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First of all, who is the Golden Dawn Party? Oh…just the Nazis – and as they continue to gain influence in Greece, the New York Times is reporting that the Golden Dawn Party is apparently attempting to spread their roots in New York City. Is there anyone who could have predicted this? Like a slightly pudgy radio and television host with a penchant for suspenders? Anyone know anyone like that?

“I don’t know why they’re getting into these conspiracies and this fear‑mongering at the New York Times but now (The Golden Dawn Party) actually has a website and is organizing people in New York City.  It’s the Nazis.  Warning,” Glenn said.

The New York Times reports:

Just a few months ago, the name Golden Dawn was something to be whispered in Greece.

But three months after the extremist right-wing group won an electoral foothold in Parliament, talk of Golden Dawn seems to be on everybody’s lips.

In cafes, taxis and bars, Greeks across the political spectrum are discussing the palpable surge in Golden Dawn’s popularity, which has risen in recent political polls even as the group steps up a campaign of vigilantism and attacks against immigrants.

The poll gains come amid growing disenchantment over rising illegal immigration, and with the government of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, which is being forced by its international lenders to push through $15 billion in additional, highly unpopular, austerity measures. If Greece were to hold new elections soon, Golden Dawn could emerge as the third-largest party in Parliament, behind Mr. Samaras’s New Democracy and the left-wing Syriza. Currently, Golden Dawn is the fifth largest, with 18 out of 300 seats.

“Why are these things happening?  If you look at the article, if you look at the articles that talk about in Greece or in the New York Times that talk about the Nazis, the Golden Dawn party coming here, you will see that people are talking ‑‑ that are supporting these guys that they’ve just had enough,  quoting:  ‘The unholy alliance of the bankers, the media, corrupt politicians and the educational system are vehemently attempting to extinguish all traces of Hellenism — past, present and future — through poverty, historical revisionism, media distortions and third world immigration. Golden Dawn is the only party that truly recognizes the problem and has the solution’,” Glenn read.

Glenn said that some of the people in Greece said the Golden Dawn are “the only ones out there demonstrating they care about the Greek people.” He also warned that with the bias and lies in the media and the feeling of many in America that no one in government represents their interests, similar radical groups could gain a foothold here in America.