Glenn: Media focuses too much on old Obama tape, not enough on Libya


Glenn spent the Tuesday’s monologue on his TV show addressing in detail some of the points he originally brought up on radio. Check out the monologue below and see why Glenn thinks we all need to be asking the very important question: Why?

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Glenn questioned the wisdom of many on the right who are pushing the latest ‘bombshell’ Obama tape which revealed little new information if any at all. Obama’s on tape explaining why he wants to raise energy prices and that didn’t work – why would this tape change people’s minds?

“I can’t take that speech. When the speech tape (aired) I looked at Stu, and said why? Why would you do that? With everything that’s going on. All of these important stories – why would you release that tape? Why is that important? Libya. It’s like you’re working for the administration. Libya. Why?”

Glenn warned that if the media doesn’t start hammering Libya, the Middle East, and foreign policy then the story would fade away. Hammering Obama on issues that he weathered in the 2008 election will not help defeat him this election.

“You’ve got three weeks gang. They’re not going to do it. This (Libya) is going to be erased or buried.”

Stu pointed out that the State Department has now pulled all government personnel out of Benghazi, possibly ending any hopes of a real investigation into what happened.

“How is it we haven’t had anybody over there. Again press, the question is why? Why was our ambassador there? Why was he alone? Why didn’t he have his security personnel? Why? Why did he warn? Why did everyone say ‘It’s dangerous. It’s happening.’ They begged – you did nothing. Why? What are you hiding in Benghazi? Why can’t the F.B.I. go investigate? Why did you say that there was an investigation going on and you can’t comment on it until the investigation is completed – and there is no investigation! Why? That’s the question that a two-year-old asks, and yet our press will not ask. Why?,” Glenn said.

“It’s crazy. It’s not just this. It’s everything. It’s Holder. It’s Eric Holder in Fast and Furious. Why? Why? Why, why, why, why? Why is this happening? It’s crazy,” he said.

What have you missed while the media was focused on a speech Obama gave in 2007? Click Here to find out!

Glenn also warned against people solely focusing on the House and Senate. He said that this President has been bypassing Congress at every opportunity and will continue to push his agenda through.


  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Benghazi-gate continues on, as there are stories of documents still being found by reporters 3 weeks after the ambassador/guards deaths. This story needs to be told, each and every detail must be told to the public and damn the consequences; for the sake of the families of the fallen.

    Obama has lied, distorted, twisted facts, and cast blame on others (along with Pelosi) while refusing to tell the truth, or accept the blame himself for his failure in the matter. Now with the new tape of 2007 being released, the admin and the MSM are using it as a foil to distract people attention from the Libyan matter.

    At the very least Obama is guilty of deliberate negligence; at worse outright murder, as with Fast and Furious. It is time for the House of Obama to come down completely, he has to face justice for his crimes.

  • Sam Fisher

    Don’t let this die demand answers. We must treat this as 9/11 we must asked the hard questions. We must demand justice. Set up protest and demand they answer us on Lybia. The families that lost love ones in these cowardly attacks deserve answers. Make a stand people tea party leaders where the hell are you we should be marching in front of the damn White House. It is time to act no more sitting around on our hands.

  • Anonymous

    The press is still working for Obama. That is why they are sitting on details of the Lybia story. That is why we hear nothing about Fast & Furious. And that is why we hear nothing about his failure to propose any remedy for Taxmageddon. The MSM has been working for Socialist/Communist causes for 60 years and Obama is their darling, so we will hear NOTHING from them that would lessen his chances for re-election. Anyone who wastes their time on television “news” will be fed a littany of lies that will fog their mind and prevent them from knowing the truth.

  • Anonymous

    Guess one of the reasons is in ’07, B.O. was speaking with a fake accent to appeal to the blacks to whom he was addressing and playing the class card. They, then, played one from early ’08 where he appears like a different person.
    You know why the media is not talking about Libya—though they should. It makes ”their man” look bad, weak. Can’t have that. Hope a future prez debate will touch on foreign affairs so this can be addressed. Wonder how B.O. will handle being asked really tough questions? Not by the moderator, of course, but by Romney—if he gets the chance.

  • Draxx

    Our President has gone from “Plausible Deniability” to “TOTAL Deniability” …

  • Draxx

    Obummer should have a tattoo on his forehead of an “L” for Liar, Loser, Lost, Liable, Lonely, Leaving Office!!!

  • Anonymous

    You wanna focus on a tape? Go to and check out obama debt comment/ march ’06. He made the statement when he was a freshman senator from IL. This blows my mind! Of course he will say: That was then, this is now.
    All Romney has to do is play/show B.O.’s own words in any of his (R’s) ads. The hue and cry would be that they are taken out of context. So, give the background.

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