Liberal painter ‘shocked’ that Glenn was reasonable during interview

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Since the left cannot argue with fact, they resort to smears. If all one knew of Glenn Beck is what they read in the media they most likely believe Glenn is a flaming irrational jerk. That’s exactly what the liberal artist who created the Obama as Jesus poster thought – until he sat down for an interview with Glenn last night on TheBlaze TV.

Check out the a portion of interview in the clip below:

This morning on radio, Glenn reacted to his interview with Michael D’Antuono.

“We came under attack because I stood for an artist who I disagree with, I stood for his right to paint Obama as a crucified savior. It’s obscene but I have to do it. We had him on last night,” Glenn said.

“He expected me to tear him apart. Think of this. He expected me and my producers to be lying to him because my producers said ‘Glenn doesn’t necessarily agree with your art. And it’s going to be a respectful conversation.’ He expected that he was walking into a booby-trap and they were lying,” Glenn said.

“Think about this: Would you be friends with anyone — would you invite them over to your house or would you go over to their house if they were the kind of people who say, ‘Hey I’m having a Friday I’m having a big party at my house. I’ve called everybody I know, and they’re coming over to my house. But I’ve brought you know that guy that we all hate. I’m going to bring him in and I’m going to rip him apart. I called him, and I told him ‘Come on, over we’re going to have fun and we’re going to be friends.’ He’s going to come over to the house and we’re going eviscerate him for 30 minutes. We’re going to laugh at him.’ Would you ever trust that person? Would you ever like that person? Would you feel sorry for the person that nobody in the room likes? I know I would. I would stand up for that guy.”

But that’s exactly what the media does. Glenn said that more often than not, the mainstream media invites people into ambushes. They bring on guests that they think their audience will hate and end up just savagely attacking them on air once they get them in front of a camera.

“Maybe the press should examine themselves on the left and the right because that’s what you are. You’re a psycho,” Glenn said.

“We tried to understand that not only are we inviting guests into our home, but you have invited us as a guest in your home. The world doesn’t resolve around 6:30 news time any more. We don’t boss you around and tell you what time you’ll get this show. What time you’ll do it, and how you’ll get it,” Glenn continued. “We know you have other choices. You’ve been kind enough to invite us into your home.”

  • mudslide

    It’s only shocking to the left….that’s very telling.

    • J.w. Appling

       It’s projection, they accuse Glen of what they do themselves.

      • Anonymous

        That is what they do. You see that during the campaign where BO accuses the GOP and Gov Romney of the things they themselves are guilty off!

      • Dorris P

        But when Glenn says it then it brings TRUTH.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn! I want you to know that this is the number 1 reason I follow and listen to you religiously! Even my conservative friends think you are overly extreme! I’m like you as well and for some reason see through the bs when no one else can! It’s important, keep doing what you do. The truth always wins, right?

    • Paolina

      In Democracy, the best skilled liar tends to win.

      But other than that, the truth eventually prevails. The problem is democracy has an inexhaustible supply of new liars ready to lie to you to gain power, once you’ve found the old liars out. Perhaps picking representatives at random would be better than using a popularity contest to determine our rulers. I always thought it seemed stupid.

      • Anonymous

        I happen to think we should have term limits on the people in Government. Then they won’t be beholdened to special interest groups and sell themselves out for the next election.

  • crazy betty

    glenn is such a clown sometimes. we get, you’re great.

  • Anonymous

    He asks why we can’t just talk and disagree.  I think it is because the “leaders” (and I use the term loosely) want us fighting amongst each other.  They want to fuel race relations and apathy.  I look around at my daily life, and I see people of all color and cultural backgrounds interacting in public, and I see a lot of good stuff.  I don’t watch mainstream news at all anymore.  It so insulting to my intelligence.  

    • corey williams

      True, but it does not help when you have one side calling half the country lazy slackers who just want free stuff.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry Corey, I calls them as I see them. The truth hurts sometimes and that is why people lash out. 47% of America does in fact get free stuff. This will drive the electorite and weaken America.The problem is, they are led by the nose without knowing it. The will do anything to get the free stuff. Even elect someone who is destroying America as we know it. Respectfully Ang

  • james

    Having an honest conversation with a liberal is like having tea with an angry bull, except the bull has balls and libs don’t.

  • Take 2

    jee Glen with two n’s.   

  • JoZy

    Thanks for reminding me what I was taught as a young person.  During the last six years I got embroiled in the rhetoric until I as a person with a vibrant personality have succumbed to being a total recluse.  I’ve dropped my friends, neighbors, holidays, and some family.  I feel like I have been hit in the head like ‘wake up’ and appreciate having a chance at this outlook again. 

