Sore loser: Spitzer tries to save face, fails yet again

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The Dish event between Glenn Beck and Eliot Spitzer did not go well for the former Governor. Despite weeks of painstaking preparation, Spitzer managed to lose badly to Glenn who wore a t-shirt and drew charts on his hand in sharpie. Clearly still steaming after the loss, he tried to save face on a liberal site, but failed once again.

“I wasn’t going to say anything until he wrote in Slate how, you know, he tried to engage me backstage and tried to talk to me about facts and I didn’t have any facts. No, Elliot. I don’t care. I don’t care about my little conversation with you. I was clawing my eyes out to get away from you,” Glenn said.

Stu tried to step in and defend Spitzer to an extent, saying, “Okay, you know. Look. He’s a guy who’s on Current. He’s trying to get attention for his show. You know, good for him. Good for him.”

Spitzer wrote on Slate:

The passion they summon for their anti-government rhetoric is based on a strong emotional need to channel a visceral anger against the state of the world—and the government has become the perfect target for their ire. What transforms their anti-government views into a form of bizarre patriotism is the way they turn the founders of the nation into paragons of virtue. They say that if only we had remained true to the virtues of the founders, things today would be all right.

I tried to counter their views in three ways. First, by disagreeing with their underlying and pervasive pessimism about the state of the world with what I think is a well-founded view that things, when viewed in the grand arc of history, are actually pretty good. At an ideological level, we are winning the larger global battles, and even if things are tough economically now, it is primarily because a greater and greater percentage of the world is participating in a market-based capitalist system that will create economic growth and relative peace in the long run. Second, by using facts, I tried to show that their attacks on President Obama’s policies are simply wrong—their rather bizarre libertarian views about the role of government and the economy simply don’t hold up under the slightest scrutiny. And third, I tried to show how our current politics and even the individual mandate for health insurance do in fact fit neatly into the vision of the nation as embodied by the Founding Fathers and our Constitution.

The result, quite frankly, was to convince not a single member of their camp. Perhaps that is not surprising, given the rather fractured and polarized nature of our politics, but it was troubling to me. Facts simply bounced off those who are in need of the psychological support offered by the Beckian world view. 

“The reason why I bring this up is twofold. One, this is exactly what’s happening in the White House today. It was a clear route. I came in a T shirt and jeans and a pen that I wrote a chart on my hand. You came with all your charts and everything else and you got your ass kicked. That’s what happened. And you just can’t figure it out. And so it can’t be something that you are unplugged with. It has to be something wrong with the audience. He says in this deal, ‘I couldn’t convince a single Beckian. They all need psychological help.’ Uh huh. You know what’s really funny, Elliot, is the number of people that came there that were your fans. Believe it or not there were some there,” Glenn said.

“The people who were booing me at the beginning were – and Stu watched it. A ton of my people said that they saw it. The people who were booing me at the beginning were clapping below their – you know, in between their knees. They didn’t want to be seen on camera. They were clapping for me, Elliot, not for you. And why? I talked to them. I told the truth and they said – they came up to me and said, I hate to say this, I can’t believe I’m saying this to you, but I really enjoyed that. And I kind of agree with you on some of these things.”

“I talked to a guy who was atheist and he’s like, ‘Look, man, I don’t agree with you on the God thing,’ blah, blah blah. And we had a great conversation. Elliot, you didn’t convince anybody. You know why? Because you’re wrong. You’re wrong. And you say there’s no facts? “Glenn just pulls out these historical quotations that are completely irrelevant and disjointed.” Really? For a question on why do we even have the parties? How good are the parties doing us any good? The random quotation that was just in a machine, just kind of spit out, it makes no sense to quote George Washington’s farewell address, where he specifically says get away from the parties, that’s random and incoherent? Are you kidding me?”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    That is the key to the progressives and liberals mindset – they are willingly hidebound and blind to their own failures, their own fears and desires, that each one imposes the same upon those who disagree with them.

    Most extreme liberals have a degree of narcissism to their mindset, which does in the end confirm that liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Anonymous

      In order to be a failure, or a success, you must first have standards. The left have none. None that is that are based on reality. With no standards, anything is a win if you say it is.

      Dr. Savage used to say that it WAS a mental disorder, often incurable, and those who suffer from it are unaware of the condition. It affects almost all in university. Like puberty, many DO outgrow it. Many are stuck in permanent intellectual puberty all their lives

  • landofaahs

    He’s a guy easy to ignore.

