taxes, morality)…the utopians detest a fair debate, always have…the job here is to change the dirty diapers of OzBama…

    no real journalism took place…and they always sneak in that “both parties”  bold lie when they cannot defend the Cuban Model…but in Nov we flush…anyone remember the record 730 dimdems sent home in Nov 2010?  We should beat that record!

  • Anonymous

    Any person who has worked in or around mental health realizes Chris Matthews is a man not to be ridiculed; rather, he is to be pitied.   This man exhibits serious mental health issues and MSNBC is remiss in not demanding this man seek professional counseling.

  • Mimi

    Shame on Chris Matthews! Does he REALLY think we don’t live in the “real world?” & we don’t see, feel and know what is happening? We want change that President Obama can NOT give us! We are not sheeple!! We want a President that stands for the Constitution, loves America and what the founding fathers stood for and those who have given their lives for! America & her leaders are in need of “integrity” once again (something that has long been lost)…we are praying Romney/Ryan will deliver!!

  • Anonymous

    The European model the left is transforming us into is a reality. As Mark Steyn brilliantly points out in his book “After America”, the European model we closely resemble, especially since the rule of Obama is a model of slothful, decadent, extreme statism mixed with insane Nanny State rules and control of people. The UK is a human-hating population with the highest drug use in Europe, highest incidence of STD’s, highest abortion rate, highest number of single mothers, one-fifth of British children are raised in homes in which no adult works, and just under 900,000 people have been off sick for over a decade. It has more people-monitoring cameras in every public place than any Communist country. Stabbings are so rampant in schoolyards that a company that specializes in military body armor is now manufacturing school blazers lined with Kevlar. The government paid a 21 year old man to fly to Amsterdam to have sex with a prostitute after his social worker claims sex is a “human right”. In Britain, everything is policed except crime. The government-funded National Children’s Bureau has urged nursery teachers and daycare supervisors to record and report every racist utterance of toddlers as young as three. Like what? Saying “yuk” to a culinary tradition other than their own, And on and on. The insane and depraved rule the UK and the insane and depraved are ruling America because all leftist ideology insanely believes it is progress to promote and reward vice, criminality, sloth, and irresponsibility. Obama does want to lead us FORWARD but backwards to a barbarian, life-destroying, regressive, totalitarian, freedom-destroying replica of the UK and all other historical totalitarian rulers who first destroy the mind, then the body, and finally, the soul.

  • Dee

    I didn’t know anyone still watched Morning Joe.

    • richard d

      look at his ratings  not many people do other than Matthews

  • Anonymous

    May be a little off topic, but why hasn’t the information in “The Amateur” been discussed in themedia?  The book re-affirmed my feelings toward Obama and I truly believe he is a different person when out of the spotlight.  The mainstream media has betrayed the citizens of America by not vetting him properly.

  • Publius

    So if I understand Matthews correctly, just because radical progressives like Teddy Roosevelt, FDR and Truman pursued socialized medicine makes the idea moderate? Only in Hissy Crissy’s world would that be true.

  • Anonymous

    I really think that Matthews has “lost it”.  Every time I hear him, he sounds more and more unhinged. Maybe he really should be checked for dementia.

    • Anonymous

      He has issues, but not dementia.

  • Andy Smith

    Hah hah hah! Matthews is INSANE. Wow, that dude needs medication. 

  • Russell Coleman

    Republicans and conservatives need to stop going on these biased media outlets. They are geared for this kind of garbage. When will they wake up and get a clue. I have been watching this epic stupidity out of them for 20+ years and until they learn to tell them to take there invite and stick it up there ass this is what they will continue to get. They deserve it as well for being so stupid. There was not one person on that stage who is not in Obama’s hip pocket get over it. Fox news is where you go to interact with a real media organization….

  • Paul Hawkins

    Mathews is a knee jerk liberal freak 

  • Paul Hawkins

    Oh it’s on now – 

  • Anonymous

    Exactly why I will never watch this network…..totally garbage.  Matthews should be fired–no one wants to hear his rants…..he makes no sense–ever!!!

  • Charlie Goad

    Matthews is obviously a communist!

  • NotMyFault

    It was also big news because she was on a network where she clearly did not think her lies would be challenged.   She could not explain how her distortion of the LA Times quote WASN’T a lie, so she just kept falling back on her ‘women need to know how evil and mean Republicans are’ mantra, which she repeated about a dozen times. I guess to her that justifies dishonestly.     It’s the second time in a couple of weeks where I’ve actually seen Anderson Cooper call out someone on the left for dishonesty.  If he keeps this up I may be able to start believing he is an actual journalist. 

  • Brad Clayman

    Unless Matthews can talk over someone he has nothing! Matthews shows he is nothing but a childish donkey party hack!!

  • ‘John Beam

    Matthews is suffering full-blown insanity.  The entire earth has got it pretty bad, but Chrissy has 2+2=5-variety insanity, and there is absolutely no hope for him. 

  • Tool

    I’m afraid it looks like Chris Matthews has become recruited by socialist elements in this country. The Congressional Record of Jan 1963 states the 45 goals of communism to infiltrate and take down America from inside. #s 20 & 21:
    20- Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.
    21 – Gain contro of key posiions in radio, TV, and motion pctures.

    . Nikita Kruschev told John F. Kennedy – “We will take over America from within.” It is chilling to read what was written in 1963 and reaize how many of those goals are accomplished today

    I pray to God that people will wake up to this threat, as Glenn has tried to point out, and turn this around somehow.

  • Sandra Billetts-Carroll

    Must be Obama’s poll numbers are sinking cuz all his surrogates (like Chris Matthews) are breaking out the race card, like always.  SO WHAT ELSE IS NEW WITH CRAZY LEFT LOONY TOONS! One would think they would come up with something more original than the race card after all these years of using it….people are getting sick of it…not to mention they know those tricks from the left by now.

  • Wilson

    Chris Matthews is an interesting TV anchor and commentator. His mouth blazes like a flaming sword at mild-mannered Romney, while his legs tingle with ecstasy when he talks about socialist Pied Piper Obama. This loudmouth is a shameless, un-apologitic cheerleader for socialism.  Sometimes I wonder if  people actually believe the absolute nonsense he is spewing at  Republicans in general and Romney and Ryan in particular.  I can  imagine what America will be like if  Obama is re-elected president  and remakes the country according to his  gospel of  mendicancy and dependency. Half of America will be  reduced to the status of household pets, fed, clothed, sheltered, and provided medical care by the Democrats from cradle to the grave.     

  • Anonymous

    Go see 2016, the Movie.  Chris Matthews needs to view it. 

  • Daniel Buciak

    Wow, I used to watch him in the 90’s…. First time i ssen him in a long while. 1… he’s gotten very old. 2 there is something wrong with him. i dont think he has all marbles anymore.

  • Steve Myers

    NBC needs to fire Chris Matthews.  He doesn’t seem to represent the rest of his colleagues very well and has just become a badgering bully.   Why would any republican even grace NBC or its shows in any way?  They should just boycott NBC and not show up at all on their airwaves.   There should be subtle blacklist of NBC as a whole and focus only where there is courtesy and decorum to answer questions without the bully response.   I had so much respect for Tim Russert.   Sad he was taken and we were left instead with Chris Matthews.   

  • Edward

    Obama was born in America.  His real dad was  Frank Marshal Davis, a Communist propagandist and pornographic photographer.  His mother was a young woman that Davis brought into his sex habit.  Obama is the result of that relationship.  Obama is a communist and Mathews and Lawrence O’Donnel are both communist sympathisers. 

    MSNBC got lots of money in the banker bailout for doing  mouthpiece work.  Mathews is a like an intestinal parasite that needs to be treated with an antibiotic and flushed down the toilet with the next dump.  

  • Keath Sygman

    Matthews got hit in the face with too much kok , just like barney back door frank

  • Jo Darling


  • Geane Phillips

    the joke is Chris Matthews

  • bekki

    I can’t watch MSNBC anymore… the “news” people are right out of “1984” … Orwell was a prophet… only off by a few years…

  • NoAqua Car Care

    Priebus might have been able to handle him a little more directly but he didn’t have the readiness. Mathews gets off by barraging his opponent with incessant spew and doesn’t give the other person a chance to address his empty accusations. He tried to be a bully.

  • Michael L Warren

    It’s easy to annoy a “liberal,” just use facts and logic…

  • Daniel Buciak

    Man, … I feel sorry for the guy. He should retire. Get away from politics. I remember hearing him on Rush’s show debating with Rush. I thought he was a smart guy, although liberal, but still smart and good natured. What has happend to him? Look how miserable he is. Someone should put Mathews on suicide watch. Really… the dude has lost his mind!!!!

  • r

    Chris Matthews wants to have sex with Ovomit.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews/Schultz 2016 — the Liar, Liar party.

  • John Angst

    Looks to me like Matthews was asking him what was European about Obama and Priebus didn’t have an answer to backup his own rhetoric… (A common GOP problem)

    What did I miss in this conclusion? Because that’s exactly what happened….

  • Anonymous

    Every time I just SEE Matthews puffy fat face in a picture even, I get to feeling like I’m going to gag, my blood starts boiling, & my upper lip is curled wayyy up.  I can’t stand that nut-job. He is such a dork! He actually believed he was *winning* that rant.  Poor Reince….he couldn’t even get a word in & when he got only seconds to respond to Matthews several-minute nut-job rants…I don’t see how Reince was able to stay focused. Reince did awesome & showed class & intelligence.  Stupid Brokaw saying that no one on the Right rebuked things said about Obama. For one thing, nothing outrageous has been said about Obama.  Certainly nothing like accusing him of killing someone or being a felon, throwing granny over a cliff, etc–bat-crazy crap like that.  That kind of craziness is ALL these loons can say & for the life of me…HOW do they keep getting by with it? What kind of weak-minds don’t see this double-standard & venim from the Left???????  My gosh they drive me crazy & get my blood boiling…big time.  Idiots.

  • mjwcook

    Why didn’t Mr. Priebus walk out? No one should have to put up with that kind of disrespect.

  • John Angst

    “I’m not going to get into a shouting match with Chris,” 

    Code for “I don’t have an answer that makes any sense so let’s change course” 


    • Anonymous

      WRONG! Priebus has more grace and decorum than to make an ass of himself on a morning liberal talk show. He also had the intelligence and wherewithall to know that he was never going to get a word in edgewise with Matthews raving like a lunatic!

      • Sandie

        He also probably didn’t want to get rained on by Spit Matthews.

    • Anonymous

      No, It means “I’m not going to waste time trying to use logic with Chris Matthews”.

    • greywolfrs

      Another dunce heard from.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews belongs on MSNBC – they are good for each other – and both leftist morons.  I just can’t imagine why anyone even pays attention to him or anyone else on MSNBC.  I need to write some more letters to their sponsors.

  • Marjorie Snyder

    Chris Matthews has lost his friggin’ mind.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews was brilliant …… an example of someone who has nothing else to do but call names (racist) and almost sticking out his tongue at Priebus!!! Matthews makes me want to steer as far away from his kind of thinking as humanly possible–left wing example! 

  • Chris Holly

    The youth vote historically goes to the Democrats but help Rock the younger vote for Mitt Romney by sharing this 30 second campaign song “America Street” found here on youtube

  • David Oliver

    I’m really concerned about the mental health of Chris Matthews. Perhaps some Prozac would help.

  • Randy Puraty

    You might be an idiot if you agree with Chris Matthews on ANYTHING.

    What was Priebus thinking?  No conservative, and no Republican should ever go on this network.  It just lends them legitimacy that they don’t rate.

  • Anne Caluwaert

    Have always known Matthews is one big jerk.

  • Anonymous

    who’s crazier – Matthews, or the people that actually take him seriously!?

  • Bill F. Deal

    Who was it that said “Liberalism is a mental disorder”? Whoever he is, he got it right..

  • LindaP

    Priebus might be a nice guy but he lacks the forwardness needed to go after people like Mathews. He backs down so as not to cause a conflict making himself look weak. I could have handled the lunatic with factual information and a firm stance better.

    • Anonymous

      Really? And where would it have gotten you? Matthews was filibustering. He hyjacked the ‘interview’ and attacked Priebus for his own thrill up his leg. And the others sat there like lackeys and let it happen. No professional integrity there!. Worst display of immature and unprofessional conduct I’ve ever seen.

      Good for Priebus to sit there and let them make fools of themselves.

  • Alfonso

    It’s getting scary. The left is coming unglued.  I fear for Romney and Ryan’s safety.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews has always been a joke, on a joke of a news channel. Remember he was the one with the thrill up his leg over BO. He will never concede to any truth that goes against his big Goverment, big brother ideology.

  • Sharon Lamont

    Chris Mathews is the biggest idiot I have ever seen on tv. I am surprised he doesn’t have obamas balls in one hand and his dick in the other, never mind, in obamas pocket, he’s right up the guys ass.