  • Long John Dickweed

    Good perspective Glenn, miss your show on Fox News.

  • Ginny Auldridge

    if a friend said they were having a party to boobytrap some guy they disagree with and debase them, I would tell my friend I expect my friends to be good people, not back stabbers.

  • suz

    his painting of the fox news “junkie” should have been “balanced” w/amessnbc on the other side of the spectacles the “junkie” was wearing.  his arguments blow — each and every one of those pieces shows unbalance, thus, typically accusing the right of the crud the left is way more guilty of in each and every instance.  where’s the new art crucifixion of romney…for being rich?  that piece w/trayvon martin shows racism from the artist? etcetera, etcetera — it never ends.  

    glenn was nice to this guy and perhaps that worked…for this guy.  he’s offensive in his remarks/art and i had a hard time remaining silent during my home viewing of the segment.  

    pretty much i came away thinking this guy is a thoyty-thoy — not too bright.  “oh, duh, uh, gee, you’re actually nice mr. beck, uh…based on your reputation,” fawning, drooling all over glenn.  WHAT AN ASS.  he should listen to himself not others, then maybe he’ll learn something.  

    i have no love for him or the schlock that the left has become.

    in this time of good cheer, i’m still not nice…TO AN ASS.

  • Anonymous

    So I guess this artist expected to be treated the way liberals treat conservatives on their programs?  

  • greywolfrs

    Well, Glenn, you should know that left wing dolts are perfectly OK with anything disparaging Christians, Catholics or Jews. On the other hand, they are like Muslims. What do Muslims do when someone says or does anything about Mohammed? They put out hits on people, protest and send in the suicide bombers. Left wing dolts act the same way about anything against Obamao. The funny part is they have the nerve to call Conservatives extreme.

    • Kell Brigan

       Yes, and right (and left-) wing dolts are perfectly OK with anything disparaging fat people.

    • Shane

      Yes, liberals demonize conservatives as sexists and homophobes, but they won’t criticize Muslims who actually do oppress women and kill homosexuals. There is too much hatred in this country, but the majority of it comes from the Left. I guess it is up to us to stop hating liberals, but to still attack their policies forcefully and passionately.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    In answer to Glenn’s question in the video clip “would you be friends with somebody who told you they were going to set somebody up for 30 minutes of ridicule at a party?”

    My gut reaction: Why didn’t Glenn stand up for Ron Paul, then, when HE was the underdog in a rigged election?

    I was a BIG Glenn Beck fan UNTIL…

    The belittling and ridicule Glenn and most especially Pat and Stu (I can’t STAND those two, especially Pat) heaped onto Ron Paul during the primaries was uncalled for and unjustified in my book. Most of this occurred on the radio program, but what makes that any better? Probably MORE people listen to that, than subscribe to GBTV now theBlazeTV.

    Hey look, if you disagree with Ron Paul, fine, say that. And give the reasons why. But DON’T use the hateful and destructive tactics the left uses. I thought Glenn was above that kind of Alinskyite behavior and was extremely disappointed when I discovered he wasn’t.

    Did he ever retract those underhanded and sleazy comments about Ron Paul? I don’t know, because I lost respect for Glenn when all of that occurred and therefore do not follow him near as much as I used to. Although, I haven’t completely written him off, I just don’t trust that he really ISN’T “in it just for the money” (and I’m certainly NOT against legitimate capitalism – NOT to be confused with crony capitalism.) BUT, more importantly, how can I be absolutely sure that he isn’t in it for the entrenched establishment which is comprise of BOTH the democrats AND the republicans? I can’t when he went right along with the denigration and ridiculing of Ron Paul that was so prominent.

    It’s called the “controlled opposition.” I hope Glenn isn’t a part of that, but I don’t know.

  • John Rempel

    A good sign of maturity is to be able to entertain an idea with out accepting that idea

  • Anonymous

    I eat breakfast with Glenn~~would not misss him.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn……you’re a good man. Probably a better man than I am. As a Christian, this man’s “art” was blasphemous…..and we know how God views blasphemy.

    Yet, you defended his right to be offensive, blasphemous, obnoxious…based upon our Constitutional rights; the freedom of speech; of expression. He was intelligent enough to grasp that fact and reacted reasonably. I’ll go so far as to say you have a new fan in him.

    My hat’s off to you, buddy….that was nothing less than amazing to watch. Seriously. That exchange should go viral.

  • Charles

    It will be a long time, before politically active people will ever be able to talk together, such is the level of hatred that has been introduced into politics. As I made the move from left to right, in  my late twenties and early thirties, my brother-in-law and I would discuss politics, and take opposite sides, and argue them with much passion and heat, but we never took it to personal levels, realizing that the first personal attack would disclose the loser of the discussion.

