TheBlaze Radio launches today with Marconi winner Jay Severin, Glenn’s radio and TV shows

Click here to listen to TheBlaze Radio Network – Glenn’s radio show airs LIVE 9am-Noon ET and replays at 7pm ET and 4am ET. His TV show airs LIVE at 5pm ET and replays at 3am ET and 7am ET.

Starting today, Glenn’s radio and TV shows will be joining a brand new online radio channel – TheBlaze Radio Network! Glenn will also be joined by radio co-hosts, Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere, as well as radio personality and Marconi Award nominee Jay Severin.

For the past two years, Glenn’s radio show has been available 24/7 as part of a free audio stream here on In order to give fans even more entertaining and informative programming, the free audio stream is expanding to include a host of shows featuring top talent from TheBlaze as well as new addition Jay Severin. Now, when you go to click “Listen Now” on the homepage or the “Radio” page, you’ll launch this exciting new radio channel.

The “Jay Severin Show”, available exclusively on TheBlaze Radio, is a mix of political commentary and satire, with a mission of exposing the truth without barriers. Jay Severin, hailed by NewsMax Magazine as one of America’s Top 25 Radio Hosts,  has served as host of nationally syndicated and regional radio programs including New York and Boston, for which he has been nominated for the Marconi Award for Top National Radio Major Market Personality. Severin has also been a political analyst with NBC News, CNBC, MSNBC and has appeared on  Fox News, CBS, ABC, Nightline, The John McLaughlin Show, PBS, CNN and NPR. He has authored Op-Ed articles for the New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle and The Boston Globe.

Joel Cheatwood, President and Chief Content Officer at TheBlaze, said “We are excited to continue making TheBlaze a destination for news, information and entertainment programming across multiple platforms. Jay is an incredible talent and is the perfect host to launch The Blaze Network.”

TheBlaze Radio Network’s launch line-up is:

• 9am-Noon: The Glenn Beck Radio Program
• Noon-2: Pat and Stu
• 2-5: Jay Severin
• 5-6: Glenn Beck (simulcast of Glenn’s daily TV show)
• 6-7: Real News from the Blaze (simulcast of TV)

TheBlaze Radio Network can be heard starting today on iHeartRadio, Clear Channel’s free industry-leading digital radio service,, and TheBlaze iPhone and iPad apps.

  • MediaBlackoutExposedClickHere

    Another diversion story since the truth has leaked out. Know what Obama is really about? Obama is about creating a communist controlled America..

    The biggest fraud has been perpetuated on the American people and the media cannot report on it. The truth is deeper than you can imagine and leaked at the link in my name..

  • Anonymous

    Our absentee ballot for Virginia went out yesterday! I’m not sure how polls consider the absentee vote? That could be the dark horse! I haven’t voted since we moved out of the country…I had a Dem friend who told me I couldn’t vote unless I was military or on assignment. 
    I made it a point this year to find out my rights as an AMERICAN! I love my country and am proud to be an american ask any of my Canadian friends!! GO ROMNEY/RYAN!!!

  • mike donovan

    Boston’s own “Little Lenin” is back “educating” the public by repeating the daily talking points of Israel lobby AIPAC.  Our own little favorite Bill Kristol is back, teaching us how “we” need to get the Mooozlums for Israel, ahem, I mean for *our* own safety.  Kiss our blood and treasure goodbye, Jay’s got a lot of wars for us!

    • Anonymous

      About a year or two ago, Jay began challenging callers for sources on “Iran” news.  Apparently someone filled him in on the scam.

      Iran was and is a British project, meaning Muslims and Jews alike are at their mercy.  But if you feel like blaming one group or the other, I probably can’t convince you of anything.

  • James Beckham

    My, my, how much the schedule has changed since. Now it’s:
    6am-9am: The Morning Blaze w/Doc and Skip
    9am-Noon: The Glenn Beck Program
    Noon-3pm: The Buck Sexton Show
    3pm-5pm: Jay Severin
    5pm-7pm: Pat and Stu

    And there’s also a great weekend lineup that includes “Handel on the Law,” “Mike Slater,” and “Wallbuilders.”

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