  • Anonymous

    More like “Chris Matthews is too blinded with bias to allow a discussion to happen”.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for him to meltdown again in Nov.  He will call us all racist and bigots
    and probably fall onto the floor like the wicked witch of the west……I’m melting…
    I’m melting…..

  • Rocca Rottweilerpitbull

    Wait a minute….I though Nancy Pelosi was the dumbest person that ever lived!

    • Bill F. Deal

       No, it’s that repulsive Debbie Wassermaqn Shultz..

    • Anonymous

      I guess she as a continder now.

    • greywolfrs

      Nope, that would be Joe Biden.

  • Anonymous

    “It takes a great command of the English language to say nothing.” GK Chesterton.

    All Priebus could do is sit there and take it. Had he fired back, he would have been skewered even more than what he was. You have to respect someone who knows the futility in arguing with idiots…in this case Matthews and Brokaw. Matthews needs to retire for mental health reasons. Brokaw for having passed his prime, now that talking points are the only editorial journalism he has left in his repertoire.  

  • Anonymous

    I truly
    feel sorry for this old man; he has nothing else going for him but his own
    loathing for himself. If you listen to him for two minutes he really has
    nothing to say except his own opinion which none really cares to hear!

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is the classic example of a liberal.  Shout and scream, piss and moan, no substance, play the race card.  What a joke.  How can people even consider a SOCIALIST PROGRESSIVE (Barack Obama) as an even slightly good president.  His past is littered with communists, socialist, marxists, and he even stated that is waht he is when at Oxcidental College.  Chris Matthews shouold pull his head out of his A*& before he suffocates.

    There, I said it.

    • Kyle Houston

      Wait, so you are basing your measurement of how Obama is doing as President by what he did BEFORE he was President…. hmm… interesting logic.

      • greywolfrs

        Everything he has “done” as president directly reflects those things he did before being president. Dunce.

  • Sheldean Cluff

    Matthews, is crazy! It can’t let anyone talk, but himself….Get him off the air…He looks terrible, sounds terrible, and is so rude! He is a Obama lover!

    • Kyle Houston

      AHHH, NO WAY!!!!  NOT SOMEONE WHO DISAGREES WITH YOU!?!?!?  God Forbid that someone be on the air that has a differing opinion from your own.  Grow. Up.

      • greywolfrs

        Maybe you should look in the mirror, as you talk shit about Fox. Man, you are one dumb M F er.

  • Gunner

     The birth certificate is a legitimate issue. It has been proven beyond a doubt that it is a fraud. Why does everyone run from this? Why is this so scary for Republicans to confront?

    The guy is a phony. But, gosh, we can’t deal with that so let’s just move on. Golly, we don’t want anyone to make fun of us so we just won’t deal with it. Making fun of it is just a way to distract attention from it. Is Glenn a coward for not dealing with it? Is the Republican party cowardly for ignoring it?

    Yeah, let’s just pretend that the President of the U.S. has presented phony documents as to his eligibility to be president but that’s ok. Deception seems to work very well here.

  • larry lynn

    i’m glad to see that i’m not the only one who thinks that mathews needs a mentally evaluation, seriously!!

  • Dakota Perry

    Wow. I cant believe all of you are so stuck up your asses you can’t see the injustice twards the president. Why do you hate someone you’ve never met? All of your theories are stupid, and I bet you weren’t even going to vote for Ron Paul.

  • Tailspin

    Is there anybody who works for MSNBC that isn’t stupid.  This Matthews guy is such a fraud, he has to be on obamas payroll.   Those people who listen to the MSM get absolutely no information about what is really going on in this Country.  MSM has sold out the American people.  Hey Matthews, go home and stay in your room until after the election, then we can see you have your nervous breakdown. 

    • Kyle Houston

      I’m guessing you watch FOX News.  GUESS WHAT!?!?  They are part of the MSM… and you have also been sold out.

      • Anonymous

        Uh..time to go back on your meds…

        • harley

          um Kyle, if you have ever listened to any news shows you would know when they say main stream media, they are talking about the big three.ABC, NBC, and CBS. they call them that because they are the 3 original news stations on broadcast tv. fox in a cable news network just like CNN,  and MSNBC. the reason they connect MSNBC with the big 3 is because it is owned and run by NBC. now that you libs have been informed, maybe you will stop and think before you speak,,, oops nevermind, your a libb so you never think before you speak

  • Don

    Someone needed to put a sock in Matthews!  He is so out of touch with impartiality in broadcast journalism that he is a disgrace to his profession, to his party (obviously Democrat) and to Americans everywhere that should be entitled to hear both sides of an argument.  A lot can be said for his rant on one point… talk louder, talk over, interrupt … ask a question … give no one a chance to answer it.  Hey Chris, if you are so omnipotent … how come MSNBC’s ratings are in the tank?

    • Anonymous

      I think the word is omniscient…(along with arrogant and self- righteous)

    • Dixie Burge

      “……talk louder, talk over, interrupt…..ask a question…..give no one a chance to answer it.” Sounds like the tactics of a Communist. That’s what they do. I learned that a long time ago, back when TV still educated the public about the dangers of Communism, before that sort of public service was squelched. I don’t think Matthews is an idiot, I think he’s a Communist. I believe there are more of them in influential positions than a lot of people believe or care to admit. And what is more influential than the news media? Also the movies and TV–another influential medium. Politics, the lawmakers, university professors. All these have their Communists, especially since McCarthy was discredited, I believe, by closet Communists who operated under the guise of “protecting our freedoms”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a wacko who believes there is a Communist behind every tree, but I do believe America needs to wake up and take heed to a “prophecy” spoken by Nikita Khruschev while he was premier of Communist Russia: America will rot from the inside out, and eventually fall. “Your grandchildren will grow up under Communism.”

  • Anonymous

    Stu owned a Mitt. That’s a reference to slavery. Obviously a racial slur aimed at Obama.

  • Pedro

    Barack Obama or Barry Setoro show us your real birth certificate. Oh, right Obama spent 4 million dollars to seal all of those records. Obama is a phony. And as for Chris Matthews you are a liberal dim witted idiot. Oh how’s that tingle in your leg Chris.  

  • Kyle Houston

    hahahehehahahae…. This is utterly ridiculous.  Allow me to be the first reasonable person to step up and say that what Chris is TRYING to say here is legit.  Republicans are no doubt trying to underhandedly give credence to the “birther” issue.  When Romney makes jokes like that, or comments like that, there is no doubt that the birthers interpret that as an attack on Obama and his Birth Certificate.  But to further back up Mr. Matthews… also, to suggest that Obama looks to Europe for things such as HEALTHCARE…. WAIT!?!?!  What was that thing Romney passed in New Hampshire??? Romneycare??  I wonder where he got the blueprint for that?  Do you all think it was genuinely an American Idea…?  This election is about as low as it gets, FOR BOTH ROMNEY AND OBAMA.  It, quite frankly, insults my intelligence; and if it doesn’t insult yours, then I’m not sure you had any in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      Romney didn’t pass anything in New Hampshire since he was never in office there.  Socialized healthcare is throughout Europe and that is what Preibus was pointing to.

      • Kyle Houston

        My comment has been corrected to Massachusetts.  And yes, but his argument is meaningless… Romney used the same European sources to draft and pass Romneycare.

    • greywolfrs

      If this is the first election that has insulted your intelligence, you didn’t any in the first place. In fact, after looking at your comments, you should get a lobotomy. It would raise your IQ by about 100 points.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is the biggest idiot….and that’s the nicest thing that can be said about him.The left is is really insane!

  • Norbit Peters


    The President has calculatingly orchestrated divisions with
    blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and gays; he’s plundered our treasury, and
    subjugated 100 million people to dependency on welfare and food stamps.


    He’s tried to consolidate Big Bank, Auto, Energy, and Health
    Care under one central government control, while gutting small business and
    free enterprise,

    He’s demeaned the Supreme Court, circumvented Congress, and
    virtually ignored due process in imposing his will on a law-abiding nation, and


    He was born to avowed Communist and Socialist parents
    respectively, and has surrounded himself with like-minded acolytes of those
    disciplines ever since.

    His “Hope & Change” campaign has morphed into
    the balkanization of America, pitting groups against each other on the basis of
    race, religion, ethnicity, class and sexual orientation.


    He spent more than 20 years with a black separatist,
    America-bashing “minister”, who was also the Godfather to his children.

    In his short tenure, he’s fomented a legacy of
    anti-Christian, anti-Semitic bias for both he and his Party, while at the same
    time, lauding almost gushing appeasement of Radical Islam (a term verboten for
    Democrats to even say!).


    He supports the overthrow of Middle East dictators friendly
    to the US, while remaining silent on the Iranian revolt. He’s embraced every
    anti-American agitator from Ayers to Wright, and has stewarded the most
    nefarious, clandestine White House in history.

    He has a Soros-funded, liaison in Media Matters, while the
    remaining outlets of his COLLUSION MEDIA dutifully propagate his lies.



    The people that dismiss this Power Coup as “paranoid” are
    ignoring the fact that Marxists are doing this all over the world, so why
    wouldn’t they try it here?

    The only problem here is that we’re more armed than most of
    the world, and any forcible attempt at a takeover will probably be met with
    considerable resistance. – and I don’t think the military will turn on
    civilians here, before they turn on the Community Agitator in the White House.


  • Kyle Houston

    You’re an idiot, and you are insane… good argument huh?  I know, I worked hard on it… just like you did yours.

  • Sandy Pfaff

    I’m glad he did not stoop to Matthews level…what a nothingness he is….

    • Kyle Houston

      Your glad he didn’t stoop to Matthew’s level… and then you stoop to Matthew’s level.  Weird, huh?

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews appears to be the racist. He’s declaring that Welfare recipients are the object of racism? Is he implying that those on Welfare are black? or Hispanic? He made that assumption.  If a GOP had made that assertion they would be crucified. 

    • Kyle Houston

      Revealing facts is not racism… It’s not an assumption.  So you mean to tell me you think that if the GOP stated the truth, they would be crucified???  The GOP already has, and they are still standing.

  • Anonymous

    Calling Chris Matthews an idiot is a disservice to idiots! His is a monophonic mind in a quadrophonic world!

  • Anonymous

    Chis Matthews is such an angry white man. He must have lost that tingle down his leg.

  • Bucsdad

    What a hack “d##K…..he sounds like a spoiled child. Just goes to show you how narrow minded the LIB TARDS are when it comes to anyone else’s opinion. They don’t want to hear it. I’m glad that loser did that…just shows you how completely “off” he is…, his guy is starting to feel the heat and he can’t stand it. HA HA HA……

  • Pedro

    You know if you put a straw hat on Chris Matthews head. And give him a piece of hay for his mouth.He would look like an ol country man.With that farmer type shirt striped tie with a striped shirt. Who dresses you in the morning Chris. Tacky very tacky.

  • Anonymous

    Chrissy is a JOKE!

  • Anonymous

    The problem with this is the people in the crowd all applauded Matthews.  Why for the love of GOD didn’t Priesbus capitalize on the issue that Matthews brought up with the race card and welfare??  All Priesbus had to do was say, “Chris, you mentioned race and welfare, are you now saying that only people of a ceratin race can be on welfare?”  That would have put the burden squarely on Matthews to explain that comment and that approach.    

  • Ed Harden

    what an idiot that man needs to take a long drive on a very short pier, an yes he has tried to eliminate the work part of welfare so he can continue to hold his people down so they will look up at him an call him King!   

    • Banker

      “his people” ???  you’re the idiot, buddy

  • Cassie Wonderalke

    Geeze Chris Matthews, get a grip.  I’m chuckling at Chris’ stupidity. And his trained seals were clapping in the background.  What a clown fart.

  • Cassie Wonderalke

    Another thing, why does anyone listen or watch PMSNBC?  Get a life!

  • Banker

    Why do so many fools watch Faux News?

    • Anonymous

      Because conservatives have no other channel to watch that isn’t heavily biased to the left.  Get it now, genius?

      • Kyle Houston

        Are you not confident enough in your own intelligence to watch the news from other biased sources, and attempt to derive the unbiased news from them… instead you need someone to do that for you?

        • Anonymous

          Dear kyle, I watch the others for about 5 minutes and then I can’t stand it anymore because the lies and propaganda are so blatant.  Now why do you watch those horribly biased shows?  Is it because you’re not confident enough in your own intelligence to watch news from other biased sources, and attempt to derive the unbiased news from them?

  • Banker

    Arab/Muslim part?  it’s idiots like you that Romney made that “joke” for.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is a few cards short of a full deck. I never watch him. I think he is an IDIOT

  • Anonymous

    I wish the RNC Chairman was more prepared. Chris Matthews needs to be pulled apart. I would love to see him interviewed by Glen or by anyone on FOX. for that matter. He would be destroyed. See, this is what happens when you drink too much of that kool-aid.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO!  Chris Matthews and Tom Brokaw and all the other liberal journalists caused all this conversation about “WHO” Barack Obama is because no one cared to find out!!  