    Now, politics is nothing but personal attacks, and I blame it on the progressives… no, not the Democrats, because we have had progressives on both sides of the political isle for quite some time.

    The intentions of progressives can not be revealed to the U.S. electorate, if they wish to be elected… or rather REelected. That is why they change their names so often. Living under total government control is not what voters in this country want. There can be no intention to provide real quality health care in the present health care law. It is only to control the activities of the people, and do away with privately owned insurance companies. Same goes for cap and trade, and almost everything else the progressives plan to do. How can you discuss anything with people who can’t speak plainly and truthfully, while discussing their political plans?

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! In addition, HOW can you have a civil conversation with anybody who supports any group whose sole intention is to destroy our whole way of life? The entrenched establishment does NOT see the world the way most of us do and it has finally come to the point whereby Constitutionalists had better start speaking up and standing up WITHOUT compromise, because the new world order and their communist-fascist police-state intentions for America and the rest of the world does NOT include our Constitution and way of life for the most people ie “the herd”. THEIR intentions are to destroy every income level except for the ultra wealthy and relegate us ALL to the status of the very poor in a serfdom environment while reserving for THEMSELVES the status of “elite masters” with all of the “freedoms” and “rights” which that implies.

      Better buckle-up, we’re in for a very bumpy ride.

  • Kell Brigan

    Yeah, but, for me, the most important instant of this whole episode was painting over the “ugly” face of the fat woman. In the midst of a cutsie bit of cultural commentary, blantant, mean-spirited, vitriol erupts, and then is ignored. Why was it necessary to include this? Why is hatred based on race unacceptable, but hatred based on gender and body size is accepted? Why is presuming to judge women of any size OK? Why is hating fat women OK? (How on earth could it possibly be Christian?) I thought Christians we supposed to see Christ in other people. Why did Glenn find the face of Christ so “ugly” he had to paint a “warning sign” over it?

  • Kell Brigan

     “…and we know how God
    views blasphemy…”

    Methinks God is far, far more concerned about the hatred shown to fat people and women by Beck’s hateful “warning sign” than the shenanigans over religious symbols.

  • Kell Brigan

     Since when can anyone who hates fat people be a “humanitarian?”

  • Dorris P


    Love you stay TRUE.

    Dorris Ponstingl 

  • Greg S

    Glenn Beck is a true Patriot….and tells the truth and will not compromise…but more than half the  country has obviously become liberal and progressive….all brainwashed into this socialist welfare and force redistribution of wealth by legislation now…Glenn knows what tears a country apart and throughout history….the country is filling up with real crazies….liberals…progressives….atheists….perverts….illegals….no work ethic lowlife…this is the norm now….thats why we cannot vote for a decent president anymore….we got obama  because he pandered to all these lowlife who are only interested in self-serving special interests….and thats why we have a pathetic excuse for a president…

  • Anonymous

    Glenn’s reaction was elegant, as always.  Certainly nothing like Obama’s reaction to the man who made the video that was manipulated into an excuse for the Benghazi attack.  Is he still in custody?  Seems that the artist should have used the Altar of Zeus for Obama’s setting.  That would have been more in keeping with Obama’s view of himself, I would think.

  • Shane

    Great interview! I do think that liberals and conservatives should try to find common ground, compromise, and stop all the name-calling, but as long as the liberals continue to demonize us, I say let them have it.

  • Sam Fisher

    I like him because that was a reasonable liberal. How come we don’t have anyone of those liberals come here? That would be nice to talked to liberal and not be called racist 1% that eats black babies.

  • Lee Sullivan

    I have to disagree with Glenn on some of his thinking.  There is no compromise in Christ.  This artists depiction of Obama as Christ is blasphemous and I do not compromise that – no matter what freedoms our Constitution allows.  The Constitution – as good as it is – is NOT the Bible.  I live by the teachings of the Bible.

  • Anonymous

    I happen to agree with Glen on this. I don’t like what the artist painted, but I agree he has the right to express himself. This is America….and we can agree to disagree without the hatred and nasty talk.

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    :     that  not  enought  right   :]    ,the  true  not  always  wins    :[    but  most   wins  than  most   hurt  fight  for the  true   :

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    acticuly  may  be  ryan  poul  /may  be  romely   spose   wins  /allow  it  to  do  public  job[governmant  job/a  head  america]

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    stupid  america   governamant  allow  it  bad  crime  country  being  your  ahead!!!   ??    BLAIN  STUPID  DIRTY GOVERNMANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya


  • Desy Nurul Azkiya


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