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Since the left cannot argue with fact, they resort to smears. If all one knew of Glenn Beck is what they read in the media they most likely believe Glenn is a flaming irrational jerk. That’s exactly what the liberal artist who created the Obama as Jesus poster thought – until he sat down for an interview with Glenn last night on TheBlaze TV.

Check out the a portion of interview in the clip below:

This morning on radio, Glenn reacted to his interview with Michael D’Antuono.

“We came under attack because I stood for an artist who I disagree with, I stood for his right to paint Obama as a crucified savior. It’s obscene but I have to do it. We had him on last night,” Glenn said.

“He expected me to tear him apart. Think of this. He expected me and my producers to be lying to him because my producers said ‘Glenn doesn’t necessarily agree with your art. And it’s going to be a respectful conversation.’ He expected that he was walking into a booby-trap and they were lying,” Glenn said.

“Think about this: Would you be friends with anyone — would you invite them over to your house or would you go over to their house if they were the kind of people who say, ‘Hey I’m having a Friday I’m having a big party at my house. I’ve called everybody I know, and they’re coming over to my house. But I’ve brought you know that guy that we all hate. I’m going to bring him in and I’m going to rip him apart. I called him, and I told him ‘Come on, over we’re going to have fun and we’re going to be friends.’ He’s going to come over to the house and we’re going eviscerate him for 30 minutes. We’re going to laugh at him.’ Would you ever trust that person? Would you ever like that person? Would you feel sorry for the person that nobody in the room likes? I know I would. I would stand up for that guy.”

But that’s exactly what the media does. Glenn said that more often than not, the mainstream media invites people into ambushes. They bring on guests that they think their audience will hate and end up just savagely attacking them on air once they get them in front of a camera.

“Maybe the press should examine themselves on the left and the right because that’s what you are. You’re a psycho,” Glenn said.

“We tried to understand that not only are we inviting guests into our home, but you have invited us as a guest in your home. The world doesn’t resolve around 6:30 news time any more. We don’t boss you around and tell you what time you’ll get this show. What time you’ll do it, and how you’ll get it,” Glenn continued. “We know you have other choices. You’ve been kind enough to invite us into your home.”