  • Anonymous

    I just this from a government site:

    With regard to AFDC the figures are: 

    White 38.8%
    Black 39.8
    Hispanic 15.7
    Asian 2.4
    other 3.3

    • bama

       so  just one percent difference between white and black on welfare, when repubs want to go after welfare and dems say they are doing it because they are going after blacks then the dems are the true racist that think all welfare recipients are black. black= welfare and the repubs are the racist. gotta love the left

    • David Peacock

       who has lost more jobs and had to go one EBT ;foodstamps;; whites of course.

  • bucketnutz

    He was drunk on the job,,and Prebus should demmand that they fire hisass

  • Andrew Ritter

    Even I didn’t think it was possible for Chris Matthews to sink any lower than he previously has, but he accomplished the impossible.  Matthews doesn’t belong anywhere as a news professional or even on a political show where he hosts/moderates and voices his opinions.  His attack of Priebus is a disgrace and embarrassment.  Talking over people and not giving them a chance to respond.  In truth, the only job he’s qualified for is working on the Obama re-election campaign getting everyone’s coffee.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is drinking that White House beer.

  • Anonymous

    The birth certificate is a FRAUD, you ignorant Piece of SH***!

  • Anonymous

    This crap is exactly why NO ONE with any sense of reality watches MSNBS! Lol!!!

  • Carol McRae

    Chris matthews is an IDIOT

  • Joe Kaminski

    And they wonder why their ratings have tanked.  Take the loons like Chris Matthews off the air and maybe MSNBC would get some better ratings.

  • Carol McRae

    Chris Mathews is an IDIOT

  • Anonymous

    Chris, we are soooo tired of your obvious fawning and butt-kissing where Barry is concerned.  Please get over your elitest white guilt so we don’t have to hear you behave like a love-sick puppy who’s defending his crush no matter how much she rejects him.

  • Anonymous

    There isn’t a document expert anywhere who would come forward to vouche for the authenticity of that fraudulent birth certificate.  50 of them provided sworn affidavits that it is 100% certain a  forgery.  It was a F****ING PDF!  I can share a PDF with you right now of me and the Swedish Bikini team naked on the hood of a Lambourghini – would you believe it was real?  

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is, has been, and will always be a idiot. He is so blinded to Obama and his administration, he has actually became a mental case. MSNBC should have dropped him long ago and they might have been able to keep a few more viewers. I guess Matthews has had so many tingles up his leg in the past four years, it has now short circuited his brain. 

  • Jerry Mcnure

    Matthews is a blind idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Chris “shivers up my leg” Matthews shouldn’t be employed as a journalist.  What a brain-dead biased libtard.  OMG, what an idiot.  I’d love to debate him – or have someone like Newt debate him – humiliate him completely until he breaks down in tears and realizes that he’s among the stupidest people on the planet!   What a complete naive brainwashed fool!

  • Anonymous

    I would have liked to have seen Donald Trump handle Chris Matthews. I’ve seen Trump handle all the morning talk show hosts on The View, O’Reilly, and Hannity!!!! That would have been REALLY entertaining!

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is a lap dog liberal who is sucking Obama’s butt.  This guy has no objectivity and gives journalism a bad name.  Morning Joe (Joe Scarborough) had better wake up and keep this dolt off his show because it lowers the quality o the content.  Perhaps Matthews is trying to be a Bil O’Reilly but he is not smart enough to do it.  Wherever NBC found this clown, send him back.  He is offensive, rude and an embarassment to himself.  Get this guy off the air already.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is an ass – period.

  • basso

    If you know that Chris Matthews will be part of a “discussion,” decline the invitation to be a part of his diatribe.  You can’t convince an ideologue, why try?

  • Mary K Pike

    Chris Matthews and Joe Biden should start a MORON club.  Trouble is, it would be extremely hard to figure out which one is the bigger MORON..

  • Kristi Louie

    Liberals, just resort to name calling and screaming…Chris Matthews acts like a 12 yr old.

  • Respectfully Disappointed

    Chris Matthews should do a little research before he has melt downs on national TV. The name Barack is Arabic.[1]

    “In the autobiography, readers learn that Obama’s Kenyan father was Muslim, only indirectly, when Obama explains to a girlfriend in Hawaii that his name was not “Barry,” as he was then commonly called, but “Barack,” a name Barack explains means “blessed” in Arabic.”[2]


  • Richard Firth

    Matthews is about to become as irrelevant as Keith Olberman especially since he has as few viewers as Keith had by the time he self-destructed.   As they say, those who yell the loudest in a discussion are usually those who are losing.   Good on Reince for sitting in that hostile environment and holding his own.  

  • linda

    Actually …I thought Romney,s Birther joke was hysterical!! These left liberal sociopaths like to dish it out …but they sure cant take it…Very very immature .I only see msnbc on vids like this .I stay away …I cannot take stupid!

  • Richard Firth

    Matthews needs to read obama’s own book to realize that in fact, in obama’s own words, he was not raised in this country.   Not in birthers’ words, in obama’s own words.   It’s so bad the left only believes what they hear on MSNBC.  Everything else is tuned out.  

  • Mary K Pike

    Tom Brokjaw is another idiot…Wow

  • Anonymous

    I thought it was funny when Brokaw called out the republicans for calling Obama a socialist.  Yes, Mr. Brokaw, and what’s your point?  What part of “we have the evidence and its plain for all to see” don’t you get?

    • Java8

      Good one.  Brokaw has always been an extreme leftist, but he tempered it while he was an anchor.  These leftists are the same kind of people who would acquit OJ Simpson for murdering his wife if they were presented with a video showing him caught in the act.  They are the same type of people that cult leaders seek out as well.  They can’t see the clearly obvious characteristics and political philosophy of Marx, I mean Obama, if it bit them in the face. 

  • Jimdog

    matthews is an idiot.  he needs to be told that black racism is no prettier than white racism.  every criticism of obama is somehow twisted into racism. if 98% of white voters favor the white guy over the black guy, that would be automatically branded as white racism.  if 98% of blacks favor the black guy over the white guy, that is understandable and honorable pride.

  • Linda Joy Adams

    Mitt read? my facebook eye witness  account of President Obama born in Topeka, ks and may not have know it as fake paper trail to poitect livs from KKK. read  that then his comment makes sense. starts 7/26/12 and daily recaps since..

  • Jimdog

    the reason the birther joke strikes a nerve with matthews and others is that they are scared to death that it is true and that proof will emerge.

  • Kathy Christensen

    What an insane idiot Matthews is.  No wonder no one watches MSNBC.  He makes me sick. 

  • David

    Brokaw and Matthews are idiots, DNC is busing in 20,000 Muslims into their Convention. If that doesn’t speak volumes for where Obama’s beliefs lie I don’t know what does.

    • SirWilhelm

      Brokaw and Matthews, and almost all Democrats, are willing to go along with anything Obama says, or does. Obama’s beliefs, are their beliefs.

  • 1niceguy

    chris mathews is an asshole….

  • Scott D

    Too bad a REAL JOURNALIST like Mr. Mathews is not smart enough to look on youtube and see where, as a Senator in Illinois, President Obama talked about how he was born in Kenya, even his wife make several speeches where she states her husband was born in Kenya. But that would take talent, and intelligence something MSNBC is not capable of.

  • SirWilhelm

    Priebus, and the rest of the Republican leadership, is wrong for backing down on the Birther issues. They are violating their repsonsibilities, and in many cases, their oaths of office, to uphold the Constitution. Neither they, or the Democrats, are making sure Obama proves he is eligible for the Office. The burden of proof should be on him, but, all of them, are shirking their responsibilities, and not enforcing that common law. Both parties are making the Constitution irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    I worked in the Mental Health field before I retired.  This is a true breakdown of someone who has been delusional for quite some time.  Please have some compassion, and yes, he should be removed from his position and, at least given a mental health leave.  I doubt he would ever return after that.  Although I rarely make a comment, I often read those made.  I find so many are made with no real thought or knowledge of real happenings.  Just insults back and forth.  This is so discouraging as this is really a good format for new debate from those who are have knowledge, wisdom, insight. I usually have to go through the whole process of changing my password with Discus as I respond so infrequently.  I DO however, mark LIKE when I see something of real import.

    • Java8



    I could not even hear and understand that video. it kept breaking up so bad it was pitiful.

  • W.a. Fleet

    Maybe when Matthews gets back from his medical leave – with his drug influence under control – maybe – just maybe he will be able to carryon a reasonable conversation !
    On the other hand – a reasonable conversation with a cleaned up – dried out Chris Matthews would be extremely dull !

  • Jim

    Mathews is becoming a frigging psyco. What is with this socialist idiot. Go let Obama give you another thrill up your leg Chris before you become completely unglued. This is the garbage you get from people tied to MSNBC.

  • Anonymous

    MSNBC is joke. The ratings bare this out. No one who wants serious news watches them any more . 

  • Anonymous

    or Chris………..still can’t ditch those chills up and down his legs………hasn’t seemed to affect his mouth yet.

  • Kenn Blair

    Chris Matthews is a certifiable lunatic.  Did you hear him call Priebus garbage.  Chris is a sick, sick, man!

  • Anonymous

    I mean POOR Chris.

  • Anonymous

    This Idea of the birth cirttificate IS NOT THE POINT! This pure obfuscation!!!!

    Article 2 section 1 of the Constitution deals with the issue OF NATURAL BORN Obama’s daddy was a citizen of KENYA AND ZANZIBAR this makes him ineligible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    One of my all-time favorite videos – hearing Chris Matthews getting his head handed to him by Larry Elder.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is a freak show.  I bet he is vying for a WH job.  Notice how Tom Brokaw patted Mathew’s knee. LOL

  • Speak2Truth

    The birth certificate is a real issue. It confirms Obama was born to a foreign subject, therefore cannot legally be a Natural Born Citizen in accordance with the legislated definition of that term.

    Read all about it:

  • majicmarkers

    Cris Matthews is a douche

  • robert


  • Big T

    Obama brought it up by selling coffee cups on his campaign website with his birth certificate on them for $22.  You bring it up, you better be ready to take it. 

  • Robert

    what. a. dumb@$$.

  • DISQUS-ted

    Camera moves are a little nauseating, BTW.

  • Bob


  • Mark Burns

    He and Ed Schultz are the bright lights at PMSNBC

  • Stephen Gash

    The BBC always shouts people down when “interviewing”. Presenters make an opinion thinly disguised as a question then talk over the guest’s answer with another opinion disguised as a question. The presenter then asks a fellow BBC reporter to opine about the subject. This is generally how it’s done in the UK now, not just the BBC.

  • Patricia

    Why was the Rino aka Mr Potato Head? Isn’t that his show? Flannel mouth aka Chris Matthews really should be providing towels to anyone near him. His mouth is like a torn pocket, everything just spit out.

  • Robert Willis

    I think that boy’s cheese done slid off his cracker! refurring to Mathews that is!

  • Patricia

    I think Chris is gone – used his last marble.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is off the wall…Obama is running the sleaziest slander campaign in history, calling Romney a felon and a murderer, he didn’t pay taxes which has been proven differently,  Paul Ryan is throwing grandma off the cliff in her wheelchair, 716 billion dollars in cuts to Medicare to pay for Obama care, cutting funds for seniors.  The money was taken from Medicare Advantage and will reduce provider payments to Doctors, GOP is the Ecoli party, Romney puts his dog on top of the car…Who is the divisive, destructive party here?  Its not the GOP!   Matthews is rude and unprofessional…who would even want to go on his show?

  • tim

    I think Matthews is just afraid that his chosen one Obama may not make it through this election unscathed. He skated through easily first time around as everyone feared treading on him. His totally negative campaign will be challenged this time around…

  • barbarad

    Every Republican in this country should have nothing to do with Chris Matthews: to include interviews, commentaries, or guest appearances on his show. He alone should be blackballed for his shameful conduct toward anyone who is a Republican. It is time for Republicans to stand together against anyone who spins, distorts, misrepresents, and decieves others about what Republicans stand for.
    It is long past due for MSNBC to pick up the pieces for allowing this hack to get away with this type of behavior for far too long. 
    Let this be the final straw.   

  • Scott cowell

    seriously this guy still gets a pay check? i mean if he can pull his lips away from obama’s mid section for a breath, maybe he could see what’s been going on in the u.s. the last three yrs. this is a total gobbel fest. the man absolutely worships obama. somebody please give him some of obama’s defecation to roll in after he is no longer pres. so chris can survive! wow! i have never seen such a lil pitbull for a saul olinsnki protege’. i think he’d sell his family to wear his jacket. what a wierdo. i never took him serious before, now he has become the apitomy of the bizarre man crush. no news just protect his man. no offense to homosexuality but chris makes it look and sound wierd and he has made himself look crazier than pmslsd already is.  

