Glenn: Obama a danger to the United States of America

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On radio this morning, Glenn dedicated a full hour of the radio show to laying out all the evidence on Libya that the White House has been ignoring.

On ABC News reported last night, it has now become clear that there was no protest going on outside of the embassy in Benghazi:

“This is significantly different than what we were being told at the time. At the time, as you recall, we were told it was a protest that went bad and became an attack. Now, we are told there was no protest going on outside that embassy. The first indication that they heard anything outside the walls of the embassy — of the consulate compound, was an explosion and gunfire. They looked through a camera to see what was going on and we are told they saw a large number of armed men coming and approaching that compound. We’re told it was a very complex attack without precedent in U.S. diplomatic history. We’ve never seen an attack like this in Libya or anywhere else, we were told by this senior State Department official,” Karl reported.

“The translation to English from political bullcrap: We’ve been lied to,” Glenn said in response to the news.

Glenn said that this is just the latest in revelations that the White House and the Obama Administration must have known, at the very least, that the Libyan embassy was at risk. The Heritage Foundation has released a timeline outlining the evidence that shows that despite credible information that the embassy could come under attack there was little to no security precautions taken by those in charge. The timeline includes attacks on the embassy prior to 9/11/2012, as well as dangers in the surrounding area and requests for increased security dating back to April of 2012.

Even worse was the response from the White House. The immediate response from Sec. of State Clinton and President Obama was to condemn the attacks, but they also condemned a controversial YouTube video that they said incited the violence in the Middle East. As TheBlaze TV has been pointing out for several weeks, one element of the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy to wage cultural jihad against the West is to outlaw blasphemy against Islame.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney came out and instantly condemned the attacks with a strong rebuke of Obama’s foreign policy, only to be mocked by the media.

Glenn also said there are several unanswered questions that still have not been answered by the White House, including why Ambassador Stevens was travelling with men who were working to recover US arms in the area. Glenn has his own theories, and has also gotten word from unnamed sources in the State Department that have been “sending up flares”.

Glenn said that people need to understand the following: The President and his administration lied one Day One about the nature of the attacks; the White House and the media advanced a Muslim Brotherhood agenda point by blaming the anti-Islamic YouTube video; officials in the State Department and other government agencies are starting to speak up and warn the American people; what is happening in the Middle East affects the security of America.

As a result of all of the above, Glenn said there are several conclusions that need to be drawn. First and foremost, the American people, especially those informed on what is really going on in the world, need to be the ones spreading the truth.

Second, it has become clear the Arab Spring was a failure.

Third, radical Islamists are stronger than ever. The death of Osama bin Laden does not mean Al Queda has been destroyed, as they have been linked to the attacks on the Libyan embassy.

Fourth, the Muslim Brotherhood is bad and they have infiltrated several institutions in America.

Finally, the Obama administration and several people in the State Department and other organizations are on the wrong side of this story – either knowingly or unknowingly.

“If it’s not intentional, it is criminally negligent,” Glenn said on his final point.

But Glenn said even if it is unintentional, he wondered how we could trust someone with such a poor record on Middle East policy to be the President of the United States. And if you combine this with all the other “bumps in the road” and issues that have come up over the past few years – rising gas prices, rising unemployment, the Ft. Hood shooting, the Iranian uprising, the Arab Spring, and more – even if they are all things that he can’t be expected to handle, do we really want to re-elect him as President?

After all, Mitt Romney made the right call on Libya from the start, even when the media mocked him.

“Every time when the President shoots from the hip, he’s wrong. And when he’s informed, he’s wrong. No mincing words: This President, whether he knows it or not, is a dangerous to the United States of America.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Glenn – Obama is a clear and present danger; he cares nothing for the United States as a free Republic – nothing at all. Remember that to him we are a nation built upon two centuries of stolen wealth and colonialism and warfare; and not on individuality, hard work and innovation for the prosperity of all.

    Obama sees only one grand solution to all things in the world – Obama.

    His narcissism gives him a god-king complex, and he is insane to bat.

    Understand clearly – when Obama loses in November, there will be nothing left to stop him from collapsing the economy, and unleashing a river of blood in the land if he decides to go for broke.

    Obama will either rule all or destroy all, there is no in between.

    • Matt Driscoll

      Haha. Where do you get these insane ideas from? Okay I understand that you do not like him but unleashing rivers of blood??? Really?? God King complex? Please give me one example of him acting like a God King. You are a seriously sick person.