  • Sam Fisher

    Who is Spitzer and why does he think he is so important?

  • windtalker700

    You know I hate to say this but I am absolutely certain in my opinion. Governor Spitzer is a perfect example of the liberal progressive thinker. They can never tell us the truth about how they see society as a people that must be controlled! I think of it as total or global Marxism. They cant tell the truth about themselves so it must always be a tale of deception or an alternate reality of truth that is always ultimately geared towards the same end “ Marxism”.

    • ginger

      they see society as a people that must be controlled…as long as they are doing the controlling..their egos and ignorance are their main focus…they are lunatics on the loose.

      • windtalker700

        Remember, there is also a lot of money involved that has changed hands in the last three years. Sometimes I would be willing to bet my life there’s no such thing as an ideology on the left. Its simply a masquerade to cover the trail of power and money. When I look at Carl Marx sometimes I think this was just a guy who today would say “ hey folks I was just trying to make a few extra bucks and I never thought anybody would take that Marxist stuff seriously “ ?

  • Anonymous

    I loved in the debate how Spitzer spent all of this time on these
    slides, kept bringing them up and touting his command of actual facts
    that he’s brought to the debate, yet most times he’d say, “I know there
    are a lot of numbers here, don’t mind those…” basically saying don’t
    worry about those silly numbers. Who reads those? Just look at the
    pretty pictures… One point: condescending to the audience; one point:
    glossing over these “facts” quickly to limit the ability to tear their
    specifics apart utterly. And he thought he could get away with that…

  • Anonymous

    Why would anyone even listen to the views of a disgraced politician who would be arrested if he were a character on Law & Order – SVU? Is it just me or are the liberals getting more and more desperate for quality spokespeople?

    • Anonymous

      they say liberalism is a mental disease…the first two letters in liberal is li that is all they do professional liars!!
      Clintons aren’t any better their Global Initiative is part of Soros’ one world Gov’t new world order! i really feel expression Left and Right came from the Left and Right Hand Of God On The Cross..the left denied Christ the Right Believed! after all their bible is RulesForRadicals dedicated to Lucifer…the Left Follow Satan! We need to get all people back to God to save US!!

  • Eduardo Rivera

    Spitzer had the same number of supporters as Glenn in the beginning of
    the debate. Spitzer started spitting out lies (no pun intended) and
    treating people like stupid sheep, “no you don’t need to read all those small
    letters, we need a powerful government.” He saw he was losing support so he decided to show his arrogance by saying that the progressives have it all figured out and
    they are smarter than the Founding Fathers. At the end he noticed he
    lost all support and started insulting Romney saying he did not pay his
    taxes because Glenn had him cornered and the facts and figures were not
    on his side. Figures don’t lie, but liars do figure. These progressives
    are all the same when you have them cornered with the truth. They get
    dangerous and they don’t care if they have to use lies and break
    reputations just to get what they want.
    But, like Jesus said, the
    truth will set you free. That’s why he was so relaxed and kicked
    Spitzer’s ass the way he did. He had the truth on his side and he was
    not afraid to use it. Congratulations Glenn, keep it up, and God bless

  • John Scurich

    Spitzer writes: “I tried to show how our current politics and even the individual mandate for health insurance do in fact fit neatly into the vision of the nation as embodied by the Founding Fathers and our Constitution.”
    My response: Eliot, how did “ever” make it out of law school? You claim to know the U.S. Constitution so well, but yet you fail to recognize our Constitution, thus our nation, was created out of a revolution where the Crown was forcing the colonists to purchase a particular brand of tea, then taxed on top of that without giving the colonists any choice or say on the matter. Gee, now what recent action by the U.S. government where we citizens are being forced to purchase a consumer product could I compare that to?
    How pitiful, Eliot, you don’t even have the capacity to recognize our very own government today are committing the same act that forced our Founders to revolt.

  • Soulphoenix

    Eliot Spitzer is the Left’s “paragon of virtue,” is he not? Or is it “paradox of virtue?” Or maybe “paramour of virtue?” Yes, that’s it – he’s a (well-paying) lover, not a fighter.

  • Dawn Brayton

    The debate Glenn had with Elliot Spitzer shows once again that people who prepare too much are slaves to their talking points. While Glenn had real knowledge and the POWER of imagination on his side Elliot Spitzer had to remember not to color outside the lines and say everything in the right order

  • americanathlete

    Spitzer got steamrolled like a cartoon character.

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