  • Terry Shafer

    Chris Matthews is a F-in ASS WHOLE,, I am sick of HIS kind and would LOVE to go at him one on one,,, What a moron,,,,, 

  • Tdub

    Chris is clearly still drunk from the night before. I swear this hack shows all of the signs of a habitual alcoholic. 

  • LarryG

    How can Matthews talk that much with Obama’s schlong down his throat?

    • Anonymous

      I am sure it is a schort not a schlong.

  • Anonymous

    Have you all noticed the left is losing it?  They know something big is coming their way and it won’t be pretty for them in November.  They all know they voted in a horrible person as our president.  They try to tell us over and over how “likeable” Obama is, but I have yet to see him do anything that was very likeable.  Obama is not a nice man and most of the people for him aren’t very nice either.

  • Anonymous

    Next thing you Chris M. will be on a park bench next to what’s his name drooling and ranting over the GOP racist basterds and their foreignization thing.  There is such a thing as mass psychosis, the dems all have it, obviously.  They’ve gone rabid.  I wouldn’t want to be around them when Nov. 6 is over with, they are going to be loose cannons.  Conservatives may have to travel in groups with security, these nutjobs could be dangerous.

  • Anonymous

    The grim snaggled look  on Matthews mug is a prime example of the horrid mien of liberal rictus that genetically abounds in liberal dipsticks..

    Who listens or watches MSNBC anyway?  Joe is such a dolt, he just sat there and let his buddy Matthews make a donkeys hind end of himself.  Then Mika is getting instructions in her ear piece to Pullleeeeeeeeeze get Matthews to shut the hell up!  Change the subject, Talk about something more poignant like the grease stain on  Brokaw’s tie or something.


    It just proves that MSNBC is not a real news network

  • Samuel Cain

    In reality they should think about putting Matthews and Biden in a home for the mentaly disabled.

  • Wayne G

    Chris Mathews keeps his mouth moving constantly because if he shuts up even for second he would have to listen to someone else.  They say if you talk without facts, you better talk fast and continuous because the other person will actually make sense when they talk and make you look like idiot you really are.  That’s you Chris Mathews.  Amazingly egotistcal, amazingly illiterate.

  • Anonymous

    Chris lost that lovin feelin, oh that lovin feelin, he lost that lovin feelin, ohhhohohohoh oooh..ohohoh.
    where went that lovin tingle, that lovin tingle, where’d that lovin tingle gogogogoo ohohoh.
    Hey Chris, your a jerk, your lines and bags are hanging down to your toes, and I don’t think your gonna get that tingle up your legs no more.  The Democrats have been throwin the race card since Obama started running in 2008.  He is a Socialist, his mentors were Communist radicals, anarchists i.e. Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn, his big mento Frank Marshall Davis (Communist) his grandparents (Communists) his father Barack Hussein Obama Sr., so what is it about him you don’t understand and where he is coming from Chris?  Time for an I.Q. test Chris Mathews.  That’s why no one except the handful of left wing radicals watch your show.
    MaryS, CA

  • Larry Viles

    Is Chris Matthews saying only minorities are on welfare becuse they refuse to work? Or is he saying Americans are only angered about minorities milking the welfare system. I can assure him in my case, I am even more upset by caucasions milking the system.

    • Christian

      AMEN, Larry! I used to work at a grocery store and let me assure you, there are just as many, if not more, able-bodied, lazy-ass white people using / abusing food stamps as there are minorities. It just sets my teeth on edge that my husband and I are the “working poor” whose taxes go to feed these fat slobs so that they can have steak for dinner while we eat (if we’re lucky) top ramen and tuna again. We need welfare reform NOW! Put them to work doing community service jobs. Good for the community, good for the taxpayers.  Plus they will learn job skills as they are doing it. No work, no welfare! I know there are people out there who truly need welfare at the moment. I am not talking about them. I am talking about the shameless, partying, lazy jerks who do nothing to better themselves and spend generation after generation sponging off of us! I’m so sick of it! And NO I am not a minority so don’t even try to play the race card. But wait, I guess I am a minority in one sense….I work HARD for what I have!

  • Glen Ripkoski

    Can you imagine how entertaining MSNBC would be if Mitt
    Romney won the election. Ed Schultz would be depressed, Rachel Maddow would
    need a shave, Al Sharpton would be calling everyone a racist and Christ
    Matthews will be singing the thrill is gone.

  • Rich Bees

    He’s doing a great job of channeling an OWS protester.  A bloody awful job reporting, but it doesn’t appear he wants to interview ANYONE.  Hope Brokaw had a change to wipe the flecks of foam from his face after this grand mal seizure.

  • James

    Chris Mathews changed and become absolutely irrelevant. I’m glad that he is taking Obama side like all the others irrelevant, irresponsible or obama-vested people.  

  • Succinct

    Matthews exhibited Liberal Foot In Mouth Disease. The original carrier of this often fatal disease is of course, Joe (nobody’s home) Biden. If Obama is smart, which he isn’t, he’ll drop Biden like a red hot rock. Hope Obama keeps him for the election. It’s called self-destruction.

  • Succinct

    Liberals=Moochers electing Looters To Steal From Producers.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews a Obama hack. He is suppose to be a journalist but refuses to examine his messiah. 
    He has no credibility. Is nobody watching his show that he has to go on another show for his ego to be satisfied? Is there not a shadow of similarity to what Obama has done and what has happened in Europe? Why does he dismiss it out of hand?  For one thing he’s a jerk, and secondly he’s not that smart. Even his liberal contemporaries seemed embarrassed with him. I hope Obama is paying him well.

  • Succinct

    Obama=Vote for me & everything will be “free”. Guess what? NOTHING is free. “Whatever one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving”.

  • Randy

    Sissy Chrissy….bless his little heart!

  • Anonymous

    Chris Mathews is a complete idiot and has been smokin’ the Barry pipe too much for too long.

  • one4one

     ROTFLOL….are you serious ?????

    Wow gotta love matthews being on your team !!!!!!! lol
    Hes like the kid in grade school that always got picked last !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Newt Gingrich appeared on Hardball with Chris Matthews and Matthews attacked and was handed his head by Gingrich who outwitted the flustered crazed Matthews.  Chris Matthews is a bully, an arrogant smug frat boy that cannot stand to be held up to ridicule.

    Chris Matthews embarrassed himself forever by his “A thrill ran up my leg” comment after hearing Obama throw his own grandmother under a bus, dubbing her a racist.

    Matthew’s Hardball show is nothing more than a soapbox for insane ranting by the host, and his network should send him to the minors somewhere in Logan, Utah to deal with Mormons that could teach him a thing or two about being kind and truthful and dealing with his hot temper.

  • Sue

    My how the world has turned !! This guy crawled out from under a rock. Where has he been the last 3 1/2 years?  This country is going to hell in a hand basket under Obama..

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews needs to be kicked in the balls.

    • greywolfrs

      One would have a difficult time finding them…

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is  the joke. Tinkling down is leg.

    Priebus  has to start shouting and say “I can shout louder than you.”

    This how lefties work “…If the  facts are against you, pound the table.”

  • Anonymous

    Romney wins, Recovery Begins.   Obama twice, Holy Christ!

    Chris Matthews once said Obama had no qualifications for being President. Nothing changed except the insanity of Chris Matthews kicked in.

  • Anonymous

    Quote a Gushing Chris Matthews:

    “[Barack Obama has] come from a white family and a black family, and
    he’s married to a black woman, and they’re cool people. They are really
    cool. They are Jack and Jackie Kennedy when you see them together.
    They are cool. And they’re great-looking, and they’re cool and they’re
    young, and they’re — everything seems to be great. [. . .] [I]f
    you’re in the room [. . .] with Obama, you feel the spirit. Moving.”

  • Anonymous

    If Chris Matthews had a brain in his skull he might be dangerous but instead he’s just a stupid moron. How anyone can watch this airhead is beyond me. Typical Liberal nut-job gone off the rails!!

  • patricia

    Matthews is one of the many, who “represent” Obama. This is who Obama really is. The same mindset, the same ideology, the are one in their beliefs. Many undecideds say they don’t know who Romney is, well guess what undecideds, this is who Obama is. 

  • Anonymous

    On January 9, 2008, the morning after Hillary Clinton’s surprise victory in the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary, Matthews appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program and said of Clinton,

    I’ll be
    brutal, the reason she’s a U.S. senator, the reason she’s a candidate
    for president, the reason she may be a front-runner is her husband messed around. That’s how she got to be senator from New York. We keep forgetting it. She didn’t win there on her merit.
     He also said listening to Obama “I forgot he was Black for awhile”  Unbelievable but true.

  • Anonymous

    There are no journalists or true investigative reporters anymore. The networks and more cable news outlets are merely propagandavarms if the regime. I don’t watch them, but really have to ask myself why I still fund them by subscribing to cable. I think it is time for me to cut the cord….literally! Wouldn’t it be fun to see the response to millions of Americans just saying no.

  • Lowell Earl Sharrah

    chris matthews is a psycho idiot.

  • Anonymous

    Good job, Priebus!  You stood your solid ground and Matthews came across as an ignorant bully.  Didn’t see any one stand up to him except for you and to hear Tom Brokaw criticize the GOP was disgusting.  Brokaw is as disgusting as his facelift is and I would put him in the same category as Matthews.

    • Anonymous

      Ya think?  I thought Priebus was an embarrassment to our cause.  Standing up to Matthews would have meant STANDING UP, walking over to him and knocking him out of his chair into tomorrowland.  Just once I’d like to see a conservative get angry and fight back against these bullies, especially those on MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN. We have the facts and the truth on our side, and surely we have people available for interviews who can uphold our viewpoint. I’ve heard the “high road” argument for so many years that I’m weary of it.  I want to see somebody confront these lowlife media whores with reality.  Priebus’ body language, his whole demeanor suggests that he’s not confident or prepared to uphold the conservative cause.  Is this kind of timidity in the face of intimidation going to be Romney’s strategy in the remainder of the campaign?  We need to stomp on devils such as Matthews, Maher, and Wasserface Schultz the moment they begin spewing their malarkey, and do it convincingly enough they’ll think twice before opening their pie-hole next time. 

  • Anonymous

    My biggest issue with this play by play ,  aside of the voice of that basket case mathhews, is that Romney considers the ‘birth’ issue a none issue. IT is a legitimate issue, it has never been settled other than a certificate of live birth which has been provided only after about two years of stonewalling, has more inconsistencies of witnesses both ‘professional’ and from family. Even the obama’s have “proudly” announced his foreign birth before he stole our office of the Presidency. But to be fair, he didn’t steal it by himself. Those that know the truth will never admit to it for fear of prison and disgrace OR just too much afraid of being called a racist.       

  • Curt Pangracs

    Matthews has brain damage.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Mathews need to go the way of his mentor – Keith Olbermann.  Both out of cntrol far left zealots who don’t have a clue about America.  Anyone seen Olbermann lately?  Last I saw he was hanging around the Occupy Losers.

  • Wayne Chancey

     chris boy needs to ask his college to refund his tuition money because they failed to educate him. He is so locked in to his state radius, I truly wish he would go live in Al. then Arizona on the border to understand what this country is really about . I also wish  joe would declare himself as a Democrat an be done with it!! He is to smart by half and as the bible states is neither hot nor cold His claims to be a southerner is long dead. He is a money grubbing carpetbagger!!! Mika is still a hottie regardless!

  • Davida Burns

    I think that tingle in his leg was a blood clot finally gone awry to his brain. This guy is a blithering lunatic and for some strange reason he’s hung up on race. I think somebody needs to check his sugar when he gets belligerent like this.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone notice that Madman Matthews looked quite jaundiced this morning?  Jaundiced and lost his marbles…poor ole man!

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is a total leftist and has many problems, but I was very disappointed over the statements by Chris and Pat, it was like they were left unguarded and without proper restraints. The bearded gentleman was making fun of the pronunciation of the manner of speech by intentionally slurring words to ridicule Matthews and If you listen carefully enough you will find he was ridiculing Tom Brokaw, as well.  Protecting your freedom of speech is one thing, but it is bad manners to be offensive and overbearing, as you make your point.  I would say I am an ultra-conservative and am pretty easy on some arguments against the Obama administration, but there is plenty of room in your demeanor regarding your silliness and wanting to make your point, to clean-up before you slam people.  I am frightened about the direction my (our) country is moving and if the Obama shuts down the RNC, without any backlash from the freedom seeking people, we are destined for a terrible, terrible four years and beyond.  There will never be an election again in America.
    My advice is to keep your fun making to a minimum and stay on task, because you in your joking and giggling are going to do damage to the country.
    I am eighty years old and am trying to get my law degree after dropping out of school in the sixties, because of personal reasons, but I have an agreement with GOD. If He will let me finish school (build the Ark) and pay back my student loans I will defend His country and His people to the best of my ability with His blessings and it would be nice if you all would show your belief in His blessings, as well? 