  • Sam Fisher

    What else is new? Obama not only help set up these unstable Arab spings or what I like to call Taliban spring because it seem like the only people that have power are the terrorist. We must get him out of their vote Mitt or anyone else but Obama for all I care as long as it is not for the left king.

  • Anonymous

    Barack Obama is succeeding in his purposeful agenda;

    In America, conditions are firming up toward a mid-30s Germany situation, including confiscation of citizens’ arms, currency collapse, class-ism and anti-semitism (and anti-religion-ism) – without the fervent nationalistic patriotism. At the same time we are facing two antithetic transnational forces. Let’s just call out these enemies.

    First, progressive state socialist-communism. We must condemn in the harshest terms certain characters within our government as enemies of America AND subject them to trials for their acts of treason. The President and Secretary of State top this list, but we must continue through the rest of the communists and socialists as well. These persons have inserted legislation which documents their many direct violations of the Constitution (both in letter and intent) – so, legal proof is easily available.

    Second, Islam. Not one is a thousand followers of Islam have read the Koran (and supporting documents), nor have one in ten thousand of the general population. Instead, the mullahs dictate their extracts of the books, their policies, their demands for action and Shariah law. And their followers either act or dummy-up.

    About the Koran; there is no excuse for any civilized person to follow a “god” who revels in torment – especially burning alive, or a “god” who vilifies women at every aspect of being, or a “god” who commands murder of unbelievers – especially beheading and crucifixion, or a “god” who reserves the best places in “paradise” for these murderers, and one place in a thousand for the rest of the believers, and torment in hell for all others. But that is the “god” of the Koran.

    These enemies may be met with forbearance or love if you will, but; Fourteen centuries of Islamic terror and progress toward global domination are proving the failure of that mercy, and; Ten centuries of failed experiments in communalism, socialism, communism and various state enforcements of collectivism have fully displayed the evil guts of that enemy.

    No more. These enemies must be called out and met with unremitting force, as they have declared against the survival of every American. This fact has been repeatedly shown and proven beyond all doubt.

    Demand and enforce Constitutional government.

    • Bonnie Somer

      i could nt agree more this prez has ignored the constitution and w/his shadow govt of czars is destroying the fabric of this nation y are we allowing it? He is like Hitler and Stalin all in one and he is far from done WE THE PEOPLE must say NO to obama in November and stop his total destruction of this country him and the UN all the global govt green agenda UN Agenda 21 nuts together w/obama, soros and hillary clinton. Danger Danger obama is the problem and must go

      • Karisa Kershaw

        Too true Bonnie- Thanks to Glenn for putting the real info out there. For always pushing for us to use his information to find the real truths and for putting himself out there where the Obama Machine can take pot shots at him.

  • Anonymous


    • Jon Remy

      I’m gay, and I’m NOT voting for Obama even if he does support gay marriage.  I’m voting for MITT ROMNEY and PAUL RYAN.  Us gays will get equal rights and we can just leave that up to the Supeme Court to realize it’s unconstitutional to not allow gays the same marriage right.

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Barry-Hussein-Obama Is And Always IS anAntiAmericanIslamist Terrorist All Can See If Not Blind, By Everything He Does. Everything He Does IS For His Own Image Mr Narcisisst-Liar-In-Chief! His Allegience Lies NOT WITH America And Her Constitution,His Allegience Is For Islam and Muslim Brotherhood! That is Where His Kingship Will Come From For His New World Order-One World Government of Soros’ dream to Kill The Thorn In His Side a United States Of America!! Glenn IS So Right! We Must Spread The Word!!before it is too late! before we lose our country for where will anyone come with out this Free land our founders had created and Worked So Hard For!! We Are In The Battle Of Good Verses Evil! Fourty Years In The Desert of Liberalism! With Every Liberal President Since Wilson The Left Took What Worked And Put It IN This Uneducated Professional Teleprompter Reader Community Agitator The Left’s Marxist Puppet Working For Lucifer as They Did As They Crucified Christ! The Man On Christ’s Left Refused To Believe He Was Christ The Man On HIs Right Had Believed !! maybe it has to be because the Left Do Not Want To Die For They Believe In Nothing!Left Are atheistic oxyMORONs! The Right Are Right,They the one True God!!! Know God Know Truth, No God No Truth!!