  • Anonymous

    If you pay someone millions of dollars to spew his opinions on television, they will do exactly that.  The fact of the matter is nobody, especially his employers, care if anything he says is rooted in fact as long as it supports the political ideologies that they support.  The fact that he is such a pompous, maniacal windbag is why they give him so much airtime.  Bad press is still press, and lets face it, people watch.  Left, Right or anyone in between are entertained by his antics and they get people talking.  But it speaks volumes about those that support Obama policy!

  • Luis L Montemayor Sr

    I do believe Chris Matthews is off his rocker!!! the tingling up his leg has gone up into his empty
    head, the guy sounds like He needs to take a long break, and make it in a NUT hospital, this 
    guy  completely sounds like a perfect IDIOT every time he opens his mouth!!! to be told He is 
    nuts in his own MSNBC home COURT says a lot about Chris Matthews and his tingling!!!!!
    Someone please get a hook and take HIM off TV, he is really embarrassing all other TV people!

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is in a panic because he knows his beloved is outta there come November!

  • Gary A. Anderson

    Matthews continues to use the “race card” and “birther conspiracy” as another distraction. Moreover, Matthews is simply involved in jaw-dropping accusations without substance. In short, the Dems goal is to smear with innuendo in the hope to avoid solutions to our debt and massive deficit. One question remains. Will deceit trump truth?

  • Anonymous

    Matthews thinks his “fast and furious” approach is the way to debate and we all know where f & f got us.  About all it proves is that his mouth is not hinged to his brain.  Perhaps he should be more receptive to facts, history, and statistics but not emotions.  Chris is ultra left but we already know that.  Can it Chris.  You add nothing to the discussion.

  • AdamAnt

    He’s a typical left winger – if they can’t prevail with reason, (which is ninety-nine percent of the time), they spew out a stream of unrelated lies and spin in an attempt to confuse you – like a squid pumps ink to hide it’s retreat. I know, the amount of calamari served in restaurants world wide are an indication of how well that tactic works in the real world… same thing goes for this fool.

    • Anonymous

      So is Matthews the squid or the ink?

      • AdamAnt

        I think he might be both Squink and id – but don’t quote me on that.

  • Anonymous

    liberals- any port in the storm

  • Anonymous

    The scary part of this video to me is, Matthews really does think he’s winning this argument. And, the smattering of applause in the audience that thinks he is too..

  • Anonymous

    The others there tried to jump in to shut down Matthews before he made a BIGGER FOOL of himself, but he insisted…hahaha

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews has always been creepy about his feeliings about Obama.  If his tingle up his leg was referring to a woman I might have understood it but this comment was about a man.  What is he going to do if Obama doesn’t win?

  • Patrick Kolment

    hey mister Glen , I  love your show on fox. old shcool , I listen to you on radio , my spell sucks ? I am a single father , my boy is 15 now  , my life sucks , no money , but if you talked to my son he is the best history mind,and  in the world ..i got alot to say ,,go on ,you are awesome . 

  • Tom

    That is why I do not watch these morons, Mathews is no journalist, he is a political pundit, and a very stupid one at that.

  • sharinite

    Chris Mathews has seriously begun to lose his mind…someone who cares about him should have him checked for dementia and/or paranoia.  He has already lost some of his mind but I believe he very close to losing it altogether!!

  • Anonymous

    I personally don’t see what was so “Terrible” about his birther joke.   I thought it was interesting and funny (for Romney).   I wish we could have MORE humor in this campaign.  

    Sure Obama was born in the United States… but by his own admission he was raised to adulthood OUTSIDE the United States and attended college on scolarships intended for foriegn students.  While on the other hand the other candidate for president was not only born in the USA, he was RAISED in the United States by a well known American father who was highly involved in American politics, business and community service in the United States… (instead of a father who was a revolutionary pushing Socialism in Kenya).   One led numerous US Companies back to productivity, and lead the US Olympic Committee out tough times, and was elected Governor of a State( in the United States).   IMO… One just has a lot more American background than the other, quite obviously if you ask me.

    On the point of humor being banned by some snobs in the media (only for Republican candidates)…  Obama has FREQUENTLY thrown jokes into HIS speaches… where’s the media outrage on Obama’s jokes (good or bad)?

  • Anonymous

    I think snowleopard has nailed it.When we used to talk about “George Bush Derangement Syndrome” having infected the ever-so-objective journalists like Matthews, it is more likely that it’s simply the logical result of allowing liberalosity metastasize into it’s ultimate manifestation. “Blatant, proud, determined and unabashed insanity”
    The greatest impact I’m left with about this segment of the program is wondering what sort of screening questions MSNBC must use in order to stack their studio audience with nitwits that would actually applauded Matthews’ absurd accusations, and his totally wild-eyed behavior in making them????? What glittering jewels of colossal nescience!

  • greywolfrs

    Chris Matthews is an epic moron. He thinks having a debate with someone is talking over them and never letting them have the opportunity to say anything. Then, you get the left wing morons out here efending this P O S. Did you hear that Kyle? I called you a moron, moron.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I just can’t listen to Matthews.  He’s loud, arrogant, self-centered and refuses to allow anyone else to be heard.  The only voice he seems to want to hear is his own, so why indulge him by attempting to listen?

  • James Lewis

    Priebus should have walked over and punched the blowhard right in his mouth. I have never detested a pundit as much as I’ve grown to detest this disgusting piece of crap masquerading as a journalist. The DNC should keep him on their payroll – just as Ed Schultz is on the unions’
    payroll – for services rendered. America had better wake up the game these fools are running
    on us before it is too late…

    • Anonymous

      James Lewis,

      My boyfriend said “If I were Reince Priebus, I would’ve stuck my foot so far up Chris Matthew’s butt, he could taste the sweat on my toes”!

      Calling him a “blowhard” is an insult to “blowhards”!  Calling him a “disgusting piece of crap”, is an insult to “crap”!

  • Anonymous

    Its official…. Matthews is insane… Brookaw is on the brink…. and MSNBC is tabloid television…. sort of like lets invite crazy people to talk and ramble incoherently. God these people are awful. What a mess.

  • Anonymous

    Reality and Chrissy Matthews’ world have never had much in common.

  • Kelly Samples-Harvey


  • Ken

    Watching NBC is really nauseating. We know less about Obama than any other president. He has kept all his documents locked up. We don’t know anything about his college history, for example. He has something to hide plain and simple. 

  • Anonymous

    MSNBC no one watches the network,they are all not intelligence, with no credentials! MSNBC, I say,stands for Marxist-Socialist-Nationalized-Broadcasting-Center…

  • Craig Blanchard

    Oh, so you want everything to be one-sided.  Then let’s just have FOX news all day on all channels.  And everyone should look alike, dress alike, say the same things, eat the same food, all go to nascar, all drink Bud, all listen to the brilliant Glenn.  What an exciting world it would be.

  • Roberta Colin

    why do Republicans even go before these staked audience left wing shows? It’s like volunteering to be blindfolded and put before a firing squad.
    Matthews has no shame..what a bigoted, no tolerance, partisan, mad cuz he’s loosing, hack. Of course calling Matthews a hack is even being generous.

  • Poison_ Monkey

    Chris has my elderly Parents scared out of their heads… Palin in an evil Witch. However, Palin attends the exact same type of denominational Church, as my Parents?  Romney is a criminal element?  I thought I read in Dreams from My Father that Barry Obama was a Convicted Auto Thief. 

    My Mom received a death Panel letter last week because of the new Health Care law…go figure.

  • Dina Dunkelman

     How does welfare fit into “playing the race card”??? Are there no white people on welfare? Chris Matthews, in fact, is the one revealing himself as the true racist of the two….

  • Anonymous

    The birther thing is only popular with people who are interested in the truth.  That is a very small minority.  It is VERY politically unpopular on both sides.  Those on the right that have some interest in the truth will push it away, saying “what does it matter?”, and those who only care about political power and no interest in the truth (which is most of them) discard it and deride it. 

    And really, even though the evidence of Obama’s fraud is very easy to find and understand, what difference does it really make?  When we look historically, fraud and lies are the trademark of American politics – that is the only real selling point the left has for what they try to do in abolishing the American system.  Of course, they use lies and fraud to do it, and the system that they would end up with is fraudulent and lying, too.   And communistic, so it will be less economically favorable to the American people.  (Unless, of course, you are talking about the bottom 50% that pay no taxes and live on the government dole.  It will certainly be worse for the top 1% who pay 90% of all taxes, and the top 5% who pay 95% of all taxes.)

    Even if Jerome Corsi’s fondest dreams came true and the birther thing became front and center, and Obama was shown to be ineligible, what of it?  The Congress will not take back what they have done for the past three and half years.  The Courts will not do it.  Mitt Romney is also vulnerable to the birther thing, his father did not become an American citizen until Mitt was four years old, so he is not a “natural born citizen” either.  So what do you hope for?  Is this now “Paul Rand for President”, or is it a call for two brokered conventions?  Do you think that Herman Cain or Michelle Bachmann can somehow become the nominees?

    People that love the truth do not believe that Obama is eligible.  That’s a no-brainer.  But they also believe that it doesn’t make any difference in the real world, and that the system that exists in the United States is corrupt beyond saving anyway.  We grant you that our government is the best that has ever existed in human history, and that it gives us the most freedom of any people in history, and we also recognize that the freedom it gives is being eroded and removed by the corruption of the system.  We have been fortunate to live in these times, but these times are moving swiftly to their end. 

    So, as the Lord said, we pray, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done earth, as it is in heaven”.


    • Anonymous

       I didn’t answer my own question.  What is the problem with a communistic system?  Look back at the Soviet Union.  Communism and socialism doesn’t work, under any circumstances.  Without incentive to individually benefit, people do not work.  We are not a communistic species, we were not created that way.  “If a man will not work, neither let him eat” is imprinted in our DNA just as firmly as a respect for gravity.

      I am afraid that we are rugged individualists, every one.

  • Anonymous

     I didn’t answer my own questions.  What does it really matter?  It is symptomatic of the disease of corruption that plagues the American political system.

    What is the problem with a communistic system?  Look back at the Soviet Union.  Communissm doesn’t work,  under any circumstances.

  • Anonymous

    Awkward since of humor! If his mother is still living I can’t help but wonder if she considers him as cruel and unusual punishment.  Obama is a lying fraud.  I’m no longer concerned about where he was born, but where he lives.  Anyone who voted for Obama in 2008 just to prove they were not racist, should vote for someone else in 2012 to prove they are not totally stupid.

  • Nels Corey Magnuson

    I would have thought Chris Matthews was old enough that he would have gone through menopause years ago.  I guess he looks much older than his actual age.

  • Nels Corey Magnuson

    By the way, is there ANYONE in this nation who is only just now discovering that Chris Matthews is a twit, as a result of having watched this meltdown.  I would sort of expect that anyone who has ever heard or watched him more than once or twice knows full well that he is fifteen watts of current trying to light a 60-watt bulb.

  • Noreen Wilkins

    Matthews, stupid, assine comments. He’s politically biased- a Dem who refuses to believe that he’s just pushing 
    his own party/brand. TERRIBLE news commentator, no where close to journalist. He shouldn’t even be on tv…unless the media is, ONCE AGAIN, pushing a politically biased agenda. SOOOO, let’s get this straight…Obama is the best cus Matthews speaks over the host? Race? LOL!! European now< lol, how stupid, has he ever studied european economy? Matthews= IDIOT 

  • Anonymous

    Chris protesteth too much methinks.   

  • Anonymous
  • Java8

    Chirs Matthews is clearly unstable and should not be allowed to speak to those he interviews in this manner.  He treats BO and his cohorts like they were sent from God and then basically reprmands Mr. Priebus for stating an opinion.  Romney has been called every negative under the sun by BO and his clan, and Matthews goes into a mental collapse of a tirade because Priebus correctly compared BO’s political template to that used in European socialist countries?  He is a very sick man.  What is it with MSNBC….Keith Obermann and this Matthews idiot?!  Who can take that network seriously?  Sick.

  • ditchobama

    Chris Mathews has been nuts for years. I think Priebus handled himself well. But Matthews is like most Democrats I know- angry and confused, ready to lash out at anyone that remotely challenges their beliefs, and then they go off on a rant about Teddy Roosevelt, or FDR, or anything but Obama’s performance in Washington. Which sucks.

  • Java8


  • Anonymous

    Oh, please, Mr. Priebus, don’t confuse Chrissy with facts.  He’s confused enough and, you well

    know, he has his own agenda.   Calling Romney out on race because Mitt said something about

    his own b/c was dumb.  You can’t slap down the race card when race hasn’t been introduced

    into a topic.  If Romney were to remark that he likes to get out into the sun once in a while since

    he likes to tan, would that automatically be regarded as racist?  Probably, yes.  By those who

    like to play the race card whenever and wherever they can.   If Mitt were to remark about a little

    girl, that she sure looks cute, would he, then, be branded as one with pedophile leanings?

    Has common sense disappeared entirely from the political scene?

  • Sunshine Kid

    Chris Matthews has been going down for a long time, and I think his total mental/emotional collapse is eminent.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes I wish someone would just get up and smack the crap out of Matthews! I am so sick of hearing his brain dead crap and I never watch MSNBC!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Romney is a Rino Repube making that statement Hussein-Obama is nice just a bad President…He Is Not Nice!Hussein-Obama Is An AntiAmericanIslamist Terrorist! If YouAre Not Going To Fight To Win Back Our Country Get Out Of The Way and Let PaulRyan Run For President….Paul Ryan Can Win Because He Fights For The Truth! You Romney Do Not Fight!

  • Anonymous

    Obama did not take the work requirement out of welfare.  The recent changes were desired by the governors of the states –Republican and Democrat–to provide for some people to get training to qualify for jobs.  The fact that you and Mitt Romney refuse to acknowledge that shows that you are not interested in honesty.  You just want to win.  We must demand honesty from all candidates if we are going to improve things in this country.  You blame Obama for everything–you need to look at Congress.  In the end, the President does not have that much power.  It’s CONGRESS that we have to look a,t folks.  I don’t understand how you can continue to support a candidate who lies unless you too are  dishonest.  Christianity, by the way, is more than just talking about how much you love God.  How can you be a good Christian if you spend your life lying and cheating to win?

    Someone in this string still thinks Obama is not a US citizen–This little “joke” of Romney’s plays to people like this–people who are consumed by hate..  He did that deliberately to appeal to the racist element in the Republican Party and most of you who post here know that.  Why don’t you take a good look at yourself in the mirror and see if that’s really the kind of person you want to be?.  

    I’m an Independent.  I look hard to find honest people to vote for –sometimes I don’t agree with what they say, but I believe that it’s important to have good, honest people in there trying to figure things out.  There are not many good people out there any more.  i think we all know that.  

    • Sandie

       You need to look at Obama. He makes end runs around Congress when they don’t pass legislation that he wants: most recent example Obama’s orders on immigration   to get what he wants because Congress would not pass the Dream Act.
      If you want to talk about lies, I could fill your screen with Obama’s lies – page after page.
      Romney’s joke had nothing to do with racism or hate. That is in your mind which is telling. Maybe it is you who should be looking in the mirror.

      • greywolfrs

        Don’t let this idiot get you riled up. They talk about honesty, as they call someone wanting a valid B/C, a racist. That is a lie, in and of itself. They do not have the first clue about honesty and think they are some kind of voice for it. Just another Independent fool that doesn’t have the fortitude to pick a side.

        • Sandie

          Looks like the parrots and puppets are invading the place, some have their talking points memorized, the rest can’t even hack that so they are just spouting off ignorant rhetoric. They are just tools of the left – cannon fodder who can barely put 2 sentences together.

    • Anonymous

      I’d like to hear your explanation of how obama got into ANY college when he spent his entire college career screwing around, not attending classes, smoking with his chume gang BY HIS OWN ADMISSION!!!  Crazy chris excoriated Romney for attending private school when not only did crazy attend private schools (LaSalle College High School), but obama attended the most expensive, exclusive private school in Hawaii!!! How did he get into college???!!

    • Jessie Townsend

       900…900!…Executive Orders so far (BYPASSING CONGRESS!) when he couldn’t get support from them. Put the spending responsibility where it belongs, on this worst president in history.

      • Anonymous

        He tried to reach across the aisle but has been sandbagged by Republicans at every turn. Never has there been a Congress worse than this one. The guy tried to get a few things done. The Republicans in Congress did this for their own political reasons. They don’t care about you or me or they would have tried to work together to get something done.

        • greywolfrs

          Another lie, keep proving your hypocrisy, he Republicans in Congress were sent expressly to STOP him, because that is what the people wanted. They did what they were elected to do. Man, you are not an Independent, you are just another Obamao althletic supporter. Moron.

    • greywolfrs

      WOW! you talk about lying then call anyone who wants a valid B/C from anyone who is to president a racist? What does a B/C have to do with race? The answer: NOTHING. So, you complain about politicians lying and say we need to hold them to a higher standard, as you throw out a lie? I believe you need to look in the mirror, hypocrite.

      By the way, Independent means you don’t have moxy to pick a side. You are the kind person that has no conviction in your principles. I can see that by this post alone. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

      • Anonymous

        Even Romney has said the guy is an American citizen, for petessake. Don’t you call me a hypocrite. I don’t believe I’ve called you any names, though I am tempted. As for lack of conviction, I have plenty, but I am not a sheep. I would like smaller government (Republican idea) but I want affordable health insurance for 30 million people (Democrat idea). You get the idea. The Republican party is too far too the right for my taste and the Democrats are still pushing old ideas. That’s all I’m going to say. You definitely need to look in the mirror buddy. All this vicious anger and hatred. I’m one of your countrymen

        • greywolfrs

          Just calling a spade, a spade. I know hypocrites, like you, don’t like that, but the truth shall set you free. As I stated before, a valid B/C is a REQUIREMENT to be president, just because people want to see a VALID B/C has NOTHING to do with race. Yet, you say anyone wanting this REQUIRED piece of information is a racist. You are a liar, plain and simple.

          Again, you are liar, small government/big freedom is a Libertarian idea. Dunce. You want healthcare for all, you pay for it. You don’t get it both ways, healthcare for all expands government, as you say you want a smaller government. You know what, you are a fucking fool, S T F U, you stupid little kid.

  • ekimp252

    Priebus should have picked up a chair and beat Matthews into the floor with it. I would have.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a real shame Priebus didn’t say the reason he was snickering was because he was witnessing the rantings of a spitting mental case!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The racist in this group is obviously Mathews. He sees racism in Romney’s comment about the welfare changes…In essence he is saying that any comment on wlefare addresses only blacks.

    Typical hysterical libtard, reapeatedly talk over the guy he is asking questions of, never let him respond, then puff up and tell everyone he “is winning”.

    He’s a puke that ougt to be fired.

  • kathee smith

    WOW!!! Matthews please take those your blinders off, you have been in awe of Obama since day1, I recall you saying something during his campaign about seeing Obama, makes your legs tingle(or something to that effect)!!! Why does everything always come back to race, I never even think of race until guys like you bring it up….so hypocritical of the ‘D”s.  Those blinders and always using the “race card” when ANYONE dare ask questions about the Pres. is no good for ALL of us Americans!
    Man, the polls must be looking worse on the inside for this explosion of Matthews!

  • Joe Snuffy

    Apparently, Chris believes that EVERYTHING is racist, no matter how ridiculous.  When the Socialists have no leg to stand on, this is the cruch they lean on as a last resort.  Divide and conquer. Make it a “race” issue instead of a “failure to perform” issue.

    I heard Romney’s joke.  It was a joke.  Nothing else. Chris was there to make absolutely sure that he controlled the encounter.  Why? because if he allowed the RNC chair to actually speak, and tell the truth about Obama’s complete failure as a President, the SOCIALISTS wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.
    Yes, I said Socialists because that is what they are. I agree with Sununu. 

    Mr. Obama is, without any doubt, the WORST chief executive this country has ever had.  He has been on a mission to destroy our economy and our Constitution since day one.  His efforts to impose Marxist Communism on We the People of this United States is beyond treason in my view. 

    If I were the inoming President, my first action would be to order the Arrest of Mr. Obama for Treason and Sedition against the People of the United States.  I would then order every single rule, law, regulation, order and directive Obama ever signed to be immediately nullified.

    In looking toward our Future, I also believe that it is imperative that we construct an Amendment to our Constitution that makes it a CAPITAL criminal offense for ANY PERSON, regardless of their political party or position within our government to make any overt or covert attacks (including attacks made by third parties – i.e. the United Nations) against our Constitution.

    We simply must not allow any attacks on our Constitution or our Bill of Rights in the future.  If we don’t protect our Constitution better, we deserve whatever we get as a result. 

  • Anonymous

    Look at what his beliefs are and he is a Democrat.  You can so plainly see the difference in the Republicans and the Democrats.  God does not abide with the Democrats and you can plainly see that.  Thankful I am a Republican.  Feel sorry for the other side they stand for nothing.  It is said, “if you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything”.  You can certainly see that.  The Democrats are desperate and will stop at nothing to send out their message (which is negative)….scary!!!

  • Vote the Greed Out

    Chris has nothing else to say.  He hides the ball to distract from the obvious.  It might have something to do with his leg problem.  You can tell by looking at him that his circulation sucks.  And then that “shiver up the leg” comment.  Did I mention he has a circulatory problem. Yup, he does.  It may impact his brain also. Early onset.

  • T. Stark

    Chris Matthews proves that you don’t actually need a brain to survive!

  •ávez-Vásquez/813294532 Gloria Chávez Vásquez

    OH MY GOD! And this guy earns a huge salary as a commentator/journalist???? This man is paranoid at the very least!!! And what about the choir of idiots applauding Matthews’ crazy rant! Meanwhile the hypocritical media crones “call” for Chris Matthews to shut up and let the GOP Chairman (their guest) to answer (to what???). What a lack of ethics,manners, respect!!!! Here goes the shameless media!!!! 

  • Armando

    “The race card!” Shouts the old and slightly senile white guy. Chris is one of the largest Obama brown nosers. Yeah, that’s no tan and you can only imagine the smell.

  • Anonymous

    I wear my hip boots if Chris is on TV.  It is safer that way.  How he earns a paycheck shows the dumbing down in America.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Watch out, he’s getting that tingle! 

  • SargintRock

    I wince that the leader of the RNC is such a squeamish, pretty Boy that he could not lock horns and go in for the kill with a Chicago- type thug, mouthpiece for the Obama media!! We are dealing with gangsters and we better dummy up real fast!!!

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is a COMPLETE LUNATIC  and  MSNBC is a joke. The democratic party has fallen in to the sewer and Obama is the worst president in history! The lies and propaganda are pathetic and anyone who believes these idiots deserves what we will get if Obama gets reelected.

  • TippingPoint

    Joe you absolutely fail at controlling your own show; let Matthews vomit anger all over the RNC guests and you just sit there, your job is to moderate.

  • Anonymous

    What an angry child in a man’s clothing.  Maybe another less stressful profession would better suit him, little Master Chris.

  • Anonymous

    The libs are running scared. Matthews is, without question an idiot but I believe a true pulse point of where the left is actually. Others are just a little more calm than Matthews but they are all worried to be sure.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you think even Obama is like, “Dude–ease up!” about Chris Matthews?  Even an arrogant guy like him has got to be creeped out by someone who is so psycho.  

  • Fran x

    The man is an embarrasing joko a fool he needs mentel help.

  • Peggy Griffin

    Chris has no manners and is a disgrace to the news industry.  His rudeness, aggressiveness, and twisted insults toward a guest invited on the news show were so out of line he should have been fired on the spot.  He needs to go for some long-term counseling until he can get a handle on his emotions, before he hurts himself or someone else, by the looks of this embarrassing shout-down interview.  

  • Anonymous

    This country is becoming a total mess and they cannot even understand social programs.

  • Anonymous

    It is time to bring in the straightjacket and duct tape for Chris Matthews. Anyone notice the eye Tom Brokaw had on him? TOTALLY IRRATIONAL !!! Next time he feels that tingle up his leg will be the sign of a STROKE. Get him to the hospital!

  • Anonymous

    I love when the left freaks out, that tells me they are losing the arguement and their mind.They will not stick to the issues [economy,jobs] they keep talking about anything else. LOVE IT.

  • Anonymous

    maybe chris will untingle on NOV. 7th.

  • Mike

    I get chills every time I hear matthews speak.

    What a moron. I just wish Priebus would have said” Yes, he does look to Europe, Read his book.” Debt, NO JOBS, WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO?
    He should have also said seems to me Chris YOU WANT TO BE THE STORY. 

    ALSO_  OBAMA never put down any of the lies Harry Reid told and Wasserman SHitz told.

    Its politics Chris, its a rough game. Punch and be punched.

  • John Herman

    just typical of msnbc. if obama loses, wonder what excuse the libtards will come up with? and they will

    • Anonymous

      No excuses. If Romney takes over and his policies start to show success, all they will say is “Yes but…”.  

  • FedsMadeSarahPalinClick4Proof

    If only the media could report the truth about the cover up. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled last year? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin isn’t in this race and won’t be at the RNC because too many people now know the truth.

    Search PalinsDirtyLittleSecret for the BIGGEST cover up in world history before it disappears forever.