  • Anonymous

    Remember obama administration saying never let a crisis go to waste!!!! Our President seen Libya incident 1.) as perfect timing to slip in his first stealth step in getting restrictions on our freedom of speech to have more complete control of U.S citizens by blaming the deaths on a two bit video !!! Our President planted the seeds other countries have more restrictions of freedom of Speech than our !! It wrong in bashing Islam Religion (our country need to do something or address this) ,even having Hillary sign agreement with U.N to stop U.S citizens speaking out against Islam Muslims radicals,because of their religion of Islam!! These Muslims are at war with us and want to kill us all because of our religion ,all obama need now for our senate to ratified this agreement!!!!! It this pass in Senate it will make Muslims religion the prefer religion in U.S 2.) To knock Romney down in the polls for a week as jumping the gun to a conclusion and let his left wing news media minions falsely smear Romney character that he not fit to be a U.S President !! 3.) To cover his false claims of his complete victory over the threats from radicals Muslims that they are no more 4.) Keep our nation in deep sleep not on guard for radicals Muslims pending threats attacks also we be kept completely in dark,not looking deeper because there no threats of any kind,So why look for a Muslim takeover threats from within our government thanks to obama helping hand in aiding them of infiltration our key governments departments.!! Somehow with obama deceptions I think he is hiding a much larger sinister plot against the United States and the Western Free World by throwing us bones to lead us to some obvious conclusions so we won’t look deeper into this Libya incident something is very fishy here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????

  • Anonymous

    Since our President obama is a master of deceptions upon deceptions,misinformation,coverup upon coverup,feint actions you cannot accept anything he say or do is true ,plus you cannot jump to the obvious base on obama leads to that conclusion !! It’s like a smuggler of Diamonds ,he hid a shipment of booze behind secret door to a room, police find the booze look no further,don’t even think of looking for another secret door panel but in that same secret room is another secret hidden door or panel that are hiding real important hidden loot of diamonds if they’re caught they be doing major time !! I hope this congressional investigation realize the type person that obama is and his cronies he surround himself with !!, So they really should dig deep and go back in time,question everything so if there is a major plot or blunder it will be uncover!!! Let face the facts obama think he so smart and that we are all so stupid , that he will try to pull off a far fetch plot that will be unbelievable to us ,same as with 911 plot with the airliners !!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think if you tie together the inputs of Glenn ,Romney,Libya incident congressional investigations. You might come up with far fetch fictional scenario what this Libya incident is truly about ??? Plus I don’t put anything pass obama he capable of doing anything and obama thinks he can away with it !!!! 1.) the congressional committee mention there are 10,000 to 20,000 hand held anti-aircraft missiles unaccounted for in Libya !!! 2.) Glenn mention possible covert operation to recover our weapons 3.)Romney mention in his address that would aid Syria rebels with weapons ,but have the different fractions vetted and investigated before they get the weapons! if they share the same value as ours and can be trusted to return the weapons not use!!! 1a.) could these 10,000 or more hand held anti-aircraft missiles ,be use to push the world into riots ,chaos for Muslims takeover ???,Many countries depend solely on tourists dollars, Even U.S tourist industry is big,air lines-companies ,air-craft production companies ,air-mail,air cargo major slow down might push our country into economic collapse !!! 2a.) Glenn mention possible covert operations by Ambassador to retrieve U.S weapons ,question in this quest maybe he was finding clues to a much larger plot or threat to U.S and the free world and who is really in on these sinister plots!!! ??? For being a great U.S citizens and putting his country first and the Free World from evil plans he would speak out and a sound the alarm matter who the President is or how bad it looks for either political party ,he was clear danger to the Muslims Project had to be silence he was getting to close to the truth !!?? Could the Muslim in state dept order decrease in protection for Ambassador was it obama under guise to make like everything look great in Libya for his leadership foreign policy for election votes but leave the honest Ambassador unprotected.??? Question use the Ambassador as a expendable back up ruse for his cover ,so obama can say he try to recover the weapons by convert operations but fail ,try correct his mistake with weapons that went to terrorists who at war with U.S !!!!( Just obama feint gesture he knew was doom to be a complete failure but would give him some cover if he try !!! 1b.) How many missiles we covertly supply to the rebels or sponsor or refund a second party nation to supply missiles and that number ????? 3.a) To me this might be the most important concerning obama !!! 3b.) Our intelligence service must of told obama that game plan of radicals is to incite rebels to fight for their democracy and freedoms while rebels and Libya expend their manpower & ,leadership fighting each other ,at the end or tipping point when U.S and others supply arms and weapons that when the radical Muslims move in take in the spoils of gaining most new government positions access to U.S weapons, Plus falsely claim that they were the key component in victory to people ,while it was others who did the hard long slug out with the dictatorship!!3b.) Here big question did obama vetted or investigated different fractions as Romney said he would do in Syria ,or was he so incompetent he just gave out the anti-aircraft missiles to any groups ??? Or did he knowingly gave radical extremist our enemy at war with us these anti-aircraft missiles to cause world chaos for Muslims takeover ???!!! For cover of this arm shipment obama say it was for helping the rebel in fighting a dictatorship for democracy ,but really to arm the terrorists and radicals who want to takeover the world ! Did our President figure he could keep this a secret since it was covert operation to begin with !!!!!???