  • Anonymous

    How did this guy ever get his job? Psychologically, there is something definitely wrong with him. People who behave in this way usually are projecting their own inadequacies themselves. I think he must have done something awful in the past concerning race relations for his stupid, incredible ignorant responses. He cannot even complete a sentence or talk logically about a subject or issue without coming back to race. He is obsessive compulsive about race which is his problem not the country’s problem. He makes journalists look really bad. I remember when Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley and Chet Huntley would discuss both sides and you could never tell what they thought, they presented it in a PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVE MANNER. The Main Stream Media might as well be Communists for they are owned by BARACK INSANE OSAMA, ..OPPS..Obama. They are so obvious, it is just disgusting!!

  • Anonymous

    It seems so simple to me. There are only two issues: Social Equality or Social Responsibility. 
     Pride in personal success, or pride in “getting even”. 
     Look at what I earned, or look what they gave me. 

    In the “Olden Days” there was a campaign- “Don’t Be A Litterbug!”. It worked on a generation.  There should be a new campaign- “Don’t Be A Leech, Have Some Shame!”. Of course,THERE IS NO SHAME IN A TEMPORARY, UNEXPECTED CIRCUMSTANCE.
    ONLY THEN will we have a chance to recover emotionally and financially. 
    Capitalism is greed. SO WHAT? As long as there is integrity it is really just competition.
    What sports fan can’t understand that??? 

  • Anonymous

    glenn beck does another wonderful job of twisting, cutting and editing the segment to meet his ultimate goal of attacking another person.
    Of course glenn’s lemmings don’t mind, even on the heels of his last fake-lovey-dovey rally where glenn cried and preached peace, love, etc…
    Then glenn begins again with another character assault…what a hypocritical little douchebag!!!
    Hopefully Matthews will ignore glenn’s feeble attempt on getting some real media coverage and simply ignore his rants.
    I think it is hilarious to watch Fox News and the real media ignore glenn’s “life changing” rallies or even utter his name more than once a month.  Soon glenn will become as pathetic as rush and need to make more and more racist, sexist and bigoted statements to remind America that “yes, sadly” he is still alive.
    Keep up the hypocrisy glenn!!!
    P.S.  glenn, why didn’t the RNC give you (or even your pal palin) a spot at their convention?

    • greywolfrs

      I think your stupidity is hilarious. You are one dumb M F er, sticky chin the coward.

      • Anonymous

        As long as he is watching Glenn and FNC he is not helping his side. We should urge him to stay tuned. He is IRRELEVANT. 

    • Rahm Kota

      Hay idiot he posted the entire interview you know the one underneath the main one so this is hardly twisting words you twit. Do you get a thrill up your leg to when you hear you god speak? You know you’re not supposed to follow false gods.

  • Anonymous

    chris “i get a tingle in my leg” is unhinged – these people are just plain dangerous – my position is i don’t know if Obummer is a citizen or not but I do know he is far and away the most unqualified arrogant jerk that has ever been president – 70 days baby and he is out of here unless he figures out a way to declare marshall law – which i personally would not be surprised at.

  • Anonymous

    I think Matthews has finally and completely crossed over from reality to insanity.  He is beyond rude and delusional, and yet the fog brains in the audience seem to approve and applaud his deranged performance.  No wonder Obama still has 50% approval, the voters are in another alternative universe.

  • Anonymous

    Tingles Matthews is a rude, interrupting, obnoxious, despicable bucketmouth who has no grasp of reality.  The jerk is an absolute disgrace.

  • Diane Thompson

    This jerk gets more stupid and out-of-control on a daily basis!  He personally wants to “protect” Nobama; remember that “thrill up the back of my leg” comment he made famous!  He makes me sick & disgusted!

  • Mindy Rodriguez

    Too bad Matthews lost his journalistic abilities in the past…Matthews is going to be one of those crying the loudest if we go 100% under UN Agenda 21…But since MSNBC was foolish enough to let Matthews within 9,000 miles of RNC or any Republican at this time we can put on our thinking caps…how can we get their attention?  Boycott MSNBC and their advertisers until they fire Matthews or Matthews makes a national, sincere apology for his behavior. Start letting the advertisers know you are going to boycott them…..that is something they do not like…those ads cost millions.

  • fatherbradley

    Woah this site is hilarious.  (slowly backing away from this wacko fest)

    • greywolfrs

      Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  • Brett Champion

    They have told so many lies, that it’s getting harder to remember them and now the truth is starting to come out.

  • Anonymous

    STFU Brokaw, he DOESN’T know what it’s like to be an American, in fact he is the anti-American and Matthews, Obama was born in Kenya, face it he’s a lying criminal. 

    Sooner or later all the libs are going to have to come clean and admit they voted for Obama because he’s black because his policies are destroying the country.  Obamacare will add $662B in new debt for the country but he is lying the the American people trying to say it will reduce it by $138B (you can look this up easily by googling CBO and obamacare together). He’s a liar.

  • Anonymous

    MSNBC lives in such a closed loop, like all progressives, that they have no idea how bad they actually look. Bullying and attempts to destroy anothers character, or destroy anything that is good is their modus operandi. It will never change. Their audience is the uneducated, including those who have been indoctrinated in college. The only way we can lose this country is to become so indoctrinated that we stop questioning.

  • Anonymous

    What a true professional, that Chris Matthews…jeebus, he’s is LOSING it.  Actually, I should say he has LOST it.  He is part of the reason there can BE no intellectual debate between the parties – that requires intellect first.

  • Anonymous

    Love how all yall like to make fun of personal appearances when you have no better comebacks.  Yep, that and all republican men have sh*tty Leave It To Beaver haircuts from 1958.  We have now entered the middle school race for President, 2012.  

    • greywolfrs

      That all you got? The troll is weak with you.

  • Dennis Harper

    Long ago, Chris Matthews was a good commentator. He wasn’t known for the sad warped tirades we now witness everyday. In fact he would weave genuine humor into his political observations and interviews. He’s become hypersensitive and paranoid to the point where it’s not possible for a non-lib to sit with him without a manic attack. Someone needs to tell him he needs professional intervention. It’s sad to see a once vibrant nice guy become a person to be pitied. Shame on MSNBC for not quietly retiring him and getting him the help he needs.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews achieved what he wanted to achieve.  He spewed his comments, started an argument and succeeded in preventing Reince Priebus from having a civil conversation or discuss on issues that this Republican National Convention is here to put forth for America.  Just another dirty trick by the democratic hacks to change the topic from what is important to Americans future. 

  • Anonymous

    Just like some little brat, Matthews says, “He brought it up”. Oh, sure, Chris, you acting like a horse’s a$$ was someone else’s fault. 

  • Michelle Gonka

    Matthews Has lost his mind! I used to watch his show and he was tough but he has really got nutty since Obama got into Office. The guy needs a padded room to chill out in.

  • Evilhon Tampa

    I am convinced Mathews is color blind…  Check out his shirt and tie in this video & his broadcast Tuesday night of the RNC.  Is CNBC cash strapped that they can not afford a warerobe manager on set?  Does anyone at CNBC cares that he dresses like a clown?

  • Anonymous

    Think everybody should go see the movie Obama 2016 right NOW.

  • Liz Schiavone

    It is interesting how you all focus on what, chris matthews hair… Really, wake up. what would any president have done after inheriting the mess that bush created. I guess we will never know. It is easy to speak from the peanut gallery, but, to walk in a Presidents shoes is another thing. So, dont just go by soundbites, dont just listen to what others say, and walk  what the with  eyes shout believing what the media says. Educate yourselves. Read up on both candidates. What has the Congress done? They say they want smaller government but yet the states are taking away women rights  to choose. They want to do away with Medicare and Social Security for our young people the are suppressing the vote. They want to give tax breaks to the upper 2%… Do they really need the tax break really. What will happen to the middle class. Why give corporations incentives to outsource. Why are we not making things here in American. Why did the GOP want to let our American car manufacturers go bankrupt but yet they bailed our wall street with the middle class picking up the tab. Are you all so blinded … You all say you want to take this country back.. What does that mean.. This is country belongs to ALL of us not just the right wing.  Where is the plan from the GOP and Willard to get this country back on track… Why did the Congress vote down the Presidents Job act.?  It is sad how this country has become so divided. 

  • Anonymous

    Wish he would keep melting and disappear.

  • Lee Barrows

    If you want to hear Michelle Obama’s own words saying Barack  Obama’s Home country is Kenya Listen to this utube Video!!!

  • Anonymous

    “Because you’re losing, that’s why”. 
    Progressive projection.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews is simply and purely a “bully”.  That’s how he ‘thinks’ he wins arguments.  There is no rational discussion with Chris because he thinks he is always ‘right’ about everything.  I can’t wait to see his reaction the day after the November election!  Priceless, to be sure!

  • Janet Kliven

    Chris Matthews is the biggest jerk I have ever heard!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am glad that I am not the only one who believes that Chris Matthews is the dumbest guy on the planet. I actually researched his educational history to see if he graduated from high school. Matthews’ ignorance is far outdistanced by his anger, hostility, and own bitterness which is all fueled by his fear. Between Mattews and Al Sharpton the accusation of racism is their central go to response. It reminds me of the quote “If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” (Abraham Maslow, The Psychology of Science, 1966, p15).

  • Anonymous

     Is Chris Matthew a Canadian?

    Canada, the only country were women piss standing up & men have PMS.

  • Bill Broadbent

    Chris Matthews didn’t build his terrible ratings, someone else did.

  • Bill Broadbent

    Yes – Bob is a Racist

  • Anonymous

    What’s hysterical is that the bar and all those bottles of liquor are squarely in the shot behind Matthews.  Enough said….

  • Richard Pratt

    Chis Matthews is obviously mentaly challenged….he needs to get back on his medication. Its like he is vomiting while whining…total malfuntion of the mind. He needs to retire.

  • Richard Pratt

    I bet Chris has one major Marijuana stash!

  • Anonymous

    This episode just confirms what Chris Mathews is all about…I can’t find the words to describe. I just want to say to Glen that you have the best 2 “sidekicks” in radio.

  • William Thomas Long Jr.

    Chris Matthews needs to be institutionalized. He is seriously demented.

  • Anonymous

    Hey this group is loaded with communist interviewers… get up tell them they don’t know what they are talking about and that they are a waste of time…then leave.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Mathews., the Professional Idiot of MSNBC.

  • Anonymous

    He talked about it on August 27th & the 28th, he wants it to become a big talking point, but it really isn’t. Chris Matthews starts talking, then never shuts up, interrupts any response before it can even be said just to hear his own voice and his own platform.  Just shows me he doesn’t have anything smart to talk about but this??? I don’t think he knows how to discuss anything, only to talk over anyone else so really nothing gets said and he looks like an idiot.  They should can him, he is a terrible interview and a horrible interviewer.  Sounds like desperation and grabbing at straws.

  • Steve Hosfield

    Maybe Mathews is a member of the same gay bathhouse that Obummer is a member of in Chicago. He sure is in love with him

  • old fashioned

    Chris Matthews is obviously on his way to a nervous breakdown.  His face is twisted up with hatred.  It is very upsetting to watch someone who is so delusional.  MSNBC should give him early retirement.

  • Anonymous

    Chris Matthews has a tingle addiction…and needs a good strokin from the King of Strokin-with-the-Travelers, the Fudgepacker himself.

  • Wolfgang Lehrner

    Matthews is a Marine veteran of the VietNam War?

    Fat freaken chance. He was in the Peace Corp during VietNam.

  • Anonymous

    How do you defend an empty suit–it is an illusion and makes you crazy–hence the crisis that dingbat Matthews is facing–he has nothing to defend…………….

  • Anonymous

    Is NBC really proud of the raging wingnuts that they employ at MSNBC? It amazes me that a business entity would employ the MSNBC “kook brigade”. Don’t they even care about their lack of ratings?

  • Janet Revell

    Back in the day I used to listen to Chris Matthews and think the guy was reasonably astute and connected with his audience, even though I didn’t agree with his liberal bias. Now he just comes off as a crochety old man who is losing his grip on reality.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Chris Matthews went to see the movie 2016 and yelled at the screen for 2 hours?

  • Anonymous

    Matthews frenzied himself to come “off the rails”, “unglued”, and simultaneously tried to “adroitly” embarass by being subtly abusive, overtly impatient.  In disguised pretention of emotional outrage he cleverly calls the Chairman a liar cloaked in the words “cleverly disguised”.  In order to prevail his point, Matthews allows his mental disturbance to become a point of view based on emotionalism, delivered in the style of a woman scorned via ad hominum abusives, accusatories, inflamatories … etc..
    … he played to his studio (applausers) and TV audiences (Obama, et al?), staying true to his audience base who enjoy this form of mental disorderliness.  What a shame this ham gets paid to do this.
        A side note:  I got rid of TV ten, maybe fifteen years ago and when I saw this video I became amazed at Matthews’ physical disintigration.  The years have not been kind to this tired, worn out liberal relic.  He seems in ill health, because, it seems to me he looks exhausted and sad, as if he had been left home alone as a child, lost his way in life, and like Harry Belafonte, has become desparate for just one more hit before he dies.  What a shameful waste of an untalented American.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is losing his mind time to send to the mental ward for a check up.

  • Jean Terry

    What a fool Chris Matthews is!  He is so angry, methinks that deep in his heart he doesn’t really love Obama at all.  He protests too much.  He is rude and I don’t have much respect for Brokaw or the other people on stage.  They should have put Mathews in his place .  Riebus was terrific in a miserable situation. 

  • Anonymous

    My only comment is why on God’s green earth would anyone from the RNC even bother to show up on any MSNBC program, let alone when that idiot Mathews is on the panel. They should have known it would become a heckling match, with audience clapping for Mathews ( anyone with half a brain would not be in an MSNBC audience to begin with!!! ) Priebus should have stayed home and had a nice breakfast with his family but instead got heartburn being fed such dribble from Mathews.

  • LVS

    Clint Eastwood invented “Invisible Obama” and the Democrats are laughing at him ?

    I love the biased media getting all worked up about Clint Eastwood it shows they don’t get it.

    I think I even failed to understand what a good director Clint Eastwood is. He was at a Republican National Convention and I thought he was talking to Republicans. I thought his speech was a little unprepared but I now think he knew who he was talking to. He was talking to Democrats. When he said I know what you are thinking, what’s a movie tradesman doing out here? You know they are all left wingers out there, left of Lenin. I should have known he was talking to Democrats. I should have known he was talking to the Democrats when he said ‘When somebody does not do the job we’ve gotta let them go.’ He was giving them permission.

    When he said ‘three and a half years ago they were talking about hope and change and they were talking about, yes we can, and it was dark outdoors, and it was nice, and people were lighting candles.They were saying, I just thought, this was great. Everybody is trying, Oprah was crying.I was even crying. He was talking to Democrats. He could have done a one armed push up like Jack Palance but the empty chair got a bigger laugh. We saw another great production from Clint Eastwood.

    “Clint” Eastwood, an American film actor, director, producer, composer, brilliant politician and political strategist got the media to show his short film every 10 minutes for three days. I wonder how long it will take for them to figure out how smart he is.

  • LVS

    The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C is going to be exciting. The TV coverage will have special speakers and surprise guests. Tune in and watch.

    The Democratic National Convention is having some problems. The DNC organizers have had an uphill battle to whip up enthusiasm for the event among the party faithful, and many Democrats, facing tough electoral challengers, have sent their regrets, but they won’t be able to speak. It seems 37% of the Senators are in their late 60’s to late 80’s and its past their bedtime.
    Hillary Clinton, is missing the Democratic convention for the first time in her adult life and she will not speak. Vice President Joe Biden will be able to speak and said he would stand next to any empty chair at the convention.

    The DNC organizers have not said if they can get a special speaker like Oprah even though she supported Obama in 2008. Oprah Winfrey and First Lady Michelle Obama have clashed repeatedly behind the scenes, an unseen war that has dramatically played out before and during Barack Obama’s presidency,

    The DNC is not as ashamed of Carter as they were in the past. Jimmy will not show up in person for the Democratic Convention but Jimmy Carter will address the convention by video. They need to have the Hispanic and Latino Vote so they will have Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio speak. Gay activists want to use the convention as a platform to agitate for repeal of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.
    Hillary Clinton, is missing the convention but Bill Clinton said he will give the nominating speech for Obama as long as Monica Lewinsky is not in town. Bill thinks with his wife away it would not be appropriate.
    An inspirational speaker will talk about Obama’s religious beliefs. They could start with someone talking about his younger years like Louis Farrakhan. After that his pastor should say a few words. Barack Hussein Obama’s beliefs were formed by his upbringing, which has been reported as being heavily influenced by his Pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright. The reverends inflammatory rhetoric, such as saying that blacks should not sing “God Bless America” but “God damn America” could be a problem.
    Obama has a list of backers that have endorsed him like the AFL-CIO, Jon Corzine, Al Sharpton, Bill Maher, Dianne Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer. They could not get an endorsement from Hillary Clinton but Bill and Gennifer Flowers said they endorsed Obama.

    Harry Reid of Nevada and House Democratic Nancy Pelosi will speak on investing in America. Nancy Pelosi, and her husband have participated in at least eight IPOs while having access to information directly relating to the companies involved. One of those came in 2008, from Visa, just as a troublesome piece of legislation that would have hurt credit card companies, began making its way through the House. Nancy took care of that.

    Nancy Pelosi will also lead a presentation of the women of the House. Bill has nominated Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, and a few others but Linda Tripp got mad and told Pelosi she had to have a different list.

    Jeremiah Wright, Nancy Pelosi, Bill Clinton, and Harry Reid will be the most interesting speakers but we will have to wait and see if Oprah Winfrey gets to speak. Michelle Obama thinks Oprah Winfrey is way too fat and her legs look like ham hocks but I think she is just jealous and doesn’t want Oprah after her husband.

    I heard Bill Clinton getting ready for his speech. We’re going to have to have a little chat about that. And then, I just wondered, all these promises– I wondered about when the — what do you want me to tell Romney? I can’t tell him to do that. I can’t tell him to do that to himself.

  • Nonof Urbusiness

    Chris Matthews is just having a hard time dealing with reality. He has lived inside his own mind all his life. Now, reality is seeping in and he can not adjust. Chris is a legend in his own mind and he can not give that up. He is defending, not Obama, but his own totally distorted view of the world. This is a little child that can’t face reality. I think deep down Chris knows this and simply can not let go of his delusions. I find it strange that anyone would even talk with him. If I were at the table I would not even talk to him. Talk past him, over him, and round him and talk to those who actually think, reason and have a grasp of reality. Chris is finished and I think he is beginning to sense it.

  • Anonymous

    Mathews is discredited I don’t know what he thinks his future is unless it is white House Press Secretary.

  • Denise Jordan

    Good for you Chris!  You  called him out on issues others wish they had but didnt have the guts to.  Im with you 100%.  Sick of their lies and their antics!!

  • Chris Rasmussen

     For some unexplainable reason, jokers like Chris Matthews seem to want, among other things, for this black President (well, he’s half-black, anyway) to be successful.  I think it has to do with these unusual facts:
    – Just a few years ater 9/11, somehow a BLACK man with a Muslim name is elected to the Presidency of the United States.  And this is in the racist, Islamophobic nation known as the United States of America!
    – Obama has a highly unusual family background, with interracial parents, one from Africa!  And a black boy in Hawaii, of all places.  Black boys are supposed to be in Alabama or Louisiana or Harlem, not living among the palm trees of Hawaii.
    – There have always been a question about Barack Obama’s actual birthplace.  And this revealed a HUGE problem in this country–there is absolutely NO process or procedure to ensure that the explicit constitutional requirements for the Presidency are met.  Oddly, Obama’s opponent in the election, John McCain, was NOT born in the United States.  In fact, there are some who question McCain’s constitutional eligbility to be President.  And here we are at another election 4 years later, and NOTHING has been done about that deplorable deficiency.  Those who claim that the Constitution is respected in this country are kidding themselves and us; we don’t even pay attention to stated requirements for our highest office.  Has anyone in some official capacity reviewed the birth records of Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan and the other presidential candidates?   There is no such official capacity, only idle words in the Constitution.

  • Anonymous

    Did Chris piss down his leg again during this debate?

  • Mylon Stark

    Am I to understand Mr.Beck is judging Chris Matthews? The same Mr. Beck whose narcissim clouds any sense of reality? The same Mr. Beck whose oral spewings are ascerbic nonsense? THAT Mr. Beck.

    It Is to Laugh!

  • Anthony (FL)

    I’m amazed how offended everyone is. I thought fox news watchers would be use to these type of tactics. Seems like some of you right wingers can’t take ur own medicine. I don’t agree with the tone but I’m getting a lot pleasure hearing you cry about it. =D

  • Gary A. Anderson


  • Lillian O’Brien

    wow……..I saw that morning joe with matthews…….he was not being an idiot, he said what others were afraid to say…….he put Rance P on edge with nervous laughter. I’m sure this will not be posted since I do not agree with you.

  • Saty13

    Chris Matthews was awesome. And Tom Brokaw also showed some cajones in standing up to Preibus’s BS. The one who was lame was Joe, who knows Matthews was right but couldn’t let himself get sucked into attacking his own pathetic party.

    • Anonymous

      This guy, Saty13, thinks C. Matthews is awesome? Well I know where the bar is here!

    • Anonymous

      This guy, Saty13, thinks C. Matthews is awesome? Well I know where the bar is here!

  • Randy Strong

    Below is a list of sponsors for Chris Matthews’s show. Please pass this on to everyone you know & ask them to e-mail these sponsors to let them know purchases will not be made on their products as long as they are sponsoring this wacko. Thank you

  • Nicie Randall

    Chris is insane. Him and Rush brothers.

  • Anonymous

    Give Chris Matthews a break.  He is showing clear and obvious signs of dementia and will likely disappear from the airwaves after this election.  He has been slipping mentally for at least 2 years but the rate of his deterioration has really accelerated in the past six months.  His unkempt appearance, fits of uncontrollable rage and general sense of confusion all point to a clinical diagnosis of dementia.  It’s a sad thing to watch a formerly functioning human being fal l apart before our eyes even if we don’t agree with his politics.  Where is Sanjay Gupta when we need him?  He should be able to make the diagnosis and help to get Chris off the air and into a nursing home before he gets any worse and further embarrasses himself and NBC.

  • David Newcastle

    Hahaha, awesome. Just awesome. Wow, Chris Matthews just ripped him out a new ass hole. Thanks for sharing this. Priebus is an evil little snake in the garden, hawking bad apples. Finally, an American journalist actually willing to stand up and call out a blatantly dishonest politician on his tow-the-party-line-BS.

  • Sandra Miller-Louden

    Matthews is obnoxious.  I no longer watch him.  I truly think he is unhinged, plus why doesn’t he just host a monologue show.  Guests he disagrees with can never get more than 5 words out at a time.  Plus, he slams a mike in a teenager’s face & when the kid tries to answer, Chris completely insulted him.  What a Grade A Jerk…Chris, get some counseling.

  • Bradshaw Mountain

    Way to go Chris that’s standing up to em. And let me tell you that was not his awkward way of telling a joke. It was meant for just what it was-an implication that he is not a us citizen. And if they think you were talking over that little pipsqueak maybe that needs to be done to stop the ignorant lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David Eberhardt

    mika, brokaw, priebus- assholes- easily- thank u chris- these 3 should b fired by whomever hires them-

  • Gino Testone

    Chris mathew you are not but a pile of dog pup

  • Gino Testone

    chris mathew you are not but a pile of dog pup

  • Marshella Dillon


  • Suzanne Young

    Matthews was not unhinged or insane as one of you claimed!  utterly ridiculous!  He was totally right in defending Mr. Obama!  After a while we all got sick of hearing how Barack is  trying to Europeanize us?  (i.e. make us a socialist country?) Merely the on going vitriol of the right wing propaganda that so proliferates our media!  So you’re quite certain that Mr. Obama lays in bed at night with Michelle and confides his agenda of socialism ?  Oh and during the day, because he has nothing else to do…he and his associates conjur up the socialist agenda they’re planning/!   You who believe this bunk lack first of all lack emotional intelligence, and secondly, any intelligence !  Let’s see, he’s a non citizen,  commey, socialist, apparently according to Trump no one remembers him from school, let’s see what else…….He never taught constitutional law and other things , oh yes and he’s a” narcissist and out of his mind?!” as one ignorant comment said………where do you idiots get off?  Chris Matthews is as sick of your crap as many of us and so what if he’s losing it?!  I would to if i had to put up with the likes of most of you day in and day out!  Just grow up and do your homework!  Oh and p.s,..Mr. Obama is president of the US once again….thank god!

  • Anonymous

    You repulse lost get over it.

  • Anonymous

    Losers still trying to find something to bitch about

  • Tim Jones

    Chris matthews is a complete joke.

  • Terry Tubb


  • Dr. Nice oneman

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  • Nick Riley

    Rand Paul 2016!

  • Matt

    Umm…his first name is not Mitt. Try Willard…

  • Doris C

    Matthews is an idiot. Msnbc should revamp their anchors

  • LeadSponge

    I live in Europe right now as an expat. It’s far from a cradle-to-grave welfare state. These dudes are morons.

  • tiaraboo

    Chris Matthews is having a melt down! Shame on him. I think he needs couch time REALLY!

  • tiaraboo

    and THIS my friends is precisely WHY MSNBC is losing viewers faster then the TITANIC sunk!

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