  • Anonymous

    Just fictional speculation that might come true on the killing of Ben Laden!! ,We all should look at the timing of this killing related to his terrorists movements?? ,I think Ben Laden was Sunni base from Saudi Arabia and his terrorists movement was waning!! But there are now new fractions taking the lead in the Muslims Project !! They are Shiti base from Iran !!! Now obama delay killing of Ben Laden was time not to split the two different terrorists groups ,but help them to unite ,so they join under one band wagon or link up to the new lead fractions of terrorists groups base from Iran on making war on Western world for conquest !!!!!?????? Plus obama falsely gain the trust of U.S citizens on his war on terrorists !!,It like a uniform cop giving a uncover cop a punch,a part of obama deception ,to cover that he is not a Muslims Trojan horse in the White House and helping to give the lead to a Iranian base terror group to take over the world !!!!

  • Anonymous

    My previous articles are pure fictional scenario ,that may come out to be true ??? Question did obama just say he vetted and investigated these different Libya rebels fractional groups ( never really investigated) Before supplying 10,000 or more anti-aircraft missiles by covert operations directly or indirectly using another nation could this be the main missing component of congressional investigation why this Libya incident took place ?? !!! Or was obama and radical Muslim group were in on a ruse to the world ,that these weapons were solely to overthrown a dictator in Libya ??? If obama knowingly gave weapons to arm U.S enemies for helping them in their war against U.S and the Free I would call this TREASON !!!!! I hope the congressional hearing will prove this theory wrong ,but they must check under every rock with this con artists obama and his deceptions and is capable of doing anything thinking he so smart he won’t get caught in giving our enemies a arm shipments on purpose!! But if the base of this Libya incident turn out or proving to be a obama ruse with Muslims Brotherhood on U.S citizens and the Free World to provide them deadly with anti-aircraft missiles !! Question what cronies in obama administration going along with this ruse or turning a blind eye ,leave them out did not know what other departments were doing !!???

  • Anonymous

    Ambassador Stevens was killed for doing the right thing…trying to locate and recover the arms from the terrorists. It’s obvious there was intentional loose ‘control’ over the missiles during the illegal U.S. deposing of Khadafi. It’s not even hidden that this admin. is friendly w/the M.B. and apologetic of the west. Thus, the refusal to add security when asked by State Dept. employees or to just fulfil basic requirements, let alone the fact that it was 9/11. Stevens was murdered by proxy – his schedule, lack of security, and safe house loc. was given to the terrorists. Am I being clear?

  • MarsBarsTru7

    I have a funny feeling about this whole “Blind Sheik” thing. My Spidey Sense is being triggered. It’s like somewhere in the back of my mind I know something about this that I can’t quite seem to bring to the surface. It’s like that part of my brain is shouting at the rest of my brain – Watch out! Don’t you see what’s coming?!

    Is this an ambiguous warning? Well, I’m looking at all the same facts the rest of you are.

  • Anonymous

    Please read my miss place post on the Libya incident thanks !! It location at Ann Coulter Reacts to VP debate ,Biden was a cackling old fool and was really rude !!! Thanks again !!!

  • DAV

    Senator McCain was spot on when he said Obama is completely out of touch with reality, when it comes to Yemen and Iraq. Obama said both countries were a success story in his previous State of the Union Address but ignored them both this year, as the al Qauda affiliate in Yemen had won a coup and now control the government and ISIS had siezed much of Iraq.

    Alinsky trained Obama is the biggest danger to America in 100 years.

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